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Centering the Mind ~ Dr. Christopher Macklin

From the introduction of Dr. Christopher Macklin’s book, Centering the Mind: Healing Stress, Anxiety, Depression, ADD, OCD, & PTSD

Humanity is experiencing an epidemic in mental/emotional health disorders. The symptoms of chronic stress, anxiety, depression, OCD, ADD, and PTSD are largely caused by the trappings of our modern lifestyle and the many toxins in the world.

This was not the case just a mere 50-100 years ago. At the same time, the nature of how the world has changed within the last 100 years has created a downward spiral in the levels of health and in the quality of life that most people are experiencing. Each subsequent generation has been increasingly challenged and destabilized. Perception, discernment, and memory are being adversely affected. People are losing the capacity to remember what a healthy and whole life looks like. And because of all the mental and emotional disorders, life itself is becoming more and more chaotic, unstable, and violent.

We are more powerful than we know. We have all we need within us to heal. Many times, we just need a helping hand to remind us of what’s possible and to help us understand how to move forward.

Introduction to Centering the Mind by Dr. Christopher Macklin

Dr. Christopher Macklin practices Divine Healing, which is an energy modality not tied to a particular religion or spiritual path.

Since everything in our body is made of energy, it only makes sense to heal the body through using energy.

Dr. Christopher Macklin

Centering the Mind is Dr. Macklin’s fourth out of five books. The last few years he’s seen people (even the spiritually minded) go south and get very anxious. He feels it’s time to take a step back from it all and get into a place where the people around you ground you; and where you can look for your passion.

With his many programs and healings, Dr. Macklin deals with 80,000 people a week, from groups to private conversations. Many people say, “I don’t know what to do. I don’t belong here”.

I help people get back to their sovereign self. We are our own guru. Find your passion and get excited. That’s where people find their inner strength to combat the anxiety.”

Dr. Christopher Macklin

Dr. Macklin went bankrupt in 2007. He had no money for gas in his car, and his only possessions were three Walmart bags of clothes.

Take a step back and get centered. Get back to your life. Change it to enjoy it. Find the fire in your belly. You will see God’s plan. You don’t have to try to find your gift. It’s there. It may be hidden and forgotten, but it’s there.”

Dr. Christopher Macklin

One of the root causes of disease, according to Dr. Macklin, is that we ingest too much emotion. This lowers our vibration. Then pathogens will permeate our cells and cause disease. He claims we can start to release that emotion with psychic surgery.

Releasing emotions causes your vibrations to raise. You can get to God Space when you keep your vibrations high and focus on what you love.”

Dr. Christopher Macklin

Some steps to accomplishing what Dr. Macklin suggests are:

  • Identify that 95% of our beliefs are blah, blah, blah.
  • Stop running on the hamster wheel of knowledge and switch off what’s addicting you.
  • Get out of the matrix of shame and stay in your sacred space.
  • Use meditations instead of drugs.

Knowing our gift(s) and purpose are similar. Knowing your gift gives you purpose; purpose helps you identify your gift. Dr. Macklin says it’s important to understand what comes to you naturally and use your gift(s) to help as many people as possible.

Todd confessed his Gift: “Lighting the path that leads others to the fire that sparks the fire in their own heart.

During his healing sessions, Dr. Macklin has cured:

  • Cancers
  • Blood sugar issues
  • Heart chakra
  • Toxic bodies
  • Heavy metal poisoning
  • Lyme disease
  • Tumors
  • Emotion

Dr. Macklin explained there are also different classes of entities which attach to us and create negative energies. We can say a prayer to keep them out. By doing so, we keep our vibrational energy high to combat them.

Dr Macklin offered our listening audience this Prayer of Protection:

I am of God. I ground myself to the Earth.

Dear God,  I command that we create 27 esoteric merkaba fields around me to protect me from any negative entities, fractals thereof, manipulations, and transmissional frequencies which are not for my highest good through all space time continuum in every dimension.

We thank you, God, and send you our unconditional love. So be it.

The most powerful prayer on this planet and keeps the entities away.”

Dr. Macklin closed out our interview with him by offering a powerful affirmation:

I am divine love and wisdom. I am worthy of all the abundance God has for me.

Dr. Christopher Macklin

Make sure to peruse The Global Enlightenment Project for information about Divine Healing, and Dr. Macklin’s book: Centering the Mind

Becoming Aware of Your Bully Actions

It often seems like a rite of passage to be bullied as a child at school. These experiences can be severe and lasting, or a one-time unpleasant experience. Regardless of the type or severity of the fearful and often humiliating experience, many children are deeply affected by bullying events.


In the day and age of social media and the internet, bullying has expanded to a new level for many children. No longer are they “safe” from the bully at home. Now, social media follows the victim 24/7.

The response society has given to bullying to this point provides little relief for children in the throes of it. Especially when many times the bullies are parents and/or teachers.

Now, Kelly Karius, our most recent guest on Life Mastery Radio, has created a system to help children, families, and schools react to, and treat bullying, differently.  It’s a system which has provided amazing results.

