Experiencing the World Energetically

Lisa Erickson, author of Chakra Empowerment for Women, was our guest today. She realized, during a time of high demand in her career, that as a child she experienced the world energetically and didn’t know it.

After the birth of her first child, Lisa realized her energy had changed drastically, as did her relationship with her Chakras. Today, Lisa focuses on energy work for women, especially those women healing from sexual trauma and abuse.

I had a health crisis myself that got me focused on women’s health and women’s energetics in particular.”

Lisa Erickson

Energetics applies to any modality in which we’re working with our energy body. Chakra meditation, Reiki, Acupuncture and Acupressure.

Our energy body is that interface between our physical, our physic, and our spirit. Working with Chakras gave me a language and a structure for processing my energy body.”

Lisa Erickson

The second Chakra is the foundation of a woman’s energy body. It’s linked to procreation, creation energies, and sexual energy.

Men and women both experience problems with their first and second Chakras if they’ve experienced abuse.

In Lisa’s book, Cindi Dale tells the following story:

Decades ago, I was under the tutelage of a Belizean shaman. One afternoon, after he explained the curative properties of various jungle plants, he smiled and leaned toward me, ignoring my male companions. “I’m only teaching the men,” he whispered. “You are a woman. You are aware of what I am speaking.” I was puzzled and asked the shaman, a natural herbal healer, what he meant. “Women already know all things. Men must learn all things.” He paused and pointed toward my abdomen. “There, that is why. You have the power of the Mother—and of all mothers.

Cindi Dale, Chakra Empowerment for Women

Chakra Access Points

  1. Root | Tailbone | Safety, stability, vitality
  2. Sacral | Pelvis | Creativity, emotions, sensuality
  3. Navel | Just under navel | Personal power, will, self
  4. Heart | Center of upper chest | Compassion, balance, love
  5. Throat | Center of neck | Expression, authenticity, clarity
  6. Third Eye | Above brow midpoint | Insight, intuition, imagination
  7. Crown | Top back part of head | Spirituality, faith, purpose

We can each learn which Chakras are blocked, and which are strong in us. Lisa uses a mapping tool in her book to help the reader learn how our own Chakras are operating. She does this through memory, visualization, and affirmations.

I evolved the specific visualizations, affirmations, and use of emotional memory. I combine them into a how-to process. The reader can access whatever is most powerful to them.”

Lisa Erickson

There is so much information gained from her book; and from our interview with Lisa. Please listen to the show and then dive right into the book.

Chakra Empowerment for Women show with Lisa Erickson

Chakra Empowerment for Women book by Lisa Erickson

Something is Listening

Would you like to empower your prayers? Our guest Tuesday gave us wonderful suggestions to do just that. Sam Beasely and B.J. Gallagher wrote “Your Life is Your Prayer

Try this exercise. Fill in the blanks below. Try up to 10 if possible.

If I only had ____________ then _____________ would be true

If I only had ____________ then _____________ would be true

If I only had ____________ then _____________ would be true

If I only had ____________ then _____________ would be true

If I only had ____________ then _____________ would be true

If I only had ____________ then _____________ would be true

If I only had ____________ then _____________ would be true

If I only had ____________ then _____________ would be true

If I only had ____________ then _____________ would be true

If I only had ____________ then _____________ would be true

When you’re done, cross out the entire left column. Skip the means on the left and pray for the actual goal on the right.

Sam Beasley has been writing prayers as song for 40 + years. After September 11th, 2001 Sam became distraught, feeling there weren’t many joyous things to think about.

I recognized it quickly because it felt like such a hole in my heart.”

Sam Beasley

When original thoughts returned to his mind, Sam began writing them down.

I sat down, and starting writing little essays, and I really enjoyed it. That’s what I shared with BJ Gallagher and we put it all into our book.

Sam is still writing prayers.

We are praying all day long, and just don’t realize it. They may be chants such as “this is never going to work”. This can be changed to “maybe this IS going to work.”

Sam Beasley

Our prayers are simply chosen thinking. Consider whether or not you’re choosing to think a particular thought. If you’re not choosing a particular thought, you can change it!

