Becoming a Global Citizen

Our recent guest, Sally Pederson, lives a lifestyle most of us only dream of. She has citizenship in multiple countries and residencies in others. Her business today is to help people like you and me have the same lifestyle she does.


This interview took place while Sally was in one of her homes in Montenegro, a country in southeastern Europe bordering Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Serbia.

Montenegro is a small country of about 650,000 people. It’s my quiet escape from business.”

Sally also has a home in Barcelona, Spain despite never leaving her home country of Canada as a child.

A combination of events led Sally to begin this new lifestyle. One was a tax audit where she began to see that her deductions were not going to be accepted and she owed thousands of dollars plus interest to the Canadian government since the audit didn’t take place until two years after the tax year in question had ended.

I decided to learn a better way.”

When the opportunity presented itself, Sally moved to Costa Rica over 10 years ago.

Costa Rica

You can have as many citizenships as you’re able to attain. Many countries recognize multiple-citizenship-collectors like me.”

There are also benefits to businesses started in separate countries. Sally helps clients understand the different rules and regulations for businesses.

It is better to have a corporation in a separate country than the one you’re living in. Your taxes will be lower, and you will save substantial amounts of money.”

Sally mentions that companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are not set up in the United States, they are international corporations.

A corporation can own other businesses. Millionaires have many corporations in other countries, and those companies own other companies. These are ways they protect their assets and save on taxes.

Sally has international accountants on her team to answer all types of questions and address the specific issues related to business benefits.

Make sure there is a tax treaty in place so you’re not double taxed.”

Sally also helps people find the right destination to establish residency because she has international real estate agents on her team.

You will learn so much information by reading her book…

 Discover the meaning of terms such as:

  • Non-Lucrative Visa
  • Digital Nomad Visa

There’s nothing that ties us to one place.”

During the recent Covid-19 pandemic, there was a truckers strike in Sally’s home country of Canada.

The Canadian government began to freeze bank accounts of the truckers and anyone who supported their cause. Canada was supposed to be the land of the free. That’s when I really began to see the benefit of being out from under the control of any one government.”

Truckers lineup their trucks on Metcalfe Street as they honk their horns on February 5, 2022 in Ottawa, Canada. Truckers continue their rally over the weekend near Parliament Hill in hopes of pressuring the government to roll back COVID-19 public health regulations and mandates. (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images)

The problem with having only one citizenship is the passport. The government of any country in which you are a citizen can take your passport. It’s not your property. Your passport belongs to the government.  They give it, and they can take it away.

If you are a citizen of another country with a passport from that country, you do not have to be stuck under the control of either government. If one government takes your passport, you can travel with the passport of another country.

Sally calls herself a Global Citizen: A person of the world who is not tied down to one destination or one government. The freedom to go at will.

Where do you want to live? You could get citizenship through your family bloodline. You could get it by investment. Buy a home in another country and have residency. Every country has different rules.”

You can also gain citizenship by having a bank account in some countries.

It would be difficult to work toward global citizenship without the help of someone like Sally and her team.

The other day I had a client call me. They were really interested in a property they saw on Facebook in a foreign country. It looked great, so I contacted my people in that country, and my team reported: There’s no building there, it’s a laundromat.”

That type of scam is representative of things to look out for and why you need someone like Sally on your side.

You’ll see an advertisement to send x amount of dollars to buy the beautiful property in a picture. If you’re not careful you could be scammed.”

Sally’s international partners work in 26 countries.

It’s important for people to have a bank account in another country and be able to transfer money to and from other accounts. Having an international bank account is a security blanket.  

If a Government chooses to freeze your bank account, or if you’re a victim of identity theft, or somebody hacks your bank and everything’s frozen, your account could be inaccessible long term.

How do you pay your bills? How do you buy groceries? How do you put gas in your car? How do you get to work?

Having an account where you can access money would be ideal.

Sally’s ideas sound amazing to me, and I hope you’ll take the opportunity to contact her. She is the perfect resource to ensure your financial comfort at home or abroad, now and in the future.

Sally Pederson – Global Citizen Life

Bridging Gaps: from Counter Intelligence to Countering Depression

Our recent guest, Dr. Leslie Rogers recalls her 25 years in service with the FBI as an intelligence analyst helped prepare her for the important work she does today.

It was a rewarding experience working in counter terrorism because I was immersed in the world of intelligence. I knew what was going on and saw the anxieties, struggles with substance abuse, even suicide, that is part of the stress in that world.”

Today Dr. Leslie Rogers is the founder and the CEO of Mental Health Talk, LLC. She publishes the first-of-its-kind quarterly magazine called Mental Health Talk, a well-rounded publication that seeks to bridge gaps between mental health and medical health.

Dr. Rogers also runs two private psychology clinics in and around Fayetteville, North Carolina. She specializes in men’s health, including veterans with a wide range of trauma histories.

I see veterans who have been in the field and actually dealt with terrorism or war situations and the traumas that come with that. Men, first responders, and children are unique populations needing a modified approach to therapy because there are stigmas associated with them.”

Dr. Rogers knows each man defines what it is to be a man differently. His own definition is based on culture, how he’s raised, expectations, and responsibilities.

That self-definition is going to influence what men share and don’t share about trauma.  Men may say they don’t need validation, but they do. When one person steps up and shares, the whole group is validated, and others will start sharing.”

