What does Karma really mean?

Are there different types of Karma?

Is everything random or organized?

Our recent guest, Anneli Driessen has been curious about these questions since her youngest childhood memories. What she has learned, and what she now teaches, is that despite our chaotic planet, the Universe is supremely organized, and we can be spiritual leaders who live happily with the crazy inconsistencies of our human existence.

“I grew up Catholic in a little coal mining town in Germany. I believed in God the Father and Jesus, but there was something that bothered me. There was a house in town where I’d been taught Satan lived.”

Anneli would typically cross the street to avoid the horrible house at the end of it, until one day when she was 7 years old, curiosity got the best of her.

Anneli walked up to the house (which ended up being a Lutheran church), and sneakily entered without being seen. She was shaking in her boots knowing she was about to see where Satan lived.

Oh, my God, this is the end of me!

Anneli opened the big metal front door and parted the red velvet curtain directly inside. To her surprise there was no one there, including Satan.

“I saw benches and a confession booth like the Catholic church had. There were flowers similar to those I’d see at Sunday meetings, and it even smelled the same as the church I attended.”

Anneli’s heart pounded as she stood there alone taking it in. This was not where Satan lived, it was a church like the one she belonged to.

“I started to ask questions. I began a search for answers. My father took me to incredible places, and I traveled around the world. I wondered how there could be a God of love and still be so much discrimination for different beliefs.

I studied comparative religions and went to different churches. I was fascinated by the genuineness of the faithful, and it was very touching for me.”

Anneli’s experiences have led her to do what she does today. It was her calling to establish the International Metaphysical Academy in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

The Academy’s mission is to encourage independent thinking and provide new knowledge, self-evaluation, and personal development. Anneli provides metaphysically oriented coaching for individuals and groups and a cutting edge metaphysical graduate program.

Anneli’s approach is primarily cognitive and less experiential. She defines Metaphysics as:

The study of mind, energy, matter, and unexplainable phenomena that are invisible to most people. It deals with universal laws and principles of consciousness, mysticism, intelligence, spirituality, and the purpose of all life here and inside the cosmos.”

It may be nice to be a monk living on a mountain somewhere, but how does that serve humanity?

I am inspired by that question Anneli put to our audience. It is beautiful to me that she teaches service and love as being the most important aspects of our spiritual nature. It’s not enough to achieve enlightenment if we don’t use it to enhance the lives of others.

“That’s consciousness expansion and so much of the message I share. Expansion is not a lofty goal; it’s how we act daily with authenticity.”

Anneli includes scientific discoveries she’s made herself, along with other authors, thinkers, and writers who substantiate knowledge of the spiritual world. She claims some of it is mind boggling.

~ Her Academy is for open minded people who are willing to revisit what they once believed to be true. And, it’s open to anyone who has questions.

~ Her Academy is not about control or dogma. It is not manipulation of any kind. Students face their own devils and find they are usually not real, just as in Anneli’s case.

Anneli invites you to connect with her through email: Anneli@MetaphysicalAcademy.com

You can view her upcoming year-long course at: https://metaphysicalacademy.com/

Despite our chaotic planet, the Universe is supremely organized, and we can be spiritual leaders who live happily with the crazy inconsistencies of our human existence.

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