Transform Through Voice

I immediately connected with our guest this week. Eliana Gilad has a mission to help people tap into the source of their voice and to transform powerfully through words, tones, and songs.

“I came out of the womb very vocal, and I lived in the era of children are seen, not heard.

Eliana Gilad

Eliana is a former CBS broadcaster who left the United States for France in 1991.

At a meeting one night which included a potluck, Eliana “sang for her supper” (so to speak). Since she hadn’t been able to contribute to the meal, Eliana began to sing aloud a song from her childhood.

Afterward, a man at the meeting said to Eliana, “your voice speaks, and you have work to do with your voice.”

The man suggested Eliana go to the train station and sing. She had no intention to busk for money. However, Eliana courageously made eye contact with every rider on the train as she filled the cars with her melodic voice.

Do something for others,” Eliana said to the passengers.

“They pushed money into my hands. I knew my voice made a difference.”

Eliana Gilad

Eliana rode 12 trains a day for an entire year.

“It wasn’t about the music. It was about connecting with my inner voice and following it’s guidance. Music was just the tool.”

Eliana Gilad

Singing on the trains helped Eliana to realize her role was to use media for constructive purposes. That includes sharing her many stories.

In 2012 while delivering her first TED talk titled Your Voice, Make It Heard, Eliana’s worst fear was manifested.

“I blacked out during my presentation. I was going to be humiliated in public. But I heard a voice say now would be a good time to practice what you teach.”

Eliana Gilad

Eliana instructs people like you and me to connect to the source of our power. Our voice is a bridge between our inner truth and our outer expression.

“Your worst fears can become your greatest gift. Say yes. Especially when things don’t make sense. That is our opportunity today.”

Eliana Gilad

Eliana’s wordless healing sound modality helps people find their authentic voice and connect to their inner calm in the midst of change. It has been clinically researched in a neonatal intensive care unit, where it was proven to lower blood pressure and heart rate, increase focus, and improve the quality of sleep.

Her new international bestseller Emerge Triumphant – Thrive through Uncertainty helps readers understand that when they give their inner voice the ability and power to shine, limiting barriers can be broken, and people can become their own leaders, opening themselves up to a world of new possibilities.

Her book is a workbook to help the reader connect with their inner wisdom, gain clarity, feel at ease, and receive answers.

It’s not a cognitive work.”

Within the pages of Eliana’s book, you’ll learn so much about yourself as Eliana brings forth ancient wisdom and inspiration passed down through time from the prophetess Miriam, Moses’ elder sister.

A Myth Made Manifest

Our recent guest, Seana Zelazo, discovered an ancient civilization and an ancient goddess who teaches us in our day how to harness our energy and amplify our life’s purpose.

Over 4000 years ago in ancient Sumer, some of the first mythographers inscribed the stories and myths of the Goddess Inanna on clay tablets in cuneiform. These incredible findings were unearthed, and the fragments were painstakingly pieced together and translated.

In Seana’s book The Way of Inanna: A Heroine’s Guide to Living Unapologetically the stories of Inanna come to life and teach us to claim our own power.


According to Seana, Inanna is the Sumerian Goddess of Love and War; The Morning and Evening Star; The Goddess of Thunderstorms and Rain; The Goddess of Heaven and Earth.

The myth of Inanna claims the earliest record of ascension, even preceding Jesus Christ’s ascension. The clay record was discovered in the “Fertile Crescent” which, according to National Geographic is…

named for its rich soils and often called the “cradle of civilization,” is found in the Middle East. The earliest civilizations were established there, including the Sumerians. Its area covers what are now southern Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, and parts of Turkey and Iran.

National Geographic

Inanna’s teachings emphasize humanity as a doorway to our divinity and illustrates Inanna as a role model of how we can evolve to our highest spiritual plane – unconditional love.

It’s a path of your own heart. Come back into your own heart and find your way. Bring about transformation without, by beginning within.”

Seana Zelazo

At the age of 19 Seana’s mother died by suicide. A week later, Seana survived a sexual assault. Despite her one-two punch of trauma, Seana could see the negative effects of holding onto wounds of disempowerment as her mother had.

Seana birthed a deep desire to connect with, and stand in, her own feminine power.