Suicide rates are high for veterans, law enforcement, and the military population. They know the importance of their job and feel inadequate when they themselves are falling apart emotionally. In addition, society may think these populations can’t do their job effectively when dealing with mental illness.

Individual and group therapy are the starting points. When someone is dealing with anxiety and/or PTSD, groups are an excellent approach to recovery.”

Dr. Rogers suggests group work validates and normalizes experiences, which allows the members to be vulnerable and authentic. Trust is built, and they begin to advocate for each other.

Men are under-reported when it comes to depression because they present differently, such as anger and irritability. Because of the stigma, men are less likely to report symptoms of depression.”

Dr. Rogers cautions that reducing stressors is a learning experience and takes practice. She tells patients they may feel worse before they feel better.

The end result is going to be amazing!

  • Improved relationships
  • Better communication
  • Emotional security
  • Empowered life navigation skills

I think we’re starting to see more men in therapy than ever before. More men are starting to open up.”

Society has to change too, according to Dr. Rogers. She feels the stats on sexual abuse in men are not presented as openly as they should be. This causes men to be less likely to share openly.

And let’s not forget the children…

Make discussions once a week a family thing. Check in with your children and see how they’re doing. Let them tell you about their day at school, how it’s going, or how it’s not going right.”

Dr. Rogers shares an emotions checklist on her website.

It’s often hard to come up with words to describe emotions, and we don’t know how to express ourselves. That may manifest in negative emotions.  You can give the emotions checklist to your child and ask them to identify how they’re feeling.”

When we’re able to put a word to a feeling and label it, we can communicate better by taking our power and control back.

Dr. Rogers hosts a mindfulness meditation group online for men and women every Sunday evening on Zoom beginning at 7:00 pm Eastern time.

We’ll relax. We’ll meditate on things. We’ll get the week started.

Understanding we need to learn ways to love ourselves without judgment, and replace negative emotions with positive ones, Dr. Rogers will be holding these sessions through the upcoming holiday season.

Once you start practicing her methods, you’ll reduce anxiety and improve your mood. Meditation research shows a lot of medical advantages to the practice of mindfulness.

To enroll in this program, go to

Dr. Rogers had some final words to say to our listeners the day she was on our show:

Please check in with your emotions. Check in with your children. With so much going on in the world that can potentially cause anxiety, stress, irritability, and anger, recognize your emotions, and understand them. Turn the TV off and walk away. Set boundaries in your life.

Study |Meditate | Contemplate

Within the great meditation traditions of Asia there is a trilogy they talk about: They say you should study, meditate, and then contemplate.”

When our recent guest, Richard Dixey, was a teenager he began to contemplate the idea that we each individually look at the world our own way. He wondered if there was a correct way to view the world, which may mean all of us are wrong.

That was the question which started me down a road of personal exploration. I was a student at university trying to understand this. I had been scientifically trained to believe there is only one world and humans are merely objects living a meaningless existence. This always felt inadequate to me.”

Richard had rich inner experiences himself, leading him on a quest to understand the fundamental, primary school stuff of being human beyond the laws of physics.

His new book, Three Minutes A Day teaches readers to learn how to live life in a meaningful way.

It’s really incredibly simple. The only actual experience we have, ever have, or ever could have are the inputs from our 5 senses or are our thoughts and imaginations.”

Richard Dixie, Ph.D is a senior faculty member at Dharma College in California. He holds advanced degrees in biophysics and the history and philosophy of science. He’s a research scientist and lifelong student of Buddhism, founder of the Buddha Dharma Foundation, and devoted to meditation.

Richard teaches that anything beyond our 5 senses, thoughts, and imagination is an inference.

Inference: an assertion based upon one piece of evidence that makes you think there must be another one.

For instance, we see smoke and think there must be fire.

We all have two eyes, and they make a perspectival model of the world. We don’t receive a three dimensional model of the world at all; we get two slightly overlapping flat images from which we make that model.

In exactly the same way, we have two ears. Differences in sounds enable us to work out where sounds are coming from. We’re making a model.”

Richard explains we’re living in a map; a construct which is an inference, a best guess of the world around us. Our whole experience comes from our 5 senses, thoughts, and imaginations.

Fundamentally, we are making a world. Meditation begins that realization and is the thing from which everything else comes.”

When something appears in our 5 senses, thoughts, and imaginations, we have a mechanism that re-cognizes it. I’ve seen that before; I know what that is; I know what to do.

Richard brought new life to the word UNDERSTAND

UNDERSTAND is one of those English words that’s really interesting. TO STAND UNDER IT. By standing under our cognitive apparatus, we might be able to work out how we are making the world, and what influences are affecting the way we make the world.”

Richard went on to explain:

The problem with most people’s lives is reflexive reactivity. That’s to say they’re being pulled this way and that by things they want and things they don’t. That lack of control of our attention is the fundamental element of stress in modernity.”

Despite dramatic improvements in the lives of human beings, we are feeling less and less happy. This is where meditation starts becoming intensely useful, according to Richard.

There are two parts to our attention. There’s adverting, which is the ability to concentrate. And then there’s savoring.”

Lifting a cup of coffee to your lips is adverting. Tasting the coffee is savoring. Richard began to realize that this was a gateway to building our world. He founded Dharma College and taught the wisdom of Asian lineages.

I realized the way meditation is normally presented is as if it was being taught to a monk living in robes in the fourth century for whom sitting an hour in meditation is normal. We could take these teachings and compress them into a three-minute approach. We start adverting concentration using a burning candle and watching the flame.”

