Another Level of Living

Our recent guest, Dr. Heather Tucker is a PhD., and the founder and CEO of Another Level Living, Inc. As a coach, she produces powerful transformations for her clients overcoming fear so they can stand in their power.

Heather landed her dream job as an Intelligent Technologies Researcher in the Army. She left that job after awhile because she had a desire to help people in a different way.

Dr. Heather Tucker, PhD.

I would see things happening in my community and realized the external enemy can’t touch us if there is no enemy within ourselves.

Dr. Heather Tucker, PhD

Heather realized she could help clients to control the way they responded to things, rather than be controlled by the things themselves.

I could show people how to step into their own empowerment, their own greatness so they can be unshakeable.

Dr. Heather Tucker, PhD.

Heather worked with one client for 6 weeks who was able to come off of not one, but all 3, of her behavioral modification medicines after being misdiagnosed as bipolar and in therapy for 20 years.

She’s communicating the best she ever has in her entire life without emotional triggers. It’s like she was able to get her freedom back.

Dr. Heather Tucker, PhD.

Heather reports this amazing outcome for her client also impacted the client’s family relationships, and she now works as a trauma coach helping kids.

Today Heather certifies life coaches.

It’s helpful to understand how our mind works. Some of us think we have to be perfect. That’s just poverty and procrastination, and a whole bunch of paralysis.

Dr. Heather Tucker, PhD.

The reason Heather loves coaching so much is that she helps people see hope in their future and the ability to be a light for other people.

Heather’s own husband is a Purple Heart Marine Corps Veteran who returned home with post-traumatic stress.

Anyone who knows someone with PTSD and trauma knows it takes energy and emotion for them to stuff down what they don’t know how to express. As a caregiver I want to inspire and empower.

Dr. Heather Tucker, PhD.

Heather has interviewed and interacted with hundreds of thousands of service members. She knows they join the service because they want to be able to help other people. She is saddened to learn that 25 to 30 veterans a day are dying from suicide.

The path forward for our military personnel is to find their ideal job by putting their resumes together and helping them with interview skills, etc.

Dr. Heather Tucker, PhD.

Heather shared a story about a man who was frustrated with his community not changing for the better. The man was getting angry until he realized he only had to change himself, and the community would follow.

Heather shared an acronym for the word C.O.A.C.H. she has created.

C is for Clarity and Calm

O is for Overcome Obstacles

A is for Accountability and Awareness

C is for Confidence and Consistency

H is for Harmony and Happiness

Dr. Heather Tucker is delighted she can help so many people achieve her C.O.A.C.H. goals. If you’d like to learn the ways Dr. Heather can help you, get her book The Power of Coaching.

And find Heather at her website: Another Level Living, Inc.

Emotional Freedom

Our guest this past Tuesday was Thomas Sterner. He is the author of recently published, It’s Just a Thought Emotional Freedom through Deliberate Thinking.

When he was young, Thomas claims he was extremely undisciplined and aware of the thoughts that went along with being undisciplined.

“I couldn’t see a task through, then. Whether I was learning to play the piano or gymnastics, I was going to drop out of it as soon as I burned up the initial enthusiasm.”

~Thomas Sterner

Thomas felt he was never going to reach his potential and that he needed to find a solution to his lack of discipline.

“When I was in college a close friend of mine gave me the textbook to his Philosophies of the World course. It went through all the different religions of the world, both Eastern and Western, and I ate it up. I couldn’t get enough.”

~Thomas Sterner

Within a few years Thomas was a completely different person. He went into sports, psychology, neuroscience, and he continues to study today.

“I learned about the relationship between our mind, our body, and the universe. A shift that’s taking place.”

~Thomas Sterner

Thomas soon went into piano technology, which was an in-demand profession. He had every credential available and worked 65 to 70 hours a week. It helped him focus on routine tasks.

“We spend most of our time being very attached to a goal and getting the job done. We want the kids picked up. We want the grocery shopping done. Well, I couldn’t have that mindset working on pianos because it just went on and on and on and on. I had to retrain myself to be in the moment.”

