From A to Qi, It’s All Feng Shui

My mind was just a little blown while interviewing this week’s guest, Jillian Rothschild-Scholar, a Feng Shui expert.

I will admit I was one of those peeps who thought Feng Shui was an effective decorating system. Jillian schooled me this week and I have a much deeper appreciation for the wisdom of this ancient method of achieving Yin and Yang in life.

In ancient times if you were sick, you’d see a doctor (probably not university trained, but more of a healer-type person). Not only would the doctor examine you physically, he or she might also go to your home to check out your Qi.

The doctor would likely determine if you had good Feng Shui. Your physical illness might be due to a misalignment with your Qi, which is energy.

Feng Shui, I learned, is guiding wisdom for your health, wealth, and relationships. It’s a support system for our lives.

Jillian provided some basics of Chinese astrology which I also was unaware of.

1. The Chinese Calendar is a 60 year cycle. You can look back at what happened 60 years ago to provide insight into what you might expect this year.

I did a little research and discovered in 1962 – sixty years ago the following historical events happened:

  • Cuban Missile Crisis (Hello. Here we are again dealing with the Soviet Union and nuclear power)
  • Flooding in the coastal areas of West Germany kills 315 and destroys the homes of about 60,000 people (This seemed significant since this year is the year of Yang Water Tiger. Jillian reports there will be huge amounts of water)
  • Super Constellation Flying Tiger Line Flight 739 disappears in the western Pacific Ocean, with all 107 aboard missing and presumed dead. (I took notice of this since this is the year of the TIGER.)
  • The Petrified Forest National Park is established in Arizona. (Because Jillian reports the Tiger carries the WOOD element of the Chinese Zodiac, this felt significant)
The Tepees at Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona

2. Qi comes in three types: form, formless, and human

3. The Three Lucks are the energy that composes who we are. Heaven, Human, and Earth luck. Heaven luck is based on the day, time, and location of your birth, and CANNOT be changed. We can, however, change our human and earth luck.

Since we cultivate our own luck, when opportunities arise we can be prepared to take advantage of the luck. Having good feng shui supports your luck.

4. The Five Elements in Chinese Wisdom are: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. They are each a type of QI and make up everything in the universe.  Too much of one element will cause imbalance.

5. Feng shui and your Chinese Astrology chart combined will help you find your balance.

6. You can discover your personal Ba Zi Calculator here:

Discover your lucky directions. Doors, bed placement, stove, water features, and office furniture are important factors within Feng Shui. You’ll want to learn the best placement for these. Doors are the entrance point for Qi. The type of Qi we bring into our environment will influence our luck.

Jillian works with energetics rather than aesthetics. She is highly intuitive, and her clients like to co-create their life. Sign up for her email list and stay in touch as we all head into a year of disturbance and change.

Get your Chinese New Year Essential Guide from Jillian right here:

Living Life By Default

A Mystic is anyone on a journey to discover their source of spirituality.”

Janine Bolon

Our recent guest on Life Mastery Radio with Todd & Jackie was Janine Bolon. She is not only a Mystic as she defines it; she is a Shaman, a Sacred Clown, and a Bell Dancer. These descriptions are only a few ways to illustrate the journey Janine has been on to discover the Source of her spirituality.

Janine explains most of us are living by default, which is when we take life at status quo, live by the rules, and never question our common reality. In tribal work, mysticism is more important than the outward ceremony. Janine believes our lives should be this way.

Since a young age, Janine has always wanted to understand “the man behind the curtain”. She’s been a rule breaker when it comes to the expected ways to behave. This led her to naturally becoming a Sacred Clown and a Bell Dancer.

Although she has no genetic link to native Americans, she’s been defined by tribal leaders as “one of them” after learning Janine had been struck by lightening around the age of 9-10.

It happened on an island under clear blue skies. The Thunder Clan picked Janine, and lightening struck her. This may have marked the beginning of her mystical journey.

People ask ‘why am I here?’. They may turn to religion, folklore, or people like Joseph Campbell. Wherever you look you can find a group of like-minded people who think like you.

Janine Bolon

Janine cautions – “Start thinking outside the box, or better yet don’t think at all. Experience life. Go a little crazy.

A Hindu Guru once taught the most important quality of a devotee is not love or dedication as you might think. It’s fearlessness. Move through life with fearlessness.

I knew if I lived life in a state of fear, It would shroud me from truth.

Janine Bolon

Janine shared with us a vision she had of the creation of souls. Popping into the world were spheres of electrical light bouncing along with excitement like kids waiting in line to enter Disneyland.

