We don’t Know what Chapter 10 Looks Like when We’re on Chapter 7

Inspired by Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey, Tony Rezac teaches his clients that heroes are not always larger than life; they are everyday people who simply create a new version of themselves.

Tony Rezac, is the author of Body and Soul the Essential Handbook for Men, and a coach. He offers The Life Renewal Program for Men as a 6-week workshop.

Men’s issues are the same they’ve always been:

  • Finances
  • Career/job
  • Marriage
  • Stress

Men are taught to handle problems on their own, leave the struggles packed inside, and don’t share them. Tony’s workshops give men permission to be strong in their expression, to gather resources with other men, identify their struggles, and build bridges with other men. He helps men frame their life as a hero’s journey.

“The first essential of masculinity is to KNOW YOUR MISSION.”

I create a world of _______________ by ___________________. 

“A man’s voice will change when he discovers his mission. It resonates in his being. A man’s mission may include his job or career. It may also include volunteering, or other ways to express what he stands for.”

Tony Rezac believes men are very emotional creatures. Like dogs in a pack, men read the emotions of others, but don’t always share their own emotions. Five basic emotions are: anger | sadness | joy | fear | shame. A man can learn to expresses each emotion, especially joy, sadness and shame.

A man can make great strides through emotional awareness because he will improve in self-care, communication, and deep friendships. Men are doers, they solve problems; and they can be taught to show emotion in all of life’s transitions.

“It’s not a competition, it’s a connection.”

Men, what’s your real legacy? Do you have heart to heart connections? Have you helped others be more courageous and true?

Tony Rezac is a guy’s, guy who played college sports. At 37 he began to feel isolated and without friends. He discovered his mission, and is intent to help you find yours. It’s your birthright to be part of a men’s wisdom circle.

“You can carry whatever you want to the finish line, but when you give up something that’s holding you back, you become lighter and faster.”

Check out Tony Rezac: www.basecampformen.com www.tonyrezac.com

The World is Out to Get you; or the World is Out to Gift you

The world is out to get you; or the world is out to gift you” ~ Jojopahmaria Nsoroma

Jojopahmaria Nsoroma

Our Life Mastery Radio guest on June 25th explained that seeing the world in the first example holds us back, and prevents us from finding or rediscovering our purpose. Jojopahmaria Nsoroma declared, “Seeing yourself as a victim leaves you joyless.”

Jojopahmaria is a shamanic healer, wisdom consultant, a teacher of self-mastery, a public speaker, and a visionary in the field of human services. She has successfully woven African spirituality and indigenous wisdom into a trauma-resolution program for men cycling through prison.

Ms. Nsoroma has always had a sense that she had a special gift. As a child she’d listen to “ghost stories” family members would tell. The ghosts weren’t poltergeists, they were ancestors come to her family with important messages. When Jojopahmaria began to “see” these things herself, her grandmother would say:

They’re just coming to bring you a message. You don’t have to be afraid of them. They ain’t got no body. You got the body. You don’t have to see them with your real eyes, you can see them with your third eye.”

While working in human services. A friend of Jojopahmaria suggested “It’s time for you to start using your gift. It’s part of your heritage and background. Go out and learn.”

Ms. Nsoromo did learn. She learned her roots go back to Guinea in West Africa. She was introduced to the Dagara Medicine Wheel, which dates back to ancient Egypt.

The Dagara Medicine Wheel

Everybody is of value, according to the medicine wheel. Everyone is born through one of five elemental portals (Fire, Water, Earth, Mineral and Nature)”.

Jojopahmaria is born of the fire portal, and it has raised her consciousness. She has learned to own her genius and talent. She began working with men in the criminal justice system and uses her gift to help them reconnect to their soul. They are reminded of who they are.

The men she works with now have a vocabulary that helps them understand themselves and heal. She encourages an ancestor alter to help them reset to their origins. Applying the wheel to these men (and anyone) proves to be a successful method for healing from all trauma.

Her book is titled: The Wisdom Walk to Self-Mastery – Ancient Wisdom for Transforming Pain

Her gift to you and all our listeners is: “You can make the choice to transform.”

Born on the 50 Yard Line

If you were born in America you were born on the 50 yard line. The best thing we can do is turn around and reach back to the people on the 5 yard line and help bring them forward. Your first extraordinary gift is the recognition of how fortunate you are.” ~ Larry J. Snyder’s grandfather

Larry J. Snyder’s work in West Africa not only inspired the title of his book (Which One Am I? 12 Extraordinary People Like You!), it helped him realize we are only at the beginning of our organic humanity. His message to young people is the same message Larry learned from his grandfather.

