You’re Just Not Seeing It

Do you believe what you want most is right in front of you, and you’re just not seeing it? Our recent guest, James Purpura asked Todd and I this question. How would you answer it?

Picture in your mind a man. This man wants more than anything to be loved. He wants to be in a relationship, but he has abysmal self-esteem; a terrible self-image.
One day this man walks into a store. The woman behind the counter starts flirting with him.
Is he likely to recognize the flirtatious behavior

James Purpura

Probably not

What you feel on the inside is what’s reflected on the outside. Perception is about seeing opportunity right in front of you….or not.

If this guy can have the thing he wants most in the world standing right in front of him and misses the opportunity to get it; could this be happening to you?”

James Purpura

The principle of perception is this: If you don’t have what you want already, then this scenario is likely happening to you every single day.

Low self-esteem (a belief on the inside) keeps this man from seeing the opportunity to have exactly what he wants, and he fails to react in a successful way (a projected behavior on the outside)

James Purpura experienced life’s extremes. Drug addiction, solitary confinement in jail, and self-introspection. Like many of us, he reached a point in life where personal change was necessary, or self-destruction was imminent.

By the time I got to Kindergarten, it became apparent I had pretty severe learning disabilities. The first day of special ed class the teacher brought me to the front of the room.

“Only retarded, stupid kids go to special ed.” The teacher said.

I was shocked and embarrassed. As I walked out of the room the entire class called me stupid.”

James Purpura

James hoped this was a one-time occurrence. Nope. Every single day the teacher called him up in front of the class, called him stupid, and had his classmates repeat the same.

From that point forward, James felt like a victim in life.

Things were happening TO me, not BECAUSE of me.”

One day while in solitary confinement incarceration, James made a list of people whom he felt had harmed him. He would try to offer forgiveness to those on his list.

The only common denominator between all the people on this list and the situations that involved me, was ME. What if I somehow created all of this?”

James considered his discovery more deeply, even recognizing that a person could not create SOME of his/her life. Either he was the creator ALL of his experiences, or not.

If I was the creator of my experiences, that meant I could create something new, different, and magical in its place.

If I wasn’t the creator of my experience than it meant the world really was a crappy place, and I probably don’t want to be here anymore.”

Instead of offering forgiveness to the people on his list, James offered gratitude to them for giving him choices.

Since then, James has been on a mission to figure out how we can all go about creating our experiences. It became about what he chose to believe about himself based on the abuse he’d suffered.

If your life is not what you wanted it to be, it’s not because you did anything wrong, it’s because you made the only choice you could with the information available to you.

There’s nothing wrong with YOU, it’s only an information problem. We get our information through perception.”

Whatever you’re trying to create in your life: money, happiness, well-being it’s all about perception. Creating money is about shifting your perception of the outside world. Creating well-being is about shifting your perception of the inside world.”

James and his wife, Steph have written a book, and produced a movie (of the same title) for anyone who wants more. Perception: Seeing is Not Believing is available now.

You have the opportunity and the availability to change your interpretation of self and the world around you; shifting what you feel and believe on the inside, and create a magical life for yourself.

Shopping for Negative Thoughts

Imagine you’re walking down main street lined with many store fronts. Imagine the stores are selling negative thoughts, and you can see them in the windows. Imagine you go into each store on main street and buy a negative thought. You make the thoughts your own. You end up with a collection of negative thoughts.

Those negative thoughts are a symptom of depression. Depression generates negative thoughts.  Negative thoughts generate more depression.”

Stuart Eisendrath, MD

As a Psychiatrist, Stuart Eisendrath, MD is always treating depression. It is the number 1 psychiatric disorder in the world. On any given day 300 million people are suffering with symptoms of depression.

Twenty-five years ago Dr. Eisendrath learned about mindfulness. It was useful to him personally, and he began to practice a more mindfulness-based lifestyle.

In the late 1990’s Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) was introduced as a new way to treat depression. Dr. Eisendrath hopped on that train and brought it to his medical practice.

Today, Dr. Eisendrath is the author of When Antidepressants Aren’t Enough – Harnessing the Power of Mindfulness to Alleviate Depression

With mindfulness you walk down the same street used in the previous example and see the same stores offering their negative thoughts for sale. Imagine not going into the store to purchase those thoughts. Imagine you walk right past those inviting store fronts because you see they’re just thoughts, and they have little to no value for you.