Sam explained a little about the different types of prayers:

  • Prayers of gratitude
  • Intercession
  • Spiritual warfare
  • Corporate prayers
  • Prayers of adoration
  • Prayers of supplication
  • Prayers of communion

It was an eye opening interview with Sam. He has a YouTube channel featuring some of the prayers he’s put to music. One of my favorites is called “From the Heart

I invite you to listen to Sam’s prayers, and read his book.

Be Still and Be at Peace.

Susan Shumsky, author of many books, including two which we discussed on the show, was our guest on Feb. 25th!

The Big Book of Chakras and Chakra Healing and Third Eye Meditations are Susan’s most recent books, and so helpful for many reasons.

Would you like to:

  • Discover your subtle bodies and their purpose?
  • Learn about prana and how it functions in your body, mind, and spirit?
  • Gain understanding of kundalini energy and the chakra system?

Susan Shumsky is the one to provide the answers!

Her interview with us was “third eye opening” if you will, and she caused me to consider new ways to feel peace.

Susan offered the following meditation right on the show: (you may want to record yourself vocalizing this meditation, then play it back for the meditation practice)

Get comfortable. Close your eyes.
Take a nice deep breath. Breathe in, and let it go.
And another big deep breath. Breathe in, and release.
And a big deep breath of relaxation. Breath in, and completely let go.
Let go. Let go. Let go. Let go. Let go. Let go. Let God.
Peace. Peace. Be at peace. Be still and be at peace.
Perfect peace. Perfect peace. Perfect peace.
Be still and be at peace.
Become aware that you are going into a deep, powerful, and profound meditation as you take a deep breath.
Breathe in. And let it all go.
Know that this meditation takes you into higher consciousness, and also into a state of connection with Spirit and divine energy.
So take another deep breath to go deeper. Breathe in, and let it all go.
Imagine now there’s a beautiful divine light above your head filled with glory; filled with energy. The most beauteous divine light above your head.
This is the light of Spirit in whatever color you notice, or maybe no color, (whatever it is) there’s a beautiful, beautiful like radiant sun of spiritual light above your head.
Now imagine there is a ray of that light, which is now coming down through the mid line of your body.
A ray of beauteous, divine light comes down through the top of your head, all the way down to your toes.
And it’s a beautiful, radiant, pulsating light.
And that light begins to vibrate and radiate, and become more and more powerful. It begins to grow and expand.
It begins to radiate and vibrate, and begins to expand to fill your physical body.
That divine light is now radiating, vibrating, scintillating.
It is a beauteous divine light that is beginning to just quietly, easily, and effortlessly fill your entire energy field.
That light is now expanding, radiating, vibrating, filling, and surrounding your body.
It’s becoming larger and larger, and growing in strength and intensity.
That light is becoming so powerful and strong, and peaceful, and joyous, and vibrating and radiating, and filling you with greater and greater life force energy.
You are experiencing this beauteous, beauteous light that’s filling and surrounding you, and creating an entire pillar of light; that is encompasses your entire body and your energy field, extending outward, larger than the boundaries of this physical body.
It’s becoming so radiant, and vibrating into the atmosphere and creating love, peace, and energy that just vibrates all around you; filling you, surrounding you, lifting you, bringing joy and light and happiness (not only to you, but to everyone around you)
You feel yourself being caressed and bathed in divine love.
Divine love is now filling and surrounding you now.
You are being immersed now in an ocean of divine love.
You are being bathed in this beauteous ocean of pure love.
You are filled with the gentle, soft radiation of divine light and the beauteous, loving presence of the divine; of your own inner nature, your true higher self.
Which fills and surrounds us now with pure love.
And you just enjoy this experience of divine love, which softens you and fills you with compassion and kindness, and generosity, and charity.
And your heart is just expanding with divine love right here and right now.
And you give gratitude to God for this beautiful experience today of meditation.
You’re going to come out of meditation, but keep your eyes closed until I tell you to open them.
So, how you’re going to come out of the meditation is, you’ll just pretend you’re blowing out a candle like this. (Quick inhale and puff out quickly)
Just do that.
Coming forth from the level of spirit to the level of mind; knowing that your mind is now filled with this light and this love, and this gratitude you’re experiencing now.
And blow out another candle. Knowing that your body is filled with robust health, and well being, and relaxation.
Blowing out another candle, coming forth into the environment, but keeping your eyes closed.
Knowing that you’re aware of the space around you, sitting in a chair or wherever your sitting. Just being aware of your environment; the sounds around you.
And just beginning to come back, all the way out into the environment.
Now blowing out another candle. Coming all the way out into inward and outward balance.
Now just blow out another four candles, and then come all the way out into inward and outward balance, and then open your eyes.
Coming all the way out. Opening your eyes wide. Wide open with your eyes.
Now say this affirmation after me with eyes wide open:

Make sure you watch/listen to the entire interview: Susan Shumsky Feb 25, 2020

People Are Annoying, Try Pillow Talk

Linda Carroll was once teaching an interpersonal communication class. During the “debate” section of the course, Linda tried an activity she called PILLOW TALK. This simple activity proved to be the foundation for inspiration to write a book about love and relationships.

Each person sat on a pillow on the floor. The first person stated his/her argument. When he/she was done, the second person sat on the same pillow and took on the argument of the opposing party. It worked so well, Linda tried it later on as a counselor.

I worked with a couple on “lock down”. They needed therapy. They were ready to split despite having a good thing going. They had an issue around money, and they couldn’t work it out. The guy believed money was a means to pleasure. He had it, he spent it.

His partner believed money was security. Starvation was her concern. They had been together for many years, but were ready to leave each other.”

Linda Carroll

When they first came into the room with Carroll as counselor, they began screaming at each other about their own points of view.

I remembered PILLOW TALK and asked if they’d be willing to try something. I had them each talk about their position, and then they switched places. I had them each talk about the viewpoint of their partner as if it were their own viewpoint.”

Linda Carroll

The man began to share how he’d grown up in a migrant family and there was never enough money. He’d wanted a basketball one Christmas, and only received socks.

The woman spoke about her father and mother who were dreamers. They were always starting something, and always spent money they didn’t have until they finally ended up homeless.

When they got each other’s story, and they got each other’s differences, and they talked about it from the other persons viewpoint, they started laughing.”

Linda Carroll

Linda asked us to remember:

  1. Neither of them changed their position on the issue, but they developed empathy for each other.
  2. They realized the other person wasn’t bad or wrong

If couples knew more skills dealing with love, they wouldn’t need therapy.”

Linda Carroll

Linda Carroll is the author of Love Cycles and Love Skills, which was launched last Friday on Valentines Day, February 14 2020. Her books are for people who aren’t so smart in how to thrive in relationships.

Although PILLOW TALK is not a focus of her books, it illustrates well why all of us need the skills Linda teaches.

Linda’s book is so valuable. She tells us the difference between LOVE and LOVING. She teaches us the Cycles of Love, which are:


There are quiz’s and exercises to take alone or with your partner. If all else fails, try a little PILLOW TALK


“UPLIFT” was the Word for Me

I think I was born with a divine gift to be connected. I’ve always been a spiritual being. I love the expansive world.”

Elliott Robertson has created a lyrical, soaring, small and intimate book, Say Yes to Life: 7 Keys to Living Full Out from Within, that guides the reader to a renewed commitment to love life without conditions.

Elliott Robertson

Elliott Robertson started in The Unity Church; became a Quaker; then joined the Episcopal Church. He claims to experience his true self in a spiritual setting.

To say yes to life is to fall into your heart, to fall into the place within you where you are most fully human, most available to encountering the world with love.”

Elliott Robertson

Elliot encouraged us on the show today to go beyond the “monkey mind”, step out of self-made prisons, and say yes to our uniqueness.

Elliott described times in his life when he would compare his want to the abundance others had, and experience jealousy, bitterness, and anger.

I didn’t think I was capable of doing anything other than an entry level job. It didn’t feel fair.”

Overhearing a conversation and the word “uplift” mentioned therein, Elliott knew “that was the word for me”.

I began to take ownership and blame for the ways I had contributed to my situation.”

Elliott Robertson

The first key is “Say yes to EXPANSIVENESS”

Everything I do now is about service and transformation.”

Elliott Robertson

There is an overall increase in depression, especially in our youth. Elliott is hoping his book will be a marinade of self-care.

It’s like a bubble bath at the end of the day.”

Elliott Robertson

The Second Key is “Say yes to your UNIQUENESS.”

We came to the world with unique gifts to share. We should feel comfortable sharing them.

When you’re in your heart, that’s where your true self is. Your divinity. Embrace who you are. The heart is always saying yes. We are unique magnifying glasses for God.”