Kelly Karius

Families have changed the culture of their home. Kids use new skills on the bus to school. Children grow up and use the tools they’re taught in many areas of their life.”

Kelly Karius

Kelly Karius is the creator of The Key Method of Communication, and one of the main pieces of her program is called The No Such Thing As A Bully System

I started working on this after an experience when I was hired by parents to investigate a teacher who was allegedly mistreating kids. I wondered, what good does it do to teach kids about combating bullying, if parents and teachers aren’t practicing the proper skills to reinforce it.”

Kelly Karius

Kelly knew children needed to be strengthened and taught to take control. After she’d completed her original book, Kelly describes an electric shock which went through her body, causing her to reread her book and remove the words “bully” and “victim” since these labels alone were exacerbating the bullying issues.

She began an immediate rewrite and published the book with a new title: No Such Thing as A Bully; Shred the Label, Save A Child.

The labels we’ve given kids no longer work. Labels unfairly describe the person. Instead, we must look at the context of a person’s life and see what strengthening tools they need to change their bully actions.”

Kelly Karius

Kelly explained we all use bully actions and victim responses. Rather than be labeled a bully, which can ruin a reputation, we should replace personal judgment, and focus on changing the behavior.  

Our program focuses on individual responsibility. Instead of saying you’re a bully, say that was a bully action. This prevents the cycle of bullying since bullies often get power from the title (reputation). Our program helps the victim’s response to the bully action. If there is no victim response, then the bully becomes powerless with nowhere to go.”

Kelly Karius

If you’re like me, when you witness bullying, racism, and the like, paralysis can set in.  You take no action. Kelly explained we often see a reflection of ourselves and don’t know how to manage that, which can also hold us back in the moment. Lastly, if we haven’t be trained in the actions we should take during events as described, that will also keep us from responding appropriately.

Kelly’s No Such Thing As A Bully system offers role plays as tools. These tools teach us how to handle situations.

Kelly suggests you explore the option of a No Such Thing as a Bully® Community Immersion in your community. Or present the idea of having people in your community certified in effective tools to strengthen youth and parents. This will provide a change to the fundamental systems that are creating a problem. More information is found at

How do parents identify that bullying is happening to their child?

  • Not letting you near their social media sites
  • Quick emotional swing while looking at phone
  • Withdrawal
  • More internet use

Our program works with any type of bullying – cyber bullying, sibling rivalry, bullying at work. We often overcomplicate it. The solution is always strengthening the kids and reversing the inaccurate thoughts. Checking in. Asking questions. Having conversations.”

Kelly Karius

And folks, many times WE take bully actions. For instance, have YOU ever…

  • …Left somebody out of your social circle?
  • …Talked behind someone else’s back?
  • …Hit somebody?

These describe bully actions. Rather than adopt the label “bully” it’s best to see that, without knowing it, we often participate in behaviors we’d advise our own children to avoid.

The only thing we ever have control of is ourselves. Our interactions with others will affect us as much as we allow them to.”

Kelly Karius

There are 25 Bully-Proofing-Protections in Kelly’s book. And they’re not just for children. They will help you at work, and in other relationships. We should all be careful with the example we set for the young people in our life as well.

Examine these actions about yourself:

  • Do you laugh at or mock others in your child’s presence?
  • Do you make derogatory jokes that others don’t appreciate?
  • Do you engage in, or talk about physical violence as a resolution tactic?

When parents and adults (including teachers, clergymen, organizational leaders, and others) begin to practice the tools of No Such Thing As A Bully system themselves, their shift in behavior will affects the child, the family, schools, etc.

Kelly is offering you a gift, which includes 5 lessons. She asks you to consider this an urgent call to begin personal shifts.

Click Here: Bully-Proof Your Home

She also offers membership in her No Such Thing As A Bully Community for two years. Five people can become certified in each school to begin supporting the shift in bully behavior. Anyone involved will have access to Kelly for answers, ideas, and support. The certification process lasts 6 weeks, once a week.

Imagine the impact you can make in your community, schools, and families. Become part of the movement!

Past Lives and Your Spiritual Center

Michael Goddart, our distinguished, most recent guest is a Seeker, and has been for several past lives besides this one.

A seeker is someone who searches for truth, and their highest calling. Michael describes it as a homing device inside us, and that our soul is part and parcel of truth and love. It’s knowing your authentic path, and discovering the subconscious beliefs imbedded in your soul.

You must literally become the Truth and merge your consciousness in the ocean of the Divine.”

Michael Goddart

Michael teaches that our identity is our mind and thoughts. Seeking is about mastering our minds instead of being enslaved to them.

Human life is our most precious gift possible. When we rise to higher consciousness we become aware of our past lives.

Michael Goddart

When he sought for info about his past lives the information came quickly and in great amounts. Michael discovered he’d been an active seeker for three lives before this one. Through this process, he recovered 88 lives and learned he’d lived 4,137 human lives on two other planets besides Earth.