~Thomas Sterner

Thomas defines the conscious mind as the observer of everything else, and the language of the subconscious mind is feelings.

“The subconscious doesn’t pay much attention to words but to feelings and images of those feelings that are happening outside of you.”

~Thomas Sterner

Thomas adds that the subconscious mind is a very elegant, non-judgmental recording system which is  extremely accurate. The subconscious sees how you react to every situation, and the thought creates the feeling which is electromagnetic energy.

“We’re not actually the thinker of our thoughts. We’re being thought by our subconscious. Because we’ve always been doing it, it feels normal.”

~Thomas Sterner

We’re being stimulated by what we hear and see, by the task we’ve been given. Just because we don’t know we’re doing it doesn’t mean we’re not doing it. We’re either in control or we’re being controlled.

Whether we’re learning to drive a car, to sell, or to play golf, our mind becomes absorbed in the process. As soon as we become adept at it, the subconscious mind takes a load off the brain and we don’t need to focus on it anymore.

“There’s no decision making in it. It’s just a program that’s being run, and you’re either in control, or you’re the victim of your subconscious.”

~Thomas Sterner

Thomas writes in his book that the key to changing the program is getting outside of it. When you get outside of the process, you can say to yourself, “I don’t want to have this experience, so I’ll rewrite the program.”

“Today we are proving empirically what has been known in the East for thousands of years. They weren’t distracted by technology. They were always looking inside. They were looking at the internal world.”

~Thomas Sterner

It’s like electricity. Electricity has been here since creation, but we’ve only known it was there for about 150 years. Electricity was always there. It was always waiting to be used.

“We have the ability to control our thinking. If we use that ability we can change the environment our body is exposed to. This is important for health, happiness, and contentment in life. I think most people walking around today don’t feel like they’re in control.”

~Thomas Sterner

What’s the first step to begin controlling our thoughts?

“You should begin a simple, short meditation practice every day. You can’t do it wrong, but guided meditations are asking you to think. You should close your eyes to stop thinking.“

~Thomas Sterner

Sit quietly with your back erect and watch your body breathe. Your brain may get bored in about 10 to 15 seconds and starts to think about tasks to do.

“What you want is that moment when you catch the mind, leave the thought, and become the observer. Pulling it back in strengthens your willpower.”

~Thomas Sterner

Within a very short period of time, you start to notice that you’re not your thoughts. You start to feel outside of your thoughts. Now you have the privilege of choice.

The Evolution of Man and Love

Bernardo Moya is a returning guest who is very busy planning The Best You Expo in Los Angeles where I, and one of my 10-year old students will be speaking. Those of you in California can attend for free at this link: It will be live streamed from the main stage.

Bernardo Moya is an editor, author, publisher, TV producer, editor in chief of the Best You Magazine and CE0 of NLP Life Training, the world’s largest neural linguistic programming organization. He’s been an entrepreneur for over 35 years and is the author of a new book titled a Man Evolving

“I’ve always been very entrepreneurial. My mom used to call me a dreamer, thinking outside the box and always wanting to do things differently.”

~Bernardo Moya

Always wanting to be his own boss and imagining the kinds of things he could do, Bernardo’s The Best You Expo is now materializing after 3 years of a pandemic.

“I thought about so many great speakers, but they don’t have a platform unless your name is Tony Robbins or Les Brown. I always wanted to give a platform to those that didn’t have that reach yet. It’s about elevating consciousness and bringing more love to the world.”

~Bernardo Moya

Bernardo thinks the Best You Expo will likely go back to Europe after L.A. or globally to India, maybe Canada. He feels we all need leaders and more inspiration than ever before. His event is an opportunity for all of us to come together.

Amidst all the planning for his big event, Bernardo found time to write a book…

“I started writing it in a very different way. I was writing more about love, the evolution of love, and wondering what love means to diverse cultures and religions.”

~Bernardo Moya

Bernardo shows some vulnerability in his book through thoughts and poetry he’s written. He writes about the separation from his wife and the loss of his mother.

