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Every Tuesday at 10 am PST, Life Mastery Radio with Todd Alan brings you inspiring information and transformative tips for making the most of your life. In a a talk show format, our hosts and featured guests share their expertise on topics like metaphysics, holistic health, happiness, abundance, personal empowerment, and finding your life’s purpose. You can also find many of these subjects covered in our blog.

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Life Mastery Radio airs live every Tuesday at 10 am PST on CONTACT Talk Radio Network. CONTACT Talk Radio Network is a media platform that connects listeners with information about spirituality, health, environmental issues, and activism. You can tune into our show here every Tuesday, and in the meantime you can listen to other shows presented by CONTACT.

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Time for Change with Julie Krull

Julie Krull June 2, 2020 Dr. Julie Krull, author of  Fractured Grace: How to Create Beauty, Peace and Healing for Yourself and the World , a 2019 Nautilus Grand & Gold award winning book, says change begins with a realization of our inherent wholeness, which...

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Soul Wounds & Sacred Revelations with Deneen Joyner

Deneen Joyner May 26, 2020 Would you like to: Follow the invisible thread and themes that unites your pain, your success and your gifts? Get answers to your "whys"? Take inventory of your light forces and dark shadows to use them to catapult you into higher...

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Living Love with Victoria Price

Victoria Price May 19, 2020 As an inspirational speaker, author, blogger, consultant, coach and interspiritual minister, Victoria Price encourages each of us to co-create a legacy of love through heart-centered practice that can heal our planet.  Along with...

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Live Inspired with Laura Staley

Laura Staley May 12, 2020 What practices have helped you live inspired? How do you guide people to let go of unwanted belongings and hurts in their hearts? What practices could help people drop into their own body wisdom when they are feeling scared, angry, or sad?...

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From the Blog

The Prescription for Chaos, Separation, and Fear

Julie Krull, author of Fractured Grace: How to Create Beauty, Peace and Healing for Yourself and the World was our delightful guest on Life Mastery Radio last Tuesday. Her book is a prescription for individual and collective healing and wholeness in our escalating...

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Soul Readings and Holy Assignments

“The reason why people carry emotional pain is because no one ever showed us how to respond to emotional pain. When I began to uncover more of who I am, I discovered the ancestral inheritance I had been given. My pain was generational.”

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Defining JOY

“Old fears melted away. Ancient stories lost their grip on me. I felt hope and experienced healing as never before! Why? Because all my practices had one thing in common: they were heart-centered, causing me to live as if I were living is, as, from, and through LOVE.”

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