When Shift Happens

From the age of 6, Millen Livis wanted to understand how the world worked. She studied physics but discovered it didn’t provide the answers she was looking for. A shift was about to happen.

I was on top of the world living the American dream. We came to this country with no money but ended up with a job on Wall Street and a great salary.

Millen Livis

What she calls “a divine crisis” brought Millen to her knees. A divorce. She experienced failure, guilt, and shame. Millen put aside her potential.

I was experiencing the darkest night of my soul. I was dying inside. I wasn’t sleeping or eating. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I avoided people, but I intuitively started praying and meditating.”

Millen Livis

Millen had not been raised in a religious home and unexpectedly found metaphysics provided the answers about life she’d been seeking.

It felt right. Intelligent love gave me what I needed. I was narrow minded before, and it took this painful experience to open my heart and my soul. It had to be an earth-shaking experience to shift my model of the world

Millen Livis

Millen admits before this crisis, ego had kept her resistant to the Source.

We don’t like to embrace the unknown, but that’s exactly how things work for our benefit in the quantum field. The shifts in my external life started happening when I changed inside, and I changed big time!”

Millen Livis

Today, Millen is a financial independence mentor, best-selling author, investor, and entrepreneur. She combines her traditional and holistic education to help professional and entrepreneurial women become financially independent and retire early, so that they enjoy more choices and more freedom, without having to worry about money!

FREEDOM, Millen discovered is her core value. She wants to be free to enjoy life on her terms without obligations, guilt, or owing something to someone.

I adjusted my choices which became aligned with the vision I now had of myself. Despite being strong and smart, I still needed support. I thought only weak people asked for help, but life taught me an important lesson.

Millen Livis

Millen explains life is like a boomerang. It’s about what YOU emit to the world. THAT’S what you’ll receive. When we live in integrity with values and words we use (which are frequency based), things will change for us. We will make better choices when we have clarity on what we WANT.

Clarity about what you want is important. We have ability to create the experiences we want. Everything is perception.”

Millen Livis

We (including myself) have strange perceptions of money. Millen explains many people feel money is something to chase and is hard to get. We might even feel money is not something we’re meant to have.

Millen has a different view of money.

I choose to see money as a friend who has my back. You don’t need to chase a friend.”

Millen Livis

Millen explains we are not linear beings, but multi-dimensional. Simply learning to invest is not enough for everyone. We can create success from the inside out and attract money through our frequency.

Mediations are part of Millen’s practice. Dr. Joe Dispenza is a mentor of hers and she endorses his meditation resources.

Millen also offers you a complimentary consultation, so you never have to worry about money again. She will help you map your path to financial independence.

Make your appointment at SpeakWithMillen.Com

You can learn more about Millen at DaretoChangeLife.com

I deeply believe everyone has the capacity to be financially independent, have a clear vision, and get what they want.

Millen Livis

Todd and Jackie were recent guests on Millen’s Dare to Change Life podcast. Watch it HERE

Business Blocking Boulders

Imagine you’re walking down a beautiful path toward the beach. You’re happy in the moment until suddenly there are huge boulders blocking the way to your destination.

You begin to think, “I can’t possibly crawl over these rocks, and there’s no way I could move them. My whole day is ruined, and I have to turn back.”

Your thoughts lead you to feel frustrated, sad, undeserving of joy, and guilt for wasting time. These feelings affect your physical body. Tension builds and you are suddenly exhausted, achy, and foggy in thought.

Figuratively, this may be what Highly Sensitive People experience daily.

Our recent guest, Nathalie Ekobo, is a highly sensitive entrepreneur. She is dedicated to help you remove obstacles and activate more business blessings so you can fulfill your purpose with more ease, and enjoy profitability, impact, and freedom.

Nathalie Ekobo

I help you remove those boulders in your path.”

Nathalie Ekobo

Since Highly Sensitive People (HSP) have a nervous system wired a little differently than most, it’s easy to get into the cycle of negative thought, negative emotion, and negative energy which the boulder metaphor described.