“When I shared it with my loved ones, (some of them are exes) they weren’t very excited or delighted about me sharing these emotions, but I felt it was important for me to share because of who I am. I am a man evolving”

~Bernardo Moya

Bernardo feels that couples don’t share a lot. They don’t talk a lot. They don’t communicate a lot, and in many cases men struggle with sharing emotions. He reports male suicide is one of the biggest killers, and that men keep their emotions bottled up.

“When my dad passed away I was 15 years old. My brother was 7. Many of the things I’ve gone through in my life has simply been self-healing. My book is how I’m expressing that.”

~Bernardo Moya

Bernardo claims he is a romantic guy who loves to express his feelings. He feels his book will benefit men who are young and old. He asks questions at the end of each chapter and asks the reader to consider the answers.

“Maybe the reader gets some tips. The questions are provoking and encourage actions.”

~Bernardo Moya

A Man Evolving is also a book for women so they can begin to express their feelings differently and understand men a little more. Some of the poetry gets a little spicy, too.

The book is outlined as an evolutionary process all its own.

“There are stages from falling in love and feeling those early butterflies. Then there’s the period of passion. There’s also the realistic look at rejection.”

~Bernardo Moya

A Man Evolving is relevant to the importance of what’s happening on the planet and our stake in it. It’s about what we do and say while we’re alive.

“I can’t encourage people to be divisive. I can’t encourage people to hate each other, to be average, and to not take care of themselves.”

~Bernardo Moya

When was the last time you said to a loved one that you love them?

When was the last time that they heard some kind words from you?

Love is the answer. Love is the answer to everything.

A Practical Guide to Extraordinary Relationships

Mali Apple and Joe Dunn are the authors of the award-winning book, the Soul Mate Experience, a Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships.

Mali and Joe coach singles and couples on creating and sustaining relationships that are intensely passionate and profoundly connected.

Their newest book (out soon for purchase) is Wild Monogamy – Cultivating Erotic Intimacy to Keep Passion and Desire Alive.

You can find a sampling of the book prior to release here

We decided to tell our own stories in in this book. People get an idea of what it really means to be vulnerable and intimate.”

Mali and Joe

To write their book, Joe and Mali took about 3 years of conversations and transcribed them into a 200 page outline for their book. From there, Mali would draft a chapter and Joe would read it.

Then we sit down and tear it apart together and have even deeper conversations.”

Mali and Joe

Their book is to help couples who avoid talking about uncomfortable issues and insecurities in relationships.

We’ve structured the first section of our book called the Intimacy Inquiry, which has dozens and dozens of questions to consider.”

Mali and Joe

One of the early chapters of the book is titled, 6 Keys to Intimate Adventures and lists the first key as connection. The next key is resilience.

If you’re going to have an intimate relationship that continues to grow in connection, you’ve got to build the foundation of real trust which we call resilient trust.”

Mali and Joe

Their book is going to poke and prod you into having important conversations.

Once you finally start talking about intimate things, a weight comes off your shoulders and there’s an immediate increase in intimacy that you have with your partner, because now you’ve allowed yourself to be vulnerable.

Mali and Joe

Another goal Mali and Joe have with their book is to help people find where the edges of their relationships are, because those are places where they can play.

Mali and Joe believe boundaries in relationships come unconsciously from our conditioning and our fears. By shutting down or not being vulnerable with your partner, the relationship tends to stagnate.

Our real purpose in this is finding ways to help people turn a long term relationship into a long term adventure.”

Mali and Joe

There are many stories in Mali and Joe’s book of how people approach all kinds of problems, whether it’s with the way their bodies function, or problems with what their mind is telling them, menopause, and such.

If you want to get out there in your relationships. If you want to have a deeper connection with your partner. If you want your partner to understand where you’re coming from, and why you have thoughts, fears or concerns, reading Mali and Joe’s book will be a wise decision.

Answers about your Akashic Records

Many questions were answered by our guest this Tuesday. Perhaps questions you’ve been pondering about the metaphysical.

Lisa Barnett is the founder of the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom, which has thousands of students worldwide. She is also the author of:

The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records and…

From Questioning to Knowing: 73 Prayers to Transform your Life

Lisa’s newest book is: Your Soul has a Plan  – Awaken to your Life Purpose through your Akashic Records

What are Akashic Records?