The Goddess Inanna descended into the underworld and death. She found seven gates of initiatory. Through rituals of purification and release, Inanna ascended from disempowerment to being empowered.”

Seana Zelazo

Because of her mother’s death and the trauma from the assault she endured, Seana could see her heart and sacral chakra were the wounded centers she needed to heal. The Way of Inanna helped her to do so.

Inanna’s ascension helped Seana bring about her own internal healing through what she called WOMB WISDOM.

By emphasizing the collective healing of the second chakra and being reminded we are all creators, I learned from Inanna to create with intention and responsibility; and to cultivate a place of love every day.”

Seana Zelazo

Each chapter of Seana’s book focuses on one of the seven gates. Coincidentally, each gate is connected to one of the seven chakras. There are rituals and/or meditations at the end of each chapter.

Everything that shows up in your life supports your spiritual evolution. My book will help you harmonize the instrument of your own being, allow yourself to be you, and teach you to live unapologetically.”

Seana Zelazo

Seana would say our healing journey is a simple shift in consciousness. We have to honor our own process and access our power. Then, we will gain even more power when we empower others.

Our downfall happens when we misuse our power.”

Would you like to become your own therapist? Your own healer? Speak your healing into being?

Seana says her book is for anyone who is ready to move into a higher level of consciousness and reclaim their own power.

Give yourself permission to evolve. Use your third eye to honor your truth. Give permission for others to do the same.

Seana Zelazo

Find out more at

Be Relentless

Joe Moghaizel was our most recent guest. He has a diverse background in sales, nonprofits, and authoring a bestselling book titled Be a Success Maverick Volume 4.

Joe lost his father when he was 20 years old

For his father’s birthday Joe sent him back to his native Lebanon where the long flight caused Joe’s dad to form a blood clot. His father passed away of a heart attack.

Despite the emotional turmoil, Joe can look back and see the blessings that came out of the tragedy of losing his father.

Negativity is all around us, and we’ll find more of it if that’s what we’re looking for. I find it to be one of the biggest sources of strength in my life because it taught me to have a unique perspective.”

Joe Mogaizel

Joe is known as Mr. AllWaysGood because he has a reputation for being able to always see good AND to see it in ALL WAYS.

He uses the metaphor of mountain climbing to inspire us to understand the journey of life.

Every time you reach a summit in your journey, you see from that vantage point all the other surrounding mountains you’d like to climb.

To summit another peak, you must first climb down the mountain you’re on to get to the starting point of the next one. We can’t start halfway up.”

Joe Moghaizel

Joe reminds us of each time we journey down one mountain, we are preparing ourselves for the next upward climb.

Take every opportunity you can to learn and see each trial as a moment to be taught.”

Joe Moghaizel

When it comes to finding our purpose, Joe suggests we try as many things as possible, and to put all our energy into it.

If you find it doesn’t feed your soul, keep searching. Your why only needs to motivate you, not anyone else.”

Joe Moghaizel

Joe works with small business owners and nonprofits to help them understand sales and embrace principles of “the ask.”

Every human being on the planet is in sales. You are always selling something. We have opportunity to leave a real legacy with a nonprofit.”

Joe Moghaizel

If you’re like me (and many others) you may get an icky feeling when you think of the typical “sales man”.

Joe has his own definition of a professional salesperson.

A professional salesperson is motivated by helping the customer to make a decision. If what you have is not the right solution for the customer, the professional salesperson will understand they are not the person to help.”

Give without the expectation of getting. That’s what marketing is all about. Give, feed, teach, share.

What I’m really going to do for my customer is  help them heal some deep core wounds around not being worthy, fear of rejection, or about thinking they are not good enough. I’m going to change that for them so they can change their life and help more people change theirs.”

Joe Moghaizel

Relentless in the title of the chapter in his book.

The Universe does not give in to quitters. It is going to test your commitment before it provides rewards.”

Joe Moghaizel

Verbally speaking your goals and desires is a way to put it out to the universe.

Success is defined as being happy with who you are and what you’re doing.”

Joe Moghaizel

If you want to relentlessly do something good and leave a legacy, contact Joe “Mr. AllwaysGood” Moghaizel

Living Free From Suffering

We’ve had many guests on our show over the years who’ve specialized in depression and anxiety. No other guest has attacked those conditions with swifter speed and laser accuracy more than does Ana Lennyr.

