Karen Pudetti Oct 26 2023
Right out of college, Karen Pudetti learned working for Fortune 500 companies didn’t light her up. Back to school she went to receive electrolysis certification, wax, and esthetic licenses.
Despite working just two-and-half days a week from home, Karen was soon making over $100K a year. Next she expanded to a 9,000 square foot salon to become one of the nation’s leading consultants to beauty companies.
Not only has Karen built a multi-million dollar beauty business from the ground up; she also has a highly successful clothing line (Bad Ass Clothing Inc) and a course Rags to Riches in Action that guides leaders step-by-step to financial abundance.
At every opportunity Karen shares stories about the inspiring beauty luminaries in her book Rags to Riches: How Beauty Icons Made It Big
Meet Karen Pudetti

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