Discarding the Shop-Window Version of Yourself

Have you ever edited yourself to a shop-window version of who you are? Doing so narrows your intimacy and connection with others.

Addiction is the opposite of connection.

Jamie Catto

Jamie Catto is the producer of the multi-award-winning 1 Giant Leap film of 2002, as well as his 2019 creation, Becoming Nobody. He is a founding member of a band called Faithless. He leads unique, transforming workshops for his clients, and was our guest on Life Mastery Radio recently.

The body is an exquisite pharmacy

Deepak Chopra

Jamie says, “we all store an accumulation of the injustices we’ve felt, the tears we’ve cried, the rage we’ve experienced, and the unexpressed emotional pain. The body’s genius knows we have emotional constipation, and it wants to flush it out. Emotion must be felt to be flushed.

Being willing to feel those raw emotions, and even being curious about reacting to them, is how we flush out the emotional poo, and live more authentically in the present. That is the beginning of self-love. You can either do it willingly, or not. The body can’t hold in poo forever.”

Turn toward emotion like a wine taster.

Jamie Catto

Jamie has learned these principles from a lifetime of believing something was going to be bad, but finding it was actually good.

We’ve built this map around ourselves with all these dragons around the edges. When you take a tiny quarter turn around your edge, you realize there’s no dragon there. It’s a child’s chalk drawing of a dragon. One little puff, and it’s gone.

No one has to go into a deep scuba to do this stuff. Just gently snorkeling around the edge is plenty. How great to be a bumbling human fool again. Relief. It’s wonderful to wear your imperfections proudly, and give other people permission to do the same. There’s discovery in failure.

Some days you’re going to be on top of the mountain, and other days you’re going to roll down the side of it onto the golden calf.

Jamie says it’s your soul’s job to give you lessons and curriculum, and we shouldn’t resist it. His job is to re-purpose your skills and turn your demons into employees.

When we release emotions, creativity rushes in to the space. Space is full of ideas.

Jamie Catto
Book by Jamie Catto

On the cover of Jamie’s book is an Axolotl. Jamie used this amphibious creature to represent what he believes we all look like without our masks on.

He has a lovely face; vulnerable, lovable, soft. Axolotl’s are self –mending, and resilient.

Jamie Catto

Jamie’s current movie, Becoming Nobody is touring the country now. Click the link to learn when it’s coming to your area, or to organize a special showing.

Listen to Jamie Catto sing his song Little Prince

The Universe Has Your Back

In our pre-show with Life Mastery Radio guest Linda Deir, she reminded us that “The Universe has your back”

Her statement rings true for me. In fact, the last time Linda was on our show, she shared her story. Linda had a very challenging upbringing, and yet her Spirit Guides helped her to not only survive the challenging events of youth; they taught her how to be successful in business and relationships. Her book is Guided, Her Spirit Guide Angels Were Her Best Friends and Life Coaches

I shared my personal story of Linda’s impact on me during the show today. A large part of her teaching is to get in touch with the Spirit Guides and Angels who are there to inspire us on our journey. She told us in April 2019 (when she was on the show before) to JOURNAL. Journaling, I learned, is a way to “hear” messages from our Guides.

I began my journal the day after our interview with Linda – May 1, 2019. On June 8 I had an epiphany. My vision was very clear. I knew exactly what I needed to do. I was told to “open a studio for public speaking” for my students. I didn’t know how I was going to make it happen, but I had a purpose, and I began taking steps to bring it to fruition.

Yesterday (September 16th 2019 as of this writing), I welcomed the first students into my Speak Feed Lead Public Speaking Studio. I sincerely don’t know if this would have happened without the “nudge” from Linda in April encouraging me to begin journaling. That’s part of her system, and I know it works.

