In a recent interview with our guest, Scott Stabile, we delved into his remarkable life as a passionate love advocate and author of two impactful books, Big Love, the Power of Living with a Wide Open Heart and his latest release, Enough As You Are.

Scott’s story is marked by tragedy, with the murder of his parents when he was just 14 years old. Despite excruciating pain, Scott attributes his current self to the profound experiences he has lived through.

According to Scott, our early conditioning shapes all of us, but the pivotal part of his journey has been aligning with his true self and honoring his inner voice.

Losing my parents in that tragic way has inched me closer to an experience aligned with love, spirit, and authenticity.”

Reflecting on his first book, Big Love, Scott explores the transformative power of continuously returning to the energy of love in thoughts, words, and actions. He emphasizes that connecting with this energy not only serves oneself but also others and the planet.

I influence people from that place, and it’s pure, positive energy.

Acknowledging that the path to love isn’t always easy, Scott admits to having “fallen off the love train” a few times. He underscores that love is a practice, a skill that improves with repetition.

Being willing to love yourself is step one. It’s never too late to start. The focus should always be what we do from this moment on.”

During the aftermath of his parents’ murder, Scott, the youngest of seven children, coped by setting aside his grief.

Part of me believed if I opened myself up to the pain, anger, and sadness of my parents’ death, I wouldn’t be able to survive it.

Seeking help from a psychotherapist when his emotional pain escalated, he learned the importance of facing his feelings. Scott now advocates for the belief that everyone is worthy and enough, regardless of their choices.

Describing himself as a Love Activist, Scott makes noise for the power of love and self-love. He highlights the influence of love on how we perceive and treat others and the world. Despite encountering disrespectful individuals, Scott rests in his heart and generates love from afar.

One of the most poignant aspects of Scott’s journey is his forgiveness of the man who murdered his parents.

At first, I was thinking about him with hatred and vengeance. I imagined him dying in horrible ways. It was all of this really heavy, dark, toxic stuff. In my twenties I realized I didn’t want to live with that anymore.

I started to empathize with my parents’ murderer despite not knowing his experience. He was a human being who felt lost, angry, unloved, unseen, and confused. I could relate to those same feelings.

Realizing he wasn’t a violent person himself; Scott had been imagining violent scenarios for the man who murdered his parents.

I felt empathy, then love for him. I have forgiven this man.

The man who killed Scott’s parents in 1995 is still in prison today.

I don’t go to war with myself anymore, even the parts of myself I like the least. I am practiced now at inviting all parts of who I am to the table and challenging the lies my mind tells me.

Many people are frustrated and disheartened by much of what we see in the world today. We’re shaming, silencing, and dehumanizing each other.

Encouraging self-love as a catalyst for societal change, Scott urges us to find common ground and engage in respectful disagreement.

Near the end of our interview, Scott read a poignant excerpt from Enough As You Are:

You never know when you’ll be the person who ignites an awakening in someone else. That’s why it’s so important to weave kindness and love into our interactions as often as possible. It may be in the advice you give your dearest friend, or the unfiltered smile you offer to some stranger at the store.

It may be your willingness to stop whatever it is you’re doing to listen. Or the way in which you allow your eyes to rest on another without judgment.

You can’t predict when you will be the catalyst for something wonderful to light up another human being. But there will be many such moments when your love and compassion are just what someone needs to feel understood and inspired to feel seen.

To connect with Scott Stabile, visit his website and follow him on Instagram and Facebook. You can also purchase his books and learn about the retreats he’ll be attending in Bali and Mexico. Scott’s story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of love.

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