The second exercise is to hit a bell and listen to the fading sound as it goes to silence. That’s savoring concentration.

Gradually over the course of three minutes a day you’ll find yourself able to hold a savoring concentration without an object at all. You can literally listen to silence.”

Richard’s hope is that meditation will open the door for people to become connoisseurs of their own experience building their world.

It’s actually more fundamental than reading, writing, walking, anything. It is the most fundamental life skill, and it leads to a discovery of meaning in a very surprising place. If you don’t know this you actually really don’t know who you are. That fundamental ignorance leads to terrible consequences. People end up making very bad decisions without knowing why.”

Ludwig Wittgenstein

The German philosopher, Wittgenstein said the aim of philosophy is to free our natural intelligence from its bewitchment by language.

There it is. We’re being bewitched because our world model is made of words. Everything is named.”

In our language, Richard notes the extraordinary pairing of COGNITION and RE-COGNITION.

Learning something the first time is cognition. When we re-cognize (we would say recognize) we have redone our cognition, informed by our memory.

It takes about a quarter of a second to recognize something, and in that quarter of a second we name it. We also ascribe to it statements such as I like, I don’t like. I want, I don’t want. This is good, this is bad. All that judgment comes along in our recognition. Which means the world we see is entirely individual.

If we don’t understand this, life will always be enigmatic. We will be fundamentally ignorant. Our job as human beings is to come back to our natural intelligence, our basic human goodness. We can use the map as an advisor, but never use it as the first response you make to anything because it is paranoid, and it comes from the past.”

The reason to meditate is because we, as human beings belong on the throne of our being. Richard’s book is a guide to help us do that in 3 minute meditations. There is an app which coordinates with the book and provides a timer.

Go to

Water cuts through stone. Not by cutting hard, but by cutting, often.

In Richard’s book you’ll gradually become an object of cognition and think deliberately. You’ll be ready to study, meditate, and then contemplate.

Radiate Rainbows of Joy

Our recent guest, Jan Hoath, found joy as a competitive swimmer in her high school days. She wanted to emulate her older sister and go to college on a swimming scholarship.

However, Jan’s joy sank to the deep end of the pool when she dislocated her shoulder, underwent reconstructive surgery, and was told by doctors she’d have to find a sport using only her legs because she’d not be swimming any more.

I lost myself. I didn’t know which end was up and I was put on antidepressants. My family didn’t know what to do with me or how to help me.”

One day Jan’s German teacher told her about an opportunity to be an exchange student in Germany.

I was in my darkest moment, and a light bulb went off in my head….and my heart. I would get to leave this identity and depression of being a non-swimmer. I could go to a new country, a new town, meet new people, and enjoy new opportunities. New EVERYTHING!

Jan understood this opportunity was the most profound thing she could do. She felt so much joy simply considering the idea. She poured herself into the application process which included interviews.


Jan was accepted and awarded the scholarship to the German exchange. She stopped taking the antidepressants and has not needed them since.

I had a joyful future to live in. That year was so magical for me. It was tough learning the language, but I was in a space of being willing to give it all a go. That’s when I discovered my vision of a joy led world.”

Today, Jan is a speaker, poet, a joy mentor to women business leaders, a mindfulness coach, meditation teacher, and a former pro ski instructor. (Leg sport)

Jan offers a leading edge signature process called the Happiness Prism.

I created my process out of my personal challenges of depression, having an infant son diagnosed with cancer, 7 figure debt, as well as the tragedy of losing my mother-in-law in a traumatic accident.  

All of these experiences woke me up to 3 core elements which are required to be harmonized and optimized in our joy.”

Jan likens her process to a pyramid prism since we’re all beings of light. Jan claims when we’re lit up we are optimized in this framework.

We can radiate in our most potent manner the rainbows that we’re here to bring into the world. It’s the ripple effect we can have when we’re in that joy power.

The first side of the prism is PLAY – Joy in Motion

The second side is PEACE – Prayer in motion

The third side is PROGRESS – Purpose in motion

I found that anytime I was missing one side of the prism, it collapsed.”

Jan discovered the simplicity of joy in a bowl of Fruit Loops cereal.

Her son was 6 weeks old when he was admitted to Children’s Hospital for a life-threatening condition believed to be cancer. Unprepared for the sudden surge of fear and a long hospital stay, Jan was offered a meal from the hospital menu so she could stay by her son’s side.

“I could order Fruit Loops. I realized it wasn’t the most sensible choice for a healthy diet, but I heard a voice say You don’t need nourishment for your body; you need nourishment for your soul.”

I ordered the Fruit Loops, and for those 10 minutes as the colors swirled around the bowl, I was in my joy, even in that very terrifying time.

My son is in a hospital crib next to me hooked up to cords and plugged into all sorts of equipment, and he starts giggling. He’s picking up on my energy and my joy.”

From then on, Jan has decided to show up in her joy and find her way through.

Every time I’ve led with joy I see things differently. I have a different perspective. I’m talking about the spiritual joy of something beautiful. It’s infectious. We amplify it with people around us.”

Jan emphasizes that we can’t manufacture this type of joyous energy, we can just be available to it and follow through.

Jan’s son was never diagnosed with cancer, and instead with a condition they were told would be monitored until he was 18 years old. On his first birthday, they witnessed an unofficial medical miracle and were told he no longer had the condition and didn’t need to be seen again for it.