The moral of the story is this, Guidance, when it comes through, is powerful. It gives you chills, it’s so strong. But here’s the caveat: you’ve got to be willing to do the work. Guidance has a shelf-life, and you must act on it.
Jackie, you did the journal writing. You did the work to flush it out, to find it, to let it show itself to you. It’s more of who you are then anything else you could have imagined

Linda Deir

Linda’s process to connect with your Angel Guides is easy – get your journal out and start writing about your challenges, the events that weigh heavy on your mind, and you’ll receive guidance through your writing.

Your guides will infiltrate your writing. They are there for you when YOU are ready.”

Linda Deir

Linda is hosting an event called Experience the Proven Spirit Guide Communication System. It’s a live event in Phoenix, AND an online event from anywhere. It will happen on October 5th, 2019 1:00 – 3:00 PM. She’s going to show YOU the system, and how to use it to connect with your Guides.

Near the end of the presentation, Linda will sit with you and help you channel your Guides. It’s going to be very cool! I recommend you sign up. The cost is very reasonable.

What is your greatest challenge right now? Write it down. The universe has your back. Your guides will inspire you.

A Sparkling Being of Light

“I went from an ancient, wrinkly, grayed-aura person to a sparkling being of light”

Julie Renee Doering

Julie Renee Doering survived nuclear bomb testing in the Nevada desert, 17 surgeries, multiple cancers, two traumatic brain injuries, the inability to walk, and death; not once, but twice! Through all that, her faith confirmed she was on earth for a reason. Based on our interview with her yesterday, that reason was to teach ALL OF US how to tap into our DIVINE BLUEPRINT and not only heal, but regenerate every cell in our body for longevity, peace, and wealth!

During her years of physical suffering, Julie came to feel, “I was promised the Garden of Eden, yet I’m living in hell on earth.”

Believing “something could change”, at the age of 33, Julie went into her garden to pray and meditate.

God, take me, or make me well.

Hours of prayer, meditation and chanting, led Julie to a vision. In her minds-eye she saw a very sick Master Cell in her body transforming from its sickened state to its God-state.


It was becoming this glowing, blue pulsing orb. It was overwhelming to me. I cried. It was a realization for me: not only was my spirit made of light and God, but my body was also.

Despite being very sick in that moment, Julie’s body began to regenerate. Within 6 months she was running 30 miles a week on a mountain trail. She was dancing on stage with a rock and roll band.

The scientists and doctors we’re looking at me saying, ‘what is going on with you? Why are you getting better? It’s a miracle!’

From that time until now, Julie has defined clearly what happened to her. She is now THE expert on non-surgical, non-drug, non-dietary ways to regenerate brain cells to enhance memory, mental outlook, sleep & speech, and reduce headaches.

Cellular Neo Genesis.

With NO scientific background, Julie Renee Doering is on the cutting-edge of spiritual break-through, genetic technology, and our divine blueprint. Someday soon, we’ll all know how to regenerate our cells and live for centuries. After all, Julie says, “It’s in our DNA to live 900 years”

Julie has published 12 books on the knowledge she’s gained from the ultimate source – God. Doctors are limited to what they can preach, but many of them have trained WITH Julie. She never talks down western medicine.

If you’d like to transform from feeling ancient and feeble to a sparkling being of light, start by listening to Julie’s interview with us, and then take the steps with her to guide you in your transformation. Let’s all live 900 years in happiness and peace!

Julie Renee Doering Interview Life Mastery Radio

God and Love on Route 80

I struggled to find the right title for this blog post. It could easily have been, “Are You Here to Save us?”; or “Blue Angel Dream”; or even, “Synchronicity, not Luck.” I finally settled with “God and Love on Route 80”

Each of those titles would have been appropriate and descriptive of the wonderful content our most recent guest delighted us with. Stephen G. Post, PhD is an opinion leader, public speaker, Founding Director of the Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care, and Bioethics at the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University; and a best-selling author of “God and Love on Route 80.”

Stephen’s amazing credentials began with a compelling, recurring dream as a teenage boy. This dream set his life on a certain course, and established for him a set of values to live by and practice daily.

“Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

William Shakespeare, Macbeth

Stephen’s book is a remarkable true story of faith, love, and fate. Thumbing a ride across the continent on a spontaneous road trip adventure, his journey culminates in an extraordinary encounter that turns out to be the beginning of his spiritual odyssey.

I have a personal connection to Stephen as well, since he was the founder of www.unlimitedloveinstitute.com, which I’ve quoted in my own book on leadership and service. Connected-ness seems to be a natural law of the universe, as is evident in our meeting today on the broadcast.

Stephen describes his first experience serving others at the suggestion of his mother. Upon voicing his boredom, Stephen’s mother would say, “You should go help someone.”

Stephen helped his neighbors, who became spiritual leaders and mentors to him. He realized “it was good to be good.”

Later in life, as a teenager, he began to have a recurring dream about a young man and a blue angel. In the dream (which he’d had 6 times), the blue angel said, “If you save him, you too shall live.”

He would contemplate and meditate on the dream and the meaning thereof. He was even asked to talk about his dream with Masters of Divinity students at the university in hopes of learning more about the action the dream was asking him to take.

On a very impromptu trip along US Route 80, Stephen encountered the young man in his dream. The synchronicity of this event changed Stephen’s life as well as the life of the young man. Rather than retell the story in this blog, I would highly encourage you to listen to him tell the story himself. You will also love his book “God and Love on Route 80”

To hear our interview with Stephen G. Post click on this link

Dusted with Gold

There is a time in life for each of us, when we are stuck in a corner in which we cannot turn. Our guest Athena Demetrios was in her proverbial corner one day in 1979. She was brought to her knees in pain and prayer. At that moment, she had her first spiritual experience.

“Life had no choice but to bring back to me exactly what I had been creating in the world of others. A golden ray came into the room and dusted everything with gold. Everything in my front room was dusted with gold.”

Women of Grace

Athena became a student of her own life; in search of a way to turn around and get out of that corner. She began to explore the development of her consciousness and discover who she was.

“When you go from the heart, you reach the heart.”

Athena Demetrios

Twenty eight years of transition to complete her soul-searching story in book form is: Walking Between Worlds: A spiritual Odyssey.

From personal experience, this radio co-host knows Athena’s memoir is an excellent read with eloquent language. However, Athena cautions the reader: “It’s gut-level, honest, and raw.”

“I’m too conscious to be unconscious; and too aware to be unaware. I was doing the best I could in life, but trying to make myself functional and whole. There comes a time when one makes a decision to heal. Life is not meant to be lived in pain.”

Athena Demetrios

Have you, the reader, experienced any of the following?

  • Poverty
  • Family dysfunction
  • An alcoholic environment
  • Inner turmoil
  • Demons to wrestle
  • Lacking strength to take action
  • Anger at a parent or partner who didn’t protect you

Despite her oppressive childhood and lack of spiritual teachings, Athena always felt connected to something she couldn’t see. Her first memory at two years of age is retold in her book:

“I was standing in my yard one night. I looked up at the stars, and felt homesick. I didn’t know how to get back there, but I wanted to so badly.”

Athena Demetrios

God, or the presence you believe in, is the one who’s motivating you to heal. If you can extract the gem from the muck, you’ll get through whatever experience you’re having.

  1. Ask yourself, “How has this served me? How has this helped me grow as a soul?”
  2. Find the connection to something greater than yourself. Don’t let experiences separate you from the Divine
  3. Find the right therapist to help you navigate the storm. Her therapist said to Athena, “Your soul takes you where you need to go for healing.”

Athena’s sessions with her therapist are recorded and written in her book. The reader can take the healing journey with her.

Under hypnosis, Athena recalled a memory prior to her mortal birth. Surrounded by great teachers, she was shown scenes from her soon-to-be life. It was going to be difficult and challenging. However, Athena was taught ways she could change her life.

“I was shown what could be, and what might be; but all of that would be determined by how I decided to perceive myself – victim or creator. Will I get the gem from the scum of the experience? Or will I stay in victim-hood and resentment?”

