Unlock Quantum IQ with Kim Chestney

Kim Chestney Apr 25th 2024
Returning guest, Kim Chestney is the author of The Illumination Code, Radical Intuition, and The Psychic Workshop. As the founder of IntuitionLab and the CREATE! Festival, her work raises awareness about the importance of insight in the evolution of individual and world consciousness.

Working for nearly 20 years in the tech sector, Kim has led initiatives with some of the top thought leaders, technology companies, and universities in the world.

Her newest book, The Illumination Code: 7 Keys to Unlock Your Quantum Intelligence draws on the latest findings in quantum physics to present a multidimensional exploration of the whole spectrum of intuitive experience.

Join us to learn how to access the universal archive of information containing the psychic imprint of all past and future events, gain meaningful personal insight and guidance, and enter into the deep dimension to explore past lives, parallel realities, and alternate universes.

Manifestation Methods Chloe Panta

Chloe Panta March 21, 2024
After growing up in one of the roughest areas of west Detroit, BIPOC life coach and author Chloe Panta’s extraordinary journey from adversity to entrepreneurial success is a powerful example of determination, resilience, and a positive mindset in action.
In her new book Untapped Magic: Manifestation Methods for Living a Limitless Life, Chloe shares her personal story and offers readers a step-by-step approach for activating their inner power and manifesting the life of their dreams.
Chloe presents powerful exercises, affirmations, and mantras that will help you overcome limiting beliefs, demolish anxiety, and replace a scarcity mindset with an outlook of abundance. 
Join us to delve into ancient wisdom and foundational principles to break free from constraints and forge a path towards success and personal fulfillment.
Meet Chloe Panta here

Writing by Heart with Meredith Heller

Meredith Heller Feb 29 2024
Meredith Heller is the author of Writing by Heart | A Poetry Path to Healing and Self-Discovery, and several poetry collections.
A poet, singer-songwriter, avid nature lover, and educator with degrees in writing and education, she leads writing workshops online and in-person at schools, juvenile detention centers, women’s prisons, and wellness retreats.
Heller used poetry to heal her own life and has been guiding others toward self-expression ever since. She shares techniques she developed to help her students explore their emotions, find their voice, and better navigate the challenging experiences they confront in their lives.
Each chapter of her book includes inspiring themes and example poems, a Body/Mindfulness exercise to help readers get in the creative flow, and invitations that encourage readers to explore a variety of themes like belonging, fertile darkness, metamorphosis, and more.
Meet Meredith Heller

Are we ready for AI? with Dr. Christopher Macklin

Dr. Christopher Macklin Feb 22 2024

The effects of AI (artificial intelligence) on humanity are far reaching and disastrous. The majority of people are unaware that we live in a world where we are being inundated and infiltrated with AI and nanotech continuously throughout the day. It’s monitoring us, manipulating us, genetically modifying us and affecting and driving our thoughts and behaviors and appetites.

Dr. Christopher Macklin believes this is an intensive attack on humanity and it is being executed through artificially intelligent, submicroscopic particles that are a tool of an elitist agenda. It is deeply affecting and altering what it means to be human, to be connected to the Divine and to thrive.

Additionally, over the last two decades there has been a huge spike in people embracing the transgender ideology and lifestyle……and seeking partial and/or full body sex change operations. He is the author of Centering the Mind and History, Truth, and Healing.

