Hope Without Sight w/ Saylor Cooper

Saylor Cooper August 31st, 2023
Saylor Cooper began his journey in entrepreneurship to overcome the challenges of making a living with blindness. Saylor demonstrates hard work can bring success despite living with challenges!
He is the creator/host of Real Variety Radio, an internet radio station that offers programming from all genres of music and the Hope Without Sight Podcast. His guests are those who have overcome challenges and inspiring the world. 
Saylor connects with entrepreneurs and collaborates with speaking coaches to refine his skills. His future plans include monetizing his radio station, organizing life coaching events, and writing an autobiography.
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Co-Create & Co-Parent with Murielle Fellous

Murielle Fellous Aug 24, 2023
Murielle Fellous was originally born and raised in France and now resides in Las Vegas Nevada where she is still raising her kids.
Because of the challenges she personally underwent as a single parent when her kids became teenagers, she founded the Single Moms Doing It All coaching and Co-parenting with the Universe Podcast.
​As an intuitive life coach Murielle is helping single moms prevent the downward spiraling into fear, overwhelm, guilt, powerlessness, or circumstantial depression as well as teaching them how to access their inner resources and reconnect to their true power to co-create and co-parent with the Universe. 
A big portion of Murielle’s work is based around emotional mastery and energy alignment through a mind body and spirit approach.
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Scribble your Way to Calm with Carey MacCarthy

Carey MacCarthy Aug 10, 2023
Carey MacCarthy, MA-ATR, LPCC is Founder/CEO of START UP! Art Therapy. She is a Registered Art Therapist, and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor.
Carey has been professionally active within the art therapy field since 2001. She is facilitator, presenter, researcher, author, and co-author of START UP!™: A School-Based Arts Curriculum for Native American Youth and ALL Cultures: Interventions for Development and Learning, Facilitators Manual.
Carey has practiced in the art therapy field with diverse populations, specializing in trauma of all ages and cultures & Native American Historical and inter-generational trauma. She is trained in the Red Road Approach to Healing with Lakota/Dakota Tribes.
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5 Levels of Consciousness with Jonathan England

Jonathan England July 27 2023
Jonathan England is an Earthshaker, a guide to the highest levels of purpose and source alignment, a beach slacker turned hugely successful real estate investor, an acclaimed author, and the creator of an entirely self-sustained consciousness-driven living complex in Costa Rica.
The EarthWaking Eco-Village, is carved from tropical lushness where people live by spirit and alignment, in service to each other and to the greater whole, around a central prosperous economy.
Residents take 100% responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, actions, and reality while working in harmony with nature and each other. 
Jonathan’s fascinating journey is revealed in his bestselling book If I Die Before I Wake where he tracks his own growth through the Five Levels of Consciousness: Dis Oriented, Goal Oriented, Journey Oriented, Value Oriented, and Soul Oriented
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Removing the Barrier Between the Head and The Heart with Tatiana Flow

July 20th
Tatiana Flow is a spiritual mentor who employs a
combination of energy techniques to connect
people to the Source within to live an abundant
material life–abundant in health, wealth, love, and
freedom — to create and recreate one’s life.
She believes that there is infinite abundance in the
Universe and you just need to feel it to remember
and then ground it, to live it in daily life. From the
right energy state you create your thoughts and
your reality free of suffering and full of love and
abundance. In Tatiana’s sessions, clients live
through this state. They feel it, so they can then
you can apply it.
Tatiana’s path to become an abundance was set
from the beginning. As a youngster, she read
books on the various religions, philosophy and the
esoterics. Later in life, she explored psychology,
NLP, quantum physics and more.

Secrets to Spiritually-based Leadership with Anneli Driessen Ph.D.