Michael Goddart was once…

  • An architect in post American Revolution Baltimore
  • An actor and playwright in Denmark after living life as an orphan abandoned by his mother
  • A Tibetan Secretary of Diplomacy
  • A priest in Prague
  • A monk in Slovenia
  • A Raja Yoga master in India (his happiest life)
  • An English Banker
  • A Jew who was treated horribly

We are not meant to remember our past lives, but understanding it helps us navigate the challenges of life.

Michael Goddart

Michael spoke of a cohort of seven – seven entities which he has lived several lives with, and with whom he has been in spiritual classrooms with. In various carnations these seven have been a brother, sister, mother, etc. to Michael. Since having met them in this life, all seven have acknowledged the same feeling about Michael which he has had about them.

Michael’s book, A New Now ~ Your Guide to Mastering Wisdom Daily, Achieving Equilibrium, and Empowering Your Nobler Self, teaches 33 Wisdoms, with the first being Wisdom of Humane Interaction. It teaches that every time we meet someone we should act humanely, realizing their true nature as a human on a spiritual journey.

The more interaction we have with people our longevity will lengthen. We should always be acting with kindness and truth.

Michael Goddart

Life mastery, in Michael’s view, is being positive, gathering wisdom, and becoming master of our current and past lives.

Michael spoke of:

  • Higher Mind
  • Habitual Mind
  • Lower Mind

Our Higher Mind is the part of ourselves, which is kind, giving, knowing, and wanting to be of service. The Habitual Mind is good at showing up when the garbage needs taken out, our teeth brushed, and handles the rhythm of everyday life. Lower Minds are angry and enslaved to the thoughts there.

Michael Goddart

Michael asks us to contemplate: what at this moment will bring me to my best spiritual center?

Achieving equilibrium is the dynamic balance we attain when we act from our spiritual center. We can handle anything in the best way possible, and equilibrium goes hand in hand with wisdom. Equilibrium in our spiritual center indicates a clear mind, being present, grounded, and positively minded.

Each of us has potential for God realization, but we can’t do it alone. We need a master. At any given time, there is always a saint or master on the planet which you can find…if you’re seeking one.

Michael Goddart

Michael’s book may be of greatest benefit to you if you use it as a guide for daily reflection on your spiritual journey. He offers a FREE JOURNEY JOURNAL at his website: www.Goddart.Com

In his book you’ll learn from 33 wisdoms:

  • 11 Loving wisdoms
  • 11 Guiding wisdoms
  • 11 Evolutionary wisdoms

Find what resonates with you and discover how to return to your spiritual center

Michael Goddart

How to Attract Abundance

No one will ever value you more than you value yourself.”

Sue Wilhite

Our recent guest, Sue Wilhite reminded us that we must understand and feel our full value for others to do the same.

Trauma will create strong emotions and thoughts of “I’m not worth it, I’m not valued”. It gets written to our biofield and stays there. The vibration of those thoughts and emotions influences the entire field. Continued reinforcing of the same emotions, will deepen the damage of that part of our bio magnetic field.

Your birthright is abundance, bounty, and prosperity. You are literally surrounded by abundance. Frequencies allow us to connect with that abundance and pick up the resonance of the abundance. We aren’t bringing it in but removing the stuff that gets in the way.

Sue Wilhite

Sue Wilhite explains that our bodies produce some of the most powerful drugs there are. We have a pharmaceutical company in our heads. Allowing the body to use those natural ways to heal is how she helps her clients as a Biofield Tuning Practitioner.

Biofield Tuning is the perfect blend of left and right brain. There are parts that are woo-woo and out there, and yet there are rules of physics that underly it which are mathematically demonstrated.”

Sue Wilhite

Having used and enjoyed Sound Healing with bowls, Sue recognizes the very powerful healing which takes place. However, sound bowls are not portable.

I can carry an entire session of tuning forks in one backpack.”  

Sue Wilhite

During a session, Sue will sound a tuning fork and place it into your biofield. If there is no resistance, she continues moving the fork. However, Sue will find “blocked”, “damaged”, or “tangled” parts of your biofield left there from trauma. When she discovers this damage, to her it feels as though she has just run into Jell-O.

I learned our bodies are all energy. It’s electricity. That electricity creates our biofield roughly 3-4 feet in a  bubble around our body. Thoughts are things which cause a chemical reaction in our brain, heart, and gut. These emotions generate more thoughts, and the vibration of these thoughts may cause damage to our biofield.

The tuning forks are used to find the damaged or blocked parts of our biofield. By holding them in a cluster of damage to our biofield, Sue can unblocked or untangle the energy that has been warped. The thought, belief, and/or emotion goes away.

The best part is that you don’t even need to know what caused the block or damage. You don’t have to recall it, live through it, or deal with it. It can simply be found through Biofield Tuning and taken away.”