Lets Talk About Purpose with Marc Stoecker

Marc Stoecker Feb 15 2024
Marc Stoecker is a senior trainer with 20+ years of combined experience designing and facilitating training solutions.
Marc is a certified professional Co-Active Coach through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), a certified Positive Intelligence Coach and is ICF accredited. His company, Prism of Purpose, Coaching and Training, LLC., offers business and life coaching services, co-designs specialty workshops and curriculum solutions, and runs seven-week cohorts on mental fitness. 
Marc helps small-business owners with brand awareness & development through his MVP program
Meet Marc Stoecker

Grateful for the Journey with Terri Brinston

Terri Brinston Feb 8th 2024
Terri Brinston, RN, educator, motivational speaker, coach, consultant, and author, is dedicated to guiding individuals toward the realization of their life goals. Her extensive professional journey has been marked by resilience, exemplified notably in her triumphant recovery from COVID-19, an experience that profoundly deepened her appreciation for life.
In her impactful book, Grateful for the Journey, Surviving Covid-19, Terri imparts valuable life lessons drawn from her personal odyssey. Her narrative serves as a powerful motivator, urging readers to embrace life’s teachings, and maintain hope and faith amid adversity.
Terri is deeply committed to shaping the future, with a particular focus on the holistic development of children. My School Nurse Consulting Services is her business which supports her mission to do so.
Meet Terri Brinston

Become a Money Magnet with Amanda Barrientez

Amanda Barrientez Feb 1 2024
Dr. Amanda Barrientez, known as “The Mindset Healer,” is the founder of Inner Power DailyTM, an international best-selling author, and the host of the top 2% globally rated podcast called, Inner Power Entrepreneur.
After going from food stamps to building a 6-figure business fast, she’s been on a quest to teach entrepreneurs and business professionals science-based strategies to reprogram their energy, mindset, and habits, so they can get what they want in life and business.
Dr. Amanda’s superpower is helping you get unstuck, get aligned, and get what you want by tapping into your Inner Power!
Her book, I Am A Money Magnet | The Top 30 Money Making Affirmantras to Manifest More is a 30-day guide to manifesting money more easily. By diving deep into your subconscious beliefs, you will permanently transform your money mindset and learn to become a money magnet with a sense of financial empowerment.
Meet Dr. Amanda Barrientez

You Got This with Chris Mitchell

Chris Mitchell Jan 25 2024
Chris Mitchell is a two-time award-winning speaker and a certified confidence life coach. His latest book (not yet published), based on his signature coaching program of the same name, “Success Starts with Self-Confidence: 10 Steps to Success for the Self-employed Person with a Disability” helps self-employed persons with and without disabilities develop and grow their self-confidence to succeed as self-employed persons with disabilities.
Chris Mitchell is the founder and CEO at #DefineYourself. 
He is a freelance writer, blogger, host of 2 podcasts, and YouTube creator. Chris is a disruptive voice in the disabled community
Meet Chris Mitchell

The Overcomer with Dorothy O’Dell

Dorothy O’Dell Jan 11 2024
Dorothy Graham O’Dell turned her love of books into writing them. She wrote her memoir The Overcomer Facing Challenges with Faith and Courage in Jan of 2021, and her second book The Overcomer Playbook in November 2022.
Dorothy is a keynote speaker as well as producer and host of two powerful shows, The Unstoppable Overcomers on Monday nights and The Power Half Hour, Unstoppable Business Owner on Wednesdays. She believes that everyone has a story, and she wants the world to know yours!
She also helps small businesses to be seen and heard by shining the spotlight on them by making video content spotlighting their gifts.
Dorothy has joined several veteran organizations to help ensure they get the help they need, and she is out to create a wave of impact that will change the world for the better.
Meet Dorothy Graham O’Dell

Enough As You Are with Scott Stabile

Scott Stabile Jan 4 2024
Embrace the journey of self-acceptance with Scott Stabile’s uplifting book, “Enough as you Are.” 🌟 In a world buzzing with the pursuit of perfection, Scott’s perspective encourages you to discover contentment within your own unique worth.
Let’s shift our focus from constant comparison to internal acceptance! 🌈 Scott shares insightful anecdotes and heart-expanding prose, paving the way for a more inclusive and compassionate world.
For Scott, love is the most powerful force for connection and healing. Join him in transformative breathwork journeys and personal empowerment workshops worldwide.
Remember, “It’s what you do from this moment on that matters the most.”