Today he’s a thriving 11 year old boy. Whatever challenging circumstance you’re facing look for the Fruit Loop moments along the way. Look for the spontaneous sparks of joy that will fill you up.

Play. Find peace, and progress forward. It’s a phenomenon that never ceases to blow my mind.”

Jan is in the process of writing a book, and we’re excited for a reason to have her back on the show.

You can find Jan at Jan Hoath ( There is link to a free meditation called The Shitty Day Meditation.

Go and check it out, especially if you’re having one of “those” kind of days.

Jan Hoath can also be found on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Embracing the Writer In you

Are you a business owner who has considered writing your own book someday? Could a book be a powerful driver of your business growth? How can you get your expertise out of your head so readers and potential customers can find you?  

Our most recent guest, Mary E. Knippel, helps people like you do just that. She is fabulous at guiding you to dive deep into your own stories and bring them out into the world.

Mary is an author herself, a speaker, and the founder of

Practicing what she preaches, Mary published her memoir – The Secret Artist | Give yourself Permission to Let your Creativity Shine.

Mary has also led contributing authors to publish a compilation book titled Written in her Own Words.

Mary relies on 35 years of experience as a journalist to ask provocative questions which uncover the heart of your message with clarity and compassion.

“I grew up in a small town on a farm. I had a playhouse where I would go and write in my journal. I’ve always known the answers were at the end of a pen.”

Mary’s career began as a secretary. She was always editing and rewriting her boss’s work. Today she is still correcting the grammar of others.

“I’m the catalyst, muse, and cheerleader. Your story matters and you are the only one who can tell it from the inside out.”

Mary encourages her writing clients to be courageously transparent and vulnerable on the page. When it’s in print and somebody else has your book in their hands, they will be impacted by your story.

“You as the author are talking soul to soul because you put your heart on the page.”

Many people come to Mary and make the following statements:

  • I don’t know where to start…
  • I don’t know what to say….
  • I don’t know what people can learn from me…

Mary’s solution:

“I’ll give them a writing prompt and say, ‘pick up your pen, set a timer for 5 minutes, and simply allow your pen to move across the page in response to the prompt’. Your heart knows what to write.”

Mary believes when your pen is moving across the page you are creating from a different part of your brain than when your hands are on a keyboard.

“When you’re grasping a pen it slows your head down so you can get your thoughts on paper. People have claimed they can’t read their own handwriting, and it doesn’t matter. You are making a connection to the page.”

Mary’s memoir, The Secret Artist is a series of essays she wrote before, during, and after her second breast cancer experience. She is an example of the ways she encourages people to show up where they are.

“It’s time you talked about your story. Think about when you were a kid. How did you lose yourself? Which activity carried you away for hours? Where does that show up in your life today?”

Mary suggests you may also consider the first job you were paid for.

“I had a client who was 10 years old when she got a job babysitting a newborn. Because she had a disabled brother, the young mother knew my client was capable of watching her baby.

I said to my client, ‘you were a ten-year-old who convinced an adult you could take care of a newborn. Don’t you see how that has been in your DNA your entire life?’

When my client gave this story at a professional meeting, the audience saw another side of her. They saw her humanity. She built rapport with many women at that event because she talked about babysitting.”

Mary takes pleasure in coaxing that type of information out of her clients. Not everything that goes in your journal is going to be published on Amazon, but she knows looking at all of your truth helps you decide where your story will go.

“We’re all storytellers and nothing is random.”

Mary sees our stories as part of a beautiful tapestry. We all have a thread, and if our thread isn’t there the picture isn’t complete. She helps people show up on the tapestry to represent who they are and what they believe.

“Many people believe their personal story doesn’t belong in business. No! Your personal story is the heart and soul of your business.”

Have you reader, been thinking to yourself, “Someday I’ll get around to writing my book”?

Here’s Mary’s response to that : “Someday isn’t a date on the calendar. So, if you’re serious, then put a date on the calendar to mark when you want your book published. Then we can begin planning.

  • Create a working title for your book
  • Purchase a URL for that working title
  • Get your content on paper
  • Figure out who you’re writing for
  • What do you want them to walk away knowing?
  • What do you want them to do when they finish your book?
  • How are you going to impact them and inspire them?
  • What’s on the shelves where you think your book is going to be?

“Who are you in competition with, or how are you filling the gaps of what’s already out there?”

Mary is hosting The Wise Woman Wisdom Retreat November 15th-19th 2023.

“It’s for women who need space to tap into their creativity and what they want to accomplish in this wild, wonderful world. We’ll do some writing and hands on activities to get your juices flowing.”

Mary is looking for authors who are longing to get that story out. They will be an Amazon bestseller because that’s part of her program.

Volume 2 of her compilation book In Her Own Words is coming out in July 2024. You could be an author in July by writing your first draft and at the retreat!

Mary is offering a freebie of writing prompts to help you get started. Click HERE to accept her gift.

“You will receive a writing prompt every day in your email or a text, whichever way you choose. Unleash the writer in you!”

Monday, October 2nd is a workshop with Mary called Telling My Untold Story. Check out details HERE.

Cancer is a Symptom, not a Disease

Cancer is a word which conjures fear in most of us. We’ve all been affected by it directly, with a loved one, or through a friend.

Some 2023 statistics from the American Heart Association and report in the US in 2023…

  • Invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in an estimated 297,790 women; 43,170 estimated will die.
  • Prostate cancer will be diagnosed in an estimated 288,300 men; 34,700 estimated will die.
  • Colon cancer will be diagnosed in an estimated 106,970 people; 52,550 estimated will die.