Athena has now experienced a feeling of love, safety, and an expansiveness of soul. She knows now that her soul is inside her.

“On the other side (before birth) we had no body, but we had a clear state of awareness as large as the ocean.” 

Athena’s book is truly worth reading. Her message is motivating and masterful. She has been able to forgive her mother, and to forgive her perpetrator. It’s very freeing, and she can share her story with everyone because of her learning, transition, and sense of joy.

Find out more about Athena Demetrios by going to www.IAmWithin.com

The Science of Influence | The Laws of Nature

The Science of Influence is coming to Bellevue Washington on October 4th and 5th 2019. Our guests on Life Mastery Radio with Todd and Jackie today are the facilitators of the workshop: Ani Anderson and Brian Trzaskos.

During our interview we discussed influence and how its original definition from the 14th century was thus:

Influence: streaming ethereal power from the stars acting upon character or destiny of men

Brian called influence “a tangible force that can make us more successful and able to positively impact others. It’s a force that comes THROUGH people, not FROM them. It is opposite of manipulation, which is a force of will on someone else”.

Brian and Ani spoke about 8 primary NATURAL LAWS which are omnipresent, persistent, and non-judgmental. (They are everywhere, always there, and aren’t dependent on how much you know or care)


Gravity. It is the same anywhere in the world, and its affects treat everyone the same based on how we apply the law. For instance, we can use gravity to build muscle by lifting weights, or we can choose to test gravity by jumping out of a tree.

When we are in alignment with NATURAL LAWS we will be successful, because nature is always successful. Everything in nature is energy, and energy always moves toward greater life“. ~ Ani Anderson

Coming from a background of rehabilitation therapy, Ani and Brian understand the pain we experience during our human existence. Pain shows up when we’re in resistance. We may have blind spots, or scotomas which keep us from seeing what’s really happening.

Living out of alignment with NATURAL LAWS is like a combination lock. We may know the first two numbers in the sequence, but if we are a hair off of the right number in the last part of the sequence, the lock will not open. Life is like that for those who don’t understand NATURAL LAWS.

Before attending their Science of Influence events, Ani and Brian have heard people say:

“Something is missing, and I don’t know what it is.”
“I’m not feeling happy, and I can’t figure out why.”

Brian and Ani make being human real.

After attending their workshop, Ani and Brian have heard people say, “I know exactly what I need to do!

If you’d like to attend this event in Bellevue Washington October 4th and 5th, you can register at this link: The Science of Influence

Forty people will be in attendance, making it both intimate and energizing. It’s a beautiful time of year to be in Seattle. In fact, that weekend you can enjoy SALMON DAYS in Issaquah after the event and on Sunday. It’s the o’FISHal time of year we hail these migrating, spawning wonders of nature.

If you’re at the point when you are tired of wasting money, energy, and time trying to figure it out yourself, attend this upcoming event, or contact Ani and Brian at info@NEWwayofHealth.com

We don’t Know what Chapter 10 Looks Like when We’re on Chapter 7

Inspired by Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey, Tony Rezac teaches his clients that heroes are not always larger than life; they are everyday people who simply create a new version of themselves.

Tony Rezac, is the author of Body and Soul the Essential Handbook for Men, and a coach. He offers The Life Renewal Program for Men as a 6-week workshop.

Men’s issues are the same they’ve always been:

  • Finances
  • Career/job
  • Marriage
  • Stress

Men are taught to handle problems on their own, leave the struggles packed inside, and don’t share them. Tony’s workshops give men permission to be strong in their expression, to gather resources with other men, identify their struggles, and build bridges with other men. He helps men frame their life as a hero’s journey.

“The first essential of masculinity is to KNOW YOUR MISSION.”

I create a world of _______________ by ___________________. 

“A man’s voice will change when he discovers his mission. It resonates in his being. A man’s mission may include his job or career. It may also include volunteering, or other ways to express what he stands for.”