Thoughts produce feelings. If you feel frustrated for instance, then you’re vibrating frustrated energy to the world of ‘I’m a failure and a loser’. You broadcast everything energetically to other people, and they feel your energy. The Universe can’t respond in any other way but to give you more frustrated energy.

Nathalie Ekobo

Energetically you are blocked. If you don’t want to stay there, Nathalie can help. Her super HSP power will tap into your energy, your vibration, and the vibration of your business, and she will tell you what’s holding you back.

We can co-partner to remove the boulders and clear your path to business success and joy .”

Nathalie Ekobo

Nathalie had a career as VP Marketing of Sales, and after 10 years she wanted more. Out of the blue she remembered a dream she manifested at the age of 15 while visiting U.S. national parks with her parents.

I had a dream to open a French Restaurant in Phoenix, AZ.

Nathalie Ekobo

Nathalie had never told anyone her dream until travelling with a work associate one day. His reply to Nathalie was, “I have the same dream. I want to open a French Restaurant in Phoenix, too!”

With suitcases in hand and a dream in their hearts, Nathalie and her business partner moved from France to Arizona and opened their restaurant – French Ambience.

I married the chef, and we now have a teenage daughter.”

Nathalie Ekobo

The restaurant eventually become overwhelming to an HSP like Nathalie. She was introduced to energy work and a person who helped people clear past lives. She didn’t know about past lives but was open minded… and desperate for any help.

I began to feel things opening up. I had clarity of vision, and obstacles in my path were cleared. I wanted to learn how to do that for other people!

Nathalie Ekobo

Nathalie felt she was always intuitive but suppressed it. Now she has constant conversation with Source.

It’s phenomenal how I developed this gift. Anyone can do so with a little practice. If you connect with knowingness you can make your dreams happen. You can step forward with faith, trust, and Universe as your partner.

Nathalie Ekobo

Do you feel cluttered and overwhelmed?

Are you doing everything all the business coaches are telling you, but your career is still not flowing forward with ease?

According to Nathalie you don’t need one more marketing strategy or one more social media tip. The goal in life is to open yourself up. Get connected to your Source. Make life and business happen with ease and without overwhelm.

I lived years without knowing I was HSP. I would be exhausted after networking events. I would give a speech somewhere and need a full day to recover from it. Lights and noises while travelling stressed me out. I thought something is wrong with me. I have an MBA. Why am I struggling to grow my business?

Nathalie Ekobo

The good news is: there is nothing wrong with you! You’re just sensitive. Take Nathalie’s quiz to determine your level of sensitivity, then book a call with her and get those boulders in your path cleared away!

Take Nathalie’s Quiz here!

Surviving your Tsunami

Imagine being in the path of a tsunami. A large wall of water towers over you and washes away the once-thought sure foundation beneath you. Being washed to and fro in the churning waves, you struggle for something, anything, to hold on to.


Imagine as hard as it is to keep your head above water, and to dogpaddle until exhaustion nearly overtakes you, this may be a perfect situation. This may be the best thing which has ever happened to you.

Our recent guest, Maria Mantoudakis is the author of a new book: Tsunami to Greatness: Unleashing the Power of Self-Love and Synchronicity to Become the Best Version of You.

Maria survived a triple whammy tsunami:

1. January 2008 her mother passed away

2. Two weeks later she was laid off from her job

3. The love of her life broke off their relationship

Maria was drowning in the tsunami. Thankfully, a few angel-friends showed up to help her. She was inspired by others who survived tragedies like hers, and she began to recognize synchronicity in the events of her own life.

Despite the triple tragedies in 2008, it ended up being the best year of Maria’s life.

I found a job a thousand times better than the old one. I became a speech champion, achieved a top 10 percent award as an instructor with Dale Carnegie courses, and I finally returned to Greece  – a lifetime dream.”

Maria Mantoudakis

That’s Maria’s message: “Whatever you’re currently going through, it might be the best year of your life. Miracles happen every day and we miss them.”

We may not know it because of the little voice in our head, but we are perfect. Perfect, based on our purpose and what we are supposed to do.”

Maria Mantoudakis

If you judge a fish by how well it can fly, it would be a very bad fish.

