Connecting to Higher Realms with with Aleya Dao

Aleya-Image-08-15Replay of our Greatest Hits:

October 20, 2015 – Seven Cups of Consciousness, Aleya Daos first and latest book, provides readers with their morning “cup” or their daily dose of higher living practice.

Alaya teaches that it’s only our Higher Selves that are capable of making real change.

In our Life Mastery Radio interview, Aleya explains a bit about accessing a higher realm, identifying when we’re in a higher realm, and accepting guidance from this realm.

She explains that when we tap into our Higher Self, we’re tapping into our energetic self.

And it’s when we make adjustments there, that circumstances change in our physical world.

If we can learn to be more aware, more prone to check in with ourselves, we can ask – “Do I really want to be carrying this energy?”

If not, we can shift. And that awareness is when we have free will and choice.

Formal Bio:

In her astonishing and powerful book, Seven Cups of ConsciousnessChange Your Life by Connecting to the Higher Realms (New World Library, September 15, 2015), Aleya Dao offers a direct manual on how to engage with the higher dimensions to advance your own evolution–to create a life filled with happiness and purpose, always connected with a divine and perfect aspect of yourself, protected and guided by a loving angelic presence.

She shows how this kind of life becomes possible when we learn to consciously connect at the spiritual level with higher dimensions.

Aleya is a sound healer, energetic practitioner, Minister in the state of California, Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico, and a Licensed Acupuncturist in Colorado.

She has been an alternative healer for 20 years.

Aleya graduated from Lewis and Clark University in Portland, Oregon and earned her Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine from The Southwest Acupuncture School in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

She practiced in Telluride, Colorado for 7 years before moving to Santa Barbara, California where she serves an international clientele as a spiritual guide and sound healer.

In 2001 Aleya had an enlightenment experience which enabled her to perceive other realms, hear the angelic beings, and increased her empathic and clairvoyant abilities.

Aleya has mastered the ability to help people release the root causes of their suffering. Her tools help people discover how to move forward with greater peace, empowerment, and freedom.

Aleya’s website

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No Bullying Zone! with Tom Thelen and Miss Taya Simpson

February 21, 2017:  We are delighted to be joined by Public Speaker, Tom Thelen, the Founder of the Victimproof Bullying Prevention Program. As one of America’s top youth motivational speakers, he has spoken at over 500 schools, colleges, and youth organizations. His message helps schools create a positive culture and shows students how to BE THE CHANGE. Tom has been featured on FOX, CBS, PBS, The National Association of Student Councils, The National Honor Society, as well as Student Conferences for 4-H, FFA, FCCLA, and YMCA.

In 2005, Tom completed his bachelor’s degree and began working at a non-profit youth organization where he honed his skills as a youth speaker and began writing his first book, TEEN LEADERSHIP REVOLUTION. Since the publishing of his second book, VICTIMPROOF, he has become a leading voice in preventing bullying and creating a positive school climate.

Tom’s anti-bullying school assembly program takes students on a journey through his own life story – a normal “face in the crowd” kid who never struggled with drugs or alcohol, but instead lived with a victim mindset. Thankfully one teacher stepped in and helped him break free from the bullying cycle. Today, Tom travels America showing students how to stand up to bullying and how to “BE THE CHANGE” on their campus.

Tom’s website


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Cultivating an Open Heart: Valentines Day special with Robert V. Taylor

Robert V. Taylor joins us for a Valentines Day Special to help us cultivate an open heart.  We will focus on love that goes far beyond the romantic realm. Diving deeply into his story, Robert’s anti-apartheid work led him to refuse to be drafted into the South Africa Military which was compulsory for all white males.  Such a refusal comes with life imprisonment! Faced with the label of being a “traitor” or a “collaborator” he knew he could not accept that apartheid was “the will of God.” “I went to see Archbishop Desmond Tutu for advice on how to survive imprisonment. Instead, he told me that I would not go to jail, but that he would arrange for me to leave the country.” 10 days later Robert arrived in New York City and began graduate work that deepened his life’s calling to help people experience a oneness with others grounded in compassion, love and mercy.  Robert is President of the New York based Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation and lives on a rural farm in the Pacific Northwest. He has dedicated his life to helping individuals and organizations live beyond their limitations. He challenges leaders to live beyond the fears and self-assessments that hold them hostage. Robert is the voice of a generation empowered by the potential of living beyond the restrictions of labels. He is passionate about helping people find a deeper connection to themselves and the world at large. Author of A New Way to Be Human, Robert shares his own struggles and global journeys as an example of what is possible when we all live beyond labels.