We are popcorn poppers of thoughts, but THOUGHTS ARE NOT FACTS.”

Stuart Eisendrath, MD

If you’re depressed, you’re having depressive thoughts. If you believe those thoughts, it’s natural to get depressed.

MBCT helps a person step back from those negative thoughts such as:

  • I’m no good.”
  • I’m a failure.”
  • I’ll never be as successful as…

Don’t carry on a public relations campaign about yourself throughout the day. Don’t buy in to the negative thoughts.

A diagnosis of depression is made if a person has five or more of the following symptoms lasting two weeks or longer.

  • Loss of appetite or excessive appetite
  • Loss of weight
  • Sleep disturbances: a decrease in restful sleep, or an increase in sleepiness
  • Depressed mood
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Loss of energy
  • Inability to enjoy once enjoyable activities

Some people have genetic makeup that makes them more susceptible to stress-produced depression. And some people have a genetic makeup that makes them more resilient to stress, and less likely to experience depression. But given enough stress almost anyone can develop depression.”

Stuart Eisendrath, MD

Depression and anxiety are disorders of time.

—–A person with depression focuses on the past and feels as if they have experienced a loss. (loss of loved one, loss of a job, loss of financial status)

Whether it’s actually occurred or not, the depressed person will feel a sense of loss.”

—–A person with anxiety focuses on the future and feels as though some loss is going to take place, that a disaster is going to happen, that they’re going to have a catastrophe.

Depression is focused on the past; and anxiety is focused on the future.”

Mindfulness helps a person focus on the PRESENT.

The Mindfulness training isn’t smoke and mirrors. It changes the way your brain functions.”

Some of Dr. Eisendrath’s clients who’ve had depression for 7 years have been able to make major changes in just 8 weeks of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

Depressed persons often participate in self-criticism. Mindfulness helps those same people to change the way they think, and consequently the actions they take.

It’s like looking into a glass of water muddied with dirt. You can’t see clearly. But if you wait, with mindfulness, for the dirt to settle, you’ll have greater clarity.

The next time you’re downtown, shop only the stores selling positive thoughts.

A Divine Dance of Balance, Union, and Honor

In his book, Bring Him Home – A Twin Flame Love Story, Miguel Dean defines the divine dance of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine. A dance he calls balance, union, and honorable.

The Sacred Masculine is a man who has brought significant union to his divine masculine and feminine within.”

Miguel Dean

The Sacred Feminine is a woman who has brought significant union to her divine feminine and masculine within.”

Miguel Dean

When he was just 7 months old, Miguel’s mother died of cancer. He describes this event as the beginning of his enlightenment. However, his mother’s death created physical and emotional trauma for Miguel, despite his lack of memory regarding it.

Baby Miguel lived with his auntie for a while. Upon the marriage of his father to another woman, Miguel returned home. His father and step-mother had a child together, and Miguel was pushed aside. His stepmother became cruel and abusive.

Before I was five years old, I’d lost my mother three times.”

Missing the Feminine in his life was felt strongly by Miguel. He lived in a fight or flight mode most of the time. This unhappy start resulted in low self-esteem, and low self-worth for Miguel as a young adult.

I slipped into a shadowy world of drugs, crime and violence, living on the road for about seven years.”

It was the birth of his son while living on the road that became the catalyst for a change in Miguel. He decided to dig deep and seek counseling. He learned the life he was living then was connected to his past, and the experiences he’d had as a child.

My search was about finding a way to go home; and learning to find love inside myself.”

Miguel believes nothing happens by chance. His life was exactly orchestrated to give him everything he needed. He spent many years of his life looking for a mother replacement (as many men do). It didn’t work. Instead, his search led Miguel to find connection with the Feminine inside.

I had to learn to be the mother of myself. I was seeking female relationships because I feared being alone. There was attraction to women, but just as much, I didn’t want to be with myself.”

Just as Miguel was finding peace with being alone, a beautiful woman entered his life. She had been hearing voices about Miguel telling her to “bring him home”. The title of his book alludes to her inspiration.

The beautiful woman in Miguel’s life helped him heal the “mother-wounds” he’d carried for so long. He helped her heal “father-wounds” she’d been carrying. Together they helped create a whole from the pieces. An integration of the Masculine and Feminine.