Ana describes depression as: deep, heavy, and unresolved emotional wounding.

Anxiety is the manifestation of guilt and perfectionism.

Our deep emotional wounding is caused by one or more of the following pain types:

  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Blame
  • Betrayal
  • Abandonment

You are suicidal if all five deep emotional wounds are influencing you.

You have depression if three deep emotional wounds are influencing you.

You have anxiety if two deep emotional wounds are influencing you.

No one can simply manage or cope with these emotional pains. Like a volcano, the symptoms may go dormant, but will always come back.”

Ana Lennyr

Ana’s programs are designed to help you find the emotional pain, retrieve it, fix it, heal it, and rebuild a life free from suffering.

“Consider categories of people who are never depressed. They are monks and yogis because they have achieved true self-mastery.”

Ana Lennyr

Indications you’re harboring emotional pain:

  • Relationship problems
  • Divorce
  • Health issues
  • Depressed children
  • Constant search for personal potential
  • Workaholic behaviors

Only you can fix your problems. I show you how to do that.”

Ana Lennyr

Think of your heart as a magnet. If it has magnetized pain for years, that’s all it knows how to attract. You must learn to change the polarity of your heart, so it won’t magnetize pain anymore.

Not only do our emotional wounds create depression and anxiety, but they also cause cancers and other unhealthy physical conditions.

Did you know the hidden anger of blame will cause gall bladder problems?

Did you know if you’re overweight you likely have emotional wounds such as guilt and embarrassment?

Did you know deep feelings of betrayal lead to heart attacks, high cholesterol, and heart disease?

Did you know the shame of being silenced as a child may result in lung cancer?

You can only save yourself and your child. Suffering is a choice.”

I highly recommend you work with Ana to learn how to live happily, quit making excuses, and get rid of your emotional pain once and for all.

Go to www.TrueSecretsOfLife.Com and be one of the 200 people Ana serves in one day of her programs.

Choice | Awareness | Love

Summarizing our interview with recent guest, Jeremy E. McDonald comes down to three very potent words:

Choice | Awareness | Love

He is the author of Peace Be Still A Path to Self-Awareness, Love, Abundance, and Harmony


We get to choose our patterns of thinking. We must see things from a balanced point of view and stop acting on insecure feelings.”

Jeremy E. McDonald

Jeremy is a recovering addict, which many people would blame on childhood. The world might excuse Jeremy for his faults because he was born to parents who were 15 & 16 years old.

He has overcome feelings of abandonment because his father’s family moved away just after he was born. He has overcome feelings of guilt thinking his birth was the reason his mother had to give up her own life’s dreams to raise him.

Instead of giving in to those feelings, Jeremy has said no to negative energy.

I choose to live life the way I want to. My parents did the best they could. Every day as an addict I make a choice.”

Jeremy E. McDonald

Jeremy reports that heavy traumas in our youth may stop our emotional growth, leading many of us to work through the healing as adults.

Say to yourself:

I love you and I forgive you. I release myself from the pain so I can live a full and rich life.”

Forgiveness must begin inside you.


If I’m afraid of something, I’m probably going to do it. I’ll figure it out.”

Jeremy E. McDonald

Jeremy’s journey of self-discovery began because he wanted to be better at teaching. When he learned to meditate is when he began growing spiritually.

His mother passed away while writing his book, and she did things on the other side to let Jeremy know she was still with him.

At her funeral, the MetLife blimp hovered over the proceedings for about an hour. I thought, mom, now you’re just showing off.”

The universe is always talking to us.

After the passing of his mother, Jeremy allowed himself to work through grief and other emotions. He teaches that emotional intelligence is our social awareness.

Sustained grief and sorrow are saying there is something you need to do. You never escape adversity, but you have to work on understanding emotions and energy.”

Jeremy E. McDonald

Once, Jeremy attended a class with Dr. Raymond Moody who said, “Never say ‘this is exactly the way it is’ because you give up the opportunity to accept other ideas when you do.”


According to Jeremy, we should work on understanding others and ourselves a bit more. That includes loving others and us a bit more.