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The Thought Detox with Sharon Blake on February 7th

Are you paying attention to your thoughts?  Do you like what they have to say?  If your thoughts need a little cleaning up, join us for an hour of life mastery conversations with our guest, Sharon Blake, the author of The Thought Detox: Breaking Free from a Negative Thought Life.

Coach Debby originally met Sharon at a spiritual retreat and witnessed Blake’s story of transformation from a painful “life chronicles” to a  promising future in publishing.  Sharon Blake is the CEO and founder of Life Chronicles Publishing, Huffington Post contributor, best selling author of 3 other books; Chronicles of Pain: Leaving the Pain of the Past Behind, 20 Beautiful Women Vol 2, and I Am Beautiful: The Evolution of Beauty. In addition, she has recently appeared on TBN’s KTBW Seattle/Tacoma and OCN television network shows.  Her work with the homeless/addicted population has inspired her to share her story.  Blake recognized the importance of being transparent while helping others. Her goals for publishing and writing books promote healing for herself and members of her community. Overcoming major barriers of homelessness, addiction, and domestic violence, Sharon found the passion to start her own publishing company and help others share their stories.


Sharon’s website

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STORY U TALK RADIO with your host, Coach Debby

We are switching things up for 2017!  On the last Tuesday of the month, please tune in and enjoy:  Story U Talk Radio:  Discover Your Voice and Tell Your Story.  Coach Debby will host the show and offer her teaching about the various stories of our lives.   This show supports moms, writers, speakers, thinkers, coaches, hobbyists — YOU!

Call in for free coaching! Some topics will be “The Story of Guidance,” and “The Story of Creativity,” and “The Story of Money.”  You get the picture — the more you know about your backstory, the more confident you will feel sharing your book, speech, memories, or even your new found theories. Feel free to send Coach Debby a question in FB Messenger (Debby Handrich).   Enjoy the first show of the year on January 31, 2017 with Coach Debby as she reveals “The Story of Guidance” with her special guest, Megan Skinner.

Go to and LISTEN LIVE at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time on Tuesday, January 31, 2017.

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Ancient Wisdom for Leaders with Cynthia M. Ruiz


January 24, 2017 – In her second book, Cherokee Wisdom: 12 Lessons for Becoming a Powerful Leader, Cynthia M Ruiz reveals previously concealed knowledge based on her Cherokee heritage. As a Leadership expert and Inspirational Speaker, she came to the realization that the wisdom she gained from her ancestors was missing today and could not only be applied successfully in the modern world but that it offers a solution to many of today’s modern dilemmas.
She believes that each of us has the ability to be leaders in our daily lives and that this ancient wisdom is key in helping to elicit that personal power that all leaders possess. These ancient lessons can also serve to help unlock the individual leadership style of the reader.

Author Cynthia M Ruiz has held high-level positions in both the private and public sectors and has received over 50 awards and accolades for her leadership and service to one of the world’s largest cities – Los Angeles.

She currently serves as a LA City Commissioner overseeing the multibillion-dollar pension portfolio for City employees and is particularly passionate about helping to develop the empowerment of women.

Cynthia presents the information in a simple and straightforward style, and empowers the reader with 12 Leadership lessons, which they can apply in their every day lives.

Cynthia’s website

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Love Harder, Work Easier with Dr. Adam Sheck


January 17, 2017 – Doctor Adam Sheck is a licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in
connecting individuals and couples to their PASSION.

Whether in love or work, he connects people to their deepest truth and
supports them in removing the blocks to living it fully. Having changed
careers in his early 30’s from engineering to psychology, he has walked
his talk and is living his life purpose, his mission and supports others
in doing the same.

Whether working with someone in a midlife crisis asking, “Is this all
there is?” or a sexless couple wanting to restore their intimacy, he
gets results. With over 25 years of experience, he is compassionate, yet
laser-focused and direct as well.

Dr. Sheck taught graduate classes in Marriage and Family Therapy for over
10 years. He was Director of Psychology Training at a Community Mental
Health Center for 16 years where he created and facilitated the Couples
Counseling Program.

He is available for private sessions at his office centrally located in
the Los Angeles area. He also offers telephone and video/Skype sessions
for out of area clients.

You may contact him at:


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Blessed Boundaries with Pamela Miles

January 10, 2017 – Pamela Miles

Pamela has been a student of yoga and meditation for more than 50 years. When she learned to practice Reiki in 1986, she was already a spiritual teacher and professional healer, educating and guiding my clients to regain and protect every aspect of their well-being — spiritual, mental, emotional, social, and physical.  Pamela believes that feeling better is a spiritual experience, and she offers concrete, practical, and doable steps to take clients from where they are to where they want to be.