The problem with the world is that we draw the circle of the family too small.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

I encourage you to read Miguel’s book. You’ll gain insight into ways to integrate more powerfully the Masculine and Feminine in your own soul. You can find balance, union, and honor just as Miguel has found.

Do as Mother Teresa suggests, and widen the circle of your family. Bring him (or her) home.

What Lies Beneath the Surface?

My husband, Bill completed suicide about seven years ago. He was going through major depression, and traumatic life changes. There were warning signs of risk factors right in front of me; I didn’t recognize them.
Instead of relating to him and sitting down and saying, ‘Bill I’m here for you, we’re going to work on this together…’ I was more fixated on trying to get my old husband back

Kristi Hagstad
Kristi Hugstad

Kristi Hugstad, author of Beneath the Surface:A Teen’s Guide to Reaching Out When You or Your Friend Is in Crisis, recognizes in hindsight that she had bought into the stigma of mental health. She tried to “fix” her husband, rather than get him the help he needed.

Bill’s symptoms at the time included:

  • Withdrawn personality
  • Hopelessness
  • Lack of drive to get out of bed, take a shower, or go to work
  • Constant talk of not wanting “to be here”
  • Belief that showing emotion was a sign of weakness

Despite being a body-builder, running a successful business, and working with Kristi in the business, Bill could not shake his depression; and it’s very likely other people weren’t tuned in to his symptoms because he didn’t fit the stereotype.

Depression and mental illness does not discriminate. There is no stereotype.

Kristi Hagstad

A genetic link may have played a role in Bill’s depression, since two of his grandparents had also attempted suicide. Even at 54-years old Bill had bought into the stigma of mental illness, and it proved his downfall.

Bill ran in front of an oncoming train. A train, which he knew his father was travelling on to come see him. Bill had carefully planned the execution of his own death for weeks.

Bill had been in a deep, dark, depressive place. He probably didn’t want to die as much as he wanted the emotional pain to end. He could see no other way to do so.

Kristi decided she could fall into a deep, dark depressive state herself following Bill’s death; or she could use her pain to help other people overcome the stigma of mental health and suicide.

  • We all must know the warning signs and rick factors
  • We must treat mental health issues with the same urgency and importance as physical health issues.
  • Youth suicide is skyrocketing.
  • Youth today live in a social media shell, where “likes” and comments build self-esteem; yet comparison of themselves to others is part of the stigma.
  • Cyber-bullying may never stop for our youth, and there is no escape once it starts.

Depression is not a choice, it’s an illness, and it needs to be treated as such.”

Kristi Hugstad

People who know this will feel confident and secure to ask for help. It’s important for us to not minimize the illness or symptoms. Open the line of communication so people can tell us when they need help. Abolish the stigma.

Symptoms of depression:

  • Sadness or feelings of being down do not go away after weeks – especially when life events are going well
  • Change in activity – they stop taking part in extracurricular activities they once enjoyed
  • They don’t have initiative to eat, bathe, or care for themselves

When you’re feeling dark and depressed, Kristi has these words of advice:

  • Make yourself do something you don’t want to do
  • Get outside
  • Get sunlight
  • Exercise
  • Eat a healthy meal
  • Get adequate sleep
These activities may help you retrain your brain

Find time to talk with your teens.

  • Don’t be judgmental: “What’s wrong with you?”
  • Sincerely share your concern: “Julie, I’ve noticed you’ve been quiet lately. Is everything okay?”
  • Be patient if they don’t want to open up at that moment: “Whenever you want to talk, I’ll be available. I love you.”
  • Don’t minimize they way they’re feeling: “Your sister can handle this problem, why is it so hard for you?”

Depression and mental illness are diseases. Understanding that will bring hope for something better than the dark place you’re now in. Reach out and ask for help.

Kristi Hagstad is a grief recovery specialist, and host of The Grief Girl Podcast. Reach out to her.

Write a Book – Live Forever

Your book creates a legacy that lets you live forever.”

Todd Cudaback

It is vital for us to hear each other’s story.”

Coach Debby

Coach Debby is the creator of Story U Talk Radio. Through her show and personal coaching, she encourages people like YOU to write their brands, blogs, and books.

