Let’s Explore Purpose with Michelle Vandepas

Michelle Vandepas Dec 14 2023
Michelle Vandepas, is a best-selling author and TEDx speaker. Her podcast is SPARK – the Radically Creative Life.
Michelle is a successful business consultant, and has started three multimillion-dollar companies, and has been an adviser to top-level business people and politicians.
She has been filmed for the documentary “Wisdom from Thought Leaders,” along with Sting and the Dalai Lama.
A Doctor of Divinity, she brings a spiritual bent to her work. Michelle studies Tai Chi for meditation in motion.
View her Amazon author page for a full list of her published books HERE  Meet Michelle Vandepas

Energetic healing…and a little music with Wendy Weber

Wendy Weber Nov 9 2023
Wendy Weber is a remarkable individual whose life is a vibrant melody of resilience and empowerment. With over five decades of experience as a parrot owner, Wendy’s spirit resonates with the colorful personalities of her feathered companions.
As an energy healing practitioner, Wendy channels her vibrant energy to transform lives and create a harmonious balance of well-being.
Wendy’s journey as a longtime singer-songwriter and lyricist adds another layer to her rich tapestry. Her expertise in crafting parodies and original songs for individuals, organizations, and events infuses joy and creativity into every note.
With a heart that embraces life’s challenges and a spirit that empowers those around her, Wendy’s presence is a powerful reminder that our unique melodies can inspire, uplift, and bring change to the world.
Meet Wendy Weber

Tech Tips for the Tech-Timid with Sue Wilhite

Sue Wilhite, Nov 2, 2023
She spent over 20 years in Management Information Systems as well as holding a Business Systems degree.
Sue Wilhite learned business from the inside as well as the outside. Putting it all to work in a successful hypnotherapy practice.
She also worked for and owned a bookstore (including planning and running over 300 events a year for six years), and her own innovative coaching system.
Sue Wilhite is now known as the “Make It Happen Maven.” She loves helping others by making complex subjects understandable and relatable.
Sue is the author of Tech Tips for the Tech-Timid available now. You’ll explore tech hacks and tools that will help you work smarter, not harder, so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business. Meet Sue Wilhite

Rags to Riches with Karen Pudetti

Karen Pudetti Oct 26 2023
Right out of college, Karen Pudetti learned working for Fortune 500 companies didn’t light her up. Back to school she went to receive electrolysis certification, wax, and esthetic licenses.
Despite working just two-and-half days a week from home, Karen was soon making over $100K a year. Next she expanded to a 9,000 square foot salon to become one of the nation’s leading consultants to beauty companies.
Not only has Karen built a multi-million dollar beauty business from the ground up; she also has a highly successful clothing line (Bad Ass Clothing Inc) and a course Rags to Riches in Action that guides leaders step-by-step to financial abundance.
At every opportunity Karen shares stories about the inspiring beauty luminaries in her book Rags to Riches: How Beauty Icons Made It Big
Meet Karen Pudetti

Money Mastery with Sally Pederson

Sally Pederson, Oct 19 2023
Sally Pederson is an internationally renowned speaker, global citizen, and expert on international money mastery.
She is the author of International Money Mastery: Avoid These Common Mistakes When Reducing Taxes to Zero or Single Digits, Protecting Assets, and Gaining International Freedom with Residencies and Citizenships She shares the strategies and tactics perfected for more than a decade.
Sally has lived in five countries and traveled to over 45 countries investigating business opportunities, taxes, and lifestyle. She has acquired multiple residences and dual citizenship.
She helps business owners, speakers, authors, coaches, & entrepreneurs who want to become global citizens to never be stuck under the control of any one government.  Meet Sally Pederson

