Save Yourself From Yourself with Jamie Catto

Jamie Catto- Sept 24, 2019
Jamie Catto facilitates professional, personal and creative breakthroughs, drawing from his own processes in ground-breaking film production, philosophy voyages and music.
Jamie’s mission is to make self-reflection hip enough to save us from ourselves. He believes that by collectively acknowledging our insanity and our deepest darkest shadows, we can learn how to channel our energy into action for the world rather than using it all up on fighting ourselves. In doing so, we give each other permission to let our masks fall and focus on what’s really important.
Explore your untapped potential by attending one of Jamie’s workshops. He is a mischief-making creative coach.
Meet Jamie Catto

Spirit Guide Communication with Linda Deir

Thanks to her “Spirit Guides and  Angels” Linda Deir lived to tell her story.

Sept. 17th 2019 From early childhood, Linda experienced something most of us missed – she realized she was being “guided.” Now, after a lifetime of being guided, in her book, GUIDED, she shares what she learned, and most importantly, how she learned it.

Linda knows firsthand how to soar beyond the fears when you have the support of your Spirit Guidesand Angels. She survived 16 years of child abuse, to her escape as a teenager, and into phenomenal success as a businesswoman in a man’s world by age 19 and beyond. All possible from the constant support and guidance she received from her Spirit Guidesand Angels. A vital connection that grants her access to knowing what to do and when to do it!

Linda’s flagship book, GUIDED, is the template to trigger the reader to live a fearless, authentic life in spite of obstacles. Yes, you do have Spirit Guidesand Angels – everyone does.

You become like those you associate with. This is especially true when associating with your Spirit Guides and Angels. As this develops you learn to detect their messages and take action on their guidance while it is the most effective. They have guided me through many transitions, eliminating the unnecessary struggle. As you align with this guidance, becoming more like them, you will start to think clearly and see things for what they really are, so you can become who you really are.  

Linda’s website

Your Divine Human Blueprint with Julie Doering

Sept. 10th, 2019 Julie Renee is THE 100% Healthy Life EXPERT. She mentors ambitious women leaders who refuse to play small but are being held back by exhaustion and fuzzy brain.

She has prevailed over the worst of human health challenges from multiple cancers, life in a wheelchair and literally surviving death. Renee is the author of the groundbreaking book ‘Your Divine Human Blueprint.’ Her unique gift of healing defines the energy-science of Cellular Quantum Mechanics. She has defined the way to regenerate the body from the cells on up and does it with ease.

Recognized for leadership, given the 2010/11 National Association of Professional Women’s Woman of the Year Award and received Powerful Women International’s Global Leadership Award in 2012.

Meet Julie Renee

Give and Live Better with Dr. Stephen G. Post

Aug. 3rd, 2019 There are no coincidences in this worldGod and Love on Route 80 is the highly entertaining story of a cross-country road trip and a life-long spiritual journey that led the boy to the discovery that a powerful force carries us towards our destinies. Many scriptures teach of an eternal, infinite Mind beyond space and time that creates and sustains the universe. The divine Mind whispers and winks at us as we move through our everyday lives to reassure us that the journey is meaningful after all, even when we stumble. Stephen G. Post, PhD, is the bestselling author of Why Good Things Happen to Good People: How to Live a Longer, Happier, Healthier Life by the Simple Act of Giving (Random House). In 2001 he founded the Institute for Research on Unlimited Love (, which researches and distributes knowledge on kindness, giving, and spirituality. Post served as a co-chair of the United Nations Population Fund conference on spirituality and global transformation. Post has served as a full professor at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University, where he directs the Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care, and Bioethics.

Walking Between Worlds: A Spiritual Odyssey with Athena Demetrios

An Astonishing Memoir: One Woman’s Journey from Darkness to Light The Powerful Spiritual Experiences and Guidance that Healed Traumatic Childhood Wounds Impacting Much of Her LifeNow a Sought-After and Gifted Channel and Medium, Athena Demetrios Demonstrates the Riches That Can Unfold From the Relentless Pursuit of Self-Discovery

We share Athena’s odyssey as she continues on to overcome victimhood and peel away the layers of pain and despair through exploration of the spirit-emerging with hope, insight, forgiveness and a newfound love for life.   Today, she lives a fulfilled and spiritually guided life in Chico, CA, as a gifted, sought-after medium and channel for Dr. Pebbles. And you will need to read the book to discover the remarkable connection between the two of them! She also leads seminars in higher consciousness and the Ascended Master teachings. Walking Between Worlds: A Spiritual Odyssey is a compelling read that evokes the spirit of Odysseus’ wandering in search of home and the visceral emotional impact of Jeannette Wall’s bestselling childhood memoir The Glass Castle.   Uncomfortable with the term survivor, Athena is a spiritual thriver, drawing from powers here and beyond to find her path home and discover peace. If you would like to interviewAthena Demetrios for the insights and inspiration she can offer to your listeners, please send an email with the name of the show, your contact information, a proposed date and time, and the calling details.

