Infinite Perfection of Everything

Our recent guests, Tahnee Woolf and Allen David Reed have spent many years researching, developing, and creating a model representing our individual journey of consciousness. They call it the Ten Terrains of Consciousness.

I found our discussion with them fascinating. They have been brought together by spirit to do this work.

Tahnee Woolf and Allen David Reed

The Ten Terrains model was developed out of their common lives, and the discovery of fields which opened between them any time they were together. Tahnee wanted to understand people and have clarity for the reasons we are all so different.

What is underneath the differences between people?”

Tahnee Woolf

Allen had a different mission: to understand why human perspective is most often opposite from the truth. He grew up in the woods of Washington state without connection to family. The trees, earth and animals were his connection, causing Allen to ask: Who are we, and why are we doing what we are doing? He took on a study of sciences and religions.

We are living in a universe that is conscious. Every particle is aware of itself.”

Allen David Reed

Allen and Tahnee have designed a map of consciousness that illustrates to what degree we have separated ourselves from our own consciousness. The symbols tell a story. As it emerged, the clearer the model became.

You have Anthropology on one end and infinite consciousness on the other end. It is like we are all living in a parallel universe to each other.”

Tahnee Woolf

Allen explained consciousness using a rubber band and his index finger.

We are electrical bundles of energy. We are at a certain terrain based on the charge we have. Our charge holds us in judgement. Through healing, learning, and understanding, our charge can be released causing us to come into our true beinghood. We come to neutrality. “

Allen David Reed

Infinite perfection of everything.

During the research of the Ten Terrains model, people were reporting greater understanding of themselves and family members through a 10-minute quiz. The same quiz is available to you. Taking it will likely offer a new perspective of who you are since aspects of your culture, family, and community may be feeling uncomfortable or nonconforming to your beliefs. It is likely caused because you are living in a parallel universe to others.

The word Terrain was carefully selected. A Terrain is the condition upon which something manifests. Deserts, jungles, forests, plains, mountains, are all different types of terrain. There are also terrains in the psyche which give way to our cultures, beliefs, and behaviors.

Understanding the different lenses that we as individuals and others see through gives us all a better understanding.”

Allen David Reed

Tahnee clarified the Ten Terrains model does not define our personality. Many different personality types will live at the same Terrain. Allen and Tahnee’s model illustrates WHERE you are rather than WHO you are.

You may express your personality differently based on the Terrain you are at, but your personality, character, and astrological sign stays the same.”

Tahnee Woolf

Like riding in a hot-air balloon, as we rise higher and higher, nothing changes but our perspective. We are not suddenly any smarter, wealthier, or worthier. We simply have a grander perspective the higher and higher we rise.

No one Terrain is better than another Terrain just as being the age of 12 is no better than being the age of 50. Our experiences and perspectives are different, and each experience brings more enlightenment.

Tahnee Woolf

Ego only sees what is going on now. When you are an infinite being, you have awareness of the journey and you allow it to take as long as is necessary. Wherever you are, (whatever Terrain you find yourself) you have chosen to be there because of the lesson you are to learn. Do the spiritual work and be centered where you are. You are where you are for a reason.”

Allen David Reed

Todd and I took the quiz. He is at Circle, and I am at Square. We simply answered questions based on what felt true for each of us through a series of choices. A report has been provided to us which explains the meaning of our place at that Terrain. The report also clarifies challenges we are likely facing in our journey and the gift we are here to give. Like I said: fascinating!

Some people may make a Terrain shift, while others do not. There is no goal to reach a certain terrain. We all have a different purpose, and some people may need to stay at their current Terrain to fulfill their purpose – like Abe Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln had to live at SQUARE his whole life to end slavery.”

Tahnee Woolf

Your journey is different than mine. You may or may not have an awakening. When a shift does happen, it can create conflicts in relationships. During a shift we might find ourselves reading different books than before, seeking out new friendships with people we hadn’t been interested in before, or simply feel uncomfortable with our current situation as if we are dying to break free from something.

Allen would likely tell us to relax, trust the process, and patiently wait.