Sue Wilhite

Sue claims once you get into alignment, abundance flows in opportunity, people, or a big check. She cautions us to understand that we often look for abundance to show up in a certain way and overlook it when it has already shown up.

It’s like ordering off a menu at a restaurant, then refusing the plate when it’s brought to you. We often refuse what we asked for without knowing it.

Sue Wilhite

Some of the blocks Sue has helped her clients heal from are feelings like nothing is working, or opportunities aren’t coming, we’ve hit a glass ceiling, or we’re being sabotaged by a boss or loved one.

What you see in the world is a direct reflection of what’s happening inside you. If you think your boss is not supportive, it’s because you’re not supportive of yourself. We often undermine our success because of the blocks we put in our own way.

Sue Wilhite

Sue can’t claim that Biofield Tuning heals medical conditions, and yet she has had clients who claim it has. They’ve experienced healed lung issues and headaches instantaneously.

Our emotions write information into our physical body, and the body struggles with it until it can be cleared.”

Sue Wilhite

It’s important to remember: “No one will ever value you more than you value yourself.”

Value yourself enough to check into Sue Wilhites programs. Quit holding onto emotional blocks. Let them go and heal your biofield. Abundance will then flow into your life.

Go to Sweet Sound of Success now!

Learning the Languages your Soul Speaks

When I was in high school I took German to satisfy a foreign language requirement. Learning to communicate with different people and learning about another culture was fun and interesting. Since I never went to Germany I never fully immersed myself in the language.

What if you were fluent in three additional languages which you’ve forgotten? Our recent guest suggests this is likely the case, and that your soul is trying to communicate with you in unique ways.

Years ago, Jennifer Urezzio was in marketing and PR. Having to “lie” to clients was frustrating and uncomfortable. She felt she was missing out on her true calling.  

One day while in the middle of a mud bath, grasping therapeutic stones in her hands and pondering her dilemma, Jennifer asked the powers that be, where are my people?

I wondered why I connected with some individuals instantly and knew right away when I didn’t like someone. I heard the words soul language.”

Jennifer Urezzio

Inspiration was born!

There’s no such thing as a dark night of the soul, everyone! Your soul is whole and complete. It’s the human that is so far away from the soul we must travel through a dark tunnel.”

Jennifer Urezzio

It’s the internal which creates external experiences. We have all knowledge inside of us, but we don’t remember it.”

Jennifer Urezzio

What is soul language?

Soul Language gives words to three core energies of your soul.”

Jennifer Urezzio

1. Your Mission

You’ve been living your mission and purpose since you were born. It’s what you’re profoundly here to experience, but we don’t always know the delivery system.”

Jennifer Urezzio

Equalizer is Jennifer’s first soul language. It’s her mission. Balance seems to happen in real time wherever Jennifer goes.

2. How you’ll be known – the fuel of your mission.

Jennifer’s soul language for this core energy is Teacher of Integrity. She has the gift to see where people are living outside of love, and she helps them get more aligned with integrity. She will find every mistake and glitch.

3. Soul Full Personality – how our soul prefers to go through life.

The soul language of Jennifer’s personality is Graceful Warrior. She realized it is a gift of courage and strength.

Being conscious is a practice. Living with knowledge and acceptance of who you are makes you whole and complete. Sometimes we outsmart ourselves, and I help you get connected again.”

Jennifer Urezzio

Jennifer and her team of practitioners guide you to find your soul languages through Therapeutic Kinesiology. When Jennifer works with someone through the process she feels as though she is being pushed or pulled in different directions. It’s a process that everyone can learn.

Push and Pull

Your Enneagram can change in time, but your soul languages have always been the same and will always be the same your whole life. Once they are identified you don’t have to repeat the process.”

Jennifer Urezzio

Discovering your soul languages has many benefits:

  • Less friction in life
  • Less suffering
  • Less operating from programming versus truth
  • Direct communication with your soul
  • Always know the truth
  • Practical tool in every situation
  • Jumpstart to your transformation

Do you really want to make every decision based on what you were taught in second grade? As humans we aren’t disagreeing with our soul, we’ve simply been taught wrong. We are here to participate fully, and not to suffer. If you’re not operating consciously there is always conflict.

Jennifer Urezzio

Jennifer reminds us that our soul and divinity are speaking to us. Intuition will naturally expand, but we must ask questions. It’s a co-creative process.

When your soul language is identified it may feel foreign because it’s been so underutilized. It may take practice to learn to “speak” your soul language.

Jennifer Urezzio

Jennifer’s statement made me think of the blue tang fish, Dori in the movie Finding Nemo. Remember her line? “I didn’t know I could speak whale.”

Dori from Disney’s Finding Nemo

We have been raised to ignore our body and not listen to our soul. It may take practice to remember the languages we are fluent in.  

Jennifer’s book is a textbook of soul languages. It comes with a discovery session to get one of your languages identified. Jennifer suggests you read her book after you know your soul languages to gain additional information. She also warns:

Don’t read with your head. You’ll get stuck with what your mind thinks rather than what your soul is guiding you to do.”