They are the record of your soul’s journey through all time-space continuum.”

~ Lisa Barnett

When we individuated from Source our soul went on a journey. Everywhere we lived and everywhere we’ve been on earth and other places, planes, and dimensions is all recorded in The Akashic Records.

Can we access our Akashic Records and determine if we are indeed living our purpose?

Yes. Access to your records has nothing to do with any religion or dogma. The benefit of accessing your record is to learn your plan and individuals with whom you may have made Soul Contracts with.”

~ Lisa Barnett

Lisa teaches we, as infinite and ancient souls, have created this place we call earth as a training ground to learn and grow as a soul. We are challenged here in ways we are not challenged elsewhere.

We have gifts and talents we bring back from our journey here.”

~ Lisa Barnett

Who are the Akashic Record Keepers?

Pure source energy. They are more newly individuated souls who have never been human and who chose to be in service to other souls for a while.”

~Lisa Barnett

Lisa could remember being an etheric soul when she was three years of age. She used to tell her mother she wanted to go home. She wasn’t happy about being back in a body on earth.

I had been an Akashic Record keeper until I decided to move on to other planes.”

~ Lisa Barnett

There are millions of light workers. Everyone has the ability to wake up and become more conscious. We all wrote complex soul plans to be of service to humanity.

Is our plan set?

Our plan is written, but not saved in stone. We have free will. The plan is a guideline. We have amnesia so we don’t remember it.”

~ Lisa Barnett

Lisa teaches a five step prayer system to clear and release energies which block us. She gets the questions answered we always wondered about.

She teaches clients how to ask questions, go deeper, and to release the karmic patterns and contracts which no longer serve us.

I believe a long time ago there were conscious beings embodied as humans here to serve humanity. Perhaps they helped build the pyramids.”

~ Lisa Barnett

What are the possibilities of reading our Akashic Record?

When I open a clients records I can pick out trauma from other lifetimes which are stopping or blocking them. Trauma is healed in the record and then healed in the body of the client.”

~ Lisa Barnett

Lisa does healing and reading sessions with clients. Her book is to help everyone start to move from their stuck places and help them realize they are living a plan they have chosen and there is a purpose to what they’re going through.

Her book and four free Akasha gifts can be found using this link:

In an upcoming course beginning Feb 27th, Lisa teaches people to access their own records through her 5 Step Wisdom Prayer System.

In sixteen hours of handholding, attendees will learn 7 Healing Prayers, 31 questions to ask in your Akashic Records, and tools to call back your energy and live the life your soul desires.

This is your chance to transform your life and learn the answers to your questions:

Breakthrough: Sabotage to Shift

One of the fastest ways for you to shift is to be grateful. Either dissolve or evolve.”

Dr. Philip Agrios

The process of discovering a self-sabotaging trait which protects us, and which is successful 100% of the time at helping us make life-altering decisions for good is only one part of Dr. Philip Agrios’ program.

He was our recent returning guest and has served many more people with his unique system in the year since we’ve seen him. It is tried and true 100%. As soon as someone learns the antidote to their sabotaging trait they immediately go into a cycle of growth. It’s unavoidable.

Dr. Agrios has created seminars, internet courses and other programs so you and I may be helped by the same principles he now practices to attain optimal health, wealth, and happiness.

What he discovered was Life’s One Law

Energy is directed, supplied, and connected to us, and is acted upon from the planet. Nature uses six steps to recover from storms. We use the same six steps to heal from challenges, trauma, and health issues.

Dr. Philip Agrios

Anyone can take a quiz on Dr. Agrios’ website to learn your saboteur trait. Click here for quiz

Dr. Agrios cautions:

Read the instructions to the quiz. Answer as if you are living in old patterns, such as when you were a teen or a child.

You’re going to learn you are one of the following:

Director Saboteur:

This person is scattered. They finish 99% of something and then give up. They don’t trust themselves and enjoy chaos. In the extreme they can become hyper focused, irresponsible, and unaccountable.