Try to understand the intentions of others to avoid misunderstandings. We have to talk the language of others. Relate to others. When we’re judging someone we are opening up judgement upon ourselves.”

Jeremy E. McDonald

In his book, Jeremy mentions the Inner World, which is the inner dialogue we have with ourselves. We take on imposter syndrome when we doubt ourselves.

We need to counteract the negative talk with truth. I’m worthy of being here because of my experience. How I value myself is how I impact the world.”

Jeremy McDonald

Picture the angel and devil on your shoulders.

Jeremy encourages clients to say to those voices, “I love you, and we no longer believe that anymore. Remember all that we’ve been through and all that we’ve done?

By flipping the script on the inside, you will see changes in the outside world.”

Jeremy McDonald

Jeremy has a masterclass coming up 22nd October which leads attendees into a 6-month program.

The next day on October 23rd he begins Quantum Activation Healing Therapy for four weeks where you’ll dabble in the realms of possibility and heal yourself.

Check it out right here: Quantum Activation Healing Therapy Level 1 Certification

Choice | Awareness | Love

Get the Fear Outta Here

“Stop. Cancel. Clear. Get the Fear Outta Here”

Andy Dooley (Quoted by Joel Salomon)

Our recent guest, Joel Salomon author of The 9 Money Rules Millionaires Use taught us about how we can all shift our beliefs about money.

Joel is the Master Prosperity Coach and often called, “The Money Doctor.”

Your limited money beliefs don’t serve you.”

Joel Salomon

Joel asked us to consider that 95% of lottery winners have less money 5 years after winning than they did the day before winning. He explained why:

You have to have a money mindset first! Otherwise, the traditional processes of getting and spending money may hurt you.”

Joel Salomon

Many people consider financial freedom is equal to 1 Million dollars. Without the proper mindset, the lottery winner wins a million dollars and simply spends it.

If you don’t have healthy ideas about money and you believe the stock market is rigged, then Joel explains, you shouldn’t put your money in the stock market because you’ll probably lose it.

Your money success depends on your belief. For instance, if you want 1 million dollars, but you don’t believe you can ever have it, you won’t. Take baby steps and try manifesting $10,000 first.”

Joel Salomon

Joel tested this theory years ago. He decided he’d think about cotton balls every morning and every night when going to bed.

Three months later while at a park with his daughters, Joel saw dozens and dozens of cotton balls all over the park.

Some of those cotton balls sat on my desk for years after that to remind me I can manifest anything with belief and desire.”

Joel Salomon

Money is energy, and the energy we send out is the same energy which will come back.

If I thought ‘I’ve got to make money, I’ve got to make money’ I’d lose money. When I would let go and tell myself ‘I’m going to make money,’ I always did.”

Joel Salomon

You get what you focus on

However, meditation and visualization cannot exclude inspired action. When you feel inspired rather than ‘I have to’ you’ll have fun and become financially free.

Some of the 9 Rules mentioned in his book are BELIEF, INTUITION, HAPPINESS, GRATITUDE, and GIVING.

You don’t have to obey all 9 rules to be a millionaire. Everyone has an aptitude for making money and the ability to thrive.”

Joel Salomon

Joel mentioned 7 money personality types from his first book:

S – Splurgers

U – Unconscious

G – Greedy

A – Accumulators

P – Protectionists

I – Investor

E – Egotist

Which one do you identify with?

How do you shift your beliefs?


If you have dreams and desires having to do with travel, owning a sports car, or even finding a partner you should simply ACT AS IF.”

Joel Salomon

Joel had a desire to travel to Egypt. So, he created a vision board, and screen savers with pictures of the pyramids, etc. He researched cost of flights. He looked at hotels. He decided which excursions he’d take while there and what he’d see.

I did this with the mind set of ‘I’m already there.’ In January of 2022, I travelled to Egypt.”

Joel Salomon

Joel has an interactive course based on his book called How to Create Money Miracles. There are exercises for each chapter, and each of his 9 rules. It seems well worth it for $47.

Additionally, he offers Money Miracle Membership AND 30 minutes of free prosperity coaching.

The course will help you create massive abundance in your life. If you can’t create $50 by attending the course, I’ll give you your money back.”