Every soul comes to earth with that excitement. We are allowed to create life, mess it up, come back, and talk about it. We all wanted to be part of this adventure. There is nothing serious going on here on planet earth. Like any good stage play, we have it all.”

Janine Bolon

Janine used the metaphor of a carnival to illustrate what life should be like for all of us. There are thrilling rides, unusual sites to see, delicious foods to try, and times when we want to sit it out for a bit.

If you don’t enjoy your life, then why aren’t you changing it?

Janine Bolon

The greatest insight I received from Janine’s interview was about the people here on earth whom we don’t get along with, or who drive us crazy. Janine explains these people will be our best friends after this life. They are those who loved us before we came here and who annoy us because they want us to test our paradigms, discover who we are, and learn ways to become the best we can be. Unfortunately, we’ve all had a mind-wipe and we don’t remember them from before.

Janine knows meditation is the way we will stop living life by default. A regular practice of meditation will reintroduce us to ourselves. Three minutes a day is enough to achieve that end, and EVERYONE can meditate. It takes practice but will provide clarity about your Source.

Janine offers retreats to help you unearth who you are and dig deeper into your mystic self. She is hosting one of these retreats on April 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. It’s a special retreat to celebrate the Equinox. Learn more here: Equinox Retreat. By day three she claims you’ll have a 90-day plan pivotal to your mystic journey.

On her website ThePracticalMystics.Com you’ll find more information about Janine and her programs.

On Janine’s website you will also get her latest book, Expressing the Divine FREE in pdf form. You can also find it on Amazon.

You’ll also experience helpful content by listening to her Practical Mystic Podcast.

By mystical coincidence, just as Todd and I finished our interview with Janine, the clock read 11:11. As many of you know, 1111 by spiritual standards means “you are one with life and all that is”. It’s the signal that you should live in the light that surrounds you and experience a relationship with the Divine.

I Really Thought I Could Fly

There was a time I really thought I could fly.

Imagine you know someone who exhibits the following traits:

  • Inflated self-esteem or grandiosity
  • Decreased need for sleep
  • Talkative
  • Flight of ideas
  • Easily distracted

You might think this is a person who is driven to achieve his/her goals. You might envy the energy and positive mindset of this person. You might consider this person a little eccentric.

Would you ever imagine the person with these traits has a mental illness?

Our most recent guest was Bob Krulish, the author of When Screams Become Whispers, One Man’s Inspiring Victory Over Bipolar Disorder. Reading Bob’s book is like reading the diary of a mad man. At the same time, his memoir will connect to people who are experiencing the madness Bob has endured.

I’ve known Bob Krulish for twenty years. Since I was the executive assistant to Bob’s wife during the years before he was diagnosed with Bipolar 1, I witnessed behavior from Bob which, although unusual, would have never indicated to me he had a mental illness.

Bipolar Disorder is hereditary. In authoring the book, I realized my dad had it. A life event will turn on the gene. For me, it was when my dad left when I was 16 and I never saw him again.”

Bob Krulish

Bob always had an idea cooking. He would describe in detail how he was going to accomplish the grandiose goal he had in mind. His kids, whom I also know, would be enamored by the genius their father was and knew his success would be sure.

Bob seemed to be on top of the world, and unshy about sharing details about the big deal he just made, the house he just bought, or the money he just made. I never saw Bob have a difficult day.

I was very popular because I was a forceful, charismatic speaker. I was going to be a U.S. Senator, and I enrolled in a program to be a jet fighter pilot. I was also going to be Jack Niklaus.”

Bob Krulish

It wasn’t long after the “good days” when the curtain was pulled back, the jig was up, and Bob’s sham of a life was revealed. He lost his home, his marriage, and his kids.

Let me be very clear here – Bob was not a dishonest person. He was not a scam artist. He was not trying to hurt anyone. Bob was convinced everything he said was true. He had every intention of getting everything he set out to. He believed he was the smartest, most experienced, and most talented candidate for every situation.

From the National Alliance of Mental Illness website:

When someone rejects a diagnosis of mental illness, it’s tempting to say that he’s “in denial.” But someone with acute mental illness may not be thinking clearly enough to consciously choose denial. They may instead be experiencing “lack of insight” or “lack of awareness.” The formal medical term for this medical condition is anosognosia, from the Greek meaning “to not know a disease.

The problem was that Bob’s mental condition of Bipolar 1 had never been diagnosed. Additionally, his symptoms were exacerbated by a wrong diagnosis years before in which he was given medication that sent him into a manic state. The “disease of loss” as Bob once described Bipolar had indeed rang true.