Our recent guest, Danny Carroll reports another startling statistic:

The Average cancer patient in America is worth $1 million to the medical system

“There is a strong incentive to diagnose as many people as possible with cancer.”

Danny wants to be wrong about this assumption, however his years of experience leave him to draw no other logical conclusion.

He’s a lawyer by education and spent his working life in consulting asset management and venture capital. Although Danny is not a doctor, he started his journey in about 2,005.

“I had a friend in Bombay who was diagnosed with cancer. She had no insurance and couldn’t afford treatment. I ran a marathon to raise money for her. I raised a lot of money.”

When Danny’s friend went into the hospital to begin treatment she looked well and healthy to the point you’d never suspect she had cancer. During treatment she’d message him…

“Danny, I don’t know what these doctors are doing, but it feels like they’re putting poison in my veins.”

A nurse places a patient’s chemotherapy medication on an intravenous stand at a hospital in Philadelphia on Aug. 4, 2015. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

Danny relates…

“In my ignorance, I strongly encouraged her to continue the treatments. And within 3 rounds of Chemo, she died. I had funded her treatment, and ensured her compliance to the treatment, and when she died I was absolutely devastated.”

Danny thought to himself…

“I’m going to search to the ends of the earth to find a better solution to this problem, and I’m going to find the cure for cancer.”

Danny began studying everything that looked like a potential solution. He studied

  • Nutritional healing
  • Emotional healing
  • Spiritual healing
  • Energy healing
  • Conventional medicine

“I found with all of these systems, I could be in a situation where I had 2 people with the same diagnosis on the same protocols, and one would live, and the other die.”

Then, Danny discovered Germanic Healing Knowledge (GHK) developed by Ryke Geerd Hamer, MD.

In Danny’s book called Terminal Cancer is a Misdiagnosis | Discover a Palliative Care Alternative Medicine you Can Survive he highlights the findings of Doctor Hamer.

GHK helped Danny discover reasons for a chronic condition he’d been suffering from, and how to heal it once and for all.

”For 6 months my entire body was riddled with golf ball sized knots in my calf muscles, thighs, arms, and back.

The physical therapist would iron these knots out through an excruciating process which left me bruised all over.

It would help temporarily, but a few days later the knots were back. While on this merry-go-round, I was dating an American diplomat. We were both living in Bombay and her 2 year posting was expiring. She was being sent to Chile.

Though we had become soulmates, we concluded we’d have to terminate our relationship because nobody in their right mind has a long distance relationship between South America and Southeast Asia.

On the Friday evening before she was due to leave, we had a candid discussion about the state of our lives. We agreed to try this ridiculous long distance relationship and see if it fizzled out naturally rather than terminate the relationship altogether. When I awoke Saturday morning, all of the knots that were in my body for 6 months had magically disappeared.”

Overnight, Danny’s medical condition had been resolved. He concluded after learning from the teachings of Dr. Hamer that those knots were put there because Danny was going in the wrong direction in life. He was planning to terminate a relationship with his soulmate, who today is his wife.

“Our subconscious has the ability to trigger various biological programs in order to help us address an issue. In my particular case, the biological program was meant to slow me down and keep me from running in the wrong direction.

When my soulmate and I agreed to not terminate our relationship, the problem was solved. The knots disappeared as magically as they came.”

Danny suspected there could be a similar mechanism between cancer and the mind.

Dr. Hamer’s work reported a 92% success rate healing terminal cancer patients using a form of mind body medicine. He concluded after 39 years of research that cancer is essentially a survival biological program. Cancer is there to help us, not there to hurt us.

“If you travel to a cold climate, you’ll find street dogs with long hair. You go to a hot climate, and the dogs have short hair. That’s the way nature adjusts, and it works. It works the same for humans.”

Danny used an example to illustrate the way this works for humans.

“The biological purpose of mammary glands in a woman’s breast is to lactate when the woman is pregnant and/or nursing. This makes the breast fundamentally a nurturing piece of equipment.”

Many breast cancers are formed in the mammary ducts, and according to Danny, these “cancers” may develop when the woman metaphorically wants or needs to nurture a loved one.

The body creates added tissue in the breast as a nurturing trigger. Doctors may diagnose this as cancer, start chemotherapy, and even remove the breast. Danny has seen, though, that when the nurturing crisis is over, the breast tissue will return to normal.

“It doesn’t matter whether the breast is there or not. The biological program runs in your brain. This is the control center. The cause of the problem is the life crisis. The organ is just a symptom of the problem.”

You can only heal yourself, but you must first understand the cause of the problem.

Danny Carroll was a very timely guest since Todd announced on the show that he has been diagnosed with cancer in his neck on the back of his tongue. He is slated to begin chemotherapy and radiation soon.

Of course, Danny highly discourages Todd from going that route, and suggested the cause for the added tissue in Todd’s throat.

“There is a problem in your life you’re having a hard time swallowing. Because the carcinoma is also affecting your tongue, this means there is a trigger related to speaking as well.

Todd, figure out the problem, solve it, and the tumor will go away.”

Today, people come to Danny who are terminally ill, and he reports a 70% success rate – meaning patients are able to solve the problem that caused the trigger, and they are healed.

On Danny’s website you can find a 400 page downloadable book which addresses every disease known to man so you can identify the cause of a problem with snipers-rifle precision.

