We thoroughly enjoyed our recent interview with Michelle Vandepas. She is an entrepreneur and advocate for living a purposeful life. The conversation delved into the profound topic of finding one’s purpose.

I searched for purpose for many years. Why am I here? I want to do something bigger and make a difference in the world. I was thinking it was supposed to be a passion or an interest.”

Michelle shared personal results and insights from her search, emphasizing that “purpose transcends mere vocations and jobs, rooted instead in inherent passions and talents.”

Then Michelle began to wonder how she could express yourself as it related to her purpose.

How can I teach? How can I mentor? How can I be a caregiver? How can I be creative? What are the verbs I can use that are inside my heart that I can express?

During our interview we explored the therapeutic power of writing and journaling, shedding light on a writing program created by Michelle that guides individuals in becoming thought leaders who effectively market their work.

Michelle blends creativity with smart business strategies as she coaches clients on the power of passion and purpose to make a positive impact on the world. She works with world experts, thought leaders, coaches, healers, teachers, and change-makers, helping them find their unique voice and method to share their inspiration with any audience.

As the conversation unfolded, Michelle shared her perspective on the dynamic nature of purpose. She acknowledged that personal drivers, passions, and interests evolve throughout life. Drawing from her rich experiences, including fostering 10 children, Michelle emphasized the importance of adapting to life’s changing demands while staying true to one’s core values.

Michelle shared her own search for purpose, expressing a desire to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Contrary to the common notion that purpose is found in a specific job or vocation, purpose is innate—it’s something individuals are born with, a unique contribution to the world just by being alive.”

Michelle spoke about the powerful, therapeutic nature of writing and journaling as tools for self-discovery.

Purpose is not something external to be sought, but an internal essence waiting to be acknowledged. Writing becomes a mirror reflecting one’s passions, interests, and curiosities, helping individuals connect more deeply with their purpose.”

Watch Michelle’s TEDx Talk In Honor of Procrastination:

Michelle shared insights from her TEDx talk, distinguishing between procrastination and percolation. She discussed the creative process, citing examples from artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, emphasizing that sometimes, what appears as procrastination is actually a period of creative gestation.

This perspective encourages individuals to trust the natural ebb and flow of their creative journey.

I’ve been thinking about a book I’m writing for 5 years. I finally got down to start writing it when I realized I know myself well enough and know exactly what I want to write about.”

Sometimes you feel fear of the unknown, and it’s not procrastination at all.

The Purpose-Driven Writing Program

Michelle detailed her writing program, consisting of three stages: individual coaching and editing, publishing, and becoming a thought leader. The program provides a customized approach to guide individuals from ideation to publishing and beyond, helping them share their message authentically with the world.

Michelle’s book is Purpose: The Alignment Guide | 28 Days of Inspiration, Reflection, Intention, and Creative Expression

Businesspeople should have a book as their expertise, business card, platform, and their branding.”

If you’re interested in getting your book out there, connect with Michelle now and make 2024 the year you check off the box on your to-do list.

You’ll find her at TheAuthorPath.com https://theauthorpath.com/

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