Say Yes to Life with Elliot Robertson

Elliott Robertson Feb. 11, 2020
Elliott Robertson is a Love and Joy coach. He works with people on a soul level, guiding the way to windows that show the beauty within—windows showing the inner majesty that your heart wants you to see. 
Finding your authentic happiness can usher in a new chapter of your life. A new era. A new you. 
The techniques Elliott offers are like fertilizers for harmony, coherence and alignment. Discover your capacity to celebrate the gift you give the world by your very presence.
Elliott is the author of Say Yes to Life, 7 Keys to Living Full Out from Within
Meet Elliott Robertson

The Course in Miracles Experiment with Pam Grout

Pam Grout Feb 4, 2020
We, the greatest of all creators, with capabilities to build cities and inspire nations, are squandering our time watching reruns of I Love Lucy. We have forgotten that whole galaxies exist within our grasp “.
Pam Grout is the author of 16 books, two screenplays, a live soap opera, and a TV series.
Besides her newest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment, one of her main gigs is People magazine. Pam writes about all sorts of people from the Midwest. Not many celebrities, but there are thousands of interesting people who open hair museums and make films starring guinea pigs, and start restaurants that serve nothing but mashed potatoes.
Meet Pam Grout

Create Space For What Matters with Sora Garrett

Sora Garrett Jan 28, 2020
Sora Garrett used to be an accountant & business planner for a fortune 500 company. Today, she celebrates her ongoing journey as a highly creative & purposeful humanitarian.
Sora reminds each of us to slow down, savor the beautiful, and remember the essential wonders of life.
She is the author of Simply Enough: Create Space for What Matters scheduled for release mid-January; and The Miracle Keys: A Conversation with an Angel
Tune in to learn how to cultivate a life of spacious, joyful and generous flow.
Meet Sora Garrett

The Age of Aquarius with Rev. Stephanie Red Feather

Jan 21, 2020
Stephanie Red Feather believes there are more empaths than ever before, and that this surge is no coincidence.
With the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, empaths represent the new human blueprint. They have a cosmic mission: to usher in a higher level of human consciousness, centered in the heart chakra.
Stephanie explains the impending reactivation of dormant levels of consciousness and cosmic memory in her book, The Evolutionary Empath
This shift will allow us to reclaim the lost powers of our ancestors. Meet Rev. Stephanie Red Feather

Living In Full Expression with Jim Phillips

Jim Phillips Jan 14, 2020
One of Jim Phillips’ passions is the exploration and application of spiritual law as it applies to prosperity and overall quality of life.
One of Jim’s gifts is his ability to help others understand and apply complex spiritual concepts to their personal life.
To date, Jim has written two books,  The Key to LIFE, Living In Full Expression , and  From Inspiration to Intention.
Never has there been a time in the history of humanity when there was a greater need to understand who we are, and why we are here
Meet Jim Phillips

Take a Ride; Change Your Belief with Helen Brennand

Helen Brennand Jan 7, 2020
Horses have been a huge part of Helen Brennand ‘s life, and animal welfare has touched her deeply.
It was her equine companions who met Helen head on in her most desperate and heart-breaking moments. The masquerades of life became instantly apparent.
Wanting to share the realizations that came to her on her journey with the horses Helen wrote the book Belief .
Helen also runs The Haven , a home for animals, offering holistic rehabilitation in a peaceful environment. Take the ride of your life, remove your blinkers, and set yourself free!
Meet Helen Brennand

Mother “Earth Speaks Up with Mary McNerney

Mary McNerney Dec 17, 2019
Humanity’s understanding of Earth throughout history is filled with a series of awakenings. We once believed the Earth was flat; stationary; and the center of the universe; over time we learned otherwise.
Today we hold onto the belief that Earth is merely a compilation of dirt and rock. Our experience shows us that our perception of Earth needs to be fluid and open to change.
In her book, Earth Speaks Up Mary McNerney brings a unique and powerful perspective to the conversations we are having about our planet. We have the power to facilitate change and planetary healing in profound and tangible ways.

Meet Mary McNerney

Honoring Nonprofits

December 10, 2019
nonprofit organization  is dedicated to furthering a particular social cause or advocating for a shared point of view. They can operate in religious, scientific, research, or educational settings.
On our upcoming show, we’re going to host the directors of several nonprofits and learn more about how they serve our communities.

Bulletproof Spirit with Dan Willis

Dec. 2nd, 2019 One of the main effects of trauma is that it can cause us to not care, to become jaded, calloused, disinterested, burned out, unmotivated, and hardened. Trauma can cause our heart to suffocate where we just shut down inside, often suffering in silence and not understanding the changes inside us.
Dan Willis served as a police captain; homicide detective; crimes of violence, sexual assault, and child molestation detective; wellness unit coordinator; and SWAT commander. He currently instructs first responders nationwide on trauma, PTSD, and the process of healing. 
His book is Bulletproof Spirit – The First Responder’s Essential Resource for Protecting and Healing Mind and Heart
Meet Captain Dan Willis

Purpose, Perception and Physiology w/ Brian Trzaskos

Brian Trzaskos Nov. 26, 2019
Working with clients whose health issues range from traumatic brain injury to low back pain, Brian Trzaskos noticed some healed faster and more completely than others despite their diagnosis. Those with better results were living in accordance with Natural Laws.
Natural Laws govern how things in nature operate. New science reveals the deep connections between our purpose, perception, and physiology; not just our thought states but our “being” states.
Learn to use Natural Laws to bring your perceptions and physiology into balance.
Learn about Brian Trzaskos