“When you identify the cause of the problem with the symptoms of the problem, you can switch cancer off like a light switch.”

I highly recommend you turn on your curiosity switch and get Danny’s book so you can keep yourself and your loved ones free from radical medical procedures that aren’t treating the problem. They’re actually combatting your body’s natural, biological, healing process.

Won’t you join me in prayers for Todd? Pray he can discover the cause and trigger of his situation and fully heal without chemotherapy and other harsh treatments.

Transcend Challenges | Embrace Bliss

The odds were against our recent guest, Saylor Cooper, from the very start.

My twin sister and I were born 3 months prematurely in 1993 in Conroe Texas. Our lungs were small and underdeveloped. We weren’t expected to survive and were hospitalized for about 4 months.

Because Saylor was on a ventilator to help him breathe, he developed a condition called Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) where the blood vessels of the eyes leak because of too much pressure. His retinas detached.

Like a true Texan, I wrangled through all of that. Despite the surgeries to repair my eyes I was left with limited sight. I can see shadows and shapes up close, but I can’t make out details.

Saylor Cooper

Saylor’s twin sister had a more positive outcome to the surgeries to repair her retinopathy, and Saylor came out fighting!

Saylor was mainstreamed into both public and private schools. He also went to a school for the blind to learn more technology. He attended college for two years.

I’m pursuing entrepreneurship because it’s hard for people with disabilities to find employment. There are so many barriers.

His go-getter attitude pushes Saylor to consistently overcome his challenges.

He is the creator and host of Real Variety Radio and the Hope Without Sight Podcast. Saylor’s new book is called Navigating Life’s Challenges, Understanding Personality, Stress, and Family Dynamics.

There’s a lot of people who just sit back on the sidelines thinking I can’t do it. I am not that person.”

Getting his education in both the United States and Mexico, Saylor is bilingual in English and Spanish. He also reads Braille. He participated in sports such as swimming, snow skiing, and scuba diving.

The world of ever-advancing technology helps Saylor every day. He uses a Braille keyboard, a tool that reads text on a computer screen, and another which has a talk-back feature.

I enjoy reading inspirational books, and interviewing others on my podcast who are also blind, or who live with all kinds of disabilities. So many people have inspired me throughout life.

I’ve interviewed a PGA World Champion who has no hands, a woman who went her whole life without knowing she has dyslexia, and a father who was not diagnosed with autism until his son was diagnosed.”

From the time he was very young, Saylor dreamed of being on the radio.  

One summer, Saylor attended a radio broadcasting course at the school for the blind. That led to a broadcasting apprenticeship with Houston’s New Country Radio 100.3 FM.

I’d get discouraged once in a while because there were so many buttons to push, and I didn’t know which buttons were the correct ones.

Thankfully a good friend of mine, who’s also blind, introduced me to the station playlist, playback software, and remote voice tracker where I could record voice tracks making a radio show sound like it’s live when it’s actually automated. That led me to create Real Variety Radio.”

On Saylor’s show you’ll hear popular hits from the seventies to today’s hits; country, from the classics to today’s hottest Nashville icons; and in the evenings you’ll hear a mix of classic rock and roll.

Listeners can crack open a cold beer, sit by the bonfire and dance.

A big shout out goes to Dakota Caldwell. He does the Christian show on Sunday mornings.”  

Saylor has aspirations for professional speaking, including hosting in-person events. His book is available in paperback and on Kindle through Amazon. It’s dedicated to his mother and anyone who has overcome challenges.

I hope everybody who reads my book will learn to live a life where bliss reigns supreme.”

Saylor is soon hosting 2 events.

One is free called, Lift Your Spirit Party!

You can also join Saylor’s Blissful Life Community

Twins, Sara and Saylor

Let me share a simple truth that has become a cornerstone of my own existence. Life is not always easy, but it’s always worth it. Every moment; every breath is a precious gift from God.

From the very moment of my miraculous birth, the odds stacked against me. Standing before you, I’m reminded of the profound grace that permeates every breath we take.

Through my own experiences I’ve learned that perseverance, hard work, empathy, listening, courageous risk taking, adaptability, and surrounding oneself with a supportive tribe, can guide us through even the most arduous of circumstances.

Let us strive to persevere and adapt gracefully to life’s ever-changing tides. Let us surround ourselves with individuals who uplift us, who believe in our dreams and remind us of our own boundless potential.

As we step forward into the world, may we carry with us a renewed sense of purpose. Let us take these action items to heart. Know that you are not alone on this magnificent voyage.

May the pursuit of bliss be the guiding star that illuminates your path.

~Saylor Cooper

What is the Next Step?

I wouldn’t say I was a control freak, but I was probably close to that, especially about my kids. I tried to protect them 24/7. Of course, that does not work.”

Murielle Fellous may have a story like yours or another parent you know. Her desire to protect her kids and influence them positively was good, but it’s an illusion she suggests we must let go of.

It led me to depression.

Her three teenaged children were acting out in ways that could have been very dangerous, if not fatal. They were going to parties and exploring their independence a little too much.

I was living in anxiety every time they went out, and that’s something you cannot sustain. I got to a point when I was so low I wished I would disappear. It was too much for me.”

Murielle didn’t want to admit she was unhappy, because she feared it would mean she didn’t love her kids.

One night I woke up in tears. After crying and crying, I let go of the self-judgment and realized I wasn’t a horrible mom for feeling like I did. It became clear to me I could not co-create or co-parent with the Universe when I was only feeling fear, anxiety, and hopelessness.”