Jennifer Urezzio
Soul Language by Jennifer Urezzio

Jennifer also offers the gift of a Sacred Practice. Taking advantage of her gift will help you create a foundation of connection to Source so when challenges come up, you won’t be misguided through the dip of the event.

“A Sacred Practice should be integrated into your life. I’ll suggest ways to keep your practice fresh, and to develop a deep connection with self to know you’re loved and supported.”

As we were closing the show Jennifer offered a prayer for both Todd and I from her other book: Little Book of Prayers.

To me, A Prayer of Understanding

Today I am tuned in to my central nature that knows the path to understanding clarity; allowing, and accepting that I am human, and I might be afraid of what is next. Yet, I can pause and allow my central self to fill me with safety, and in doing so understand and let clarity emerge.

For Todd, Letting Go of Fear

I know my mind is trying to take control of my truth, and with full love in my heart I bless my mind and allow myself to pause and feel the truth deep within my soul knowing that all is well, and I am safe. I can feel the beginning of change that this knowing that I am safe creates in my life starting right here and now.

I haven’t used my high school German very much, but I look forward to becoming fluent in my soon-to-be-discovered Soul Languages!

Living in the World of AND

Despite six near death experiences, Kim Serafini has come back each time. Not once did she know she’d left. Makes you wonder, what is death like?

For what it’s worth, it was very peaceful. If you’re here you’re meant to be here. You and I are meant to be here.”

Kin Serafini

Kim claims “equatorial DNA” since growing up in the paradise of Papua New Guinea. She describes herself as an active risk-taker in her youth. In the corporate world she became rather arrogant with her talents and left the corporate life after feeling her work was not significant.

I was on fire with Anthony Robbins, and my parents thought I was in a cult. When Anthony Robbins said, ‘Make your vacation your vocation’ I listened.”

Kim Serafini

Kim became a sports therapist and experienced joy by contributing to the health and well-being of others. Little did she know the roller coaster of entrepreneurship would be hell.

We all want to simply do our best and live our purpose. If we are not growing, we’re dying. We are all here to grow, and even if you don’t know your purpose – it is to grow.

Kim Serafini

Despite a perfect structured heart, Kim had a medical procedure a year ago to prevent a seventh cardiac event.

I won’t show you the scar on my chest where my cardiac pacemaker was placed, but a USB type device keeps me alive.”

Kim Serafini

Kim Serafini is Eastern and Western, ancient, and modern. A mixture of ANDS. Proof that science and mysticism can exist at the same time without contradiction.

I live in the world of and. You can be purposeful in action and intention and be able to surrender when necessary. Stepping back now and again, you do a dance. The energy and vibration of abundance is movement.”

Kim Serafini

We get to choose whether we learn the hard way or the easy way. I decided to learn in a profitable way – financially, spiritually, energetically, etc.

Kim Serafini

The device in her heart keeps Kim alive. This combination of technology and metaphysics in her physical body, is very similar to what Kim has developed for YOU!

Positive Prime is the application Kim and her talented team have created.  The psychology, neuroscience, and technology of Positive Prime is brilliantly developed to provide a user with accelerated learning, positive changes to their biochemistry, increased intelligence, and a meditative-like mood booster.

During a Positive Prime session, a preconscious process involving music, images, and affirmations are viewed. Science has proved in only THREE MINUTES you, as the viewer, will have positive effects lasting 6-8 hours.

What?! Isn’t that amazing?

I was honored that Kim played a Positive Prime session created for my young students. Take three minutes to experience this session right now.

Speak with Power and Purpose by Jackie Bailey

There is a formula for everything you see in a Positive Prime session, and it is reshuffled every time you watch. At higher speed a Positive Prime session bypasses conscious critical thought. With 11 million bits of information a second which our brains interpret, you’ll still comprehend the messages. It creates a state of non-attachment.

Peacefulness will result when we’re not warring with ourselves.”

Kim Serafini

Positive Prime content helps with grief and trauma; it boosts your immune system; provides success for sales teams; calms chaotic classrooms; makes you more patient, happier, and compassionate.

I have coached Olympians and trained people who want to be the very best.”

Kim Serafini

In 2011 Shawn Achor gave a TED Talk titled The Happy Secret to Better Work. Shawn taught about positive psychology. When Shawn heard about Positive Prime, he was thrilled and tested it. He made note that it “brings about a lasting effect, it scientifically primes your brain, and causes you to comprehend more and retain more.”

Are you wondering about Positive Prime? I’m glad. I hope you’re considering all the ways you can grow by using it.

My session above will give you 10-days free of over 100 different Positive Prime sessions. Watch at least one each day, before an important meeting or performance, before going to sleep, and/or when you need a little energetic boost.

If after the 10 days you choose not to subscribe, you can keep my session and watch it whenever you’d like. I hope you’ll watch it as a family and with your children.

You are truly extraordinary. You are loved, lovely, and loveable!

