Meet Chris Mitchell, a two-time award-winning speaker, certified confidence life coach, and the founder/CEO at #DefineYourself. His latest book (soon to be published), “Success Starts with Self-Confidence: 10 Steps to Success for the Self-employed Person with a Disability,” is not just a guide but a testament to his resilience and determination in the face of multiple challenges.

A Life of Challenges

Chris was born with Congenital Rubella Syndrome, cataracts affecting his vision, a speech impediment, ADHD, and placed on the neurodiverse spectrum. Despite these hurdles, he refused to let his disabilities define him. Instead, he embraced them as challenges to conquer.

At the age of 8, I knew the world was not going to adapt for me. I had to adapt to the world. I don’t see a disability as an obstacle, I see it as a challenge.”

“I eat challenges for breakfast”

Navigating Educational Barriers

Chris faced educational challenges, being invited to seek education elsewhere multiple times. However, his determination led him not only to finish high school but also to be hired by a college later on to teach a community education course.

Overcoming Depression and Physical Setbacks

Besides battling depression, Chris underwent aortic bypass surgery that resulted in an incomplete spinal cord injury. Undeterred, he continued to forge ahead, facing each obstacle with an unwavering spirit.

Business Success Through Stubbornness

Chris’s journey into entrepreneurship started with selling on eBay. Despite challenges, he refused to be defeated. His success led to teaching others and being featured in Entrepreneur Magazine in 2005. His mantra?

“I refuse to be defeated”

The Power of Self-Confidence

In his upcoming book, Chris emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance and encourages readers to create powerful “I AM” statements. He believes that self-confidence is the key to success, and his book is a guide for self-employed individuals, especially those with disabilities.

Taking Ownership and Defying Ableism

Chris challenges the notion of blaming lack of employment on Ableism, emphasizing the need to take ownership and not give up power. For those venturing into self-employment with a disability, he advises…

“Find something that will make you happy”

The Gift of Self-Confidence

To empower others, Chris offers a cheat sheet with three actionable steps to develop, discover, and grow self-confidence. Claim your gift at

Coaching for Triumph

As a coach, Chris brings understanding and valuable resources to clients with disabilities. His website,, is a hub of inspiration and support.

Chris Mitchell’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of self-confidence, resilience, and a refusal to be defined by circumstances. His story inspires us to redefine ourselves, embrace challenges, and turn them into steppingstones towards success.

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