Murielle learned she was not responsible to save her children, but she could save herself through better ways to cope. She introduced us to some coping methods she discovered:

  • Surrender (life would give me the tools to protect my kids when I was ready to receive them)
  • Meditation (self-regulating from fear to faith)
  • Tapping (stimulating blood-flow to the brain)

When we are in a state of worry, our analytical brain which supplies solutions and ideas isn’t able to receive the amount of blood flow necessary to think clearly.”

What is the next step?

Examine your thoughts and your inner dialogue. Co-parenting with the universe is about being emotionally aligned with higher vibrational emotions than fear and worry.

What is the next step?

One day my prayer was answered when my son was matched with a Big Brother. His mentor helped him for three years, and he stayed in contact with my son even after we left the country. I had found a way to be flexible with the outcome, and I received a solution.”

Stay open to solutions from a book, a person, or a program. Stay open and flexible. Something will come.

I don’t know about you reader, but I was a young mother once too. I remember having all these emotions because of the responsibility I felt had been placed on my shoulders. I felt as though it was up to me to see that my kids achieve success.

It would have been nice to have someone like Murielle to talk to back then. Someone to answer the question,

What is the next step?

Let go of worry when you’re that triggered, knowing you can’t use thoughts to change your thoughts. You have to go through your nervous system using a method like TAPPING.”

*At this point in our interview, Murielle went through a comprehensive demonstration of TAPPING. It’s worth your time to watch and learn more of her technique.

Tapping is a combination of ancient wisdom since it uses the same meridians in acupuncture. Tapping is acupressure as you will push on certain points of the meridians to calm your nervous system.

Tapping adds elements of Psychology, too because you talk about your problem while Tapping. You’re sending a message to the stress center of your brain which triggers the fight, flight, or freeze reaction.

Tapping breaks the neural association between the problem and the anxiety. We relax. The brain starts to function better. We are clearer, we have more resourcefulness, we feel better.

One of my kids tried to kill themselves, and I was so changed by the experience of TAPPING that even when they were in the psychiatric hospital for a week, I was able to intercept the loop of negativity.”

Murielle does a weekly podcast called Co-Parenting with the Universe. She is an intuitive life coach helping single moms prevent the downward spiraling of overwhelming guilt, powerlessness, and depression.

If you’re asking the question “What is the next step?” you may get a free EFT TAPPING Video on her website:

Art Therapy to Heal Trauma

Carey MacCarthy is perhaps the first Art Therapist we’ve had on the show, and we learned so much about the healing modalities of art. (Who knew?)

Because she is a facilitator, presenter, researcher, author, and co-author of a manual called Startup! a school-based arts curriculum for Native American youth and other cultures, Carey has seen the ways art therapy heals historical, generational, and current trauma.

It’s called neurodevelopmental art therapy, and it rewires the brain from trauma, depression, and anxiety. It’s a bottom up, whole brain healing approach involving left & right brain integration.”

Carey reports that after 25 years of neuroscientific research, we know trauma cannot be healed without getting the whole brain involved. Carey teaches very specific, scientifically designed, art therapy activities that include a series of exercises to engage the 4 functioning structures of the brain.

Art therapy is actually a master level degree requiring a graduate program specializing in art therapy. After a 3 year graduate program, I had to do a 3,000 hour internship and pass a licensing exam. Then I could register with the art therapy credentials board.”

Carey’s program uses self-directed neuroplasticity and our maladaptive stress response to help clients get off the hamster wheel of negative feedback which loops in our brain.

Art redirects, strengthens, and rebuilds neural pathways since with trauma there’s a lot of damage that happens in our neural network. Inflammation causes damage in the brain and a hyper-arousal response on the brain causing anxiety, depression, aggression, and that fight, flight, or freeze.”

Carey explains the reason art therapy works when both sides of the brain are engaged.

Art is a right brain activity. Verbal expression is a left brain activity. If you’re using both hands, that’s bilateral stimulation. Then, when you’re hearing instructions, it engages the auditory processing system.”

  • Images are created and encoded
  • Emotional articulation is regulated  
  • Adaptive coping skills are developed
  • The brain is communicating

Carey isn’t just teaching this to clients and facilitators, she has seen firsthand the results of Art Therapy and it’s healing effects on her own trauma.

When I was a little girl my parents were both mentally ill. My father has Asperger’s, and my mother has borderline personality disorder with severe alcoholism.

When I was 11 my family just fell apart and I ended up in the hospital from physical abuse. After a few years living with my autistic father and brother, I got kicked out of the house and found myself on the streets.

I was a young teen on drugs, and part of the Punk Rock scene in the 1980’s. That community of people saved me despite becoming a single mom in my early 20’s.”

Carey put herself through school and experienced art therapy while in a graduate program. Her trauma symptoms began to decrease, then disappeared completely.

I know firsthand how art therapy worked on the maladapted stress response my brain was primed for. Following an exposure to mold, my body reacted with Severe Electro-Hypersensitivity Syndrome. I couldn’t be around computers, cell phones, or even cell towers because I could feel them a mile away. I healed my brain using neuro developmental art therapy and a self-directed neuroplasticity based approach called dynamic, neural, retraining system.”

Today, Carey applies her training in the Red Road approach to healing with Lakota and Dakota tribes. Working with native people, she is helping them heal and rebuild from historical and generational trauma. She sees amazing results. Art Therapy is helping!