Coach Debby Handrich

Debby always loved stories to read and to tell. She had, and has, only 20% of normal vision. She was sent to special education classes, and her parents were given low expectations regarding Debby’s potential. Despite being bullied all through school, and a lack of friends, Debby had fantastic teachers.

“You’ll be one of them (a teacher),” her mom said.

It took Debby 11 years to get three college degrees and a writing job. It wasn’t easy only being able to read at one-quarter of the speed her contemporaries could. She began helping people write essays, then discovered she could help them write a book.

Writing a book may seem like a monumental task, however Coach Debby says:

It may be a monumental task when you try it on your own. If you have a heck of a good team, it’s doable. Writing a book is about finding out who YOU are. You create the best when you’re interested in YOUR own story. No one is boring. No one is ordinary.”

Debby described ways she was influenced by Rudolph Steiner, the founder of Waldorf Schools; and Joseph Campbell, a mid-1900’s philosopher and George Lucas’ greatest mentor.

The hero’s journey is a pattern we repeat in different phases throughout life. Every 8-9 years we are introduced to a new journey in which we can be heroic.”

Coach Debby
  1. You are a person who sees yourself as plain
  2. You are a person who sees yourself as extraordinary
  3. You are a person who is invited to be something extraordinary
  4. You are a person who fails at being extraordinary
  5. You are a person who doubts “extraordinary”
  6. You are a person who hides from extraordinary
  7. You are a person who says, “I don’t want to die” and not be extraordinary
  8. BAM! You are a person on your heroes journey

Coach Debby helps people rediscover their stories during those phases of life. Choices will help us grow, but the cycles of life are not something we choose. We live these cycles over and over again. Debby helps YOU be a person who discovers your past and present journey so you can shape your future journey in your stories.

All successful movies: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Finding Nemo, The Wizard of OZ follow the cycle of the Heroes Journey.

Coach Debby began a new journey in 2012 when she became the co-host of Life Mastery Radio with Todd Alan. She found bliss means getting to work and doing what you’re called for.

  • Say it
  • Hear it
  • Write it
  • Own it
  • Stand in it
  • Love it

Discover the ways Coach Debby can help YOU write your story, and maybe even YOUR book!

Learn the Language your Body Speaks

Our guest Stefani Arend supports our individual journey to understand our bodies better. This radio show co-host learned that our body speaks a particular language, and we should each learn to communicate more readily with ourselves to find inner peace with our inner self.

Stefanie joined us all the way from Germany, and (despite technical difficulties) provided information about YIN YOGA, which is a method that focuses less on muscle stretching, and more on fascia stretching.

Stefanie Arend has many videos on YouTube demonstrating YIN YOGA techniques. Watch her YIN YOGA Sequence to Relax + Improve Sleep.

Stefanie Arend was a wonderful guest. A few of the nuggets she taught us today are as follows:

  • We have many nerve endings in our fascia, and when fascia is not stretched regularly we can have pain, especially in our back.
  • Fascia is the connective tissue in our body, and wraps around all of our cells.
  • Only 70% of a stretch is required to give the fascia a boost of flexibility in about 3-5 minutes.
  • The benefits of YIN YOGA are amazing.
  • In the past, Fascia was considered by physicians as “packing material”. There has been an awakening of its importance to our health.
  • Fascia has more to do with flexibility in our bodies than does muscle.
  • Stefanie uses YIN YOGA at night before bed to give her restful sleep.
  • YIN YOGA and YANG YOGA work well together.
  • Start with whatever amount of time you have. No minimums, no requirements.
  • Be patient with yourself.

Check out Stefanie’s other YouTube videos to try YIN YOGA out before you buy her book, BE HEALTHY WITH YIN YOGA.

Stefanie warns us: YIN YOGA is addictive!


Discarding the Shop-Window Version of Yourself

Have you ever edited yourself to a shop-window version of who you are? Doing so narrows your intimacy and connection with others.

Addiction is the opposite of connection.

Jamie Catto

Jamie Catto is the producer of the multi-award-winning 1 Giant Leap film of 2002, as well as his 2019 creation, Becoming Nobody. He is a founding member of a band called Faithless. He leads unique, transforming workshops for his clients, and was our guest on Life Mastery Radio recently.