Kim Serafini

Live in the world of AND as Kim Serafini does and be open to all the possibilities of Positive Prime. Also, check out her wonderful book:

Advocate for Your Health

As a young mother, our recent guest Angela K. Pearson witnessed the other side of childhood vaccinations. Immediately after her healthy son was vaccinated, he developed side effects and eventually the chronic symptoms of systemic lupus, which has caused lifelong challenges for her son.

This event gave Angela a very powerful reason to opt out of the standard CDC-recommended vaccination schedule for her youngest children.

We are taught that doctors know best. It’s reckless. It’s nonsense. As parents we know what’s best for our children. We need to be more hand’s on and ask more questions.”

Angela K. Pearson

Angela has since learned there are many ingredients in vaccinations which may be harmful. Protecting her children’s health is her number one priority. Therefore, Angela relied on her constitutional right to a medical exemption of vaccinations for her two younger children.

NY Mayor, Andrew Cuomo

Then, in 2019 Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York announced a mandate that only vaccinated children could attend school in the state. Angela’s youngest son, Grayson was just beginning first grade.

Grayson had already attended preschool and Kindergarten without being vaccinated. First grade was for him the start of being a big kid, and he was pumped for school.”

Angela K. Pearson

Just weeks into the school year the Governor’s announcement immediately affected more than 26,000 children. Grayson and the others were banned from public and private education. As a result, Angela was forced to quit her very successful corporate career to be a stay-at-home home-schooling mom. But she was especially concerned about the impact that this rejection and the resulting ostracism by other children and parents would have on Grayson.

Grayson would ask, “Why can I play with my friends at the park, but not at school? Why can I go to a gymnastics class with the same kids I’m banned from attending school with?”

You can imagine the confusion this would cause for such a young boy. It caused Angela to consider her own childhood.

As a child, I didn’t have a voice. Kids were seen and not heard. We could not speak unless we were spoken to. It’s right to respect our elders, but there also has to be boundaries.

Angela K. Pearson

While flying home from a trip, pondering ways to restore Grayson’s sense of self-esteem and emotional equilibrium, Angela thought: “If I’m not going to be a voice for my own children and do what I can to advocate for them, then what is my purpose? Money means nothing if I’m not helping to amplify my child’s voice.

Sitting on the plane between two passengers, Angela began writing I Am Not Contagious for Grayson and other similarly situated children, told from Grayson’s viewpoint.

I am Not Contagious, a beautifully illustrated children’s book that explores a child’s frustration at these adult issues, but also the wisdom to know there is nothing wrong with him or her. The book is a heartwarming story from a youngster’s perspective, filled with confidence, compassion and courage.

Grayson writes a letter to the Governor in the book, and says:

I am taught to use my voice. Writing this speech is my very own choice

I can go to the zoo with Sarah and Drew. We can swing on a swing, even sing if we please. We can slide down a slide and ride on a ride. I can flip at the gym with Darren and Tim

We can school at the library, travel to Newbury. I can take Muay Thai, but I can’t wear a school tie?

I don’t understand, not one little bit This makes no sense, not one little bit I don’t understand any of it.

Angela’s book is more than just a mission to help children through such challenging dilemmas. It is also one aspect of her quest for medical freedom for all parents and individuals seeking to make decisions that may run counter to government regulation and medical establishment practice or policy. She advocates for informed consent and believes that vaccines are not a one-size-fits-all solution…that family history must be taken into consideration.

To help parents and students to process, synthesize and rebound from this societal rebuff, I am Not Contagious also includes puzzles and lessons on basic freedoms and individual rights. More of these, along with an audio of Grayson reading the book, and parent’s supportive worksheets, are available on a free book giveaway that Angela is also hosting at

Since the COVID-19 pandemic there are new and ongoing questions about vaccines. Many people feel we are not being told everything about the COVID-19 vaccines.

Doctors or scientists who speak out about the downside of the COVID vaccinations are ostracized. This is being suppressed by mainstream media and the government.

Angela K. Pearson

Angela speaks about Adverse Events Reporting System, which reports more deaths from Covid experimental vaccinations than any other vaccinations.

Only a small percentage are being reported, which means adverse reactions are more widespread than we’re being told.”

Angela Pearson

I am Not Contagious is available on or

Topic, Time, & Money

Is writing a book worth your time and money?

What topic should you write your book about?

If you’ve ever asked yourself those questions, you’re in luck. Our recent Life Mastery Radio guest has the answers.

Judy Weintraub is an entrepreneur, business executive, and attorney who represents small businesses as a mediator and arbitrator of business disputes.

When Judy wrote her first book, The Essentials of Negotiating Effectively she tried self-publishing. Then she was asked by several colleagues to help them write a book. While doing so, Judy learned easier and faster ways to get books written and published.

Judy founded SkillBites, a platform designed to help professionals get their books out into the world. She offers a free eBook Write a Book Easily – 10 Steps for Writing Your First How To Book within a Month, which contains tips for expediting the writing process.