Elliott Robertson

Elliott mentioned a few other keys:

“Say yes to GRIEF”

“Say yes to HAPPINESS and JOY”

(You’ll have to read Elliott’s book to learn the other KEYS that make a complete 7)

A reason (or two) to read Elliott’s book:

  • Fall in love with yourself
  • Focus more on spiritual growth
  • Trust the universe more
  • Feel happiness and joy
  • Break free from your self-made prison
  • Attain more intimacy and openness

Listen to, and watch, our interview with Elliott Robertson

Miracles and Hedgehogs

Many of our radio guests have made reference to A Course in Miracles book. They lovingly call it “the course.” I have not read this bible of conscious thought, but it’s been on my “must read” list for a while now.

In preparation for today’s show with Pam Grout I read her latest book called, “A Course in Miracles Experiment”. I was hooked quickly. In fact, after spending a few hours last night reading Pam’s book, I woke up at 2:30 this morning (and since I couldn’t sleep) I read more of her book until the alarm went off around 5:30.

I’m the very person these books have been written for. I live in a problem mindset, rather than a possibilities mindset. Pam’s wisdom put me in a good mood, despite the lack of sleep, and I’m living in a sense of “it’s possible” today.

Pam’s book was written to simplify A Course in Miracles, and to help those who found the original a little dry and “long winded”. She began creating it by blogging about each lesson of “the course” which she still completes every year.

A Course in Miracles was just the thing that really captured my attention to do for longer. I’m one of those dabbers that practice a lot of spiritual searching.”

Pam Grout

Teachings of God when Pam was young lost appeal as she grew older. The strictness of the belief did not ring true for her. She had to let go of those tenets and be open to other possibilities; how this “divine buzz” comes to us.

A Course in Miracles felt like my path. It’s the one spiritual practice I kept doing year after year.”

Pam Grout

Eventually the teachings started to stick, and Pam is still learning. She will always be a student of A Course in Miracles.

The course teaches the message of love; the message of a bigger truth; getting rid of all the blocks to love and peace; and discovering who we really are.”

Pam Grout

Pam tells us there is a spiritual presence here for us at all times, and that it’s exciting to understand what life really is for each of us.

Her latest book began in January 2018 when Pam once again started the course. Each day she’d blog about each lesson, and her perspective of the wisdom taught. Those following her blog began to suggest she write a book. After ignoring those requests for a few months, Pam finally decided to do just that. Thus, A Course in Miracles Experiment was created.

There are those people who love the book (A Course in Miracles), and those who hate the book, thinking it’s boring. My task was to make it a little more fun.”

Pam Grout

Pam declares that, like me, you do not need to have read A Course in Miracles before reading her book, A Course in Miracles Experiment. If you don’t feel called to read the original, Pam simplifies the lessons in her book.

We want to be who we really are: God’s son or daughter, and we all have assignments – the things we are meant to do. The guidance is available to all of us, and the answers come easily.”

Pam Grout

I highly recommend Pam’s books. I’ve only read this one, but the way she writes is so entertaining, I’m sure any of her creations are worth delving into.

Please look into a charity Pam set up for her late daughter, Taz Grout’s 222 Fund formed because of an inside “joke” of sorts Pam and her daughter shared. Now, Pam is offering gifts and love to people in need.

The Hedgehog is also special to Pam. She and her daughter sent a hedgehog to each other each month. It is through these two symbols (222 and Hedgehogs) which Pam continues to feel close to her daughter since Taz’s untimely death. You can read more about Pam’s experiences in her book.

Learn more about Pam Grout

Grow Awake

Today’s guest, Sora Garrett is not just another organizational guru. Sora caused me to consider an expanded view of “clutter” in all areas of my life. I’m so happy her newest book, Simply Enough, Create Space for What Matters was launched this week. I needed to grow awake in this area.

Which of my belongings make me most happy?

Are any of my possessions no longer aligned with who I am becoming?

How would losing all (or most) of my possessions impact me?

What were the times when I had enough…more than enough…not enough?

Until you know what truly matters where you are right now, you won’t know what you truly need to get where you are going

Sora Garrett

In her book, Sora encourages us to make two lists:

A JOY LIST – a reminder of your destination, and what you want to keep for the journey

A CLUTTER LIST – the possessions and areas of your life that feel heavy or burdensome.