Unless you were meant to be a flying fish…

Remember when you were a teenager, and you thought you knew everything? Now as you look back, you realize you didn’t know anything. Remember when breaking up with your first love at the age of 14 was the end of your world? Now it seems like an insignificant event.

We all have different versions of ourselves. We look back at those old versions and wonder why we did certain things. What if we could see who we’ll be after life’s tsunamis? We can get overwhelmed with what’s going on right now, and we don’t think about the better and more brilliant version of ourselves we’ll be after the current tsunami.”

Maria Mantoudakis

In Maria’s book you’ll learn to access your true self. You’ll learn how to jump into the next phase of life with peace, joy, and synchronicity. You’ll learn fear is an illusion, and gratitude is the cure to gain a different perspective.

By visiting Maria’s website (RecreateSuccessNow), you’ll receive : 5 Ways to Develop Self Love – Discovering the Perfection in You, a free eBook in which you can take inventory of your skills and talents.

ALERT: A tsunami is approaching

Don’t Settle for the Dictates of Life

Expect to see more and you will. What you see and act on will change your life.”

Hila J. Esters

Our guest Hila J. Esters discovered this truth when she was three years old.

Like most three-year old’s Hila found church boring. Her mother would pinch Hila, reminding her to sit still and pay attention.

Hila would focus on the preacher as he would talk about God. Hila would wonder: where is God?

I looked around at the stained-glass windows depicting Jesus with the lambs, and with His mother, Mary. I saw Jesus as a baby, but I didn’t see God. Where is God?”

Hila J. Esters

Hila contemplated the question until her desire to know the answer overpowered her. Interrupting her busy mother (which didn’t always turn out well) Hila took a chance.

Mom, I can’t find God in the windows at church. Where is he?”


Hila, God is in heaven, invisible, and you can talk to him any time you want.”

Hila’s momma

Hila walked outside and found a comfortable place to sit in the yard.

Hello God. How are you?”


A voice surrounded Hila.

The flowers are beautiful today, aren’t they?”


Hila was amazed that God was talking to her.  She kept this gift to herself so she wouldn’t be doubted or teased.

My life was set on a path and I’ve followed it even today. I follow the holy spirit and I take the action I’m told to.”

Hila J. Esters

Hila J. Esters is now a minister, teacher, author, speaker, podcast host, visionary thought leader, mentor, and coach.

She has authored three books, with her latest titled: The Miraculous Realm of Heaven on Earth – Living Life on the Other Side of Resurrection

She discovered God’s desire for her to write this book through a vision:

One morning a puppet was standing at my bed side. Pinocchio-like and dirty, he was despondent. Dark clouds hung over his head. Strings attached to his hands and feet were being manipulated by an unseen puppet master. The puppet could not figure out why he kept failing in life.

Suddenly his eyes opened wide as he became aware of an eternal truth: he didn’t have to live that way. His expression became one of determination. The puppet took out a large pair of scissors and cut the strings above his head.

As the puppet faded away, the words: The Miraculous Realm of Heaven on Earth faded into view. I knew that would be the title of the book God was telling me to write.”

Hila explains the puppet as a metaphor to show us how to go forward and change our lives when we feel we can’t. We are being manipulated by others, and not allowing the Spirit to work in our lives.

This is Hila’s purpose and passion – to help people who are stuck in unfulfilled lives break out of repeating cycles of behavior which holds them hostage like puppets.

Hila coaches people in her master class: 5-step Miraculous Realm System

  1. Decision
  2. Purpose
  3. Plan
  4. Strategic Preparation
  5. Preeminence – The Kingdom Lifestyle

Don’t settle for the dictates of life. Expect to see more and you will. What you see and act on will change your life. It’s up to you to go after it!”

Hila J. Esters

Find Hila at www.FreedomNetworkNow.com where she provides a podcast, messages, her book, a goldmine of resources, and her contact info.

Still skeptical?

You have to get quiet. Meditate. Ask: I welcome you Holy Spirit to give me revelation, wisdom, and knowledge of __________________. Then you listen.

Live as though you already have it, and it will be brought to you. As soon as it comes out of your mouth you have it.”