You don’t think to yourself ‘that was a bad idea’. Instead, you think everyone else has let you down. ‘If it weren’t for that person I’d be a fighter pilot and a U.S. Senator’.”

Bob Krulish

Bob’s story is heartbreaking, but triumphant. Bob has spent many years now breaking Bipolar. He now coaches and supports families dealing with the awfulness of the “disease of loss,” and I’m certain great gains will be made by those individuals and families who call on Bob Krulish for help.

You can be diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and never have depression. The key diagnostic feature is the mania. If you take an anti-depressant or an anti-anxiety medication and you truly have Bipolar 1 Disorder it’ll make you manic.”

Bob Krulish

In our interview, Bob tells of his humorous encounter with Tony Robbins and how his still-undiagnosed Bipolar condition worked in his favor to ensure short-term fame with the famous motivational guru. He also relates the elaborate way he bought a Hummer and kept his family from finding out for months.

There’s just one thing. If I could have this one thing or get this one thing figured out….” Is a common mantra Bob has used throughout his manic periods.

My suggestion is that Bob’s support may just be the ONE THING you and/or a loved one needs right now to triumph over Bipolar Disorder.

If you’re afflicted or affected by this you can live a happy life. It’s worth the effort. The life you want to live is possible.”

Bob Krulish

You can fly! (Metaphorically speaking)

Email BobKrulish@BobKrulish.Com Go to his website to see his upcoming programs and contact him for help.

It Cannot Be That Simple

Our recent guest, Dr. Philip C. Agrios, D.C. has discovered something entirely new. It’s so new, and in many ways counterintuitive to “normal” thinking, that I’m not even sure I understand it fully.

As so often moments of clarity follow moments of confusion, Dr. Agrios made his discovery while in that cycle.

As a practicing chiropractor Dr. Agrios treated people with chronic illnesses. One day he realized in sadness that he had not met his 5-year goals.

When you find something no one else has discovered you have to go through some stuff.”

Dr. Philip C. Agrios

“Stuff” came in the form of losing his business; destroying a marriage; developing a painful medical condition; losing his father to death; and almost losing his daughter the same way.

Though it took thirty years to reach the destination, Dr. Agrios has no regrets.

I would have never discovered what I did without the tragic journey I took.”

Dr. Philip C. Agrios

What he discovered was Life’s One Law. His finding has brought him success he enjoys sharing.

Now I can predict my future.

Dr. Philip C. Agrios

The process of discovering a self-sabotaging trait which protects us, and which is successful 100% of the time at helping us make life-altering decisions for good is only one part of Dr. Agrios’ program.

He’s tried to disprove the effectiveness of his solution, but he cannot. It is tried and true 100%. As soon as someone learns the antidote to their sabotaging trait they immediately go into a cycle of growth. It’s unavoidable.

Dr. Agrios has created seminars, internet courses and other programs so you and I may be helped by the same principles he now practices to attain optimal health, wealth, and happiness.

He describes Life’s One Law:

Energy is directed, supplied and connected to us, and is acted upon from the planet. Nature uses six steps to recover from storms. We use the same six steps to heal from challenges, trauma, and health issues.

Dr. Philip C. Agrios

Three Saboteur traits are Director, Supplier, and Communicator.

Director Saboteur:

This person is scattered. They finish 99% of something and then give up. They don’t trust themselves and enjoy chaos. In the extreme they can become hyper focused, irresponsible, and unaccountable.

Supplier Saboteur

This person gives and gives. They can’t say no. If they give to themselves they feel selfish. They are easily taken advantage of. In the extreme, they become narcissistic, then feel guilty and over-give again.

Communicator Saboteur

This person is loyal. They’d rather hold back than express themselves. They over process things, don’t want to feel stupid, so they don’t confront people. In the extreme they may say mean or unkind things.

Anyone can take a quiz on Dr. Agrios’ website to learn your trait. Click here for quiz

This is only the tip of the iceberg. You also get a 30-minute strategy call with me to dive a little deeper, and to learn your antidote.”

Dr. Philip C. Agrios

Dr. Agrios cautions:

Read the instructions to the quiz. Answer as if you are living in old patterns, such as when you were a teen or a child.

Dr. Philip C. Agrios

In the strategy session, be ready to share a problem. Dr. Agrios promises breakthroughs will happen.

You can 10x your business and relationships once you know the antidote.”

Dr. Philip C. Agrios

Then Dr. Agrios offers a 5-week online course where you’ll discover one word that stops your goals from being achieved.

One word? It cannot be that simple.

It works 100% of the time. Your life comes down to one sentence. You’ll get 100% of your money back if after the second week you don’t see results. The next courses begin on March 9th and March 17th.”