We all have amazing potential. We constrain ourselves, and often undermine our own progress.”

Allen David Reed

Go to find their book, and take the quiz!

Juice Up Your Life Force

Your life force is your juice. Life force is the vital energy within you responsible for maintaining your life and your health, and it plays a major role in how your physical body, mind, and emotional and energetic systems feel and operate. If your life force wanes too far, you get sick.

Nourishing your life force begins the moment you rise each morning.

The first hour of your day sets the stage for rest of your day. What are you ingesting? What are you doing? What are you allowing into your field? Connect with yourself first.”

Christine Arylo

Christine Arylo is the author of Overwhelmed and Over It – Embrace your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained in a Chaotic World. She is a transformational leadership advisor, three-time bestselling author, and host of the popular Feminine Power Time podcast.

At the age of 30 Christine realized life is more than she ever thought it could be. She began to seek out more wisdom and found it while studying different and varied cultures from her own. Intuition guided her to write her fourth book, and trusting divine timing, the result is a new way of thinking which completely connected with me.

Overwhelmed and Over It has caused me to consider personal change and defy societal rules not in harmony with my natural self. Her book invites the reader to open up to self-awareness. Do any of the following behaviors describe you?

  • I take on other people’s feelings and problems or make it my job to fix them or better things for them.
  • I try to do too much at one time and then feel scattered, fragmented, and overwhelmed.
  • I overstretch my financial resources and then feel like I do not have what I need.
  • I run my inner batteries and body down.

Christine encouraged us to “find your fierce voice and make different choices. You’ll influence others while doing so.”

She describes “imprints” which we might call experiences that shaped our self-descriptions, beliefs, and values. Imprints in our hearts cause fear, shame, and judgment. We then create coping mechanisms which undermine us.

We have the power to create new realities through our choices, which means we have the power to redefine success and the systems that say what it is.”

Christine Arylo

Work/life balance has become like a marker of nirvanic success all of us overwhelmed women strive for yet never seem to reach. It’s not for lack of trying, focus, or diligence that we fail. The truth is, we have been missing that there is a fundamental flaw inherent in work/life balance as a goal for personal and professional success: Work/life balance is the wrong equation.

Christine described work/life balance like a tug of war. I recall in that activity someone always ends up muddy.

Our lives are dynamic, not static. Diverse, not divisible into two parts. Cyclical, not linear. Which is why we need a new constellation — a configuration — for how to think about, organize, interact with, meet, and design the interconnected parts of our lives.”

Christine Arylo

Christine provides this new configuration in her book, and she invites us to make more empowering choices while engaging with it. It includes simple, yet significant steps.

It is time to end my overwhelm. Who is with me?

Check out She is planning a Women’s Wisdom Class the second week of November. Find details at Women’s Wisdom Quest Take a listen to her podcast as well at

Some Part of YOU is Opposed to What YOU Want

Have you ever been highly dissatisfied with your situation but unable to change it?

Bridgit Dengel Gaspard calls this quandary the final eighth (and refers to everything going before it as the first 7/8).

Bridgit Dengel Gaspard

When you are stuck in the final stages of achieving a goal, you’ve probably done everything pretty much right. You took the initiative, followed a plan, and moved toward your goal. This is the first 7/8.

Bridgit Dengel Gaspard

Bridgit described the problem many of us experience – despite the nearness to the goal, hard work, access to resources, and commitment, we find ourselves unable to take the final steps to success.

If you are like me, you have been in this position more than once. Ugh!

The truth is, not every part of you wants what you think you want! Some of your inner selves are opposed to your goal.

Bridgit Dengel Gaspard

What?! Thank goodness Bridgit explained:

When you identify and learn to speak with your inner selves, you’ll uncover their secret intentions and figure out which of them support your goal and which are impeding it.”

Bridgit Dengel Gaspard

Bridgit calls this process VOICE DIALOGUE.

