Healing from Grief Claire B. Willis

Claire B. Willis April 13, 2021
All of us experience loss. In the pandemic, we have lost hundreds of thousands of lives in the United States and around the world. Many have lost their livelihoods. All of us have lost our familiar daily routines.
Claire B Willis and Marnie Crawford Samuelson have authored a book:  Opening to Grief: Finding Your Way from Loss to Peace . It is a companion guide to grieving, made more relevant during this tender time.
Their book reminds us there is no one way to grieve, and encourages us to begin where we are. With profound practices anchored in mindfulness and meditation, the authors share how art, writing and nature offer paths to healing.
Claire leads bereavement, end-of-life, support, and therapeutic writing groups in her Brookline, Massachusetts home.
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The Magic of Connection with Michelle Welch

Michelle Welch April 13, 2021
Everything and everyone is energy. We lean into and absorb energy every moment of every day, and no matter how much we put up bubbles of protection, shields, or walls between us and harsh energies—they never go away—energy merely changes form. 
Michelle Welch is the author of The Magic of Connection: Stop Cutting Cords & Learn to Transform Negative Energy to Live an Empowered Life  
Michelle’s book teaches you how to transmute the voluminous energy cords we get hooked by, and offers techniques that anyone, especially sensitive empaths, can use to transmute difficult energies that otherwise can alter our mental and emotional health.
Michelle offers intuitive readings and healing sessions. Every chapter of her book contains exercises to help us on our journey to becoming the masters and magicians of energy.
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A Shift Toward Abundance with Millen Livis

Millen Livis April 6, 2021
It was through overcoming a few adversities in life that Millen Livis learned to really trust her life journey, surrender and reconnect to her authentic power, inner wisdom and feminine sensuality.
Millen has developed strength, courage and the deepest sense of gratitude, which she shares in her books A Shift Toward Abundance and A Shift Toward Purpose .
Besides being an author, Millen is a transformational coach and an entrepreneur, mother and wife. Her message is one of HOPE and POSSIBILITIES and is often referred to as a ‘Possibilities Catalyst.’
Millen helps other women create and embody the highest vision for their work and life. She holds private transformational retreats in France and the USA.
Learn how to create loving, lasting relationships, a fulfilling career, ageless beauty and financial independence.
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Living Through the Heart with Johnathan Goldman

Jonathan Goldman Mar 30, 2021
The great sages for millennia have taught that the answers to healing, spiritual evolution, elevation of consciousness, and living a happy and fulfilled life are inside of us. But where exactly are they and how do you work with them?
Jonathan Goldman can answer those questions for you. In his four decades of working with Energy Medicine, first as an acupuncturist and then as the developer of Transformational Energy Healing, he has mapped the multi-layered Human Energy Vehicle (HEV).
Goldman has uniquely described where and how thought forms, emotions, energetic material, beliefs, and spiritual qualities live and operate in the multiple energy layers that are within and around the human body.
He is the author of The Gift of the Body: A Multi-Dimensional Guide to Energy, Anatomy, Grounded Spirituality and Living Through the Heart
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The Highly Sensitive Person with Nathalie Ekobo

Nathalie Ekobo Mar 23rd, 2021
Are you overwhelmed? Stuck? Or exhausted? Are you always wanting MORE? Do you sometimes say: “What’s wrong with me?!”
Great news. There’s nothing wrong with you. The truth is you may be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)! And this may have a direct impact on your business success .
Nathalie Ekobo’s driving passion is to help you be more aligned with your Expanded Self (the version of you that already holds everything you want to accomplish) , so you can be more visible, bring your gifts to the world with confidence, and create ease and flow in your life and business.
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Tsunami to Greatness with Maria Mantoudakis

Maria Mantoudakis Mar 16th, 2021
She is an author, award-winning motivational speaker, professional transformational leader, and personal development coach.
She taught the Dale Carnegie course as a Certified Instructor for fifteen years, and in 2017 became a Certified Trainer in the Jack Canfield Success Principles Program.
Maria is the author of Tsunami to Greatness – Unleashing the Power of Self-Love and Synchronicity to Become the Best Version of Yourself.
In her book you’ll discover how to: Achieve your full potential by breaking the chains of negativity, pain, overwhelm, guilt and sadness Recieve the joy, health, abundance, peace, love, and synchronicity the Universe has for you Allow your true self to emerge
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Break the Repeat Cycle with Hila Esters

Hila Esters Mar 9th, 2021
Hila J. Esters is a minister, teacher, author, speaker, podcast host, visionary thought leader, mentor, and coach. 
She is the owner of Freedom Network NOW and Reflections of Real Life Ministries . Hila has ministered in prisons and jails in San Diego, California, and Dallas, Texas. 
Hila has authored several books:  Daddy’s Little Girl , Your Daddy’s So-o-o Big… , and  The Miraculous Realm of Heaven on Earth
Her online empowering course is titled: Break the Repeat Cycle!
Hila’s passion is to help people who are stuck in unfulfilled lives break out of repeating cycles which are holding them hostage. Hila wants to help you overcome obstacles and reach your goals.
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Wealth On Any Income with Rennie Gabriel

Rennie Gabriel Mar 2, 2021
After two divorces and a business failure Rennie Gabriel went from broke at age 50 to multi-millionaire after learning the three secrets of the wealthy (despite failing high school math).
Rennie now donates 100% of the profits from his online programs to a charity, Shelter to Soldier, which trains rescue dogs for wounded military warriors.
90% of the population has been taught nothing about handling money effectively, including CPAs and Financial Planners. With Rennie’s program you:
Learn three secrets the wealthy know. Learn how to have others gladly pay off your debt Learn 5 things that keep you broke.
Rennie is a TEDx speaker, and his award winning, best-selling book, Wealth On Any Income has been translated into eight languages.
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Wisdom of the Heart with Eva Goulette

Eva Goulette Feb 23, 2021
From a young age she was creative, artistic and loved to dance. In her twenties, Eva was running a ballet studio in New York. 
Eva exhibited confidence to the rest of the world while hiding insecurity and self-doubt. She embarked on a journey of self discovery.   After a head-on auto accident, Eva spent years recovering from a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and had no choice but to live in the moment each day. With few memories of the past, Eva became a bit child-like. Sensing her ability to be in the moment with them, children were drawn to Eva.   Now, as a shaminic practitioner, Eva offers Spirit Camps and Spirit Classes to children. They explore energy, chakras, auras, nature spirits, guided visualizations, shamanic journeying, the law of attraction, attitude of gratitude and many other spirituality based subjects. 
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Elation is a Choice with Pat Alva-Kraker

Pat Alva-Kraker Feb 16 2021
Driven by the belief that personal elation, living according to your blueprint and connecting to your wiser self is a choice we make each day, Pat Alva-Kraker founded Majestic Coaching Group, LLC.
Pat has always had a passion for self-mastery and assisting women become their best self. Her company coaches and mentors women transitioning from IT, Real Estate, and Project Management careers.
Majestic Coaching Group LLC creates a safe and encouraging space where women can tap into and honor their intuitive self and expand their capacity to become stronger leaders.
Pat’s book, Katherine’s Quest: One Woman’s Journey to Elation , celebrates what it is to live an empowered life, the healing power of new beginnings and a reminder that elation is a choice. 
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