Choose 3 things from your CLUTTER LIST to give someone who will appreciate it, or a thrift store where it can be found by someone who needs it.”

Sora Garrett


I love the parable about a woman who has the opportunity to tour both heaven and hell.
The woman is first taken to hell, through the fiery gates and into a large room. What she sees is completely different than the images of hell she was taught as a child. There are tables and tables overflowing with food of every kind, goblets of golden wine, music, bounty everywhere. Yet the people sitting around the tables look famished and miserable. The woman is puzzled, but then she notices something strange.
The people in hell are holding long spoons, but their arms are unable to bend so it is impossible for them to feed themselves. So even though the people are sitting around tables laden with a generous supply of food, they are starving.
Interesting, she thinks, and asks to be taken to heaven. She walks through a different set of gates, these pearly, into another large room. Astonished, she sees exactly the same setting: tables overflowing with food, goblets of wine, music, people sitting around the tables with long spoons and unbending arms.
But in heaven, the people are smiling, laughing, dancing and glowing with good health.
There is one simple difference. In heaven, the people have learned to feed each other.
In hell, they are still holding on.

Simply Enough, Create Space For What Matters page 68

I learned today to stop holding on. Will you join me?

You can join Sora on her Facebook page and the JOYFUL SIMPLICITY CLUB.

You can be part of Sora’s humanitarian efforts and her fundraiser: The Waterbearers.

Yes, You’re Different, and Here’s Why…

Everything you thought was true is crumbling before your eyes; Everything you thought you were, you don’t know any more.
I was in a shamanic death and rebirth; a dark night of the soul; a shamanic dismemberment. I was being squeezed through finer and finer sieves until my pulverized parts were primordial goo. I stumbled out of the crucible, and I had perspective

Rev., Dr. Stephanie Red Feather

Rev. Stephanie Red Feather, Ph.D., is the founder and director of Blue Star Temple. She is an ordained shamanic minister, holds a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics and master’s and doctorate degrees in shamanic studies from Venus Rising University. She also calls herself a Divine Feminine change agent and a champion of Empaths.

Stephanie was our guest this past Tuesday where she shared her thirst for learning; her intensity, drive, and energy. She also shared (the quote above) her transformation upon the discovery of her long-lost empathic abilities.

Stephanie is the author of :

She hasn’t always known she was an Empath, because her skills took time to evolve. Stephanie was a very sensitive child, easily sensing the needs of others. Now she helps others to discover and hone their empathic abilities.

You might have the same question I had: What is an Empath?

A quality we possess; something we can access to build a bridge to another person to be able to SEE things in their perspective and walk in their shoes.  Now take that quality and turn up the dial so you FEEL that perspective 24/7 – that’s an Empath.

Rev., Dr. Stephanie Red Feather

Question: Is it learned?

It’s a choice made at a soul level; to show up in your body with a particular energetic physiology and a refined set of sensitivities. It is something that we are. It is how we show up on this planet.
Being Empathic is part of our human blueprint. At birth it’s part of our natural coding and a natural way of interacting with the world. It’s a different way to perceive energy

Rev., Dr. Stephanie Red Feather

Stephanie explained that we likely all have these qualities, and we expressed them as a child. Sadly however, we likely learned to shut them down from others who’d lost their own sensitivity, and therefore didn’t understand our own.

Life experiences will determine if our natural empathic abilities get turned on.”


  1. Ability to merge with and absorb the energy of other beings; people, animals, anything with a life force.
  2. Highly sensitive nervous system. It’s easy to get overwhelmed.
  3. Great sensitivity to energies around us and an ability to perceive or access subtle information stored in the energy field of other sentient beings. May see the dead, apparitions or angels.
  4. Premium placed on peace and harmony.
  5. Big open heart, and desire to serve others. We may tend to deplete ourselves putting others first and ourselves last. Prone to service-oriented professions.

All these qualities exist on a sliding scale. You could peg high in one of these areas, and low on a few others. There is no threshold for which you’re deemed an Empath or not. You are either a conscious Empath, or an unconscious Empath.

Does this resonate with you? Stephanie’s book is a tremendous resource. We are in a cycle of ascension. Time is moving faster, and vibration is rising. Empaths are here because it’s time for them again. They are here to usher in the next phase of consciousness; to heal the heart.