Throughout her book you are guided to discover the following truths about yourself:

  • The final eighth process
  • How your inner self is formed
  • How to communicate with your primary selves through voice dialogue
  • The hidden inner selves who are determined to stop you from succeeding
  • How to communicate directly with your hidden inner selves
  • Discover your own false negative beliefs
  • Find the invisible, unresolved dilemmas called double binds that reside in you
  • Your choice – abandon your goal or go for it
  • Do you need failure?
  • How to assign your inner critic a new role
  • Cross your finish line
  • Learn to apply safe-success guidelines

One workshop participant who’d been stuck professionally for a long time jumped into the voice dialogue process and soon afterward found herself having to choose between two career-boosting job offers. She marveled, “What? Do your dreams just start coming true when you start doing voice dialogue?

Bridgit Dengel Gaspard

Bridgit claims she’s seen such things happen. The final eighth process frees people to develop courage, strength, creativity, and to access the resources needed to break through any impasse and reach a goal. It might feel magical!

The goal is not to eliminate any self, but to learn from it. Trying to get rid of an inner self does not work and cannot be done. It is a fool’s errand. Anyone who has tried to eradicate their Inner Critic knows that. What I’m helping you do is become intimate with your inner selves, so you have a direct relationship with them and stop wasting time and energy running away from parts of yourself you don’t like or are frightening.

Bridgit Dengel Gaspard

It sounds like Bridgit’s book can benefit all of us – no matter what your inner selves might say to talk you out of getting it.

A Deeply Admired Hero

I met one of my admired heroes on Tuesday! Dr. Bernie Siegel was our guest, and I was thrilled to finally meet him in person.

It was in the late 1980’s when I began the painful, suicide-thought-inducing work of healing from childhood sexual abuse. Dr. Seigel’s 1st book (he just wrote #19) was recommended to me, and I obediently began to read it.

Love, Medicine, and Miracles was my first foray into the self-help book genre. In the chapter titled “The Will to Live” about a patient diagnosed with cancer I read:

We cannot change the past -our parents and our exposure to carcinogens—but we can change ourselves and thus our future. As one of my patient’s said, “Cancer isn’t a sentence, it’s just a word”.

His message captured me. Sexual abuse is a carcinogen. It was up to me to change myself because I could not change the past. Dr. Siegel’s book set me on the path of forgiveness and full healing.

Tuesday’s show with him as guest was full of wonderful stories. What a wonderful storyteller Dr. Siegel is. In fact, his 19th book is a story with real characters.

Three Men Six Lives is the title of Dr. Siegel’s new book. You can expect by reading it to be filled with inspiration, hope, and love. In fact, Dr. Siegel is the poster child for those outcomes.

Before we went on air live, Dr. Siegel shared a very personal story which confirms to me his purpose, which is to guide us all to self-healing.

Bernie was the first born of his parents. His mother had an extremely underactive thyroid, which meant that throughout her pregnancy with Bernie, she had very little energy. When it came time to deliver Bernie, she lacked the strength to complete the process on her own.

After being in labor for about a week forceps were finally engaged. Bernie was pulled into the world red and bruised, and anything but a beautiful baby. His mother was embarrassed to take him out in public.

His grandmother stepped in and massaged Bernie’s face and head constantly to push his natural features back in place. The touch she provided was the catalyst for Bernie’s ability to love life and love others.

The story does not end there. Years later Bernie and his wife were getting massages in different rooms of the same clinic. The masseuse Bernie was assigned was a woman. She began to massage Bernie’s head and face.

What seemed like moments later, yet was 10-15 minutes of time passed, Bernie awoke to 20 people standing around him. They were delighted when he regained consciousness. Evidently, the touch of the massage therapist caused Bernie to become so entranced and relaxed he was completely unresponsive to all the people who tried to revive him.

Bernie explains that the internal memory of his first several weeks of life caused his body to relax in such a way he reverted to babyhood. What a delightful example of how our past experiences, memories, and attitudes still shape and affect us today.

In Love, Medicine and Miracles, Dr. Siegel asks us to consider 4 questions:

  1. Do you want to live to be a hundred? (In other words, do you love yourself enough to take care of your body and mind?)