The body is an exquisite pharmacy

Deepak Chopra

Jamie says, “we all store an accumulation of the injustices we’ve felt, the tears we’ve cried, the rage we’ve experienced, and the unexpressed emotional pain. The body’s genius knows we have emotional constipation, and it wants to flush it out. Emotion must be felt to be flushed.

Being willing to feel those raw emotions, and even being curious about reacting to them, is how we flush out the emotional poo, and live more authentically in the present. That is the beginning of self-love. You can either do it willingly, or not. The body can’t hold in poo forever.”

Turn toward emotion like a wine taster.

Jamie Catto

Jamie has learned these principles from a lifetime of believing something was going to be bad, but finding it was actually good.

We’ve built this map around ourselves with all these dragons around the edges. When you take a tiny quarter turn around your edge, you realize there’s no dragon there. It’s a child’s chalk drawing of a dragon. One little puff, and it’s gone.

No one has to go into a deep scuba to do this stuff. Just gently snorkeling around the edge is plenty. How great to be a bumbling human fool again. Relief. It’s wonderful to wear your imperfections proudly, and give other people permission to do the same. There’s discovery in failure.

Some days you’re going to be on top of the mountain, and other days you’re going to roll down the side of it onto the golden calf.

Jamie says it’s your soul’s job to give you lessons and curriculum, and we shouldn’t resist it. His job is to re-purpose your skills and turn your demons into employees.

When we release emotions, creativity rushes in to the space. Space is full of ideas.

Jamie Catto
Book by Jamie Catto

On the cover of Jamie’s book is an Axolotl. Jamie used this amphibious creature to represent what he believes we all look like without our masks on.

He has a lovely face; vulnerable, lovable, soft. Axolotl’s are self –mending, and resilient.

Jamie Catto

Jamie’s current movie, Becoming Nobody is touring the country now. Click the link to learn when it’s coming to your area, or to organize a special showing.

Listen to Jamie Catto sing his song Little Prince

The Universe Has Your Back

In our pre-show with Life Mastery Radio guest Linda Deir, she reminded us that “The Universe has your back”

Her statement rings true for me. In fact, the last time Linda was on our show, she shared her story. Linda had a very challenging upbringing, and yet her Spirit Guides helped her to not only survive the challenging events of youth; they taught her how to be successful in business and relationships. Her book is Guided, Her Spirit Guide Angels Were Her Best Friends and Life Coaches

I shared my personal story of Linda’s impact on me during the show today. A large part of her teaching is to get in touch with the Spirit Guides and Angels who are there to inspire us on our journey. She told us in April 2019 (when she was on the show before) to JOURNAL. Journaling, I learned, is a way to “hear” messages from our Guides.

I began my journal the day after our interview with Linda – May 1, 2019. On June 8 I had an epiphany. My vision was very clear. I knew exactly what I needed to do. I was told to “open a studio for public speaking” for my students. I didn’t know how I was going to make it happen, but I had a purpose, and I began taking steps to bring it to fruition.

Yesterday (September 16th 2019 as of this writing), I welcomed the first students into my Speak Feed Lead Public Speaking Studio. I sincerely don’t know if this would have happened without the “nudge” from Linda in April encouraging me to begin journaling. That’s part of her system, and I know it works.

The moral of the story is this, Guidance, when it comes through, is powerful. It gives you chills, it’s so strong. But here’s the caveat: you’ve got to be willing to do the work. Guidance has a shelf-life, and you must act on it.
Jackie, you did the journal writing. You did the work to flush it out, to find it, to let it show itself to you. It’s more of who you are then anything else you could have imagined

Linda Deir

Linda’s process to connect with your Angel Guides is easy – get your journal out and start writing about your challenges, the events that weigh heavy on your mind, and you’ll receive guidance through your writing.

Your guides will infiltrate your writing. They are there for you when YOU are ready.”

Linda Deir

Linda is hosting an event called Experience the Proven Spirit Guide Communication System. It’s a live event in Phoenix, AND an online event from anywhere. It will happen on October 5th, 2019 1:00 – 3:00 PM. She’s going to show YOU the system, and how to use it to connect with your Guides.

Near the end of the presentation, Linda will sit with you and help you channel your Guides. It’s going to be very cool! I recommend you sign up. The cost is very reasonable.

What is your greatest challenge right now? Write it down. The universe has your back. Your guides will inspire you.