Hila J. Esters

Building Wealth, Like Building Muscle

Let’s say you want to build muscles, and it’s suggested that you change your diet; eat fruits, vegetables, etc.

How does that support you to build muscles? It doesn’t. Until you lift weights you will not gain muscle. Dieting and building muscles are two different functions of your body.

Therefore, paying off credit card debt is like dieting – it will not build the assets that will allow you to create wealth. Later in life you end up with no debt, but you also have no assets.”

Rennie Gabriel

This is an important lesson our recent guest, Rennie Gabriel learned. Despite education in, and a career as, a financial planner, Rennie became financially broke at the age of 50.

I was not taught the foundations of handling money effectively, which is sad. Ninety percent of the population has not received the right information about money.”

Rennie Gabriel

How has this happened?

Parents and teachers can’t teach what they don’t know. I’ve asked hundreds of Certified Public Accountants, and not one has said budgeting and handling money was part of their course work. It wasn’t included in my course work as a financial planner.

Rennie Gabriel

Rennie explains financial planners are taught to help wealthy people stay wealthy, but not how to create wealth. Rennie says the first place to start creating wealth is with our attitudes, beliefs, and values.

There are some beliefs which hold us back. These beliefs keep us stuck in the same old rut of living from paycheck to paycheck, choosing which bills we can pay this month, and being concerned about impressing strangers.

There is a myth which says you have to pay off your credit cards before you can start saving or investing in yourself.

Rennie Gabriel

Once Rennie knew the secrets, he paid the minimum payments on his debt, and he saved money while doing so. In three years, he’d saved $18,000. He used that to start an investment portfolio with two other people.

Anyone who lives on 80% of what they earn will be able to create wealth. Ten percent saved for later, and ten percent kept for the rest of their life. That’s the money used to build wealth.

Rennie Gabriel

In his book, Wealthy on Any Income – 12 Secrets to Financial Freedom, Rennie covers some false beliefs you and I are likely to have:

Thought/Belief #1

More money will buy the happiness I’m missing now.

Thought/Belief #2

Budgets and spending plans are the same thing.

Thought/Belief #3

If I just made more money, I wouldn’t need a spending plan or budget.

Thought/Belief #4

This will take too much time and restrict my spending.

Thought/Belief #5

Setting up a spending plan will be too complicated.

Thought/Belief #6

Rich people don’t have to do this. I shouldn’t have too either.

Because of his wealth now, Rennie can give more money to causes he believes in. He gives all the proceeds of his book and programs to a nonprofit called Shelter to Soldier.

They take dogs from environments where they could die on the street, or in a shelter where they could be euthanized, and they are trained as service animals for soldiers who’ve returned from service with PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, or other issues. Suicide rates among our returning military personnel is almost one an hour – 22 a day.”

Rennie Gabriel

Not one soldier who has received a service dog has committed suicide, yet thousands of dogs a day are euthanized.

Rennie describes a few ways dogs can help:

  • Someone with PTSD can start to get uncomfortable in a crowd, and his/her service dog can sense this and take the soldier out of the situation.
  • A soldier could be having night terrors, and their service dog will jump on the bed and wake them up.
  • These dogs can turn on light switches, open doors, and whatever else the veteran needs.

Rennie is a TEDx speaker. You’re welcome to listen to his presentation here.

Rennie’s book should be a part of your library as well. If you’re like me, you need more education on building wealth.

The World is Ready, and the Children are Waiting

Our recent guest, Eva Goulette received a message from Spirit 2 years ago: the world is ready, and the children are waiting. She took action which has resulted in spiritual training for children in 14 different countries around the world.

Her journey has been miraculous. Eva has always been creative. She was a ballet dancer and a teacher – running a dance studio in upper state New York in her twenties.

Following her intuition, Eva made a cross country move to the west coast and found a job at Disneyland producing events. This was a dream job for Eva, and yet she began to realize it was feeding her ego, but not her spirituality. Despite several nudges from the Universe to move on, she did not listen.