2. What happened to you in the year or two before your illness? (Your past experiences may indicate why this illness is plaguing you)

3. What does the illness mean to you? (Does it represent death, embarrassment, or a challenge)

4. Why did you need the illness? (Sickness gives people “permission” to do what one has always wanted to do but has always been too busy to start)

The lessons of Bernie’s life, medical practice, and career as an author/speaker is this: Unconditional love is the most powerful stimulant of the immune system. Love heals. Miracles happen.

Read any one of Dr. Siegel’s books and you will be transformed. I think he will become your hero just like he is mine.

Love, Medicine, and Miracles

Faith, Hope and Healing

Three Men Six Lives

Control Emotion – Create a New Thought

Patrick Wanis, PhD is a world-renowned expert on behavioral therapy, specializing in the areas of interpersonal relationships, trauma, and human motivation. He was our guest this past Tuesday, and it was not only eye-opening, but mind opening as well.

Patrick Wanis, PhD

Do you know what your emotions mean? When you do, it shifts the way you view the emotion, and can then change your belief system and the actions you take.

This process is exactly what Patrick Wanis helps his clients to facilitate for themselves.

There is a powerful benefit to understanding emotions.

Patrick Wanis, PhD

Patrick Suggests two things to do when feeling an intense emotion:

Talk to yourself:I notice I’m feeling sad. That’s interesting.” Or, “I’m noticing I’m feeling sad. Why is that?

 When you discover the memory that triggered the emotion you’re feeling, you can distance yourself from the emotion. You become the observer and can choose not to feel the emotion.

Coach yourself. (Following is a coaching session with me and Dr, Wanis on the show)

Patrick:Tell me who Jackie Bailey is – her talents, characteristics and skills. Tell me from third person.”

Jackie:Jackie Bailey is a leader In the community doing good things. She’s trying to make a difference in the world. She has great speaking skills.”

Patrick:What is Jackie’s greatest challenge?

Jackie:She has many challenges. She tends to do thing on her own rather than involve her network.”

Patrick:What does Jackie need to do?

Jackie:She needs to reach out more and connect; to quit worrying about tasks and build relationship instead.”

Patrick:Reach out to people to support her?

Jackie:Yes, let people know about what she’s doing. If people understood the benefits of her programs, they would be more supportive.

Patrick:Do you think Jackie needs to believe in herself more?

Jackie: “Definitely.”

Patrick: “What would you say to her?

Jackie: “You got this. There are ups and downs. Focus on the ups, and the downs will come back up.”

Patrick:What is Jackie’s greatest quality and gift?

Jackie:She is a doer. Jackie’s reliable, and she’ll get things done.

Patrick: “Is her greatest gift that she’s dependable and reliable? What does she bring to the world? What’s her greatest gift?

Jackie:She has empathy for people working through traumatic experiences, and she can help them understand how to get to the other side.

Patrick:How do you feel after this exercise?

Jackie:From third person I can see a different perspective.”

Patrick:What’s your response to the coaching?

Jackie:I need to do it more

Patrick:Coach yourself.

This exercise makes people stronger, and greater insights will be the result.”

Patrick Wanis, PhD

Do you doubt yourself? I certainly do. What causes us to doubt ourselves?

It all stems from childhood. Throughout childhood we learn emotions, beliefs, and self-worth in four ways.

Patrick Wanis, PhD
  1. Watching and copying
  2. Listening and believing
  3. Experiencing and interpreting inaccurately
  4. Observing emotions within the household

All of this forms the identity of a child and forms their belief system. Children also believe they are the cause for everything happening around them.”

Patrick Wanis, PhD

As babies, we could get our mother to smile and laugh; therefore, when mother gets angry, the child understandably believes he/she caused that as well. We’ve all created inaccurate subconscious beliefs about ourselves.

Dr. Wanis is the creator of SRTT Therapy (Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique). He ensures his clients don’t relive any childhood pain while bringing new evidence to their belief system.

We can’t create a new neural pathway when we’re feeling past pain. When we see the emotion from a third-party perspective, we can change the belief system very quickly.”