Joel Salomon

Shining Brightly Through Cancer

On the day he was our guest, Howard Brown was also launching his first book, Shining Brightly.

This is a section of the forward by Dr. Robert J. Wicks

In Shining Brightly, Brown’s stories and guidance help us to meet suffering and uncertainty in new ways. In the pages and chapters that follow, his own story of confronting death is one we now refer to as an example of “post-traumatic growth” (PTG). This occurs when someone facing serious stress or trauma actually deepens as a result of it in ways that would not have been possible had the trauma or stress not happened in the first place. It is very similar to what for ages was known as “the spirituality of suffering” in which the person did not seek the undesirable, play it down, or romanticize it, but was also open to where such frightening events might take them. In other words, they did not see darkness as the final word but possibly the first step in new meaning-making and personal depth.”

Having survived Leukemia and Colon Cancer both in Stage IV when discovered, and about 26 years apart, Howard Brown is inspired to talk about the greatest health challenge humans are asked to endure.

He was only 23 when he faced death the first time. His career was blossoming when he noticed a little purple spot on his left cheek in front of his ear.

An example of a Non-Hodgkin’s lesion

After several appointments trying to figure out what was going on, Howard was sent to a cancer institute…first clue that he had cause to fear.

You have stage IV accelerated T-Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma,” the doctor said.

All Howard heard next was “blah, blah, blah, blah.”

My mom is sobbing, and my dad was a statue. I had no idea what was going on.”

Howard failed each chemo regimen they tried. Then, his twin sister offered to donate her bone marrow.

She was an exact match!”

Howard’s immune system hit a reset and the cancer went into remission. It was the key defining moment of survival from cancer number 1.

There is no blueprint for survivorship, but I got myself back together.”

Howard Brown

Patients that have had as much chemo and radiation as Howard did often develop cancer later in life effecting other areas of the body. When a polyp was discovered during a routine colonoscopy, Howard faced cancer again.

And again….chemotherapy failed, and the cancer grew. It spread to his liver, stomach lining, and bowel. With less than a year and a 4% chance of living, Howard faced fear a second time.

When you hear those devastating words, you get beaten down. Everyone around me was crying.”

The doctors tried a Hail Mary which was a massive surgery.

They cut me open and poured hot chemotherapy inside me. Then I was rotated for 90 minutes. They call it the mother of all surgeries.”

No evidence of disease at this time.

I have a lot of side effects, but I’m breathing. I hope to walk my daughter down the aisle at her wedding.”

Howard Brown

Howard attributes the following to his ability to survive:

  • Medical technology
  • World-wide prayer network
  • Family
  • Luck

I’m still here and have work to do. I need to give, and be, an inspiration. Together we make this world a better place.”

Shine brightly with Howard at his website here:

You Are More Than Your Mistake

Tuskey the clumsy elephant goes to Paris with his friends. Tuskey knocks over the Eiffel tower and says outloud, “bless me.”

“You just knocked down a great monument, why are you saying bless me?” his friends ask.

Tuskey explains, “the mistake is already done. I can decide to give myself grief or grace. I matter more than my mistake.”

Tuskey knows the next step is to make it right, and his friends help him do so.

This is just a few of the inspiring lessons Brenda Miller taught us on our recent episode of Life Mastery Radio with Todd & Jackie

  1.  When a mistake is made, give others grace not grief
  2. You matter more than your mistake
  3. Make it right

The book about Tuskey will be out in a few weeks and is already in the process of becoming a screen play by Hollywood.

Brenda Miller is the author of many books published and almost published.

Bully Proof Yourself & Your Kids

I can’t imagine not having many parenting books to help in our absolute most important job.”

Brenda Miller

Tuskey’s Travels consists of 15 stories based on the strategies Brenda teaches in The Kid Code | 30 Second Parenting Strategies.

Another book not yet published is Grumpy to Grateful based on research and Brenda’s own experience.

In our discussion Tuesday, Brenda reminded us:

Gratitude increases our immune response. A few minutes of feeling gratitude will dissolve toxic emotions.”

Brenda Miller

4. Gratitude is a doable miracle and almost as good as medication

Brenda provided examples of ways she teaches her grandchildren to feel grateful.