The Science of Influence with Ani and Brian

Ani Anderson and Brian Trzaskos, have been are among the world’s premiere experts in the science and application of personal transformation having a combined 45 years and 86,000 hours experience helping people transform their lives. Their practical approach makes this potentially complex information easy to understand, accessible to anyone and immediately applicable. Open yourself up to experiencing life in a whole new way when you see the possibilities for creating a successful life and business that impacts the lives of millions, sharing relationships with people who make you feel grateful to be alive, and enjoying unprecedented levels of health and vitality.

Recognize the deepest driver of human behavior in yourself and others

Learn why people make choices not to change, in spite of rational evidence that it would be beneficial to do so

Help people quickly bypass their resistance to change by accessing the nervous system in ways previously known only to a few

Overcome the blind spots and emotional blocks that hinder innovation and progress

Become versed in the neurophysiology of purpose, mission, and motivation

Employ the 7 C’s of Influence to ensure you command the attention of any room

The Science of Influence Workshop

Thinking to Rock Your World w\ Dianne Collins

Dianne Collins – August 13, 2019
Dianne Collins has developed a new system of thinking for mastering effectiveness in a changing world. QuantumThink® is comprised of 21 specific principles and practices for the mind and awareness, based in quantum discoveries and universal wisdom made practical.      “If you want to think in a new way, you have to challenge your own thinking, your own ideas, your own beliefs about the way things ‘are’.” -Dianne Collins, Creator of QuantumThink®      Dianne is the author of  Do You Quantum Think? New Thinking that Will Rock your World , a book which offers us advanced thinking principles for leaps in awareness that enable real solutions, from the pursuit of inner serenity to harmonious relationships, business results and global affairs.
Everyone realizes we need to think in a new way. The question is, how?
Meet Dianne Collins

Mens Healthy Masculinity w/Tony Rezec

Tony Rezac – August 6, 2019
Tony Rezac is an author and men’s coach who creates workshops and programs that assist men in meeting the challenges they face. He leads his  Life Renewal Program for Men   as both a 2-day workshop and as a 6-week modular program.      Tony went through the Mankind Project`s New Warrior Training  in 2004. He has facilitated and participated in men`s groups ever since. He is known as a compassionate and skilled facilitator and for his commitment to the personal development of men.      Tony is the author of  Body and Soul: The Essential Handbook for Men , a book of essays about healthy masculinity and finding your life purpose. 
    His latest creation is  How To Create Happiness , a one-hour talk about how we can create a consistently happier baseline and how much of a difference that can make for ourselves, our families, and our work lives.
Meet Tony Rezac

Off the Cuff with Kris Prochaska, MA

July 16th, 2019 Replay

Meet Kris Prochaska May 14th 2019

Kris’ 20+ combined years of experience as a therapist and business
consultant help her laser right to the root of an issue and provide her
clients effective and practical solutions. Maybe it’s because she
prefers cowboy boots to heels, but she’s been described as an intuitive
sharp-shooter who knows exactly what an individual or company needs to
eliminate AND do more of in order to bring them into alignment for
greater purpose, productivity, & profit.
Her 2015 TED talk has over 234k views, and while she spoke about ‘how to
get your kids to listen & engage’, the principles hold true in business
as well. Kris is also a TEDx speaker coach and the author of Life Well
Spoken: Free Your Inner Voice & Prosper. She is a Certified BG5 Human
Design Business Consultant & Human Design Profit Potential Coach.

An End to Upside Down Thinking with Mark Gober

Replay July 9th, 2019 Live Show Date: March 12th, 2019

An End to Upside Down Thinking:

Dispelling the Myth That the Brain Produces Consciousness,

and the Implications for Everyday Life

A Revelatory Look at the Evidence that Upends the Scientific & Public Belief That the Material World is the Foremost Reality—and How That Reversal Explains Our Seeming “Wizard-Like” Abilities

Whether you realize it or not, most of modern society’s thinking is based upon a philosophy known as “materialism”—the notion that physical material, known as “matter,” is fundamental in the universe. In other words, it’s the basis of all reality. Everything is comprised of matter, and everything can be reduced to matter.

But a fascinating read through Mark Gober’s An End to Upside Down Thinking: Dispelling the Myth That the Brain Produces Consciousness, and the Implications for Everyday Life and you will know otherwise.

This compelling book marshals the clear evidence and makes the case that consciousness is the force that precedes matter—and upends all of the scientific and popular thinking that the brain (matter) creates consciousness. Science dismisses any evidence to its contrary position—a position it can’t prove–relegating the “matter-produces-consciousness” argument to nothing more than unfounded belief and faith—just another a form of ”religion,” Gober holds.

Listen to “An End to Upside Down Thinking with Mark Gober” on Spreaker.