Standing in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and their pals welcome visitors from all over the world. Combining classic favorites and exciting additions, the Disneyland Resort is an essential part of a Southern California vacation. (Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort)

I knew I was living from my head, and not my heart. I needed to connect with my heart, but I did not know what it meant then. I didn’t want to leave the fun stuff and step into the unknown.”

Eva Goulette

The Universe had to intervene. A head-on auto accident resulted in a TBI (traumatic brain injury) after which Eva had to move home to be cared for by her parents. With memory loss and physical limitations, she considered alternative healing therapies.

Eva began studying shamanism. She noticed changes in her brain and added drumming to her therapy. Her healing was accelerated. Then she was introduced to a spirit camp for kids being taught by an acquaintance. She was invited to consider teaching a camp.

This was a perfect marriage for me – spirituality and children.

Eva Goulette

Children in the small camps Eva hosted had profound experiences. She witnessed children reenergize the memory of their spiritual nature. She started a business called Dancing Jaguar Inspirations with a mission to:

Use a mixture of ancient traditions, nature experiences, and modern holistic techniques to assist in the development of well-rounded, empowered children, who are connected to their authentic selves, by providing them with educational experiences that nurture their minds, bodies, and spirits.

In order to reach children in the 14 countries that now benefit from her programs, Eva felt inspired to create training programs for Spirit Camp teachers.

It was a full body of work in my head, but I didn’t know how to make sense of it on paper for teachers. Spirit opened up, and it just came to me.”

Eva Goulette

The results on kids? Light, awakening, recognition in children as young as five years old.

It is so amazing and an honor to be witness to that in such a young soul.”

Eva Goulette

Eva explained that many children, by the time they are 8 years old, do not share their empathic skills publicly because society (and often family members) have discouraged it. As children get older, they push their sensitivities down because those gifts are not often spoken about in families and/or they are made fun of because of special gifts they exhibit.

There’s a part of these children which have been neglected. There is a lot of self-discovery happening at Spirit Camp.”

Eva Goulette

Eva reports teaching children to tap into their inner wisdom, listen to the way their body communicates with them, and tools to help them nurture themselves.

At school they are nurtured in the mind; through play they are nurtured in the body; and at Spirit Camp they are nurtured in the Spirit.”

Eva Goulette

Children from age 5-12, and teens are taught to read their energy, and sense the energy in another person, and in nature. There are also classes for adults. In case you are interested, the next Spirit Camp begins the end of April, and there is a 6-class series coming up March 8th. Any adult who would like to teach Spirit Camps can enroll in a certification course beginning May 1st.

Check out all the classes here: Dancing Jaguar Inspirations.

Eva is giving away a meditation to help you identify your inner critic and inner champion. It is FREE to you here: Adult Version of Meet Your Inner Critic Meditation.pdf – Google Drive

Is your Ladder Leaning on the Wrong Wall?

Pat Alva-Kraker’s book Katherine’s Quest is about a main character whose life and challenges every reader can connect to, and who happens upon inspirational words from the past. If that’s not enough, Pat’s book also contains musings and teachings from the author herself. I gained amazing insights by perusing its pages.

If you enjoy traveling, you will feel like wearing Bermuda shorts and flip flops while reading this sweet parable about islands such as:

Aeiea Island – the place of beginnings

Conception Island – the place to start a sacred journey.

Socrata Island – the place to heal.

Mindando Island – the place to learn the love of work.

Faon Island – the place of happiness without possessions

Thole Island – the place of love

Elation Island – the place of culmination

Pat was driven to write this book for you because of three disastrous life events she herself experienced: cancer, widowhood, and a layoff. She navigated her way through these trying circumstances and now provides ways for each of us to circumnavigate our own challenges in a fictional story about Katherine.

Pat Alva-Kraker

Working most of her career in a male-dominated industry, Pat is now on a mission to help women feel empowered in the engineering and IT industries. Pat ran into women who were ambitious and hungry for executive management. She had asked them the burning question:

How can I help you get there?”

Pat Alva-Kraker

Her reputation and customer base ignited when people in companies would tell their female employees, “you should talk to Pat.”

Pat begins her coaching process by asking her clients to define “success” for themselves.