A Sparkling Being of Light

“I went from an ancient, wrinkly, grayed-aura person to a sparkling being of light”

Julie Renee Doering

Julie Renee Doering survived nuclear bomb testing in the Nevada desert, 17 surgeries, multiple cancers, two traumatic brain injuries, the inability to walk, and death; not once, but twice! Through all that, her faith confirmed she was on earth for a reason. Based on our interview with her yesterday, that reason was to teach ALL OF US how to tap into our DIVINE BLUEPRINT and not only heal, but regenerate every cell in our body for longevity, peace, and wealth!

During her years of physical suffering, Julie came to feel, “I was promised the Garden of Eden, yet I’m living in hell on earth.”

Believing “something could change”, at the age of 33, Julie went into her garden to pray and meditate.

God, take me, or make me well.

Hours of prayer, meditation and chanting, led Julie to a vision. In her minds-eye she saw a very sick Master Cell in her body transforming from its sickened state to its God-state.

It was becoming this glowing, blue pulsing orb. It was overwhelming to me. I cried. It was a realization for me: not only was my spirit made of light and God, but my body was also.

Despite being very sick in that moment, Julie’s body began to regenerate. Within 6 months she was running 30 miles a week on a mountain trail. She was dancing on stage with a rock and roll band.

The scientists and doctors we’re looking at me saying, ‘what is going on with you? Why are you getting better? It’s a miracle!’

From that time until now, Julie has defined clearly what happened to her. She is now THE expert on non-surgical, non-drug, non-dietary ways to regenerate brain cells to enhance memory, mental outlook, sleep & speech, and reduce headaches.

Cellular Neo Genesis.

With NO scientific background, Julie Renee Doering is on the cutting-edge of spiritual break-through, genetic technology, and our divine blueprint. Someday soon, we’ll all know how to regenerate our cells and live for centuries. After all, Julie says, “It’s in our DNA to live 900 years”

Julie has published 12 books on the knowledge she’s gained from the ultimate source – God. Doctors are limited to what they can preach, but many of them have trained WITH Julie. She never talks down western medicine.

If you’d like to transform from feeling ancient and feeble to a sparkling being of light, start by listening to Julie’s interview with us, and then take the steps with her to guide you in your transformation. Let’s all live 900 years in happiness and peace!

Julie Renee Doering Interview Life Mastery Radio

God and Love on Route 80

I struggled to find the right title for this blog post. It could easily have been, “Are You Here to Save us?”; or “Blue Angel Dream”; or even, “Synchronicity, not Luck.” I finally settled with “God and Love on Route 80”

Each of those titles would have been appropriate and descriptive of the wonderful content our most recent guest delighted us with. Stephen G. Post, PhD is an opinion leader, public speaker, Founding Director of the Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care, and Bioethics at the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University; and a best-selling author of “God and Love on Route 80.”

Stephen’s amazing credentials began with a compelling, recurring dream as a teenage boy. This dream set his life on a certain course, and established for him a set of values to live by and practice daily.

“Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

William Shakespeare, Macbeth

Stephen’s book is a remarkable true story of faith, love, and fate. Thumbing a ride across the continent on a spontaneous road trip adventure, his journey culminates in an extraordinary encounter that turns out to be the beginning of his spiritual odyssey.

I have a personal connection to Stephen as well, since he was the founder of, which I’ve quoted in my own book on leadership and service. Connected-ness seems to be a natural law of the universe, as is evident in our meeting today on the broadcast.

Stephen describes his first experience serving others at the suggestion of his mother. Upon voicing his boredom, Stephen’s mother would say, “You should go help someone.”

Stephen helped his neighbors, who became spiritual leaders and mentors to him. He realized “it was good to be good.”

Later in life, as a teenager, he began to have a recurring dream about a young man and a blue angel. In the dream (which he’d had 6 times), the blue angel said, “If you save him, you too shall live.”

He would contemplate and meditate on the dream and the meaning thereof. He was even asked to talk about his dream with Masters of Divinity students at the university in hopes of learning more about the action the dream was asking him to take.

On a very impromptu trip along US Route 80, Stephen encountered the young man in his dream. The synchronicity of this event changed Stephen’s life as well as the life of the young man. Rather than retell the story in this blog, I would highly encourage you to listen to him tell the story himself. You will also love his book “God and Love on Route 80”

To hear our interview with Stephen G. Post click on this link