Patrick Wanis, PhD

A mantra likely created from Patrick’s work with clients may be:

I can see the emotion, therefore I’m not the emotion. I can control my emotion and create a new thought.

Patrick’s work sounds fascinating. He is offering an Audiobook: Neutralize the 7 Emotions That Are Holding You Hostage and a powerful meditation exercise Overcome Fear and Anxiety and Enjoy Peace of Mind, as a gift to our listeners.

Here’s the link:

Born into Chaos – Destined for Purpose

Coach Debby joined us for the show this week. She knows our guest, Eddie Purpose since she’s helping him write a book. It was delightful to have Coach Debby back on Life Mastery Radio.

What a story Eddie must tell in his book, which he’s been writing since 2008! We’re happy he shared part of it with us.

Eddie Purpose

I was born into chaos, and that has proven to be a generational problem. I did not have an active father. As the youngest child, my older brother became my role model – but he didn’t know he was supposed to model for me.”

Eddie Purpose

Despite being a pretty good football player with a promising athletic future in high school, Eddie left practice one day to steal.

You can call it a poverty crime – wanting to get ahead in a way that wasn’t available to me without dishonesty. I may have wanted to impress my older brother, proving I could get things on my own.”

Eddie Purpose

Eddie was caught and convicted at the age of 16 for committing an armed home invasion. However, before he was placed in prison, he went on the run. He was captured at the age of 18 and served time until his release at age 31.

You might ask why someone would make a choice that will likely lead to death or prison. Eddie shared a thought-provoking answer to that question:

It’s like any other addiction – smoking, alcohol, etc. It’s an addiction to a lifestyle. You know it’s not good for you, but you’re comfortable with it, and it’s difficult to shake.

Eddie changed his life in prison, but not because of prison itself.

Prison does not reform nor rehabilitate. I met the smartest men in prison, and they helped to empower me. I learned it takes a real leader to inspire someone to think a more positive way  in the midst of a negative situation.”

Eddie is thankful for multiple programs which are helping prisoners, and for the men who provided vision for his future outside of prison.

Now Eddie is the Founder of a nonprofit organization in Seattle Washington called Progress Pushers. Their mission is to empower youth affected by societal systems so they can live in their greatness.

It began in 2018 providing help to people ages 12-24. They gather and discuss real life issues, and while the groups now meet online, they also help individuals too.

If they need rent paid. If they need a couch; if they have a phone bill which needs paid, we have financial resources to help. Then we mentor them through long-term solutions

Eddie Purpose

Progress Pushers desires to break generational patterns through life skills training. They help with resume writing, interview coaching, and civic engagement.

Eddie asks the individuals who come to him:

When you look in the mirror, what do you see, what are your goals, and what tools do you need to reach your goals?”

Because Eddie wants to break  generational patterns, he legally changed his last name from Howard (given to his family by slaveholders) to Purpose. He feels empowered by this simple act. He’s ready to help others change their generational norms as well.

Eddie Purpose and family

The Power Pushers website is still under construction. But keep this on your radar since Eddie and his program are destined to help many people with unexpected outcomes.

The Mind-Body Connection for Better Sleep

So far 2020 has been the year of social isolation, losses of income, business, and routine. Varied emotions such as sadness, fear, worry, anxiety, and hopelessness are keeping us up at night, suppressing our immune system, and making us susceptible to the very virus that’s been causing all of the above.

On the most recent show of Life Mastery Radio, we had two experts who are helping all of us break the cycle of stress and sleeplessness.

Chris Burres and Patrick Wanis, PhD

Chris Burres is a research engineer and scientist whose primary mission is to help people live longer, healthier, pain-free lives. He co-founded SES Research providing ESS60 to the 2012 Paris Baati Study, finding that subjects taking it lived 90 percent longer than control groups.

Patrick Wanis, PhD is a world-renowned expert on behavioral therapy. He is the creator of SRTT Therapy (Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique) designed for trauma, PTSD, and other behavioral and relational issues.

