Prosperity & Possibilities with Heather Abbott

Heather C. Abbott Oct 26, 2021
Do any of these resonate with you?

  • Having to take control of your finances and feeling overwhelmed
  • Money flowing in, but there are unknown leaks in your financial bucket
  • Finances not an issue, but you feel distinct lack of joy or freedom in life

Heather Abbott, BBA CPAalso known as the Prosperity Pro, is the creator and host of the Prosperity & Possibilities Podcast.
She is a CPA, financial advisor, mindset coach, and the author of the upcoming book, “Financial Empowerment for Women”.
Using a combination of right brain mindset work with decades of experience and knowledge as a CPA and financial advisor, her clients have their finances demystified and find money management not only attainable, but also enjoyable.
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Meet Heather C. Abbott, BPA CPA

Mastering Your Life with Sherry Stirling Fernandez

Sherry Stirling Fernandez Oct 19, 2021
Though deep in the throes of childhood family chaos with two unstable and unhappy parents — divorcing, marrying others, then remarrying Sherry Stirling Fernandez still knew she was destined for great things.    And that is something she wants you to instill in you! Along with the clearly defined pathway to achieve it!   Sherry’s new USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller Life Mastery: Personal Progression Toward an Infinite Potential makes the case that if you are not progressing toward a better version of yourself, you can never achieve any true sense of joy.
Happiness comes from recognizing and celebrating the fulfillment of your personal goals no matter how challenging — and then setting out on the road to the next one. A lifetime of progress toward your infinite potential is what makes you exceptional, fills your heart and enables you to leave your imprint on the world — your legacy!
Meet Sherry Stirling Fernandez

Turning a hardship into profound personal growth with Dr. Nahla Khaddage Bou-Diab

Dr. Nahla Khaddage Bou-Diab October 12, 2021
Dr. Nahla Khaddage Bou-Diab is the COO of AM Bank, and Head of Women Empowerment for the World Union of Arab Bankers. As the first woman holding this title in Lebanon, Dr. Khaddage Bou-Diab is a widely renown expert in building innovative, collaborative, & highly resilient organizations. 
She earned her doctorate from the University of Liverpool for her research on Spirituality in the Organization, and has been recognized with the highest honors, earning 7 awards for Leadership Excellence.
Turning a hardship into profound personal growth is absolutely possible—even in the face of insurmountable challenges. Her book is simple yet powerful: Untamable: Claim Your Power, Live Fearlessly, and Become Unstoppable. 
Meet Dr. Nahla Khaddage Bou-Diab

Create your Miraculous Life with Wendy Darling

Wendy L. Darling Oct 5, 2021
If you’ve been telling yourself it may be too late to fulfill your dream, find your purposeful path, have the relationship you want, start a family, even find love again later in life, regardless of the reason (age, money, family commitments, marriage breakdown, exhaustion, health, past failure, lack of education…) think again!
You have a Fairy Godmother in Wendy L. Darling…
That’s what her clients and followers call her because they have all but given up, and she makes the miracles happen…with or without her magic wand! 
In her lovingly written, gently urgent manual for reinvention, Create Your Miraculous Life: It’s Never Too Late, Darling guides you through the tools to reset your passion, focus, energy and mindset on the life that has eluded you, the one that is waiting and ready for you to step into!
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Centering the Mind with Dr. Macklin

Dr. Christopher Macklin Sept 28, 2021
Dr. Christopher Macklin is a powerful channeling medium and healer from England who utilizes Divine Healing techniques cultivated through divine knowledge from God and the spirit world to help people recover from all types of illness.
Christopher is able to heal many people simultaneously with the help of God’s angelic light beings who work with Christopher to rebalance the body’s energy field, clear chakra points, and cleanse the body’s meridian field by removing blockages and negative energies. 
Dr. Christopher Macklin is the founder of the Global Enlightenment Project. He isa Paranormal Conduit, Medical Intuitive, Healer, Global Messenger, and author of Centering the Mind: Healing Stress, Anxiety, Depression, ADD, OCD, & PTSDand several other books.
Meet Dr. Christopher Macklin

