Life Mastery Radio recently had the pleasure of interviewing Simran, a world-renowned author, speaker, and leader in the field of personal and spiritual growth. Simran’s insightful and inspirational message is grounded in the belief that we are all capable of achieving greatness and living our best lives.

Simran is a love catalyst, rebel humanitarian, and sacred sole activist. The number one rated host of 11:11 Talk Radio and publisher of Award Winning 11:11 Magazine. Simran creates art online courses, books, and media to bridge humanities, experience, and expression.

Her latest book is Signs | Everyday Encounters with Pathways Turning points and Divine Guideposts

Synchronicity is what occurs when we are lined up exactly in the right moment at the right time; meaning we are in such a vertical alignment with source spirit and our presence, that everything happens to match up and work out.”


Simran explains when we have those moments of synchronicity, it’s because we have gotten to a place where we are lined up with where we’re supposed to be. When we drop into the past or the future then all of a sudden we move out of synchronicity.

Signs have a lot to do with it. They all lead us through these synchronistic moments. In essence it resides within all of us. It’s a matter of us tapping into that.

My journey into spirituality began from a place of unconsciousness. I had reached a point of discomfort in my life, doing everything possible to be aligned, to live by right word, thought, and action.

Life was still hard. I asked for a sign. I had no idea that my verbal asking would initiate a string of signs.”


The universe was communicating with Simran through the numbers 11:11 quite consistently.

Life shows us how to embrace signs, many of which are not just momentary synchronicities, but that they actually are around us all of the time and speaking volumes.


Signs appear when we have a specific question.

Symbols are a consistent meaning of something.

Simran taught, for example, an owl as an animal totem could be a symbol for us, whereas, seeing a cardinal today and a peacock tomorrow would be signs.

Animals show us behaviors within ourselves that might be dormant needing to be expressed. If you need more vision, you may see a hawk. If you need more courage you might see a wolf or a lion.

We’ve not been taught to look at what our eyes, our ears, our senses land on even though the most significant signs come in that way.

Finding the intuitive guidance inside ourselves will cultivate connection and a greater sense of trust with life, the universe, with others, and most importantly, with us.”


Signs come in lots of way, shapes, and forms, and they’re always pointing to something. They’re always directing us to our higher good.

We might have a plumbing leak, a flat tire, a cut on our finger, or a broken arm. All of those are signs and not random events as we’ve been taught.

The Universe knows we’re constantly looking outside for answers, so it uses the outer world to speak to us. They may appear across spans of time and create a beautiful mythological saga.

If the Universe doesn’t get your attention with the plumbing leak or flat tire then the next thing might be a fender bender in your car, or it might be a roof which has to be replaced.”


It’s a simple ask:

What does this mean?

What am I to know here?

If you respond to a sign with inspired action, then you get another sign. You respond again and get another sign. You’re developing this relationship with something bigger than yourself, whether you call it God, Universe, love, or source.

Whatever it is, you have developed this relationship that you now trust. If you take a step there will be a response that develops a sense of inner authority.

As you begin to trust yourself and your intuition, and do the work the signs are showing you, then you start to grow a compassion for other people.”


Simran’s book is divided into 3 sections.

The first section goes into what signs are and how they appear.

The middle section is stories from other people’s conversations with the universe. They’re happening to everyone.

The final section is filled with practices, and an understanding of how to create and cultivate greater presence.

We all have a part to play in every single thing that’s showing up in our world. When we’re willing to see that about ourselves, then we empower ourselves to understand our responsibility on this planet.

I call myself a rebel humanitarian because I’m asking people to rebel against being so outwardly active and instead go inside and discover your humanity.”


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