Dr. Philip C. Agrios

There is so much more in his book. You need to get it and read it. Within two weeks you can make huge shifts in yourself, employees, and/or relationships.

Right now when you go to 15% of the cost for anything you sign up for will go to The Speak Feed Lead Project.

I appreciate the kindness and generosity of Dr. Agrios. He has sponsored youth speakers, and now helping us in this way is going above and beyond.

Learn Life’s One Law, because it can be that simple.

Communities of Spiritual Action

Our recent guest, Elena Mustakova is a spiritually-oriented integral psychologist and psychotherapist. Her work integrates mindfulness-based understanding of moment-to-moment human resilience with an overall developmental and psychodynamic perspective on whole-person healing and development.

Psychological and spiritual health are inseparable, and healing requires work with the brain, mind, body, soul, and transforming the sociocultural contexts which generate suffering.”

Elena Mustakova

Elena collaborates with people from a deep belief in the presence of Spirit in our lives, and with reverence for the unique perspectives each person brings.

In response to the massive search for ways to find wellbeing and purpose under conditions of deepening crises and uncertain global transformations – some that have been a long time coming, others exacerbated and brought to light as COVID-19 swept the continents, Elena wrote Global Unitive Healing 

With her experience as an educator and social scientist with three and a half decades of work on the evolution of human consciousness and social transformation in cross-cultural contexts, Elena views our current reality as gripping.

The dramatic intensity of this moment – in which a global pandemic has collided with widespread poverty and corruption, coupled with environmental degradation and rapid climate change, and further complicated by waves of massive radicalization and extremism – is the gripping reality we continue to face.

Elena Mustakova

Recently on her blog, Medium, Elena wrote:

I see quietly rising around the world communities of spiritual action.”

What distinguishes these communities from the more familiar church communities and other mass movements sweeping the planet is that communities of spiritual action undertake to heal the divisiveness so prevalent in our societies, which they understand is a central part of the disease ailing us.

  • They seek to transcend differences and harmonize perspectives
  • They involve themselves in deep and patient consultative exploration of foundational spiritual principles
  • They are committed to qualities and attitudes such as trustworthiness, cooperation, and forbearance
  • They champion rationality and science as essential to finding viable global solutions

In other words, they seek what philosopher Ken Wilber and many others have called integral solutions — in which the value spheres of science, philosophy, spirituality, and art, dissociated by modernity, are once again integrated.”

Elena Mustakova

Elena reports that since these emergent communities understand the society-building power of spiritual principles at this time of universally broken social contract, in some countries, local authorities and institutions have turned to these communities for reliable and trustworthy solutions to specific challenges.

At this stage of our social and spiritual evolution, the universalist Baha’i spiritual perspective calls for a spiritual and religious understanding of all wisdom traditions as originating in the same source and guiding humanity on its evolutionary journey. It also calls for a social consciousness that corresponds to this spiritual perspective — one of global citizenship.”

Elena Mustakova

How are we going to arise to this tall mandate across our over 6500 languages, and vast religious and cultural diversity, without losing any of it?

…By becoming conscious of our true reality — our spiritual nature, the spiritual nature of life, and its deep interconnectedness in all its diversity.”

Elena Mustakova

Elena’s book is packed with interesting and inspiring information. By learning the principles she teaches; we just might be able to heal our world.

Suicide Ninja Mindset Magic

It was a trip to the mall to buy clothes which set Jackie Simmons’s daughter off the first time. The teenager was in between sizes and couldn’t find anything that fit. Coming home from the shopping trip left Jackie’s daughter feeling that along with clothes not fitting, she didn’t fit anywhere.

The young girl stormed to the bathroom. A few minutes later she came to her mother Jackie, asking for help. Her left arm was bleeding due to an obvious self-inflicted injury. It was not life-threatening, and Jackie was able to stay calm. After a visit to a mental health facility the next day, Jackie and her daughter didn’t talk about it again.

Who was to blame? It had to be somebodies’ fault.”

Jackie Simmons

Since Jackie’s daughter was getting professional help, Jackie feared if she mentioned suicide in a conversation that she might put the thought back in her daughter’s head.

Her daughter made 13 more attempts at suicide.

By the way, it’s not possible to put a thought in someone’s head.”

Jackie Simmons

Jackie Simmons created The Teen Suicide Prevention Society to provide stigma-free, pure-prevention programs, books, and products designed to help you easily start “suicide proofing” your friends, family, team, and yourself.

It started with a simple idea: What if, instead of teaching people what signs to look for and ways to intervene, they are given ways to start talking about suicide in a way that didn’t assume someone was “at risk?”