Tony Rezac believes men are very emotional creatures. Like dogs in a pack, men read the emotions of others, but don’t always share their own emotions. Five basic emotions are: anger | sadness | joy | fear | shame. A man can learn to expresses each emotion, especially joy, sadness and shame.

A man can make great strides through emotional awareness because he will improve in self-care, communication, and deep friendships. Men are doers, they solve problems; and they can be taught to show emotion in all of life’s transitions.

“It’s not a competition, it’s a connection.”

Men, what’s your real legacy? Do you have heart to heart connections? Have you helped others be more courageous and true?

Tony Rezac is a guy’s, guy who played college sports. At 37 he began to feel isolated and without friends. He discovered his mission, and is intent to help you find yours. It’s your birthright to be part of a men’s wisdom circle.

“You can carry whatever you want to the finish line, but when you give up something that’s holding you back, you become lighter and faster.”

Check out Tony Rezac: www.basecampformen.com www.tonyrezac.com

The World is Out to Get you; or the World is Out to Gift you

The world is out to get you; or the world is out to gift you” ~ Jojopahmaria Nsoroma

Jojopahmaria Nsoroma

Our Life Mastery Radio guest on June 25th explained that seeing the world in the first example holds us back, and prevents us from finding or rediscovering our purpose. Jojopahmaria Nsoroma declared, “Seeing yourself as a victim leaves you joyless.”

Jojopahmaria is a shamanic healer, wisdom consultant, a teacher of self-mastery, a public speaker, and a visionary in the field of human services. She has successfully woven African spirituality and indigenous wisdom into a trauma-resolution program for men cycling through prison.

Ms. Nsoroma has always had a sense that she had a special gift. As a child she’d listen to “ghost stories” family members would tell. The ghosts weren’t poltergeists, they were ancestors come to her family with important messages. When Jojopahmaria began to “see” these things herself, her grandmother would say:

They’re just coming to bring you a message. You don’t have to be afraid of them. They ain’t got no body. You got the body. You don’t have to see them with your real eyes, you can see them with your third eye.”

While working in human services. A friend of Jojopahmaria suggested “It’s time for you to start using your gift. It’s part of your heritage and background. Go out and learn.”

Ms. Nsoromo did learn. She learned her roots go back to Guinea in West Africa. She was introduced to the Dagara Medicine Wheel, which dates back to ancient Egypt.

The Dagara Medicine Wheel

Everybody is of value, according to the medicine wheel. Everyone is born through one of five elemental portals (Fire, Water, Earth, Mineral and Nature)”.

Jojopahmaria is born of the fire portal, and it has raised her consciousness. She has learned to own her genius and talent. She began working with men in the criminal justice system and uses her gift to help them reconnect to their soul. They are reminded of who they are.

The men she works with now have a vocabulary that helps them understand themselves and heal. She encourages an ancestor alter to help them reset to their origins. Applying the wheel to these men (and anyone) proves to be a successful method for healing from all trauma.

Her book is titled: The Wisdom Walk to Self-Mastery – Ancient Wisdom for Transforming Pain

Her gift to you and all our listeners is: “You can make the choice to transform.”

Born on the 50 Yard Line

If you were born in America you were born on the 50 yard line. The best thing we can do is turn around and reach back to the people on the 5 yard line and help bring them forward. Your first extraordinary gift is the recognition of how fortunate you are.” ~ Larry J. Snyder’s grandfather

Larry J. Snyder’s work in West Africa not only inspired the title of his book (Which One Am I? 12 Extraordinary People Like You!), it helped him realize we are only at the beginning of our organic humanity. His message to young people is the same message Larry learned from his grandfather.

Which One Am I?” is a question asked to Larry by a young girl in Sierra Leone.