Anneli Driessen Ph.D., Ph.D., MCC July 13, 2023
Anneli Driessen is a successful clinical therapist, business executive, consultant, confidant, mentor, and Master-certified coach to CEOs and other C-level executives.
Anneli is the founder and CEO of the International Metaphysical Academy in Victoria, BC, Canada, with its early beginnings in 1995.
The Academy’s mission is to encourage independent thinking and provide new knowledge, self-evaluation, and personal development.
Anneli provides metaphysically-oriented coaching for individuals and groups. She conducts and facilitates public workshops and a cutting-edge metaphysical graduate program.
Her book Ultimate Success – 7 Secrets to Spiritually-Based Leadership is a unique guide to assist individuals in accelerating personal and career performance by integrating divine principles and universal ethics rooted within most religious and spiritual traditions.
As a contributing writer to the book The Gift from the Universe through Women that Lead, Anneli shares her story, calling, and vision.
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What’s Eating You? with Kayla Douthitt

Kayla Douthitt July 6, 2023
Kayla Douthitt is an Anti-Diet Advocate/Body Image Transformer on a mission to support parents with tools to help their child overcome low body image, negative self-esteem, and eating disorders.
Kayla herself struggled with anorexia and binge eating for 10 years. She is now fully recovered and knows what it takes to heal from the inside out. Her techniques help children and adults ditch the diet through intuitive eating, ways to obtain a better mindset, and healing towards body acceptance.
Kayla is the CEO of Wisdom ‘N Wellness, the host of What’s Eating You podcast, and the creator of Dangers of Dieting workshop.
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The 7-Figure Life with Dr. Noah St. John

Dr. Noah St. John June 29, 2023
Noah St. John, PhD is “The Father of AFFORMATIONS®” and “The Mental Health Coach to the Stars.”
Working with Hollywood celebrities, seven- and eight-figure company CEOs, professional athletes, top executives, and elite entrepreneurs, Noah is famous for helping his clients make more in twelve weeks than they did in the previous twelve months, while winning back 1–3 hours per day and 4–8 weeks a year.
Noah is the only author in history to have works published by HarperCollins, Hay House, Simon & Schuster, Mindvalley, Nightingale-Conant, and the Chicken Soup for the Soul publisher.
His most recent book is The 7-Figure Life: How to Leverage the 4 Focus Factors for More Wealth and Happiness. His twenty books have been published in nineteen languages worldwide.
Noah also appears frequently in the news worldwide, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Entrepreneur and SUCCESS Magazine. 
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Face Facts with Joseph McGuire

Joseph McGuire June 15, 2023
He has taught the ancient Chinese skill of Face Reading (Mien Shiang) since 1985, initially as a diagnostic tool for healthcare professionals. Joseph McGuire is now focused on presenting it as a tool for enhancing communication in business.
Having taught and honed his techniques over more than 35 years, Joseph has developed a mastery of observational skills. His work now combines Face Reading with FBI techniques from the worlds of body language, interrogation, and negotiation.
Joseph understands mind, body, and spirit are inseparably connected. He provides clear, detailed and accurate insights into personality, behavior style, communication patterns, stress triggers and responses, enabling his clients to make clear decisions. He is highly experienced in the role of impartial and unbiased observer, enabling interviewers to focus on asking questions specifically role related. 
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Calming Art Therapy with Carey MacCarthy

Carey MacCarthy June 1, 2023
Carey MacCarthy, MA-ATR, LPCC is Founder/ CEO of START UP! Art Therapy. She is a Registered Art Therapist with the Art Therapy Credentials Board (ATCB), and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor through the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS).
Carey has been professionally active within the Art Therapy field since 2001. She is Facilitator, Presenter, researcher, author, and co-author of START UP!™: A School-Based Arts Curriculum for Native American Youth and ALL Cultures: Interventions for Development and Learning, Facilitators Manual.
Carey has practiced in the Art Therapy field with diverse populations, specializing in trauma of all ages and cultures & Native American Historical and Inter-generational Trauma. She is trained in the Red Road Approach to Healing with Lakota/Dakota Tribes, and is a fluent Spanish speaker.
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