In the world of entrepreneurship, success often comes hand in hand with overcoming challenges, and Dr. Amanda Berrientez is a testament to that truth.

Known as the mindset healer, she is the founder of Inner Power Daily, an international bestselling author, and the host of the Inner Power Entrepreneur podcast. Her book, “I Am A Money Magnet, the Top 30 Money Making Affirmantras to Manifest More,” offers a transformative approach to understanding and reshaping our relationship with money.

The Turning Point:

Amanda’s journey into entrepreneurship began when she found herself on the floor, in tears, realizing that her life was spiraling out of control. With two jobs, a family to care for, and relying on food stamps, she recognized the common denominator in every scenario: herself. In that moment, Amanda made a declaration to change her life, vowing to do whatever it took to build better relationships and make more money.

Podcasts and Transformation:

A pivotal moment in Amanda’s transformation was when she started listening to podcasts. Inspired by coaches and entrepreneurs, she decided to start her own podcast after completing her Ph.D. program. In her first year as an entrepreneur, she went from relying on food stamps to earning six figures. Amanda’s journey demonstrates the power of mindset shifts and the impact they can have on our lives.

Inner Power Formula:

Amanda’s book introduces a 30-day plan centered around her Inner Power Formula, a subconscious reprogramming tool designed to access the law of attraction. According to Amanda, belief is crucial – believing it’s possible leads to inspired action, creating a sustainable path towards long-term success. She emphasizes that the inner world shapes the outer world, making money a reflection of our subconscious thinking.

Understanding Manifestation:

Amanda breaks down manifestation into conscious desire and emotional magnetism. The key lies in focusing on what you want rather than what you lack. Many people unknowingly attract more of what they fear or lack due to their mindset. Amanda’s approach encourages a shift from scarcity to abundance, from fear to possibility.

Affirmantras: The Power of Belief:

A unique aspect of Amanda’s book is the concept of Affirmantras – a combination of affirmations and mantras tailored to individual beliefs. Instead of using affirmations that create resistance, Amanda guides readers to use Affirmantra statements that align with their current beliefs. This method helps individuals raise their vibrational frequency, aligning them with the reality they want to attract.

Free Trial and Resources:

For those intrigued by Amanda’s approach, she offers a free trial of her formula at Additionally, listeners can access a free course at To explore all that Amanda has to offer, visit


Dr. Amanda Berrientez’s journey from hardship to success is an inspiring tale of resilience and transformation. Her dedication to helping entrepreneurs overcome money blocks and achieve their financial goals is evident in her podcast, book, and the Inner Power Formula. By understanding the power of mindset and using Affirmantras, individuals can embark on a journey towards financial abundance and personal growth. Visit Amanda’s websites to take advantage of the free trial and resources she offers – a step towards unlocking your inner power and reshaping your relationship with money.

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