Which One Am I?” is a question asked to Larry by a young girl in Sierra Leone.

On a makeshift soccer field, a group of pre-adolescent school girls approached me. Noticing my digital SLR camera over my shoulder, the oldest one commanded, “snap me,” a term I hadn’t heard since the days of slide film. I snapped a photo and turned the display screen so the girls could review it. “Which one am I?” the youngest one mumbled as her eyes searched the picture. That simple question in Africa has fundamentally altered my life. Which One Am I? is about identifying how to make YOUR difference in the world, rise to the occasion and reflect on what happened today that you’ll never forget.” ~ The back cover on Larry J. Snyder’s book

Have you ever felt extraordinary? Larry J. Snyder says you are. Simply by living a life of giving and service, you are extraordinary. Once you know that, the action you take is part of the influence Larry wants to have on your life through his message.

I wanted to write a story about my mother and to my mother, who was an extraordinary woman. So much of who am I is the qualities which she instilled in myself and my five sisters.” ~ Larry J. Snyder

After beginning his mother’s story, Larry realized there are 12 individuals close to him who gave him an opportunity to tell their story. These individuals possessed their own special gifts, but also embodied the characteristics of his mother.

I’m 50% of the way built out here, because everything I’m doing is trying to be like her and share who she was in my daily life.” ~ Larry J. Snyder

Larry’s mother died of vascular dementia. In her last 48 months of life she could not remember who she was, and how extraordinary she was.

I remember, though.” ~ Larry J. Snyder

Larry’s mother often stated, “Everyone is good at something.” Her love of life was helping others understand this philosophy. That’s what makes a person extraordinary. Learning who you are, and who you were meant to be is extraordinary. Your human experience is based on what you bring to your life and the life of others being uniquely you.

There is so much left to do

Never Too Small to Teach Us

“I try never to consider the source too small to teach me something important.” ~ Rose De Dan

While performing a despacho (a ceremony for honoring the dead) many years ago, a bumble bee flew into the forehead of Rose De Dan and fell into the ceremony. It was dead. When she asked the bee why this was significant, the answer from the insect was:

“Summer has ended, the cycle is turning, it is a good day to die”

I was facing the death of my dog in 2013. Bandi, a beautiful Australian Shepherd had been diagnosed with synovial cell sarcoma in the joint of her knee. The condition caused her to be extremely uncomfortable, and we were past the point of amputation because the cancer had spread to Bandi’s lymph system.

Nature doesn’t always provide the exact timing for euthanasia. The question is always “when?’

Rose De Dan, our most recent guest on Life Mastery Radio with Todd Alan helped me at the time to communicate with Bandi and learn “when” she was ready to transition. It was not then. Bandi was not yet ready to go.

One session with Rose however, and Bandi was relieved of her most troublesome symptoms. Rose allowed her gift to help me exactly when I needed it, and Bandi lived a more connected life during her remaining time with me.

Rose is a Reiki and Shamanic healer. The method of using Reiki energy and energy of the earth, allow Rose to communicate in powerful, global ways with humans and animals.

“Whether it is our death, the death of a loved one, or the stage in our evolution…, transition means we leave some aspects of ourselves behind, but expand to encompass others. Shapeshifting in a very real sense.”   The Wheel – Rose De Dan

Shapeshifting, Rose explained during the show is “moving from one state to another.” In many cases it is from physical life to physical death.

On the show Rose shared stories of communicating with cats, lions, dogs, and whales. I asked if she hears a voice, or simply has an understanding of their message. She answered that she often hears a voice, but animals also communicate in images and feelings.

She shares story after story of her work with animals and humans in her book: Tails of a Healer – Animals, Reiki & Shamanism

On June 25th of this year, Rose will be facilitating a telecall with the southern resident Orca Whales in Washington State. The call is available worldwide. I wonder what they’ll tell us?

You don’t need to be a Reiki practitioner to facilitate community. Take time to get to know those around you better: at work, in your neighborhood, as you go about your daily errands, etc. Demonstrate that you care, dare to be seen for who you are. Send beacons of light outward and be open to receiving the light that is reflected back” Beacons of Light – Rose De Dan

A good reminder for all of us – the source is never too small to teach us something important.


Love the Second Time Around

Real love is a daily, earthy, grounded, simple as dirt yet profound as poetry experience“. ~ Dr. Gary Salyer

Dr. Gary Salyer was our guest on Life Mastery Radio with Todd Alan back in April of this year, but the recording of the show was not usable. That mishap had a happily ever after ending though, because we got to bring him back for another conversation about LOVE!