Our research outcomes show across-the-board reduction of anger, depression, anxiety, post traumatic symptoms, dissociation, and sexual thoughts.”

Carey is doing amazing work, and we are delighted she allowed us to introduce her labor of love on Life Mastery Radio with Todd & Jackie.

She is offering all of you a free video to start your own Art Therapy. Click here to receive Scribble your Way to Calm.

Every child needs access to this program as a prevention and intervention strategy from trauma, depression, and anxiety. It’s time to undo the damage of the pandemic and rebuild healthy building blocks in the nervous system, the sensory system, the emotional, perceptual, and cognition in the brain.

Imagine even the youngest children having healthy relationships, healthy boundaries, positive communication skills, and adaptive coping skills to deal with their own traumas.

Go to Carey’s website

You Could Have Killed Someone

“You could have killed someone.”

Those words were spoken by Jonathan England’s mother after he’d been arrested for a DUI. Those words caused a shift in Jonathan’s thinking from that point on, but let’s take a few steps back…

Jonathan was twelve when his sixteen-year-old brother died of muscular dystrophy.

“I was holding his hand and watched him take his last breath. I knew he would die young, but nothing prepares you for losing an older brother.”

Representation of Jonathan and his brother

Jonathan had always been his brother’s hero and protector – helping him dress, eat, etc. Once his brother was gone, Jonathan began to question his own purpose.

“What am I here for? Who am I? How could there be any meaning to life if my brother didn’t even get to have one. He was stuck in a wheelchair and died at 16. Life is meaningless.”

Jonathan lost his belief in God, his parents had divorced, and when he wasn’t able to save his brother or his family, he felt like a failure.

“I spiraled into darkness, and became a broken down, blacked out, drunken atheist, beach bum.”

After a few years, Jonathan’s transformation began with a feather stroke from the Universe.

After that came a little nudge of inspiration that says, “You should do something different”.

Being stubborn, Jonathan didn’t even notice the stronger shove from the Universe, or even when the cosmos hit him with a spiked 2 x 4.

“I had plenty of 2 x 4’s smacking me on the head, and I ignored them all until August 20th, 2015, when I woke up from a blacked-out, drunken stupor to discover I’d rear-ended a car at a stop light.

I put my truck in reverse and tried to take off down the road to escape the accident scene. But there had been a police officer sitting at the stoplight who witnessed everything.

My victim mentality kicked in and I thought, ‘that’s just my luck.’ But then I began to thank God for that police officer because he pulled me over and took me to jail.”

Jonathan calls it a blessing that he was taken to jail. It was his mother’s birthday, and the one phone call he was allowed to make was to her.

“I was feeling shame. No one was hurt in the accident, but they could have been. I kept hearing voices in my head and from my mother, ‘Jonathan you could have killed someone.’

Finally, I listened and thought to myself, ‘Jonathan, if your actions could have hurt someone, then your actions could help someone. That means your actions matter. If your actions matter, then YOU matter.

Since YOU matter, life is not meaningless’. In that moment I decided my actions going forward will only help people.”

Today, Jonathan England is an earth-shaker and a guide to the highest levels of purpose and source alignment. He’s a successful real estate investor and an acclaimed author.

Jonathan’s best-selling book is: If I Die Before I Wake where he describes the 5 Levels of Consciousness as part of the transformational journey he took to change.

The 5 Levels of Consciousness are:

  • Dis-Oriented
  • Goal Oriented
  • Journey Oriented
  • Value Oriented
  • Soul Oriented

Our questions direct our focus, and our focus is directing our destiny.

“One evening I was flipping through channels late one night, and an Italian guy named Dean Graziosi comes on. He says, ‘Have you ever in your adult life felt like you should be further along than you are right now?’ I’m like, yes.”

I became Dean’s top student. Within 18 months I had made 400K; and within 2 years built a multi-million dollar empire.”

Jonathan claims we can all make shifts like he did. We can create a new identity that creates new actions, and a new reality is formed. Your reality is based on the reflection of who you believe you are.

“Seek first the kingdom, and all else will be added to you. That’s what Level 5 (Soul-Oriented) is all about. You drop from the head to the heart.”

His book teaches there are awakenings to transcend each level. Jonathan mentioned David Hawkins’ book, Power Versus Force, and the frequency chart which can be used to compare to the levels of consciousness Jonathan addresses

“Level one is shame, guilt, and apathy. At level 2, you start to get angry. Then you get to pride which is the last negative frequency.

In level 4 you start to put love back and bring all of eternity with you. It’s called Value Oriented. There is no path to happiness. Happiness is the path.

Level 5 is the ‘not my will, but thine be done.’ It’s a complete surrender. It’s bringing heaven to earth.”

A brilliant cut diamond has 57 facets (57 sides) to it. If you only see one facet, you don’t even know you’re looking at a diamond.

Through inspiration, Jonathan was told to do three specific things: 1. Reinvent the educational system 2. Reinvent the monetary system 3. Unite religions.

Thus, he is the creator of an entirely self-sustained, conscious-driven, living, complex in Costa Rica. The Earth Waking Eco Village is carved from tropical lushness, where people live by spirit and alignment in service to each other in a central prosperous economy. Residents take 100% responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, actions, and reality while working in harmony with nature and each other.

Learn more about Jonathan here because he can help you make a shift and take positive steps forward.

Your actions could help someone. That means your actions matter. If your actions matter, then YOU matter. Since YOU matter, life is not meaningless.