Jan “JOY” Hoath Sept 28, 2023
Jan Hoath is a speaker, poet, JOY mentor to women business leaders, and on a mission to fulfill the vision of a Joy Led World.
As a leadership coach, mindfulness meditation teacher, & former pro ski instructor, Jan offers a leading edge blend to her work including her signature process of the Happiness Prism(TM) guiding leaders to claim JOY as their superpower no matter what challenges life brings.
Jan can be found embodying her JOY message skiing, snowboarding, trail running, surfing, sailing, learning banjo, meditating with moose, speaking at leadership summits, yoga festivals, facilitating mindful retreats, guiding transformational JOY journeys, and at home in her log cabin with her beloved family of 2 kids, Australian husband, Bernese mountain dog, and fiercely independent cat.
Enjoy a Health and well-being meditation from Jan HERE
Meet Jan “JOY Hoath
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