Even though LOVE is felt in the heart, our brains actually influence how we give and receive LOVE.

In his book, Safe to Love Again, Dr. Salyer teaches this concept.

How does the brain of someone who’s created a loving, lasting relationship work deep down inside? What are the insider secrets for getting a secure brain that just knows how to pick Mr. or Ms. Right, and then insures that the relationship lasts for a lifetime in a way that feels good?

I’ve learned we must train our brains to have the love we want.” ~ Dr. Gary Salyer

  • Love is a full body-based feeling that resonates in every cell of your body.
  • Genuine, secure love is sharing a host of little moments with each other as you go through your day.
  • Love is seeing a smiling face or hearing a soothing voice as you walk through the door at the end of a day
  • It’s stopping your life to listen when your beloved is overwhelmed or troubled;
  • It’s praising your partner for the smallest of achievements just because you take notice.

Like a two-sided coin, for love to exist there are feelings we need to feel, and rights we need to have.

The feelings:
  1. Welcomed with Joy
  2. Worthy and Nourished
  3. Cherished and Protected
  4. Empowered with Choice

A brain that is aligned with these four feelings easily creates a profound, intimate, deep, calming, and empowering We. From this We extraordinary couples are born, nurtured, and raised.” ~ Dr. Gary Salyer

The Rights:
  1. The Right to Exist
  2. The Right to have Your Needs Met
  3. The Right to Separate and Belong
  4. The Right to Create Your Own Experience
  5. The Right to Assert with Voice and Choice
  6. The Right to Love and Be Loved

It helps to identify our attachment styles as well. Are you secure, anxious, or avoidant?

When you show up for love in any way, you never know who it will affect, and how it will change their life.~ Gary Salyer

Dr. Salyer encourages couples to understand the “pattern” as the problem, and not the “partner”. We can all be better giving and receiving long-lasting, fulfilling love. It is the key to our common future.

Join Dr. Gary’s movement for LOVE. He invites you to make LOVE your personal mission in life.
Here’s the link to join the movement: www.garysalyer.com/lovemovement

It’s time

Offer Yourself to the Unknown

Make a practice of offering yourself to the Unknown, for the duration of this journey. Experiment with surrendering into this current and letting it carry you. Befriend it. Trust it. Let it steer and guide your life. Let’s allow the Quantum to help us remember who we really are. What we really are…vast, unlimited energy. Miraculous. Magnificent.

We are carried by a current of Grace- the experience of being an intimate part of divine love and source energy; high vibrational energy; current of energy. Like a river current which ends at the sea.” ~ Gabriela Masala

I was delighted to co-host Gabriela Masala on today’s Life Mastery Radio with Todd Alan broadcast. She is the author of “Everyday Magnificient – Practices to Activate an Unlimited Life

Living an unlimited life is our birthright. We light up as we discover and practice the uniqueness of ourselves. When we tap in to our unlimited nature, we are tuned in and turned on, living and loving in the way we are destined to.”

Many of us are living a conditioned and programed Newtonian-based reality, which has made us dull to our divine connection. Newton taught us that the world is only matter, and we are all separate.

Gabriela’s book and processes help us rediscover our Quantum-based reality, which is that we are not individuals; we are part of a whole, living in a world of energy together; unified by our common consciousness.

Matter is limited, but we are unlimited. We have always existed, and we will forever exist.

Gabriela taps into these truths every day, in a different way, from the moment she wakes up. Following are some of the ways her day might begin – keeping in mind it’s never typical, always different.

  1. “My immediate first thought is: I’m alive, and what a fabulous day. I open to a sense of wonder, and drink in the wisdom I learned during dream time of the night.”
  2. “What wisdom wants to come? I flood my field with gratitude for each deep breathe, and the trees outside my window.”
  3. “I go to the garden. I meet the sky and the earth.”
  4. “I create connection to family with affection.”
  5. “Sometimes during breakfast, my family and I participate in Oracle Card readings together.”
  6. “Soon we scatter out to our day. I homeschool my daughter, and teaching begins with journaling, visual art, process art, yoga, and /or dance.”
  7. “Simple practices keep me on track, and keep me waking up into my unlimited nature.”

Her book “Everyday Magnificent – Practices to Activate an Unlimited Life” is a journal, a workbook, a playbook.