“I am here to support people in their spiritual awakening.”

Rev., Dr. Stephanie Red Feather

YOU are different. There’s a reason for that.

Creating Miracles

You’ve had a bad day. You’re in a hurry to get to home, but you must stop by the grocery store. Then, you have to wait in line to pay for your purchases. You’re feeling angry, stressed, and ready to erupt.

You glance down at a baby in the shopping cart ahead of you in line. She smiles. The sweet, chubby baby smiles at you. Your anger is diffused, and your attitude immediately changes. That’s a miracle. A miracle is an act of creation.

We can manifest, recognize, and create simple miracles everyday.”

Jim Phillips

Highly respected business leader, author, and life strategist Jim Phillips was our guest on Life Mastery Radio today. He’s written a book titled The Key to L.I.F.E. Living In Full Expression

Jim Phillips

Jim provided me and our listeners with inspirational nuggets. I’ve listed a few for you…

“Simplexity – Life is simple, but we humans bring complexity to it.”

Each of us needs to reveal to ourselves who we truly are.”

“One of the crimes with which society is most concerned at this time is identity theft – stealing your identity for the purpose of gaining access to your assets. Each of us is the greatest perpetrator of identity theft that can be imagined. We have stolen our own identity by denying our True Self.”

“Distraction happens when we attach ourselves to “things” rather than the experiences we are having.”

There isn’t a new, right, or wrong path in life. Your life IS your path.”

The stress we feel in life is partly because we try to live up to the expectations of others. Instead, we should simply live life as our true self.”

“We have to be self-serving to serve others. We serve humanity by living our truth.”

You cannot long for something which you’ve not already experienced.”

We are always living our life’s purpose. The purpose of life is the progressive realization of truth. Our life’s purpose is getting to the truth of who we are.”

“There is no such thing as unconditional love, because any love upon which there is a condition is not love.”

Create miracles everyday by living as Jim Phillips suggests…

The Book is Ready

Imagine you’re an average person who enjoys animals and the world around you. Imagine you’ve never had the inkling to write anything, let alone a book. Then, imagine one day you hear a clear, distinct voice say, “The book is ready”.

What would your next action be? Would you sit down and write, and what would you write? Imagine you receive dictation by way of emotions, visions, and pictures in your mind from a herd of horses. Imagine the horses provide you with an understanding of the world you never had before.

Helen Brennand, our guest today had a similar experience to the one I’m describing. She never dreamt she would write anything, but she heard a voice, and although she resisted for a time, the book is now published and titled Belief.

A dialogue with the horses she cared for needed to be “let out” Helen explains.

It was a phenomenal time. The learning opened a new world to me. I felt blissful in a time of grief. They invited me to move out of my comfort zone into a new life.”

Helen Brennand

Helen was experiencing stream-consciousness writing. It was instantaneously flowing from one thing to another. She wrote a couple pages a day. It was very healing and cathartic to her.

It was like I was being set free.”

Helen Brennand

Helen was present with animals her whole life. She had rescued them, or helped them, when needed. She supported charities and took in a few horses who needed a home.

As Helen spent time observing the animals and using hands-on healing work, they began to communicate with her, offering understanding.

Helen herself lost a child and was just getting through each day. The horses took her into a deeper journey of love and understanding, which nurtured her, embraced her, and helped her see the joy within her grief.

The horses carried me in a way that not even a close friend could have done. I surrendered to everything. They grabbed me, and I’m glad they did.

Helen Brennand

Every level of communication came through the horses in a methodical, clear way. The order of information “blew her away”. She was amazed that animals were able to get her on the right track.

I had to see myself as a worthy human being that had a role and place in this creation. When you receive unconditional love energetically from another being, there is no way to deny this real experience.

Helen Brennand

When we tie ourselves or others down, we restrict our potential,” Donna, the horse said to Helen.

I’m envious of Helen’s great connection to her horses and other animals. You’ll enjoy reading her book, Belief. Perhaps there is a book ready for you to write, and perhaps Helen’s experience will lead you to know it’s possible when you listen, love, and live with complete freedom to create.

A song has been written to raise money for the horses being affected by the wildfires in Australia. This is a link to listen to the song yourself:

Sing Our Song | Helen Brennand + Ambiere | Fundraiser for our Australian Wildlife