Judy’s SkillBites Show Podcast also provides tips on writing, publishing, and marketing.

Judy has helped many types of business clients from doctors to life coaches get their words and knowledge into a book. Many of these clients use their books as marketing tools, and lead generation for speaking engagements and programs. A book may also get you on TV and radio; and could be used as an opt-in for higher end programs.

How do you start writing a book?

Judy provided the following steps:

1. Figure out why you’re writing the book. Know what your objective is and how you’re going to use the book. Ask yourself, “Does a book fit into my business strategy?”

2. Develop an outline. Having an outline will help you write faster since you can go back and fill in the details.

Your book doesn’t have to be long. An average nonfiction reader only gets through 18 pages before they put the book down and don’t read more. If you’re looking for speaking engagements however, event planners want longer books. So, the reason for writing a book may determine the length.”

Judy Weintraub

3. Set a timeline for yourself, and how much writing you’ll do each day to get the book done.

If you determine you need three hours a week to write and you don’t have three hours a week, then you’ll need to decide what path to take. Will you put the book on hold, or find three hours? Don’t spend time on a book that isn’t a high priority for you.”

Judy Weintraub

4. Write it. If you don’t like to write, you can record a book on audio by using your outline to  record answers to your predetermined questions.

5. Include stories in your book.

6. Be accountable to someone. Have someone check in with you about your progress. You can discover issues and problems you’re encountering and figure out ways to get over hurdles.

7. Include opt-ins in a couple places in your book.

Amazon may tell you how many people bought your book, but you won’t know who bought your book. Put an enticing bribe into your book to get people who purchased it to give you their contact info. Then you can follow up with hot leads. Include an opt-in early in the book in those first 18 pages, and then another one later.”

Judy Weintraub

8. You need a good cover. Book cover design is a different art form than a simple image. Printers have specifications you have to meet. Hire a professional.

9. Use a professional editor.

Many editors will only look for grammar and spelling, but not consistency of message and content. You want the book to heighten your credibility, but if it doesn’t read well it will diminish your credibility.”

Judy Weintraub

10. Self-publish or hire a traditional publisher.

11. Market your book

12. Write a second book

There’s a way to write a book that’s not painful. My eBook offers an easy roadmap to get your book written and published. Doing it wrong will detract from you reputation. There are many ways to do it wrong. If you put in the effort to write it, hire someone to make sure you get it edited, published, and marketed properly.

Judy Weintraub

Judy’s company, SkillBites is a one-stop shop to get your book done. Cover design, editing, layout, getting it on Amazon, and marketing by professionals all in one place. Judy’s niche is business books, and she has a large team of designers, editors, etc.

Judy has a program to help you get a book draft written in about 6 weeks. In 90 minutes a week for 6 weeks; about 3-4 hours a week of writing; and followed by a three-day writing weekend, you’ll be well on your way to finally getting that book done.

Judy has a giveaway coming up in October giving you access to resources for getting your book done; and a five-day challenge to help you consider how you would use a book, and how to get it started.

Go to Judy’s website to the “get me started” tab on She will help you stop procrastinating. You may also email Judy at and start a conversation with her.

Life Lessons from the Dance Studio

A few months ago, this cohost of Life Mastery Radio hosted a workshop for speech competitors ages 10-17. It was a four-hour workshop online, and I needed to provide time for our students to get breaks and stay active.

I brought in Bonnie Wallace, the founder of Bonnie Wallace Dance. She logged on to the workshop and in two fifteen-minute sessions gave the 30 plus attendees an opportunity to dance, refill their creative buckets, and move their too often sedentary bodies. It was fantastic.

This same Bonnie Wallace was our most recent guest on Life Mastery Radio. In addition to working with women in the creative space of dance for more than 13 years, Bonnie taught our listeners that dancing has a positive effect on every part of our lives.

Life Lessons from the Dance Studio

1. Preparation is everything

2. Everything counts

3. Dance is a conversation between your body and soul

When Bonnie was in preschool her mom enrolled Bonnie in a dance class. At the recital Bonnie was put in front of the class to lead the other students.

I’ve danced my whole life since then, and I’ve never stopped.”

Bonnie Wallace

Today Bonnie does much of the same thing she did in preschool – she leads students in the art of dance. Bonnie has developed an approach to dance that blends a variety of techniques and practices and has brought the benefits of dance to hundreds of women.   Her students benefit from stretches, exercise, and the opportunity to creatively express themselves with movement.

I teach dance classes online now so everyone anywhere can participate.   I want to inspire others to move and express themselves with their body.”

Bonnie Wallace
Bonnie Wallace Dance

Throughout our conversation with Bonnie, I made note of the numerous benefits of dancing:

  • Engages the whole body, mind, and spirit
  • Inspires and ignites passion and vitality
  • Teaches rhythm, coordination, and grace
  • Gives you access to the fountain of youth

My mother has taken my dance classes for 10 years. She is healthy and in excellent shape.”