Play accesses our wonderment.” ~ Gabriela Masala

We often indulge in self-judgment: “I’m not an artist, a singer, a dancer, etc.” Gabriela insists we activate our own design through the practice of meditation, moving, and voice.

What is this energy trying to teach me the most?

Gabriela has studied every religion in the world. Her book and teachings transcend all spectrums of religion and belief. She has discovered the commonalities of religion – the creative force directly connects us to the power and love of life

We are empowered to contribute to the collective field as effective change agents and stewards of life.

We are all divine creators; an infinite pull of energy we can drink from all the time.

Gabriela called herself a “Midwife of Life”. She proclaims her book as a recipe to an unlimited life; but we have to take action to make it.

We can’t taste a delicious homemade dessert until we do more than look at the recipe. We have the ingredients, and if we follow the steps found in her journaling workbook, we can bake for ourselves a delicious, magnificent, unlimited life.

Changing a Diaper and other Actions to Take NOW

The interview with this morning’s guest on Life Mastery Radio with Todd Alan was “juicy, rich and fascinating”

Karyn Greenstreet, author of ONE ACTION NOW talked about her experience as a small business owner, and how she misunderstood the intentionality of being said small business owner. Her initial forays into business were chaotic; she lacked focus, and didn’t know how to plan strategically.

Karyn admitted to being one of those messy kids whose rooms were always littered with clothes, papers, and so forth. She realized that she had to break that habit when starting a business; and learning to be organized was necessary.

Now Karyn has written a book so all of us can learn from her mistakes, and avoid the common pitfalls of small business ownership. Through the contents of her book, we discover ways to be less distracted by the shiny objects all around us.

The first few important steps she mentioned in her interview are as follows:

  1. Get crystal clear on your goals, which includes identifying WHY you have each goal. When you’re not clear on what you want the outcome to be, you may experience a mental resistance to completing them.
  2. Compare your goals to your values. Ask yourself, “what will accomplishing the goal do for me? Will I be true to my brand, and my values by reaching each goal?”
  3. Recognize that a goal is not a project, it’s an outcome in the business.

This co-host felt assured when Karyn commented: “Some of us are not naturally hardwired for goal setting, but it’s a skill we can learn; and practice makes us better at it.”

I’m not a natural goal setter because it’s hard to envision an outcome. I’m a survivor, and I usually set my sights on “getting through the day.”

Karyn’s past experiences sounded a little like my current experience:

  • Feeling overwhelmed.
  • Unable to focus on one task at a time.
  • Feeling the need to check off boxes each day, but never really accomplishing anything.
  • Never sure where to begin working, and when to stop working.

In answer to some of these inefficiencies, Karyn was clear about getting our goals and tasks on paper, and out of our head.

“This will free up the brain for creative thinking and problem solving. Everyone needs time in business to stop ‘doing’ and look at your business as a CEO would. Step back, free up your mind and think of the big picture.”

Karyn Greenstreet

A perfect, authentic business can be yours.

Karyn used a powerful analogy when talking about working with intention. She said, “no one wants to change diapers, but everyone wants a healthy baby.”

You have to do the grunt work to see the goal to fruition.

Our Amygdala has the job of keeping us safe. When we get fearful about failure, or success; worried how much work it will take to be successful; concerned about what people will think of us; or stressed about how our identity might change during the process of growth, the Amygdala sets off an alarm bell. It may convince us to shut down, walk away, or stop trying.

Karyn’s system teaches us how to make stretch goals and action plans so as not to freak out the Amygdala. With her one-step-at-a-time techniques, we can sneak up on the Amygdala and keep our creativity flowing rather than bottlenecking.

If you’re like me, you can use a little discipline and focus. Karyn’s book is going to help me corral my leaping thoughts and move forward in business from a safe starting place.

Think differently. Open your mind. Change the way you’re doing things.

You can watch Kayrn Greenstreet tell you about Mastermind Groups as another tool to help you be successful in your business: YouTube

It’s Easy to be You, So Why Work So Hard at Being Someone Else?

“It’s easy to be you, so why work hard at being someone else?”

Kris Prochaska was our guest this week on Life Mastery Radio. If I had to sum up her energy intelligence from my perspective, I’d use words such as: Human Design | Expression | Congruence | Awareness

Ms. Prochaska spent 20 years as a therapist and consultant. She discovered Human Design, and now calls herself an intuitive sharpshooter. She gave a TEDx Talk in Bend Oregon May 2015 about ways to get our kids to listen and engage. Here’s the link to that TEDx Talk: Kris Prochaska

She began our interview May 14th by saying:

“Our design does us. Human design is a map of our energy; how we think and process our emotions; how we do things in the world.”