On a makeshift soccer field, a group of pre-adolescent school girls approached me. Noticing my digital SLR camera over my shoulder, the oldest one commanded, “snap me,” a term I hadn’t heard since the days of slide film. I snapped a photo and turned the display screen so the girls could review it. “Which one am I?” the youngest one mumbled as her eyes searched the picture. That simple question in Africa has fundamentally altered my life. Which One Am I? is about identifying how to make YOUR difference in the world, rise to the occasion and reflect on what happened today that you’ll never forget.” ~ The back cover on Larry J. Snyder’s book

Have you ever felt extraordinary? Larry J. Snyder says you are. Simply by living a life of giving and service, you are extraordinary. Once you know that, the action you take is part of the influence Larry wants to have on your life through his message.

I wanted to write a story about my mother and to my mother, who was an extraordinary woman. So much of who am I is the qualities which she instilled in myself and my five sisters.” ~ Larry J. Snyder

After beginning his mother’s story, Larry realized there are 12 individuals close to him who gave him an opportunity to tell their story. These individuals possessed their own special gifts, but also embodied the characteristics of his mother.

I’m 50% of the way built out here, because everything I’m doing is trying to be like her and share who she was in my daily life.” ~ Larry J. Snyder

Larry’s mother died of vascular dementia. In her last 48 months of life she could not remember who she was, and how extraordinary she was.

I remember, though.” ~ Larry J. Snyder

Larry’s mother often stated, “Everyone is good at something.” Her love of life was helping others understand this philosophy. That’s what makes a person extraordinary. Learning who you are, and who you were meant to be is extraordinary. Your human experience is based on what you bring to your life and the life of others being uniquely you.

There is so much left to do

Never Too Small to Teach Us

“I try never to consider the source too small to teach me something important.” ~ Rose De Dan

While performing a despacho (a ceremony for honoring the dead) many years ago, a bumble bee flew into the forehead of Rose De Dan and fell into the ceremony. It was dead. When she asked the bee why this was significant, the answer from the insect was:

“Summer has ended, the cycle is turning, it is a good day to die”

I was facing the death of my dog in 2013. Bandi, a beautiful Australian Shepherd had been diagnosed with synovial cell sarcoma in the joint of her knee. The condition caused her to be extremely uncomfortable, and we were past the point of amputation because the cancer had spread to Bandi’s lymph system.

Nature doesn’t always provide the exact timing for euthanasia. The question is always “when?’

Rose De Dan, our most recent guest on Life Mastery Radio with Todd Alan helped me at the time to communicate with Bandi and learn “when” she was ready to transition. It was not then. Bandi was not yet ready to go.

One session with Rose however, and Bandi was relieved of her most troublesome symptoms. Rose allowed her gift to help me exactly when I needed it, and Bandi lived a more connected life during her remaining time with me.

Rose is a Reiki and Shamanic healer. The method of using Reiki energy and energy of the earth, allow Rose to communicate in powerful, global ways with humans and animals.

“Whether it is our death, the death of a loved one, or the stage in our evolution…, transition means we leave some aspects of ourselves behind, but expand to encompass others. Shapeshifting in a very real sense.”   The Wheel – Rose De Dan

Shapeshifting, Rose explained during the show is “moving from one state to another.” In many cases it is from physical life to physical death.

On the show Rose shared stories of communicating with cats, lions, dogs, and whales. I asked if she hears a voice, or simply has an understanding of their message. She answered that she often hears a voice, but animals also communicate in images and feelings.

She shares story after story of her work with animals and humans in her book: Tails of a Healer – Animals, Reiki & Shamanism

On June 25th of this year, Rose will be facilitating a telecall with the southern resident Orca Whales in Washington State. The call is available worldwide. I wonder what they’ll tell us?

You don’t need to be a Reiki practitioner to facilitate community. Take time to get to know those around you better: at work, in your neighborhood, as you go about your daily errands, etc. Demonstrate that you care, dare to be seen for who you are. Send beacons of light outward and be open to receiving the light that is reflected back” Beacons of Light – Rose De Dan

A good reminder for all of us – the source is never too small to teach us something important.