Cancer is a word which conjures fear in most of us. We’ve all been affected by it directly, with a loved one, or through a friend.

Some 2023 statistics from the American Heart Association and report in the US in 2023…

  • Invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in an estimated 297,790 women; 43,170 estimated will die.
  • Prostate cancer will be diagnosed in an estimated 288,300 men; 34,700 estimated will die.
  • Colon cancer will be diagnosed in an estimated 106,970 people; 52,550 estimated will die.

Our recent guest, Danny Carroll reports another startling statistic:

The Average cancer patient in America is worth $1 million to the medical system

“There is a strong incentive to diagnose as many people as possible with cancer.”

Danny wants to be wrong about this assumption, however his years of experience leave him to draw no other logical conclusion.

He’s a lawyer by education and spent his working life in consulting asset management and venture capital. Although Danny is not a doctor, he started his journey in about 2,005.

“I had a friend in Bombay who was diagnosed with cancer. She had no insurance and couldn’t afford treatment. I ran a marathon to raise money for her. I raised a lot of money.”

When Danny’s friend went into the hospital to begin treatment she looked well and healthy to the point you’d never suspect she had cancer. During treatment she’d message him…

“Danny, I don’t know what these doctors are doing, but it feels like they’re putting poison in my veins.”

A nurse places a patient’s chemotherapy medication on an intravenous stand at a hospital in Philadelphia on Aug. 4, 2015. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

Danny relates…

“In my ignorance, I strongly encouraged her to continue the treatments. And within 3 rounds of Chemo, she died. I had funded her treatment, and ensured her compliance to the treatment, and when she died I was absolutely devastated.”

Danny thought to himself…

“I’m going to search to the ends of the earth to find a better solution to this problem, and I’m going to find the cure for cancer.”

Danny began studying everything that looked like a potential solution. He studied

  • Nutritional healing
  • Emotional healing
  • Spiritual healing
  • Energy healing
  • Conventional medicine

“I found with all of these systems, I could be in a situation where I had 2 people with the same diagnosis on the same protocols, and one would live, and the other die.”

Then, Danny discovered Germanic Healing Knowledge (GHK) developed by Ryke Geerd Hamer, MD.

In Danny’s book called Terminal Cancer is a Misdiagnosis | Discover a Palliative Care Alternative Medicine you Can Survive he highlights the findings of Doctor Hamer.

GHK helped Danny discover reasons for a chronic condition he’d been suffering from, and how to heal it once and for all.

”For 6 months my entire body was riddled with golf ball sized knots in my calf muscles, thighs, arms, and back.

The physical therapist would iron these knots out through an excruciating process which left me bruised all over.

It would help temporarily, but a few days later the knots were back. While on this merry-go-round, I was dating an American diplomat. We were both living in Bombay and her 2 year posting was expiring. She was being sent to Chile.

Though we had become soulmates, we concluded we’d have to terminate our relationship because nobody in their right mind has a long distance relationship between South America and Southeast Asia.

On the Friday evening before she was due to leave, we had a candid discussion about the state of our lives. We agreed to try this ridiculous long distance relationship and see if it fizzled out naturally rather than terminate the relationship altogether. When I awoke Saturday morning, all of the knots that were in my body for 6 months had magically disappeared.”

Overnight, Danny’s medical condition had been resolved. He concluded after learning from the teachings of Dr. Hamer that those knots were put there because Danny was going in the wrong direction in life. He was planning to terminate a relationship with his soulmate, who today is his wife.

“Our subconscious has the ability to trigger various biological programs in order to help us address an issue. In my particular case, the biological program was meant to slow me down and keep me from running in the wrong direction.

When my soulmate and I agreed to not terminate our relationship, the problem was solved. The knots disappeared as magically as they came.”

Danny suspected there could be a similar mechanism between cancer and the mind.

Dr. Hamer’s work reported a 92% success rate healing terminal cancer patients using a form of mind body medicine. He concluded after 39 years of research that cancer is essentially a survival biological program. Cancer is there to help us, not there to hurt us.

“If you travel to a cold climate, you’ll find street dogs with long hair. You go to a hot climate, and the dogs have short hair. That’s the way nature adjusts, and it works. It works the same for humans.”

Danny used an example to illustrate the way this works for humans.

“The biological purpose of mammary glands in a woman’s breast is to lactate when the woman is pregnant and/or nursing. This makes the breast fundamentally a nurturing piece of equipment.”

Many breast cancers are formed in the mammary ducts, and according to Danny, these “cancers” may develop when the woman metaphorically wants or needs to nurture a loved one.

The body creates added tissue in the breast as a nurturing trigger. Doctors may diagnose this as cancer, start chemotherapy, and even remove the breast. Danny has seen, though, that when the nurturing crisis is over, the breast tissue will return to normal.

“It doesn’t matter whether the breast is there or not. The biological program runs in your brain. This is the control center. The cause of the problem is the life crisis. The organ is just a symptom of the problem.”

You can only heal yourself, but you must first understand the cause of the problem.

Danny Carroll was a very timely guest since Todd announced on the show that he has been diagnosed with cancer in his neck on the back of his tongue. He is slated to begin chemotherapy and radiation soon.

Of course, Danny highly discourages Todd from going that route, and suggested the cause for the added tissue in Todd’s throat.

“There is a problem in your life you’re having a hard time swallowing. Because the carcinoma is also affecting your tongue, this means there is a trigger related to speaking as well.

Todd, figure out the problem, solve it, and the tumor will go away.”

Today, people come to Danny who are terminally ill, and he reports a 70% success rate – meaning patients are able to solve the problem that caused the trigger, and they are healed.

On Danny’s website you can find a 400 page downloadable book which addresses every disease known to man so you can identify the cause of a problem with snipers-rifle precision.

“When you identify the cause of the problem with the symptoms of the problem, you can switch cancer off like a light switch.”

I highly recommend you turn on your curiosity switch and get Danny’s book so you can keep yourself and your loved ones free from radical medical procedures that aren’t treating the problem. They’re actually combatting your body’s natural, biological, healing process.

Won’t you join me in prayers for Todd? Pray he can discover the cause and trigger of his situation and fully heal without chemotherapy and other harsh treatments.

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