Supplier Saboteur

This person gives and gives. They can’t say no. If they give to themselves they feel selfish. They are easily taken advantage of. In the extreme, they become narcissistic, then feel guilty and over-give again.

Communicator Saboteur

This person is loyal. They’d rather hold back than express themselves. They over process things, don’t want to feel stupid, so they don’t confront people. In the extreme they may say mean or unkind things.

We have superpowers too! The challenges we have in communication may be because one man’s saboteur is another man’s superpower.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. You also get a 30-minute strategy call with me to dive a little deeper, and to learn your antidote.”

Dr. Philip Agrios

There is so much more in his book. You need to get it and read it. Within two weeks you can make huge shifts in yourself, employees, and/or relationships.

Right now, when you go to 

That Painful, Messy Middle

Transformation is glorious, but that messy middle is painful…

Returning guest Sabine Gedeon illustrated so well the journey she has continued since her last appearance with us.

When last with us, Sabine had published her book and podcast: Transformed – The Journey to Becoming, and shared with us some of the trauma experienced in her childhood.

Born in Haiti and immigrated to the United States with parents and family. Abused physically, sexually, emotionally, etc., Sabine was silenced, taught she was unworthy and unlovable.

I carried those messages with me and became filled with constant negativity and personal criticism. These thoughts of being unworthy bombarded me.”

Sabine Gedeon

At the age of 25 Sabine felt she’d had enough.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I was turning against myself. Messages of pain had been stuffed inside. If this is life, I don’t want to be part of it.”

Sabine Gedeon

Sabine devised a plan to exit the world with a final plea to God.

I needed to know if God was real. And I needed to know if my life had a purpose.”

Sabine Gedeon

She poured out 25 years of pain with her pleas. Then she paused, and that’s when it happened…

I felt the arms of God wrap around me, and awoke the next morning determined to uncover my purpose.”

Sabine Gedeon

Sabine felt she’d been given a second chance and the opportunity to build life on her terms. She wasn’t starting over but starting anew. She began her journey of discovery.

I looked back at the young Sabine with compassion. She was worthy and lovable.”

Sabine Gedeon

Since then, Sabine has been emerging and growing intentionally every day.

Transformation is glorious, but that messy middle is painful and can create trauma all over again. I have the answers now. I can confidently say God is real, and I know the purpose of my life.

Sabine Gedeon

Twelve years after that experience, Sabine authored her book. Over a 7-day fast she was guided and encouraged to share her story on paper and finished the book in 10 days.

I’m still going through stages of emerging. In the last few years, I’ve started another process of change and transformation.”

Sabine Gedeon

She Leads Now is her new podcast which she began in 2022. She discusses with her guests their self-development and lessons learned. Sabine knows there is more that unites us than what separates us.

The skill of listening is a game changer. Listening will reveal more than observing someone.”

Sabine Gedeon

Sabine mentors women who want to leverage their leadership and be more effective in their impact. She has programs, communities, and collectives to empower women.

Healing is about getting to the root of issues for personal growth, exposing the truths of your heart, and gaining compassion for ourselves.”

Sabine Gedeon

Drive the change you want to see. Connect with Sabine to take your leadership to the next level.

Decluttering the 5 Pillars of Life

A new year can be the perfect time to think about decluttering your life. Our guest, Kitti Andrews helps her clients begin their journey of clearing the clutter and calming the chaos any time of year.

“We often think decluttering in the sense of house cleaning, however there is more clutter in our lives than simply what’s in our homes.”

Kitti Andrews

Kitti explained how her decluttering system focuses on 5 Pillars of Life:

Home – belongings

Health -diet

Habits- time management

Heart -relationships

Head – brain and thoughts

Kitti helps people get their surroundings under control with her Step by step ONE System.

“The key is to choose just ONE of the 5 Pillars to begin with. Addressing all the Pillars at once is in itself, clutter.”

Kitti Andrews

Ask yourself “Why would I want to declutter……..?”

For instance, if the Pillar you’ve chosen is HEALTH, your WHY to declutter may be, “I can barely make it up the stairs without gasping for breath.” OR “I can no longer wear my favorite jeans.”