Jackie’s book Make it a Great Day The Choice is Yours contains stories of heartache and stories of triumph from over twenty contributors. Each story is designed to help you break the silence. The stories are real, raw, and sometimes comes with dog turds.

Proceeds from her book go to The Teen Suicide Prevention Society and sponsors projects like a community center in the Mukuru slums in Nairobi, Kenya. They’ve built a small building used as a library for breakfast before school and a meeting place for kids after school. The Society also sponsors a night shelter for the safety of youth.

Teen suicide is rising quickly world-wide. In 2020 more deaths in Sweden were from suicide than Covid-19, although it’s being driven by the consequences of COVID-19.”

Jackie Simmons

Jackie’s focus is on providing emotional resilience tools for kids and teaching them to kids.

Resilience is caught not taught, and many parents aren’t able to share tools of resilience because they lack the trait as well. Children learn what they live.”

Jackie Simmons

Jackie is now a TEDx speaker. You can listen to her talk right here. Have “The Talk” to Stop Teen Suicide

Silence is deadly when it comes to suicide.”

Jackie Simmons

Jackie claims a suicidal thought is perfectly normal. If having the thought causes fear, then an emotional layer is added to the thought. We try not to think about suicide, but often not thinking about it causes the thinker to think about it even more. This cycle becomes a negative echo chamber.

The conscious mind is not in control. The subconscious is designed to manifest what we’re thinking about, and our brain looks for opportunities to bring about what we’re thinking about. Unfortunately, far too many people take the opportunity presented.”

Jackie Simmons

Kids call it self-deleting because it’s as easy as hitting the delete key.

Research has discovered that many people take their lives because it seems like the best idea at the time. Jackie’s mission is not to take suicide off the table, but to replace the ruminating thoughts with different ones.

Here’s a script for “the talk” that will change suicidal thought patterns in an easy, comfortable way.

Parent to child: “I’ve decided to be part of the movement to make teen suicide a thing of the past. They gave me a guide and I need to practice. Would you be willing to help me practice my talk for tomorrow?”

(When teens are given an opportunity to help they get a dopamine hit and the parent has started building a buffer between them and the ledge.)

Child: “Yes.”

Parent to child: “Thanks for helping me. It’s only four questions. Here’s the first one. Have you heard about the rise in teen suicides?”

Child: “Yes.

Parent to child: “Thank you. Question 2 – Do you have a friend who has tried or died?”

Child: “Yes.”

Parent to child: “Thank you. Question 3 – Have you ever thought about leaving that way?”

Child: “Yes.”

Parent to child: “Thank you. Question 4 – What are your reasons for staying?”

(The good news is that when the teen lists reasons for staying they will begin to smile and change their attitude. Keep them talking about reasons for staying. You’ve just redirected their brain and created a new neuro network.)

A child who confesses to thinking about leaving by suicide but cannot list reasons to stay needs to be helped immediately. Stay with them and call 911. This is the moment when you need professional intervention. They will hate you for it, and you might save their life.”

Jackie Simmons

Jackie reports the percentage of people who have had thoughts of leaving and no reasons to stay is ZERO.

People who are struggling with depression and suicide are good at masking and lying. Even if they lie about reasons to stay, the brain believes them. It’s Ninja mindset magic!”

Jackie Simmons

Jackie cautions parents to follow the guide verbatim. Use this precise language. If parents’ probe for more information, they’ve just broken trust.

We are about saving lives, not making parents feel good.”

Jackie Simmons

The Teen Suicide Prevention Society makes it as easy as possible to help your kids catch emotional intelligence. You can join the society and support their programs.

Visit these two sites – EmotionalElephants.Com TeenSuicidePreventionSociety.Com

Transform your Power Over Stress

Audrey Weidman was a type-A personality; a self-described over-achiever always seeking for acknowledgment, reward, and attention. As the oldest child of three the pressure to carry out her father’s hopes for her were all-consuming.

Audrey’s father was a doctor with the expectation Audrey would be as well. When her father died of a sudden heart attack when Audrey was twenty years old, her first thought was, “At least I don’t have to go to medical school now.

Her father served in Germany as a medic during WWII. He immigrated to Canada and then the United States. Living in a small town as a doctor meant he alone took care of all medical issues from the smallest to the biggest. It was a stressful, never-off-work type of career. His goal was to have the nicest house and the prettiest wife.

Sounds to me as though Audrey is a lot like her father. She would also suffer a heart attack like her father did.