On the show, she’ll be talking about her online courses, specifically a section called Blessed Boundaries that will cover a few key topics like – one word we should remove from our vocabulary, why our sense of fairness is misguided, and one action that creates a profound shift.

Pamela’s Website

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The Book of Destinies with Chetan Parkyn

January 3, 2017 – Chetan Parkyn has been giving Readings to people of all walks of life and all nationalities for over 35 years. He has spent the past 23 years mastering Human Design. He is more than a leading practitioner of the system. As the author of the first major book on the subject, which has been translated into eleven different language versions, he has made it his mission to bring Human Design to the whole world.  Human Design Website

An entrepreneur’s son by upbringing and an engineer by training, Chetan has fully explored both the mystical and the technological worlds. He’s been a deep-sea dive engineer and a devoted student of meditation. Travels in India and time spent in the company of the enlightened mystic, Osho, finally opened Chetan to his own purpose — helping people develop self-knowledge.

The details of how Chetan discovered his abilities came about through a reading he experienced from a Chayyashastri (Shadow Reader) in Bombay, now Mumbai, in 1979.  Finding himself no longer satisfied with everything he had understood about himself especially in the field of engineering, Chetan was guided to have a session to find some personal clarification.  Chetan was given a transfixing view of himself in all aspects of his life.  He was told things about himself that he had long forgotten, barely imagined, or never considered important.  At the end of the session, the Shadow Reader asked Chetan to come and work with him : “…….because you know how to do this kind of work.”

Completely startled by the depth of the information he had just received, Chetan declined the invitation.  The Shadow Reader laughed in response and told Chetan that it did not really matter …. “because you are going to do this work anyway,” he said. “There is a system that is going to come into your life, and you are going to write books about it, and introduce it to many thousands of people all over the world, and you are going to transform their lives…..and my advice to you is to find a way of reading for people that you like and practice it so you are ready.”

A week later, Chetan met a Psychic Palm Reader who for 10 minutes showed Chetan about many of the lines and markings in a hand.  At the end of the 10 minutes, the Psychic Palmist closed up Chetan’s hands and said : “That’s enough!  Now go practice!”  And for the next 14 years, Chetan gave Readings for everyone who held their hands out to him. He also studied numerous systems of divination and ways of revealing people to themselves…..all the time wondering what this “system” the Shadow Reader had been talking about could be.

In 1993, Chetan met a man called Ra Uru Hu, who had been given Human Design and who first introduced it to the world. Chetan worked with Ra over the next 7 years, beginning his journey towards fully mastering the system. Chetan’s unique gifts include a balance of technical skill and pure intuition. In addition, Chetan is a compelling speaker — fun, inspiring, down-to-earth and personal. Simply through hearing him, many experience the beginnings of deep inner change.

As Chetan studied Human Design over many years, gave thousands of personal and partnership Readings, he began to realize how few people had access to its extraordinary riches. In 2000, he felt called to make the system accessible to a far wider audience. Chetan began offering Trainings and Seminars along with his life-partner Carola Eastwood. The couple also started training Practitioners in the art of giving wholesome Human Design Readings. But this was not enough.

In 2009 Chetan wrote the first major book on Human Design, published by Harper Collins UK, and in 2010 by New World Library in the US, and subsequently in many other languages. Combined with powerful free software, the book makes it easy for everyone to create and interpret his or her own Life Chart. Recently, he and his wife, Carola created the first On-Line Human Design Comprehensive Report. Thanks to Chetan Parkyn, Human Design today is becoming available to the whole planet. And as more and more individuals live in alignment with their unique design, the quality of life on Earth will change!

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Replay – Abandonment Recovery with Susan Anderson

December 27, 2016 – Abandonment is THE primal human emotion.

And no one explains this truism more eloquently than psychotherapist and bestselling author, Susan Anderson, whose life work has been to explore abandonment’s depths.

Her new book,  The Abandonment Recovery Workbook is for everyone, those in and outside the thick of abandonment grief.

In this fantastic, information-loaded interview with Anderson, we learn WHY abandonment issues inevitably arise. WHY it is we leave relationships that are destructive emotionally only to find ourselves in another. HOW we can not play puppet to our own primal neurology.

The importance of answering such BIG questions is inadvertently stressed when we learn there are consequences to not dealing with our feelings: We leave the feelings behind and numb around the area of love and connection. Therefore, the only emotion we can feel is insecurity and rejection.

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