Continuing with the example of decluttering your HEALTH, and knowing your WHY to lose 20 pounds, then break down the outcome into small steps.

  1. Get rid of all the obvious junk food
  2. Get rid of the foods which make you feel bloated, tired, or simply don’t serve you well.
  3. Fill your refrigerator and pantry with healthier foods

These same steps could be put into play no matter which Pillar you’ve chosen.

For instance, if you’ve decided to begin with the HABITS PILLAR and time management is your target goal, break your outcome into small steps such as the following…

  1. Clear your schedule of the most obvious unnecessary time-consuming activities.
  2. Clear your schedule of the activities which don’t have a direct impact on your income, relationships, or personal enjoyment.
  3. Fill your schedule with purposeful and prioritized activities so at the end of the day you feel as productive as possible.

“Keep moving forward. Small consistent steps over time will have a tremendous impact on your life.”

Kitti Andrews

Make a decision on ONE goal using Kitti’s ONE System:

ONE room

ONE area

ONE thing

Again, this works with any of the Pillars you choose.

“One of my early clients had a large L shape desk covered in six inches of stacked papers. She began with a stack of papers closest to the place where she sat at her desk. She worked only on that stack until it was gone.

In 7-8 minutes my client was flying through all those stacks, noticing things like bank statements she didn’t need to have copies of. She realized she’d been holding on to outdated magazines.

Soon her desk was clear. And, she cancelled the subscriptions on those magazines to keep the clutter from coming back!”

Kitti Andrews

Having someone to be accountable to can also be helpful.

“Focus on getting the RIGHT things done. What’s your carrot? Reward yourself when you meet your goals.”

Kitti Andrews

Kitti offers a free downloadable worksheet on her website: 7 Easy Steps to Conquer your Mental and Physical Clutter.

Follow the steps in order and you’ll find decluttering is easier than you ever thought it could be.

Book a quick call with Kitti to begin your own journey of decluttering your entire life.

We are Not Fighting Alone

Our first Life Mastery Radio episode of 2023 featured the producer of a new compilation book titled Developed Thru Darkness The Difference Between Being Planted and Being Buried and three additional authors of the book…including me (Jackie Bailey).

Orrick Quick, Sr.; Cynthia James-Jones; Karissa Donovan; Jackie Bailey

Orrick Quick, Sr.

When asked the reason for producing a book like this with 20 authors, Orrick shared an illustrative, personal story about when his young daughter went through a phase of having regular nightmares.

One night when he heard his daughter screaming in horror while still asleep, Orrick pleaded in prayer for a way to comfort his daughter.

Contrary to what our natural reaction might be – to wake our child up from a nightmare, God whispered to Orrick a different answer:

Don’t wake her up. The enemy in her dream has convinced her she’s fighting alone. Instead of taking her out of the fight, empower her IN the fight.

While his daughter continued to cry in her sleep, Orrick whispered in her ear, “Daddy is here, mommy is here, and Jesus is here. You don’t have to fight by yourself.”

His daughter never woke up and yet stopped crying.

We are often convinced we are fighting alone.”

Orrick Quick, Sr.

Orrick feels we can whisper to others in their pain and fear “…you are not alone in this fight”. That is the purpose of Developed Thru Darkness.

“It’s a blessing and a huge accomplishment to be able to put thoughts on paper and give them away so others can be enlightened and empowered.”

Orrick Quick, Sr.

Orrick himself has been in dark places throughout his life – even when not yet born. His mother was diagnosed with Lupus while pregnant with him.

Despite the warning from her doctor saying her son would be born with horrible health problems or unable to live at all, his mother had Oak Tree Faith to see that Orrick would be given a chance at life.

It’s particularly moving to learn Orrick’s mother died when Orrick was only 15 years old, and that Orrick held her in his arms while she took her final breath.

Orrick’s mother had held on to faith for her unborn son, and that same son held onto his mother in her last minutes.

“When you find yourself in a dark place, it’s difficult to know if you’re being planted or being buried. This book is to teach people they can make it out of their dark place one day at a time.”

Orrick Quick, Sr.