Because I have six grandkids, I have a television on the back of my driver’s seat for them to watch on longer trips.

They enjoy watching movies and would get upset when it was time to turn the movie off when arriving at our destination.

I began to probe the kids before each trip. ‘How do you feel right now about being able to watch the TV?’

The answer from the kids was they felt good about being able to do that.

I would then ask, ‘How do you want to feel when we get there and turn the TV off? Do you want to have gratitude or attitude with a temper tantrum?’

They replied that they wanted to feel good then, too.

I would say, ‘You can’t put a lid on lava. Once it starts it’s going to blow itself up and out.’

That was one strategy my grandkids understood.

In our desire to give our kids everything, we may have created a sense of entitlement. It’s a painful state to be in, but it is reversable.”

Brenda Miller

5. Entitlement is painful and reversable

Feel thankful right now. Feel it. Now feel it all day long.

Brenda teaches an evolution out of stress. We are stressed when we are feeling or behaving outside of our natural, joyous state.

How do we know what our true nature is?

  • Ask yourself, “I feel natural when I’m in the state of……”
  • Ask yourself, “What makes me long-term happy?”
  • I can make me long-term happy.

Stress comes because I’m not aware of my nature and trying to get destressed with something other than what will cause me to be joyfully harmless.

Brenda Miller

6. Every stressful moment is a wakeup call.

7. Addiction has never delivered what it promised.

8. Truth is a natural stress reliever.

There are many ways to discover the truth. First, I notice when I have an upset, such as when my husband doesn’t do something I wanted him to.

Secondly, I consider what I gain when he disappoints me. I need to feel I matter. When my husband doesn’t do what I wanted,  I overreact to prove I matter.”

Brenda Miller

We’ve learned to use anger as a manipulation tool to get what we want.

9. If I’m upset it’s my job to self-regulate back to my true nature. Feeling resentful is not natural.

10. Be what you want your child to be. If you model it, they will follow.

There were so many inspiring gems which can be extracted from Brenda’s interview. She gives ideas about ways to teach your kids how to identify  entitlement in other people in order to observe whether it creates happiness or not.

She gives tips on ways to manage pain through gratitude.

Brenda teaches ways to motivate your children to do something they don’t want to, and to transform them from a state of anger to one of harmless joy.

In one part of our interview, Brenda gives suggestions to parents about how to  prevent getting pulled into your children’s meltdowns and arguments with each other.


Brenda offers programs for parents, kids, and teachers on her site:

Parents, you are doing an excellent job because you’re trying. You can change yourself and influence your kids to change in a short period of time.”

Brenda Miller

You matter more than your parenting mistakes.

Behavior is a Symptom

Behavior is a symptom of what’s going on in the entire family. Parents, your child is talking to you and showing you something you need to see.”

Peggy Ouellette

Peggy Ouellette is a tremendous resource for families, and I’m delighted we had such an important discussion with her on our recent show.

In her youth, Peggy was the most sought after babysitter in the neighborhood. Being the oldest of six kids, she was always drawn to children.

Peggy is now a nurse practitioner and independently licensed in child and adolescent psychiatry. She focuses on finding the source of behavior using eastern and western medicine in her online practice Functional Family Psychiatry.

When you heal a family you heal the world.”

Peggy Ouelette

One 10-year-old client came to Peggy because the parents didn’t understand why he was refusing to attend school. This was not normal for their son, and the parents had tried behavioral interventions, home school, and other alternative schools.

Because of the deep dive Peggy took into the investigation of this young boy’s case, she discovered that mold in the home was making the boy sick.

Mold was creating neuropsychiatric changes in this boy, and he was having separation anxiety and paranoia. Every behavioral problem disappeared when the family moved into a different home.

We tend to miss what’s right in front of us.”

Peggy Ouellette

Peggy mentioned another patient who was having behavioral issues every time the moon was full. This link was discovered through careful tracking and journalling.

Parasites are effected by changes on the planet during a full moon. This child had a parasite.”

Peggy Ouellette

Peggy suggests we often miss the big picture until we examine the family with a different lens. As in the case of a visual-learning patient who was having meltdowns at school because he couldn’t see the teacher.

