I was a lost kid for a while because I could sense things differently. I’m empathic, and I could pick up other people’s emotions or read the room really early on as a kid.”

Anna Y.C. Chen

Anna Chen’s parents had no idea what to do with her since in her Asian culture it was taboo to talk about spirituality.

I pretended to be normal and played along. By the time I got into university, being Asian, I went into business.”

Anna Chen

Because Anna wasn’t living authentically, she burned out, withdrew from some classes, developed depression, and felt she had no direction. She grew tired of trying to fit into certain groups and find commonality.

During that low point I ended up losing my grandfather and my uncle in a 4 month period. Then within another 2 months my dad was diagnosed with cancer. I was experiencing grief, doubting my identity, and was kicked out of business school.”


A Japanese proverb changed Anna’s life:

One needs to have the courage to jump off the stage of Kiyomizu (about 4-5 stories high) to become successful.”

She realized she needed courage to risk everything for the one thing that would bring her real happiness. For Anna, that meant being on stage.

I wanted to be on stage, but at that time I didn’t know what I was going to be on stage. I could sing. I could speak. I didn’t care. I started looking at all the possibilities.”

Anna went back into business school and applied for a classical music program. She had a goal to help people find their identity.

And now, my secret mission is to break down the barrier between spirituality and business.”

Anna feels she’s made her big jump from Kiyomizu. Her professional title is Business Dharma Coach.

I started in spirituality. I went into divination. I’m trying to make sense of the world on the other side.”

Anna Chen

Anna teaches that people are the happiest when they get to be themselves. She enjoys helping people in business build that business to represent who they are.

She is writing a book that will identify archetypes based on Tarot cards. Anna explains there are 22 archetypes, and that we all have one primary archetype and 2 secondary ones.

My archetype is the High Priestess. My secondary archetypes are the Magician and The Empress.”

The 22 archetypes in Anna’s upcoming book break down into 5 groups, which are 5 key operational areas in business such as sales, marketing, coordination, human resources, and advisory.

No profile is a bad profile because they identify what you’re good at. You will immediately know your strengths and your weaknesses.”

Anna has a gift for you. She invites you to take The Business Archetypes Quiz at this link: https://lessecretswellness.com/the-business-archetypes-life-version

If you go to Anna’s website you can learn your Dream Conversion Score here: https://www.lessecretswellness.com/

You’ll find 9 questions and you’ll rate them between 1 to 10. You’ll get a score. You’ll know the answer to the question, Am I ready to really turn my dream into a business?

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