After getting a food science degree, working alone in a lab day after day, and then deciding to work in market research after achieving an MBA; Audrey began to invest in real estate. After a successful run, everything went south in 2008. With two children still home to support, Audrey lost everything she’d worked hard to have.

Worst of all she blamed herself.

I should have seen the fore coming disaster. I was weighed down with knowing I had to make up for our lost income. For the first time I was not successful. The negative talk began, and I was feeling really down on myself.”

Audrey Weidman

One Saturday Audrey was cutting down brush in her yard while listening to a podcast about successful people and began to feel angry about her inability to feel successful in the moment.

Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Suddenly Audrey became dizzy. Soon she was sitting in the kitchen, her husband prompting her to take a break. Then came the strange sensation in her chest – tightness and burning.

Audrey attributed all this to muscle soreness from exercise the day before. She already had an appointment with her doctor on Monday (two days from then), so she decided to wait to seek answers to her strange feeling.

On Monday morning she ran to the train and then walked several blocks to her doctor in Chicago. As was routine, the doctor hooked Audrey up to an EKG monitor.

Audrey was expecting good news since she’d been working hard at lowering her cholesterol and taking much better care of herself since her previous appointment.

Doctor, I’ve had this strange chest pain all weekend and it hasn’t gone away.”

Glancing over at the EKG monitor Audrey’s doctor exclaimed, “Oh my god Audrey, you’re having a heart attack right now!

The emergency room physicians acted quickly. Before long Audrey felt as though she was playing a part in a movie being zipped through the halls of the emergency room on a gurney watching the ceiling tiles flash by.

It was real trauma for me to be in the emergency room thinking about myself and how it seemed impossible to be having a heart attack. Friends told me I was the healthiest person they knew. I thought I was the healthiest person I knew as well.”

Audrey Weidman

Following all the tests, doctors reported no plaque in Audrey’s arteries, but with special imaging available to her at this teaching hospital, the problem revealed itself quickly.

Audrey was true to her over achiever personality.

I didn’t have an ordinary heart attack. I had a SCAD – Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection.”

Audrey Weidman
According to
MayoClinic.Org Spontaneous
coronary artery dissection is an emergency condition that occurs when a tear
forms in a blood vessel in the heart. SCAD can slow or block blood flow to the heart, causing a heart attack, heart rhythm problems (arrythmias)
or sudden death.
SCAD most
commonly affects women in their 40s and 50s, though it can occur at any age and
can occur in men. People who have SCAD often don't have risk factors
for heart disease, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes.
SCAD can
cause sudden death if it isn't diagnosed and treated promptly. Seek emergency
attention if you have heart attack symptoms — even if you think you aren't at
risk of a heart attack.

Watch this video from the American Heart Association

Hindsight is 20/20 and Audrey sees now that stress was a key contributor to her heart attack.

Many women (like me) look healthy and fit. What’s going on in their mindset may be causing stress. Stress sets off biochemical reactions unfavorable to overall wellness. When you are constantly stressed and don’t vocalize it you are hurting your body.”

Audrey Weidman

Audrey realizes she was trying so hard to please others she failed to honor herself.

Focus on what brings you joy. You have more power than you think in terms of following your own path.

Audrey Weidman

For a while Audrey felt sorry for herself. She felt ashamed and embarrassed that she’d had a heart attack. The only treatment for SCAD is to let it heal. She went to cardio rehab.

While in cardio rehab Audrey was encouraged to meditate. She tried Transcendental Meditation and saw the results immediately. Using a Heart Math device today allows Audrey to monitor the effects of meditation using biofeedback.

My gateway out of stress was meditation.”

Audrey is now a Certified Stress Mastery Educator. She offers online courses you can take starting in March. It’s $99 and Audrey promises you’ll enjoy learning science-based content and instruction.

This is a free resource from Audrey. Take a look.

Risks of a heart attack

A Dialogue with Divine Mother

Have you ever considered what it would be like to have a relationship with Divine Mother? What would you ask Her?

Our most recent guest, Connie Huebner has authored a book, and teaches classes helping people like you and me not only meet Divine Mother, but get answers to questions, and learn vibrational healing from Her.

Divine Mother Healing – Vibrational Healing Tools for your Mind, Body, and Spirit. As a leading spiritual luminary Connie has created The Divine Mother Church.

Divine Mother is the wholeness of the Mother/Father God presence in the universe. Her power is coming forth in the world to balance the human family. We experience too much conflict, separation, and isolation without Her.

Connie Huebner

Connie describes ways we need the qualities of Divine Mother such as compassion, love, and creativity to center ourselves. Connie’s book was written to empower those who are feeling disempowered and unsure about what the next day will bring.