Mental Health Talk with Dr. Leslie Rogers

Dr. Leslie Rogers Oct 12 2023
Dr. Leslie Rogers is the Founder & CEO of Mental Health Talk LLC. She is also the publisher of Mental Health Talk Magazine, and the founder of the Men’s Suffer Too! campaign.
Dr. Rogers completed 25 years of service with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as an Intelligence Analyst and Employee Assistance Program Coordinator (EAPC) for the Counterterrorism Division. Dr. Rogers is a former psychologist with the Fayetteville VA Medical Center (FVAMC) where she specialized in treating veterans with a wide range of mental health concerns, that include complex trauma histories.
Mental Health Talk magazine is a well-rounded publication that seeks to bridge gaps between mental health and medical health.
Meet Dr. Leslie Rogers here

3 Minutes a Day with Richard Dixey Ph.D

Richard Dixey, Ph.D Oct 5 2023
Richard Dixey, PhD, is a senior faculty member at Dharma College in California, a research scientist, and a lifelong student of Buddhism. Richard directed a bioelectronic research unit at a London hospital before becoming CEO of his own biotech company.
Richard moved to the US in 2007 to devote himself to teaching meditation, deepening his own practice, and running the Light of Buddhadharma Foundation in India with his wife Wangmo, the eldest daughter of the well-known Tibetan lama Tarthang Tulku.
Richard’s book Three Minutes a Day: A Fourteen Week Course to Learn Meditation and Transform Your Life makes a bold claim: in just three minutes a day, for fourteen weeks you can establish a regular meditation practice and gain real insight into your experience. The benefits include enhanced creativity, less stress, and the ability to deal with challenges more effectively.
Meet Richard Dixey, Ph.D

JOY is your Superpower with Jan Hoath

Jan “JOY” Hoath Sept 28, 2023
Jan Hoath is a speaker, poet, JOY mentor to women business leaders, and on a mission to fulfill the vision of a Joy Led World.
As a leadership coach, mindfulness meditation teacher, & former pro ski instructor, Jan offers a leading edge blend to her work including her signature process of the Happiness Prism(TM) guiding leaders to claim JOY as their superpower no matter what challenges life brings.
Jan can be found embodying her JOY message skiing, snowboarding, trail running, surfing, sailing, learning banjo, meditating with moose, speaking at leadership summits, yoga festivals, facilitating mindful retreats, guiding transformational JOY journeys, and at home in her log cabin with her beloved family of 2 kids, Australian husband, Bernese mountain dog, and fiercely independent cat.
Enjoy a Health and well-being meditation from Jan HERE
Meet Jan “JOY Hoath

Wise Woman Wisdom with Mary E. Knippel

Mary E. Knippel Sept 14th 2023
Mary E. Knippel, is an author, speaker, and founder of YourWritingMentor.com. She guides small business owners to write their book as a powerful driver of business growth. She helps aspiring authors to get their expertise out of their head so that publishers and readers can find them, and they can finally make money.
If you are looking for a proven professional who uses her 35 years of experience as a journalist to ask provocative questions to uncover the heart of your message with clarity and compassion, help you craft the compelling story of your business, and put you on the path to being recognized as an expert in your field, you’ve come to the right place.    She has compiled Written in Her Own Words | Wise Woman Wisdom available on Amazon.
Mary will not only help you gain confidence in your writing abilities to find the words and the way to share your unique story, she makes it fun!
Meet Mary Knippel

Terminal Cancer is a Misdiagnosis with Danny Carroll

Danny Carroll Sept 7, 2023
Danny Carroll spent the first half of his life in London, UK, and completed his education with a master’s degree from the London School of Economics. He later moved to India where he now lives and works.
Danny has spent the last 17 years studying alternative healing therapies in search of the Holy Grail of health and wellness. 
Following a cathartic healing experience in 2012, he has focused on mind-body healing protocols for the last 10 years. Danny discovered a new body of medical knowledge and has spent the last seven years using this practice to help people with chronic and terminal health conditions.
His book is Terminal Cancer is a Misdiagnosis: Discover a Palliative Care Alternative Medicine You Can Survive
Meet Danny Carroll