Bonnie Wallace
  • No fancy equipment is needed. If you can roll your shoulder and/or lift your arm, you can dance
  • Practice builds talent and technique quickly while working at a comfortable pace
  • It’s a spiritual, physical, and mental journey all at the same time
  • Provides connection with something inside and outside of yourself
  • You can dance at any age

Many of my students are in their seventies.”

Bonnie Wallace
  • Dance has its own language. You’ll learn terms such as Dégagé, Passé, Developpe, Relevé, Plié, and Rond de jambe. By the way…you’ll need to take a dance class with Bonnie to learn the meaning of these terms
  • Increases oxygen, strength, and balance
  • Continuous movement builds physical and creative muscles
  • Connects you with the spiritual side of your emotions
  • Connects your mind-body relationship
  • Keeps you present and mindful
  • Improves memory and focus

For Life Mastery Radio listeners, Bonnie invites you to try a free class – no matter where you live. Using this link: You’ll have a chance to learn Bonnie’s contemporary-modern dance style.

Bonnie’s beginner level is one hour, and the more advanced level is slightly longer. You’ll spend about 35-40 minutes warming up before you begin dancing.

We watched a video of Bonnie’s talents on the show. Look here: Bonnie Wallace Dance Class knowing the women in this video are about 4 classes in with Bonnie as their teacher.

I teach four times a week. All you need to take a class is an 8’ x 8’ space, wear comfortable clothes, place your computer screen where you can see it, have water nearby, a yoga mat (if you have one), an open mind, and ready to have fun and move.”

Bonnie Wallace

Sitting is the new smoking, and we all need to move more!

The Journey to Becoming

Our recent guest, Sabine Gedeon likened her journey of transformation unto the metamorphosis that a butterfly goes through. She learned through research just how uncomfortable the process truly is.

In their caterpillar phase the butterfly spends most of its time at earth’s lowest station eating as much as it can. Upon a signal from nature the caterpillar leaves the ground, climbs onto a tree and ushers in the process of “death”, shedding any resemblance of the caterpillar they once were.

Their insides are completely splattered and turned into a soup-like mush. They undergo metamorphosis at the cellular level.”

Sabine Gedeon

Sabine asks us to imagine voluntarily surrendering every part of ourselves knowing we will be nothing like our former nature. Can you imagine giving in to the plan of our Creator without question or hesitation?

Much like a caterpillar’s metamorphosis,  which takes place in stages, I’ve experienced the process of transformation in stages; the first being my surrender to the complete process of discovering a hidden truth.”

Sabine Gedeon

It’s still difficult for Sabine today to use the word rape. It’s the meaning of the word that bothers her, and she never wants to be identified as a rape victim. It happened when she was seven years old.

My mind wasn’t even developed enough to process it at seven, and it’s not who I am.”

Sabine Gedeon

Sabine was destroyed at a cellular level many times during her life. By the time she was 25 she hated herself and wanted to stop the pain. She set out a plan for suicide and gave God an ultimatum. He showed up in her room as she was about to take a handful of pills, and she felt him wrap his arms around her.

I don’t carry guilt, and I don’t carry shame”.

Sabine Gedeon

A powerful statement from Sabine, who lived a sad and horrible life from the day of her birth. She has had to understand the emotional and logical side of every actor in her story – her mother, her father, her aunt, her siblings, etc.

Love equals pain, hurt and disrespect in Sabine’s past. She’s learned to have compassion for people in her life who were living the cycle of abuse. Many times, abuse is generational. Sabine has finally broken that cycle.

Words of affirmation and quality time are my top two love languages. I never had either growing up. My mother never told me she loved me. I am breaking the cycle of those messages now. I have to give myself the things I’m not getting from others.

Sabine Gedeon

Sharing her story has given permission for many other people to share their story for the first time. Survivors of abuse and trauma often begin to heal when they start verbally telling their stories.

The Sabine today is forever evolving, curious and excited. Life is a journey, it’s a path with winding roads, ditches, valleys, mountains, and snakes. I had to forgive my dad so I could build a relationship with God”.

Sabine Gedeon

Sabine is a coach with empathy and compassion who meets her clients where they are. She is honest and transparent about herself so her clients can be the same. Some of her family relationships have healed, but she recognizes her mother is who she is, and if Sabine sets boundaries she controls possible hurtful situations.

Life and leadership are the focus of Sabine’s coaching business. She helps people practice vulnerability and gives them tools to be effective leaders.

When I saw someone I admired I always wondered about their story. For me to stand up and speak, I had to go through some things. I can do it now. Nothing we experience or encounter is vain. It’s all pieces in a puzzle that creates our story to be accepted and loved. I can better relate to people now.”

Sabine Gedeon

On The Journey to Becoming Podcast Sabine shares the stories of women who have become coaches, authors, and speakers. She shares the truth and the full picture so her audience can see that the valley they are currently in is temporary and soon there will be another mountain to summit.

It’s all part of the journey to becoming. See the programs Sabine can offer you: