I wouldn’t say I was a control freak, but I was probably close to that, especially about my kids. I tried to protect them 24/7. Of course, that does not work.”

Murielle Fellous may have a story like yours or another parent you know. Her desire to protect her kids and influence them positively was good, but it’s an illusion she suggests we must let go of.

It led me to depression.

Her three teenaged children were acting out in ways that could have been very dangerous, if not fatal. They were going to parties and exploring their independence a little too much.

I was living in anxiety every time they went out, and that’s something you cannot sustain. I got to a point when I was so low I wished I would disappear. It was too much for me.”

Murielle didn’t want to admit she was unhappy, because she feared it would mean she didn’t love her kids.

One night I woke up in tears. After crying and crying, I let go of the self-judgment and realized I wasn’t a horrible mom for feeling like I did. It became clear to me I could not co-create or co-parent with the Universe when I was only feeling fear, anxiety, and hopelessness.”

Murielle learned she was not responsible to save her children, but she could save herself through better ways to cope. She introduced us to some coping methods she discovered:

  • Surrender (life would give me the tools to protect my kids when I was ready to receive them)
  • Meditation (self-regulating from fear to faith)
  • Tapping (stimulating blood-flow to the brain)

When we are in a state of worry, our analytical brain which supplies solutions and ideas isn’t able to receive the amount of blood flow necessary to think clearly.”

What is the next step?

Examine your thoughts and your inner dialogue. Co-parenting with the universe is about being emotionally aligned with higher vibrational emotions than fear and worry.

What is the next step?

One day my prayer was answered when my son was matched with a Big Brother. His mentor helped him for three years, and he stayed in contact with my son even after we left the country. I had found a way to be flexible with the outcome, and I received a solution.”

Stay open to solutions from a book, a person, or a program. Stay open and flexible. Something will come.

I don’t know about you reader, but I was a young mother once too. I remember having all these emotions because of the responsibility I felt had been placed on my shoulders. I felt as though it was up to me to see that my kids achieve success.

It would have been nice to have someone like Murielle to talk to back then. Someone to answer the question,

What is the next step?

Let go of worry when you’re that triggered, knowing you can’t use thoughts to change your thoughts. You have to go through your nervous system using a method like TAPPING.”

*At this point in our interview, Murielle went through a comprehensive demonstration of TAPPING. It’s worth your time to watch and learn more of her technique.

Tapping is a combination of ancient wisdom since it uses the same meridians in acupuncture. Tapping is acupressure as you will push on certain points of the meridians to calm your nervous system.

Tapping adds elements of Psychology, too because you talk about your problem while Tapping. You’re sending a message to the stress center of your brain which triggers the fight, flight, or freeze reaction.

Tapping breaks the neural association between the problem and the anxiety. We relax. The brain starts to function better. We are clearer, we have more resourcefulness, we feel better.

One of my kids tried to kill themselves, and I was so changed by the experience of TAPPING that even when they were in the psychiatric hospital for a week, I was able to intercept the loop of negativity.”

Murielle does a weekly podcast called Co-Parenting with the Universe. She is an intuitive life coach helping single moms prevent the downward spiraling of overwhelming guilt, powerlessness, and depression.

If you’re asking the question “What is the next step?” you may get a free EFT TAPPING Video on her website: https://www.coparentingwiththeuniverse.com/

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