Meeting Divine Mother

I was at the time a teacher of meditation. I was helping people gain connection to their inner self when I perceived a brilliant light rising out of the unified field. The light divided into two, then four waves which interacted as flows and particles of energy.”

Connie Huebner

Connie asked, “Who are you?”

The answer: “I am The Divine Mother, and I am birthing the Universe.”

I wanted to work with Divine Mother. I had to purify myself and clear negative blocks of energy. I didn’t know how to express myself, but I received guidance.”

Connie Huebner

Connie explains all of us are both masculine and feminine and our power needs to be balanced. We get out of balance when we experience fear, shame, and unworthiness. Connie teaches tools to shift our thinking and emotions. Negative belief systems must be broken up.

Atoms are made of high energy particles which make up who we are. We can direct those particles positive or negative. When our life force is no longer flowing through us we can experience illness. Physical conditions can be healed through restorative energy.

Connie Huebner

Connie will pour divine light into a person or a place.

Attention and intention are powerful. I call upon Divine Mother and the company of heaven. Any block can be broken apart by bringing in the light. Depression, relationships, finances. The Divine Mother wants her children to thrive.”

Connie Hubner

When working with students Connie teaches people how to breath and center in the heart. Softening is the next step. She guides people to soften the heart, settle in the throat, and expand all the chakra centers.

You’ll experience your higher self, increased love, and joy.

Connie Huebner

Sadly, according to Connie most people don’t love themselves.

We are made in the image of God. That says that there is something big and expansive and beautiful about us, but we have a habit of negative self-talk.

Connie Huebner

She explains falling asleep at night is the best time for self-hypnosis. It is then when we can “get in the gap” where we are more willing to accept the truth.

Grace: a vibration and energy that cannot be understood intellectually

When grace occurs, the whole universe shifts and turns to bless you. The entire universe is intelligence and when our hearts are pure we want good. We will bless the planet with grace and grace comes back to us. The Universe is light, love, kindness, and truth.”

Connie Huebner

Self-love is a magnet that will draw people to you.

Connie Huebner will help you connect to and communicate with Divine Mother. Her course teaches you how to have that important dialogue.

You can connect with Connie at DivineMotherOnline.Net

What do you need or want to know from Divine Mother?

A Good Day to Die

Harry Potter was taught in this scene of The Prisoner of Azkaban how to turn a fearful illusion into a moment of peace and happiness…

Our recent guest, Clare Goldsberry, the author of The Illusion of  Life and Death – Mind, Consciousness and Eternal Being teaches in her book how we can dispel the fear we have of death and live life as if everyday is a good day to die.

Clare’s curiosity of death led her to study Buddhism five years before she came face to face with death. Her significant other, Brent was diagnosed with cancer.

Brent refused all treatment except surgery. He wanted to live in control of how he went. Since losing his father to cancer at the age of 16, Brent had developed a fearless way of living life.

Dying is so easy. I thought it would be harder.”


Brent saw the benefits of knowing when he was going to die and how he would go. He felt himself lucky. Everyone else lives in mystery and uncertainty, which leads to fear.”

Clare Goldsberry

Clare was prepared to support Brent in his final 18 months. She had read a Tibetan book of living and dying. She witnessed Brent journeying through the signs and symptoms mentioned in the book. This knowledge made Brent’s death much easier for her.

“I said to Brent, ‘I’m sure glad you’re dying by the book’.

Clare Goldsberry

Buddhism also taught Clare about death and dying. Teachings such as Remember death; Death is certain, but the time of our death is uncertain are now included in her book which helps people be ready for death.

The first chapter of Clare’s book intrigued me – Why we don’t know how to die

According to Clare, the best way to have a “good death” is to not be afraid of it. Using a wand and shouting Riddikulus is metaphorically possible. All is created by the mind in the mind. Quantum physics and Buddhism agree our thoughts create our reality.

Thoughts can destroy us or give us a peaceful happy life.

Clare Goldsberry

Clare explains fear effects our immune system. To improve our health we should be fearless.

Indigenous leaders teach today is a good day to die. This is interpreted as meaning – today is a good day and I will accept whatever comes, even my death. When we embrace life and all that comes with it we can live our life to the fullest.

Clare Goldsberry

According to Clare, our biggest fear and regret near the end of our life is that we never did what we really wanted to. Her book encourages us to be true to ourselves and know our calling.

Learn more about Clare and her philosophy in her book and on her website here:

Joseph Campbell said, “Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer. We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

Turning your Family from Chaotic to Calm

Is it possible to live a stress-free family life? When I was a young mother it seemed impossible and unrealistic. Though I tried, I struggled to stay on top of my own schedule as well as the schedule my children needed to adhere to.