Many women step into the shoes of what society deems “success’ to be, such as a college degree, management, climbing the corporate ladder, and then they don’t feel happy because their ladder is leaning on the wrong wall.

Pat Alva-Kraker

Pat’s description illustrates what happens to many of us – we fall out of congruency with our own measure of success.

I enjoyed this inspiring nugget from Chapter 2 of Katherine’s Quest:

We always have our choice. Our sacred journey is an ebb and flow of experiences that make us who we are. Our life experiences show up like wrinkles around our eyes. Some of the wrinkles are of joy, others of sadness. Each of us are on a sacred journey that is unique, that cannot be lived by anyone else.

Katherine’s Quest; Pat’s Musings

You’re exactly where you need to be. Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 7 because we all have a unique path.

Pat Alva-Kraker

Every morning when you wake up, name 2-3 things you are grateful for. Allow yourself to sit in silence, then ask the question: “What’s my next best step today?” Then go do that.

At the end of the day, Pat encourages us to participate in an exercise she calls unraveling:

Play back your day as if it was a movie. Be the observer of your movie and watch for the patterns in your day. What went well, and why? What did not go so well, and why? You can learn from every day’s experience by being the observer of your life. Write your discoveries down.”

Pat Alva-Kraker

Pat provides Self-Care methodology in her book as well, which should be practiced every day.

When our cup is full or overflowing, then we can give from a better place versus depleting ourselves and putting us last on the list. Giving from an empty cup doesn’t serve anyone.”

Pat Alva-Kraker

Pat suggests:




Feelings are the magnet to bringing in the things you want. How do you want to feel, and how do you want others to feel? Let go and ask for what you want or something better.”

Pat Alva-Kraker

Pat advises it is better to be satisfied than successful. Rather than get hooked into being defined by the money goals of career, be sure what we are doing is really what we want to do. Make sure our actions connect with our mission.

In Pat’s book, the main character, Katherine learns this important lesson:

In the end, a choice between the life of overindulgence and never-ending work, little peace and only rare moments of joy, and a life of elation, she would take elation. She would seek the great joy and happiness that is best when it comes from inside and lived on the outside.

Katherine’s Quest

Make sure to check out Pat’s book, and the other products on sell at www.MajesticCoachingGroup.com

WHAT is Enough

For those of you saying, “I’m tired,” “I’ve done everything I know to do,” and “I don’t know what else I can do” our recent guest, Treveal C.W. Lynch is someone to pay attention to. Perhaps you are exhausted from all the effort you are exerting and the hard work you are putting in day after day, only to feel you are never enough.

I completely get it! I needed to hear his message!

Treveal is a Self-Worth Specialist, and author of the book What Is Enough. He founded iamthepossible®, and preaches:

The greatest thing you will ever become, is accepting of WHAT you already (are)

Treveal C.W. Lynch
Treveal C.W. Lynch

The “C.W.” represents his father: Christopher Westley. Treveal was estranged from his father for many years. Once reunited, Treveal found forgiveness and now honors his father by making him a part of all he does, and everything he is a part of.

Don’t dare leave out the C.W.

Treveal C.W. Lynch

Despite Treveal’s efforts to teach you and I about our significance, he was once feeling very worthless.

At the age of 20 Treveal was held at gunpoint and robbed for $120 of weed. The robbers demanded three times, “Give me what you have.”

When Treveal was unwilling to give them the marijuana, the trigger was pulled.

The gun failed to fire.

Look how worthless I felt. I was willing to be shot for a bag of weed. Are YOU willing to live beneath your true value?”

Treveal C.W. Lynch

A year after he was robbed at gunpoint, Treveal committed grand theft at a bistro to it’s owner. He was facing a 15-year prison sentence.

While still in jail, a county sheriff invited those in custody to attend a church service on Sunday morning.

All I wanted to do was get out of the cell block. I was not religious but was being offered 60 minutes to leave my cell, and I took it.”