Human Design

Human Design is a blueprint of our expression, and there are as many designs as there are individuals. Each of us is truly unique.

I found it interesting that Kris suggested we all must surrender to our design. She mentioned we can each work with, and in, harmony of our design.

“Our life is in flow when we are in service to our design”

Ms. Prochaska further defined Energy Intelligence through an experience she had listening to an activist speak.

“I felt her intention as an activist was to inspire action in her audience, but I noticed her intention did not match the energy she was bringing to the presentation. The presenting activist seemed to be “punching the audience in the face” from a place of anger.”

“We have to speak to the heart of the audience. We should use our energetic signature to express ourselves. There is a vibrational sound or feeling the audience will take from your presentation.”

In our unique Human design, 70% of us are designed to listen to our intuition. The other 30% of us listen to our instinct in a different way. Kris Prochaska told us it’s important for each of us to have an awareness of our energy. She related a circumstance when she overrode her awareness and learned a lesson.

“I was bringing in speakers for an event and two members of the board suggested a particular man should be invited to present. They recommended him highly. When I spoke with him on the phone, I had a visceral reaction. I didn’t feel right about him presenting to the group of women who’d be present, but I had him scheduled to speak.

A week before the event, a member of the conference group sent an email about this same man, which said: ‘he’s a convicted child molester’. I knew he was the wrong person to be speaking with this group.”

Do you ever override your awareness? If so, you’re not likely using your Energy Intelligence.

Kris calls it energetic congruency when we are aware of our design, and work within that design to create success.

When we are congruent with energy, people will receive it.

Kris Prochaska offered some ways we can get in tune with, and develop our Energy Intelligence:

  1. Use the Human Design system to map out your energy.
  2. Identify circumstances when you’re trying to be something you’re not (operating in shadow)
  3. Align with who you are
  4. Align your goals to your actions

It’s easier to be you than someone else, but we all try so hard to be others.

Got Hitchhikers? Get Healed!

Just as a hitchhiker thumbs for a ride from a stranger on the side of the road; a hitchhiker is also a spirit who’s gotten stuck after death, and has missed the opportunity to go toward the light where their soul will continue its progress.

Ellie Pechet, M. Ed.

A few years ago my dog was dying from cancer. A pet owner is, at some point, faced with the task of making a difficult decision for their beloved companion; and I was face to face with this decision a second time in a 6-month period.

I was struggling daily with the question, “Is she ready to go?”

Life Mastery Radio host, Todd Alan, knew my struggle and turned me on to a guest he’d had on his show – a Shamanic Healer. I was skeptical at first about whether talking with such a person could really help me and my dog, Bandi; but more than that, I was searching for an answer I wasn’t finding.

I talked with the Shaman, and it changed everything. Skeptiscism quickly turned spiritual as I witnessed Bandi physically helped out of pain. I talked with Bandi – actually communicated with her through the Shaman; and Bandi’s last days with us were extraordinarily better than they would have been had I not known her desire to keep living.

Today’s guest on Life Mastery Radio was Ellie Pechet M.Ed., a Metaphysician, Shaman, Medium and developer of the Pechet Healing Technique. I was delighted to learn the same help Bandi received from a Shaman was available to ME!

I read a great deal of Ms. Pechet’s book, Hitching a Ride: A Guide to Earthbound Spirits and How They Affect You before the show. I enjoyed the many intriguing and inspiring stories found therein.

Ellie described her gift(s) as a gradual unfolding over time at the right times. She was trained in counseling, then energy healing; and later discovered her gifts as a Medium and Shaman.

“My abilities started coming in as memories”

Ellie Pechet, M.Ed.

Ellie’s main branches of work include:

  1. Removing harmful energies in her clients
  2. Healing core issues in her clients

Just as a hitchhiker thumbs for a ride from a stranger on the side of the road; a hitchhiker in Ellie’s world is a spirit who’s gotten stuck after death, and has missed the opportunity to go toward the light where their soul will continue its progress.

These hitchhikers no longer have a physical vessel, but they have the same personalities and preferences they did in life. They may want to hang out with someone who is like them, or who happens to be in the same place they are during their transition from life to death (such as a hospital), especially if their death was sudden or tragic.

Ellie Pechet, M.Ed.

Most often, the person who’s picked up the hitchhiker doesn’t even know it. Yet, there can be physical, mental, and emotional changes in the host, which he or she can’t explain. They may notice a change in personality; they may pick up new habits; or desire something they didn’t like before.

