Richard Dixey, Ph.D Oct 5 2023
Richard Dixey, PhD, is a senior faculty member at Dharma College in California, a research scientist, and a lifelong student of Buddhism. Richard directed a bioelectronic research unit at a London hospital before becoming CEO of his own biotech company.
Richard moved to the US in 2007 to devote himself to teaching meditation, deepening his own practice, and running the Light of Buddhadharma Foundation in India with his wife Wangmo, the eldest daughter of the well-known Tibetan lama Tarthang Tulku.
Richard’s book Three Minutes a Day: A Fourteen Week Course to Learn Meditation and Transform Your Life makes a bold claim: in just three minutes a day, for fourteen weeks you can establish a regular meditation practice and gain real insight into your experience. The benefits include enhanced creativity, less stress, and the ability to deal with challenges more effectively.
Meet Richard Dixey, Ph.D

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