Manage Bullying Issues with Kelly Karius

Kelly Karius Sept 21, 2021
Kelly Karius is the creator of The Key Method of Communication. The No Such Thing as a Bully System is one of the key pieces of her program.
It has long been known that the way we are approaching bullying isn’t working. Finally – there is an actual tool that does!   Kelly’s books  include “This is Out of Control! A Practical Guide to Managing Life’s Conflicts”, “Burgerslinger”, and “No Such Thing as a Bully; Shred the Label, Save a Child.”, for parents, certified facilitators, and schools.
Kelly has won an award for Ethics in Business from The Better Business Bureau and a Government of Alberta Person of Inspiration Award for her work in the area of bullying.
Meet Kelly Karius

A New Now with Michael Goddart

Michael Goddart Sept 14, 2021
Michael Goddart’s A NEW NOW: Your Guide to Mastering Wisdom Daily, Achieving Equilibrium, and Empowering Your Nobler Self is a life-changing manual on how to live in your expanded awareness of your innate higher consciousness on a daily basis.
By mastering the wisdom in Michael’s book, you’ll achieve equilibrium and not be tossed by the tides of everyday life. From equilibrium and your increasingly aware consciousness, you’ll make choices that honor yourself, your fellow beings, the planet and the underlying unified consciousness.
New Now step by step:

  • The treasure of 33 wisdoms, including the 11 Loving Wisdoms, the 11 Guiding Wisdoms, and the 11 Evolutionary Wisdoms
  • The 10 Keys to Achieving Equilibrium
  • The 5 Sources of Wisdom
  • The 5 Prerogatives of Equilibrium
  • How to empower and be your nobler self

Meet Michael Goddart

Diving Into Biofield Tuning with Sue Wilhite

Sue Wilhite Sept 7, 2021
Sue Wilhite is a best-selling author, Law of Attraction coach, and Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner.
A decade working in various IT departments in Silicon Valley, Sue developed an ulcer. A hypnotherapist helped her ulcer vanish. Sue decided it was time to switch gears and go back to her early fascination with alternate realities.
Sue found that her biggest passion is helping entrepreneurs get over their money blocks so they can have a thriving business, and leading to her nickname as the “Profit Attraction Master.”
Sue also performs Biofield Tuning, which is a unique non-medical therapeutic method using sound waves produced by tuning forks in the biomagnetic field, or biofield, that surrounds the human body to induce deep targeted relaxation.
Meet Sue Wilhite

Soul Language with Jennifer Urezzio

Jennifer Urezzio Aug 31, 2021
Jennifer Urezzio is the founder of Soul Language – a paradigm that puts tangibility to Soul so a conscious connection can be established to enable crystal clear decisions for success.
She a master intuitive and the author of two best-selling books, one of them being Soul Language Consciously Connecting With Your Soul for Success.
Jennifer trains practitioners worldwide in Soul Language, and has supported hundreds of successful, highly creative individuals with resolving blocks in their creative process. Jennifer has even been described as “liquid nitrogen” because she has the ability to see the core of possibilities within each individual’s energy field. She is a master at asking the soul-searching questions that allow individuals to understand and perceive new pathways of success and greatness in their lives.
Meet Jennifer Urezzio

The Science of Positive Prime with Kim Serafini

Kim Serafini Aug 24, 2021
Kim Serafini is a much-loved executive coach & business advisor, the inventor of Lithos Therapy, a bestselling author, world-class keynote speaker, and angel investor.
As Founder and CEO of Positive Prime, a health & edu-tech company, Kim’s leading new trends in health and wellness, self-care and technological solutions, products, and services.
Kim is the world leader in the Science of Positive Priming, which accelerates learning, development, performance, engagement, improved mental health, resilience, innovation, and creativity.
Kim has interviewed many of the world’s highest-profile business leaders, acclaimed scientists, and the most famous self-help gurus. She is devoted to helping others make significant, long-lasting, rapid & successful changes.
Kim is the author of two books, I Am Gr8ful for Life and I Am Gr8ful for You. 10% of all sales revenue from her books is devoted to the I Am Gr8ful Philanthropic Fund, to be used to assist voluntary organisations to continue their important work within the community.
Kim has lived and worked in over 5 regions of the world including the UK, Europe, USA, Australia & Asia. She has enthusiastically visited 22 countries and many U.S. states. She LOVES traveling, exploring new cultures and ideas while affectionately sharing her philosophy of positivity… living up to her title of The Queen of Gratitude.
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