Our recent guest, Madeleine Davis also struggled to be a “together mom.”

When I embarked on the journey of motherhood I thought I was the only mom who didn’t have all the answers. It was intimidating. I was successful in my business life, and I thought popping out a few kids would be easy.”

Madeleine Davis

Madeleine thought what many mothers think: “I’m never going to figure this out before my kids grow up and leave for college.”

Thankfully, Madeleine did figure it out, published a book, and created a system to help overwhelmed parents to be relaxed and confident while setting their kids up for success.

Her book is A Stress-Free Family – Chaos to Calm in only 28 Days. Madeleine calls it a daily handbook which most parents complete in 6 weeks (partnering with her Stress-Free Family System) but can be done in 28 days.

You don’t have to be born a together mom – you can learn how to be one.

Madeleine Davis

Parents who’ve decided to take Madeleine’s program say they no longer wanted to fake it or keep the “together” illusion. Her program is simple and easy to implement.

It’s a family system. It helps everybody.”

Madeleine Davis

Family life is often chaotic, and the pandemic hasn’t made it any easier. Kids are in different schools (or at home) starting at different times of the morning. Parents are working from home, too. Most parents know children thrive with structure, but don’t know how to create it.

Sometimes as parents we feel comfortable in chaos because we grew up that way. We’re all trying to do the best we can, but trial and error learning is inefficient learning. Even if parents research solutions the glut of information is paralyzing.”

Madeleine Davis

Madeleine’s system makes sense and fits all the important pieces together. The Stress-Free Family System is a five-step process and it’s included in her book.

Step 1: Routines

Stress is reduced when routines are effective. I teach families to optimize routines in the home and make it easy to change as the family changes.

One part of the process is clustering; and once implemented clustering is a life changer.

Madeleine Davis

Madeleine suggests identifying a time when a child’s routine is most challenging and in which rooms the activity takes place. For instance, in the bedroom a child would make his/her bed, get dressed and grab their book bag. In the bathroom a child would use the toilet and brush his/her teeth. In the kitchen they’d eat breakfast and grab their lunch box.

Chances are right now your kids are ping-ponging back and forth from room to room allowing distractions at every turn. The Stress-Free Family System takes them to each room only one time, and then out the door.

Madeleine Davis

In the Routines part of the system parents also learn to use a Tomorrow Box/Basket/Bag. This is a way to contain everything that needs to go out the door with each child in the morning. Each child will also take everything to the bedroom with them at bedtime.

The system teaches parents to plan each day the day before. Just this one principle helps children practice next-step thinking, as well as strategic and critical thinking. This way parents can avoid all the forgotten homework and lunch boxes.

Simple, fast, and seamless parenting!

Step 2: Rhythms

This is a process to identify the repetitive events that require both parent and child participation.

Families solve each problem for the last time. The result is a home which runs effortlessly.

Madeleine Davis

Imagine kids constantly asking questions, misplacing notes from school, forgetting lunch, and learning there is no permission slip for a school trip when it’s needed.

Now, imagine erasing all of those problems forever.

Step 3: Rules

Rules are either enforced, or not depending on the energy level of the parent enforcing them. In Madeleine’s system rules are based on two factors 1) they are tied to family values and principles; and 2) they are created for each family member… including parents.  

A couple of suggested Mom rules are, ‘I will only choose consequences I know I can honor’ and ‘I will not allow my emotions to guide my actions’.”

Madeleine Davis

Identify one or two rules you can give yourself to be the parent you want to be.

Step 4: Rewards

In Madeleine’s Stress-Free Family System, consequence is used instead of punishment and chores are called contributions.

It’s best to reward for good behavior instead of punishing for bad behavior.”

Madeleine Davis

Madeleine reports that money rewards rarely work, but internal motivation does.

Think about three things your child would want to have, or to do. Only include rewards you can realistically give them and think of them ahead of time to reduce the temptation to bribe in the moment.

Step 5: Revolutionize

Madeleine suggests keeping the changes you’re making under cover until just the right time.

Kids already have changes happening in their lives. If you announce a new program to include big changes at home you’ll get push back from the family.

Madeleine Davis

Making changes covertly will create a revolutionary buy-in later since you’ll be able to provide examples of the positive changes already made. Madeleine’s system includes scripts to say just the right things during the revolutionized meeting. Your children will feel they are driving the changes, and there will be no push back!

Stop beating yourself up and stop feeling guilty for not being a “together mom or dad”. Check out Madeleine’s book, and her Stress-Free Family System. Make 2022 the best year yet for your entire family!