Cynthia James-Jones is one of the authors in Developed Thru Darkness who joined us for this episode.

“I was born to battle but didn’t know how to use the tools I’d been given.”

Cynthia James

The opportunity to be part of this book gave Cynthia a chance to write her story on paper for the very first time. Her story is one of brutal abuse and evil. When she thought she’d found light with which to escape the darkness of her youth by becoming a Wiccan Witch, Cynthia only witnessed more evil.

“The enemy got his foothold on my life, but I, with resilient toughness and grit, found my amazing gifts. Now I help youth do the same.”

Cynthia James

Karissa Donovan is an additional author who joined us for the show. The trauma of her childhood has had lasting effects for her physically.

“Trauma has a tremendous impact on our overall health. Trauma is stress, and stress is the number one cause of our dis-ease.”

Karissa Donovan

Karissa is now a Holistic Health Practitioner. The opportunity to be part of Developed Thru Darkness has helped her heal. In fact, Karissa had buried her own feelings related to the abuse when she was young. To create her chapter she had to revisit all her emotions.

Besides my own chapter in Developed Thru Darkness titled, Happily, Even After, two of my young students Uma (11) and Aashvi (12) are also contributing authors in this newly published book.

It’s such a joy that all these authors are connecting with others and lighting their unlit candle with their own flame.

Get your copy of Developed Thru Darkness produced by Orrick Quick, Sr. as well as his other book Your Reign is Over.

Orrick will soon be publishing another compilation book Pink is my Favorite Color Embracing the Battle.

Living Incredibly Full

Martin Salama, the architect of The Warriors L.I.F.E. Code was our guest on Tuesday.

You might connect most with L.I.F.E as





Or you may connect most with L.I.F.E. as

Luck is




For Martin, L.I.F.E. has taken a lifetime to discover as…




Every day

When Martin was 10 years old his 5 year-old brother, Michael was killed accidently by a school bus driver. This had tremendous impact on Martin.

With 4 older sisters, Martin felt the role to continue the family legacy was his alone.

“I became a people pleaser, a control freak, and had serious anger issues. Although it took me 40 years to realize what that all meant.”

Martin Salama

After leaving the corporate world, Martin and his wife began developing and designing a 100,000 sf, 15 million dollar athletic center, health club, and spa in New Jersey.

Before it could be built in 2008, the bank stopped lending. Martin and his wife lost their entire investment, their home, and cars.

“It took me about a year to pick myself up and start wondering what to do. I had rationalized everything in my life.”

Martin Salama

Rational Lies: Doing things that go against what you believe.

Martin’s wife divorced him, and he set out to fix himself. Soon he became a life coach while living true to his L.I.F.E. acronym  –  Living Incredibly Full Every day.

“Coaches should be coached. It was the greatest money I ever spent.”

Martin Salama

Martin has created The Warrior’s L.I.F.E. Code Card Deck to coordinate with his coaching programs.

Card #1 Admission Cleansing and Celebration

“It teaches you to admit there is something wrong in your life and that you need to make a change. Cleansing takes you to the next steps to make the changes. And then we learn the need to celebrate the little victories along the way.”

Martin Salama

Card #23 provides yet another acronym for L.I.F.E.

Listen to inner voice and address your feelings

Identify what those feelings are

Find out why the feeling

Engage, change, and take action

Card #30: Self Aware Versus Self Conscious

Self-consciousness comes from a place of negative energy such as guilt and conflict. It is always outwardly directed.

Self-awareness comes from a place of positive energy such as contentment and self-assuredness. It is always inwardly facing.

Martin will be publishing a book called The Warriors L.I.F.E. Code due out in January.

“The messages in the book will take the cards to the next level. There are success activities to download and stories from my life and clients’ lives.”

Martin Salama

Go to and gain access to the first three chapters of his upcoming book AND get The Warrior’s L.I.F.E. Code Card Deck.

Consider how these mantra’s will support your desire to live incredibly full every day:

I am open and ready to be positive

I deserve to be happy

I stand up for what I believe

Today is going to be a great day

Challenges in life have prepared me for anything. That’s why The Warriors L.I.F.E. Code was created.”