Mary E. Knippel Sept 14th 2023
Mary E. Knippel, is an author, speaker, and founder of She guides small business owners to write their book as a powerful driver of business growth. She helps aspiring authors to get their expertise out of their head so that publishers and readers can find them, and they can finally make money.
If you are looking for a proven professional who uses her 35 years of experience as a journalist to ask provocative questions to uncover the heart of your message with clarity and compassion, help you craft the compelling story of your business, and put you on the path to being recognized as an expert in your field, you’ve come to the right place.    She has compiled Written in Her Own Words | Wise Woman Wisdom available on Amazon.
Mary will not only help you gain confidence in your writing abilities to find the words and the way to share your unique story, she makes it fun!
Meet Mary Knippel

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