If the hitchhiker decides they want to have experiences like they did when they had a physical body, they may possess the host and wreak physical damage, such as depression, chronic illnesses, or addictions.

Ellie Pechet’s role is to help the hitchhiker willingly leave the host, and travel toward the light. Then she helps the host to recover, heal, and empower their natural energies to prevent another hitchhiker.

“I am a divine escort to help the hitchhiker get unstuck. My work in that regard is short-term, then I work with the host on his/her energies, and heal core issues.”

Recently, Ellie has begun telepathically communicating with African Elephants to heal their PTSD from poacher attacks. Whales and Sea Turtles have told Ellie they are full of plastic. She wants to heal them, and is on a campaign to reduce plastics, clean the oceans, and make boaters more aware of their threat to animals in the sea.

Ellie wants to talk with you, too. She will provide real results to real issues. Call her at 508-237-4929 or make an appointment online at www.PhoenixRisingHealing.com

They Are Always There

“They are always there” ~ Linda Deir

Our guest on April 30th was Linda Deir. Since she encouraged this co-host of Life Mastery Radio to begin journaling, this post will be in the form of a journal. Thanks for indulging me.

Sunday, April 28:

I began to read the book “Guided: Her Spirit Guide Angels Were Her Best Friends and Life Coaches” by Linda Deir, our guest on Life Mastery Radio this week.

From the introduction I was hooked. The author and I have so much in common related to our childhood experiences, I found it difficult to put the book down. Her memories reach as far back as 20 months old, when she began to know her Spirit Guides.

Linda’s Guides told her, “For you, life will get better as you get older if you make it through childhood.”

Life was rough for Linda Deir at the time because she was being abused by her mother, and knew her mother didn’t love her. Linda’s Angel Guides’ advice was similar to what I’d always told myself during my abusive childhood: “If I make it out of this alive, I will be stronger than I can ever imagine.”

Reading the rest of her story is something I look forward to.

Monday, April 29:

I continued to read Linda Deir’s book as often as I could catch a few minutes. I read it while my students took a quiz in class; and each time I stopped at a red light while driving. Linda’s story, and her ability to overcome such a harsh home life is familiar to me. Her Guides were so obviously there for her. Was I missing something?

I often feel as though my struggles are constant, and the guidance I seek is without reach. Why can’t I seem to get clear answers? Why do I often seem to be gliding along, trying this and trying that, but not really seeing a reason for it?

I would have read all night to finish Linda Deir’s book, but I can’t seem to stay awake.

Tuesday, April 30:

I read more of Linda Dier’s book at breakfast, and even while exercising. I tuned in to the show excited to talk with her in person. I was taken aback by the connection we made through similar life experiences, and by her advice and guidance.

Linda generalized her life as “Childhood Bootcamp” – merely a training to get her in shape for the rest of her life; and learning the skills she’d need to be a survivor. She talked about her Guides using the following descriptive phrases:

  • “They are always there.”
  • “They don’t dwell on the past. They guide you through the present. They are always with you.”
  • “If a connection is broken with your Guides, it’s because we have broken the connection.”
  • Guidance is an intelligence.”
  • “People who have good memories have a connection to their Guides.”
  • “Journaling helps you begin to see how your Guides infiltrate your writing.”

Because journaling has become a strong tool for Linda Deir to keep in constant connection with her Guides, she has published a journal companion to her book as a system of regaining connection with our own Guides.

Linda’s Guides told her: “Journal 15 minutes a day without distractions for one month. Write down what’s going on in your life; make note of your dreams; what people said to you that day; thoughts you had in the shower and/or while driving.”

The promise from Linda’s Guides: “If you journal for one month chronologically, you’ll know what Linda knows, and you’ll be able to SEE IT – the guidance. When you tie your words together, you’ll see the richness of what your Guides are telling you.”

  • Write it down
  • Note how it felt
  • State what you learned
  • Commit to taking action

“All intuition has a shelf life. The action may be something you can only imagine taking. Unless you write it down, you won’t capture it.”

Linda Deir was raised by Spirit Guides. She was living a covert childhood. She let family believe they were raising her, but it was her Guides who were helping her to learn. Angels were taking care of her.

“We are assigned amnesia when we get here. We unlearn what we knew only to have to learn it again. We have to labor, rediscover, and learn. We all signed up for this. Guides will help you see that life makes sense. They will influence you.” ~ Linda Deir

I’m going to www.lindadeir.com and purchase her companion journals!