Treveal C.W. Lynch

It was during the service Treveal heard a story of Jesus. The message he received from the sermon was clear and life-changing:


You smoked weed, robbed people at gunpoint, broke into buildings and vandalized them, cussed people out, beat people up, and YOU ARE ACCEPTED. With all of your mess, all of your crap, all of your failings, all of your flaws, all of your ugliness, all of your brokenness – I still accept you.

That turned everything around for Treveal. He had been feeling like an outsider, and now belonged to something. He was ACCEPTED.

His pastor came to Treveal’s rescue, and with an attorney friend convinced the judge to allow Treveal to pay his victim back the money he had robbed him. If he agreed to this arrangement, the bistro owner was willing to drop all charges and clean up Treveal’s record.

Treveal was released, went to work, and over time paid all the money back.

Self-awareness is the concept of being aware we are in the right place to BE enough, HAVE enough, and know we’ve ACHIEVED enough.”

Treveal C.W. Lynch

We can live FROM our worth and not FOR our worth.

WHO you are is your identity. WHY you are is the intention of your creator. WHAT you are is your investment to life. You are created to BE a contribution. WHAT tells you WHY you are.”

Treveal C.W. Lynch

Treveal suggests we ADVOCATE for the ALREADY and focus on digging within ourselves to discover WHAT’S already inside us.

WHAT do you do naturally?

WHAT do you think naturally?

WHAT makes you cry naturally and laugh naturally?

WHAT do you naturally gravitate toward?

WHAT social issues in the world naturally pull your heart strings?

WHAT do you do naturally that makes people remark, “You do that so well”?

WHAT is already there. Our WHAT will be pulled out when we take time to self-observe.

You would do well to read Treveal’s book, and to listen to his podcasts. WHAT are you waiting for?


Lights, Camera, Purpose!

When it comes to success in business…

1. Are you willing to do whatever it takes?

2. Will you show up every day and put the work in?

3. Are you obsessed with your business (or your business idea)?

4. Are you committed to discovering what your soul purpose is?

5. Are you able to adjust your business model where necessary?

6. Are you committed to your business for life?

7. Are you willing to learn more about yourself through your business?

8. Are you willing to integrate spiritual techniques into your business?

9. Are you committed to being the face and leader of your brand?

10. Are you a quitter?

If you answered yes to questions 1-9 and no to question 10, you should read Rebekah Louisa Smith’s book. If you answered yes to question 10, do not read her book. And if you answered no to questions 1-9 then definitely do not read Dr. Smith’s book.

Dr. Rebekah Louisa Smith, author of Born to Do It: Becoming the Leader of a Business Niche Using Powerful Spiritual Techniques was our most recent guest on Life Mastery Radio.

Rebekah pursued an academic career with both a master’s degree, and a Ph.D. planning to teach film. Yet when she agreed to help a friend produce a horror film festival, she was inspired to take a different path.

It was effortless for Rebekah to produce the festival despite long days, short nights, and challenges that come with live performances, talks, and music.

It felt easy, and without stress. Thanks to my Ph.D. I knew how to break down huge projects into smaller bite-size chunks. I realized I was born to do it. I came alive and felt more like myself than ever before.”

Rebekah Louisa Smith

Rebekah discovered one of the biggest challenges to film makers was the distribution of their film. She has since become the expert and is known as THE FILM FESTIVAL DOCTOR with 958 awards earned by her clients because of Rebekah’s hands-on-service approach. She now has 10 years of strategic experience in the film industry.

Rebekah did not know her soul’s purpose then but has since recognized that it is the key to loving all you do. Anyone who knows their purpose will gladly spend hours in a day fulfilling their purpose and wake up drawn to their purpose every morning.

Her book is not about the film industry. It is about the powerful ways you and I can feel excited about our life everyday by doing what we were born to do. It is a personal story that draws upon unique techniques and practices to learn your soul’s purpose and teaches us to start a business in a niche which matches our purpose.

Rebekah would tell you being the leader of your business niche does not mean you need to put a ridiculous amount of pressure on yourself to be the best in your field and compete against your competitors; rather, it means you stand out from the crowd of people within your niche (including other entrepreneurs, business owners and your competitors etc.), no matter how big or small that crowd might be.