Or the little boy whose behavior went south because of a reaction to the blue dye in Gatorade given to him at a friend’s house. And another child because of constipation.


Kids don’t always have the vocabulary to describe their emotions, and that leads to acting certain ways. We should look for patterns to discern what our children are trying to convey.

When you know differently, you can communicate differently.

Pay attention and track your child’s behavior considering diet, environment (like mold in a house), imbalance, and digestion issues.”

Peggy Ouellette

Peggy’s practice, Functional Family Psychiatry searches for the root-cause using laboratory tests, genetic testing, dietary discovery, lifestyle, and environment to get the patient back to baseline.

Heavy metals and toxins since birth have been stored in our cells. Just about every patient can benefit by improvement in the S.A.D. – Standard American Diet which contributes to our toxic bucket.

Peggy Ouellette

Peggy is the first to remind all parents…

It’s not your fault. Speak out and stop suffering. If you’re not feeling heard by a medical professional, keep looking for someone who will listen.”

Peggy Ouellette

I’m very confident to proclaim Peggy is one of those people who will listen.

She asked us to share with you the gift of her morning routine for families. Start every morning with the most effective routine by going to this link Morning Routine

We have to be the leader in our family because it all rolls downhill.”

Peggy Ouellette

Take a Hike…with a Lighter Load

If you’ve ever taken a hike, you likely filled a backpack with essentials, as well as comfort items. Imagine as you hike, you pick up souvenirs of your journey and you put those into your backpack.

Some parts of your hike are on level ground, while other parts are uphill, on shifting rock, or require climbing over fallen trees.

As you continue to fill your backpack with treasures of nature, you’re soon breathing heavy and exhausted from the altitude and heat of the day. It would certainly help to lighten your load, wouldn’t it?

Nathalie Ekobo is a returning guest to Life Mastery Radio with Todd & Jackie. She has an interesting background with brilliant advice to share. With her wonderful French accent, listening to Nathalie share her advice is just that much more enjoyable.

Nathalie is known as an Energy Master, Intuitive, and a Business Alchemist.

Nathalie uses the metaphor of a backpack to explain how she helps clients clear their invisible backpacks of the negative souvenirs of life and replace them with positive gifts from the Universe.


Alchemy is defined as any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.

We take all the lead, the muck, and the heaviness of business. We apply a few things. We clear it out. Then we activate the gold and create something new in a partnership.”

Nathalie Ekobo
A gold pour

In a collaborative effort, Nathalie helps her clients tap into their higher selves, refine success, and create miracles together.


Discordant is defined as being at variance, disagreeing, or incongruous.

We all have issues with relationships both personal and business. There is a bag those relationships share. We put energies in that bag related to our common encounters and experiences.”

Nathalie Ekobo

Nathalie has the skills to reach into our backpacks and your relationship bags to remove everything that is discordant.

I have an MBA, experience in marketing and sales in both France and the United States. And I am tapped into Source.”

Nathalie Ekobo

Nathalie has the ability to remove people’s blocks. She can see what they cannot see. She helps clients discover what prevents them from going to the next level.

Let’s find out what’s buried under the carpet, put it to the light and shift it.”

Nathalie Ekobo

Nathalie’s Success Acceleration System teaches how to tap into Source through energy and give you answers to your business and personal life.

There is power in being present. Connect with yourself and your Source.

Nathalie Ekobo
  • Show me where to go now…
  • Show me who to talk to…
  • Show me ten perfect clients…
  • Show me what will bring me closer to my goal today…
  • Show me what will make me happy today…

Let go of the outcome and watch it happen.”

Nathalie suggests you close your eyes and imagine another state of you. You feeling joy. You feeling peace. You imagining someone you love. You bringing love to trillions of cells in your body.

There is fear of what we may find. There is no bad or wrong, just experiences. Embrace the monster and love it away.

Nathalie Ekobo

Here are a few Nathalie nuggets of gold you need to put in your backpack today.

Change yourself with ease, not with struggle

There is always a silver lining or gift

Life is working for you and not against you

You’re going to be fine

The Universe has your back

When it’s too hard, let it go

Give it to the Universe

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I just turned 60. What am I going to do with my next 60 years? I want to share my gifts.”

Nathalie Ekobo

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