Ed J.C. Smith encouraged Rebekah to create what he calls a ‘killer problem statement’, which becomes the core element around which a business must be based. He explained the best way to tell people what you do is to simplify how you will resolve your client’s pain. It is broken down as follows:

I help … (your niche)

Get … (their desire)

Without … (their pain)

By … (hiring your services or buying your product)

Rebekah also provides methods of a spiritual nature to include in the pursuit of a successful business:


Vision boards

Cosmic ordering

Feng Shui for business

Cosmic ordering, Rebekah explains, is asking for what you want from the universe.

I really want ____________________for the good of all concerned.

Every morning I place a cosmic order where I ask to get one new business lead. I also ask for one of my films to get into a film festival for the good of my clients and all concerned.”

Rebekah Louisa Smith

Rebekah has tweaked the original verbiage to add: “What I’d really love and appreciate is…”

Rebekah cautions:

You have to let go once you place the order. Do not stress about the problem any longer. If you are worried about whether it will come through, you might miss it altogether.”

Rebekah Louisa Smith

Rebekah was a very interesting person because of her experiences, and the powerful lessons she can teach everyone. You can learn more about her by visiting one or both of her websites:

Rebekah Louisa Smith and The Film Festival Doctor

Accountability and your Teepee

Our most recent guest on Life Mastery Radio was royalty since she is known as the Queen of Radical Accountability. Her program with clients is 90 days of intense focus on what matters, and it is called Radical Accountability Movement.

If you are a visionary entrepreneur, you likely have many ideas. So many ideas in fact, it becomes hard to focus on just one at a time, and that leads to constant distractions. UGH! I feel it – it is MY life!

Rebecca explains why it is not helpful to be in this mindset:

Our ideas mean hard work and relentless focus on mastery. We let go of our real brilliance because we’re trying to do everything on our own.”

Rebecca Irey

We have so much going on, and we cannot possibly follow through with all the tasks listed in our head. It becomes more and more difficult to feel as though we are having success. In Rebecca’s program the first step is to get clear on YOUR PURPOSE.

Your talents are unique, which makes your mission unique.

Visionaries are less likely to get distracted when they know their purpose. You learn to differentiate from the ideas that are needle-movers, and those ideas that don’t have to be acted on right now.”

Rebecca Irey

Rebecca suggests A Someday, Maybe List.

Get your ideas out of your head and down on paper. You’ll tackle them eventually, just not today.”

Rebecca Irey

Clients who work with Rebecca set long term goals 12-18 months out. She understands this helps her clients feel less intimidated, but clear on goals, and real on the steps needed to achieve their goals.

Everyone needs clarity about where they are and where they want to be. Breaking long-terms goals down to daily actions will help every individual progress toward their desired end every day. Break audacious goals into tiny steps and be accountable to someone.”

Rebecca Irey

Rebecca cautions us about who to be accountable to.

“On the Lakota Medicine Wheel, the 7th power is ACCOUNTABILITY, and a phrase they teach is (I’m paraphrasing) DON’T BE ACCOUNTABLE TO ANYONE WHO LIVES IN YOUR TEEPEE.”

When working with Rebecca and her Beyond Accountability Movement, you will focus equally in four areas of accountability to attain proper balance in life:

  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Business
  • Fitness

You can be radically focused on business and everything else becomes dim. The first week in the movement is hard because you have to face the reality of where you are.”

Rebecca Irey

When we focus on only one of the aforementioned areas, Rebecca calls it “Being Ruled by the Tyranny of the Urgent. We become controlled by the feelings of having to do everything. We get into a cycle of performing in areas of our lives we are not good at, and without knowing it we are on a path completely opposite of our goals.

Focus on accomplishing the four most important tasks each week through daily goals, and you’ll always be moving the needle in the right direction. Daily goals work to keep you moving forward consistently.”

Rebecca Irey

Would you like to be part of Rebecca’s Radical Accountability Movement? There are 4 spots open right now! It is easy to get involved.

Find her on Facebook @Blueskyebusiness  and through her website at Blue Skye Business Find the Beyond Accountability Movement and sign up today!