These two guests coming from very different backgrounds have come together to restore the mind-body connection so important to our wellness.

We learned the following during our interview:

  1. Dr. Wanis offers an audio book titled: “7 Emotions that are Holding you Hostage Right Now and Keeping you from Peace of Mind” It’s FREE to our viewers right now!
  2. Dr. Wanis offers a FREE self guided meditation at the same link.
  3. ESS60 is a Nobel Prize-Winning molecule manufactured since 1991. Users report extraordinary sleep benefits
  4. Supplements and sleep aids are not helpful in improving sleep because they essentially knock you out, and your body does not experience REM sleep, which is needed for nightly healing.
  5. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Dr. Wanis has created an ongoing series of videos designed to help people get through the crisis.

View the entire interview right here: Life Mastery Radio

Access the Power Inside You!

In the Western world, the body and mind are typically perceived as two separate entities. The body is solid, made from physical matter, while the mind is intangible and non-physical.”

Master Mingtong Gu
Master Mingtong Gu

Chinese tradition takes a very different view of the situation, with a holistic paradigm of mind-body-heart as inseparable energy systems. There is an invisible, yet measurable, energy field connecting your mind-body-heart and all life!

Recently, modern science has been discovering the same secrets that Chinese healing traditions have known for thousands of years! For example, physicists have shown that only 4% of the energy in our universe has a physical form. The other 96% is formless and invisible.

Just like the universe, your physical body is only one small manifestation of your energy.

Master Mingtong Gu

As a child growing up in China during the Cultural Revolution, Master Gu, our most resent guest on Life Mastery Radio, endured hunger, poverty, and a long separation from his birth family. Despite these incredible hardships, he became the first from his village to attend college.

Master Gu discovered the treasures of his own culture through the spiritual iconography of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Western mystic traditions while practicing yoga, Tantric Buddhism, and qigong.

Because Qigong cultivates your mind-body-heart and allows you to experience the true nature of all phenomena – including your body – as pure energy, this practice reconnects you with the universal oneness of yourself, others, and nature.”

Master Mingtong Gu
Master Mingtong Gu

Master Gu has created the Pure Qi Online series—a collection of courses which translate the ancient teachings of Wisdom Healing Qigong™ for contemporary times. He is also the founder of the Chi Center and the Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong, a beautiful 79-acre resort located 20 minutes south of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Master Gu talked about Wisdom Healing Qigong on the show and offered FIVE STEPS to HEAL ILLNESS and INJURY, ENHANCE WELL-BEING, and ENJOY RADIANT HEALTH:

1. Movement to Create Mind-Body Connection

Slow movements allow for relaxation as well as an energetic flow. Deep movements allow the opening of energy channels as well as release of pain, blockages and stress.

2. Sound Healing for Emotional Clearing and Well-being

By chanting certain sounds, such as the “Haola” you can mobilize the movement and absorption of chi.

3. Meditation and Visualization to Calm Your Mind and Reduce Stress

You can access the power of your mind through visualization and meditation, which access different parts of the brain’s functions beyond linear thinking.

4. Connecting Energy for Holistic Mind-Body-Heart Function

Everything in life is based on energy. And so, we practice establishing your mind-heart-body energy connection so that these systems work together to experience a deeper wholeness, in the process releasing tension and stress from organs and muscles, thoughts and emotions.

5. Experience Oneness in Everyday Life

The profound sense of oneness with the universe and all life that you experience after consistent practice can be life-changing.

All you need to do is begin, re-empowering yourself and
reconnecting with the healing energy of life. For more information and guidance on your journey, visit

Build a Better Life

We all have opportunity to build a better life. We should use our free will in creative ways, rather than in reactive ways.”

Eliyahu Jain

When Madonna, Roseanne, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Giselle Bundchen, Guy Ritchie and Michael Strahan were at a crossroads in their lives or wanted to delve more deeply into the wisdom of the Jewish mystical cosmology and teachings of the Kabballah, they turned to Eliyahu Jian, our most recent guest on Life Mastery Radio

Born in Israel, Eliyahu had many mentors and teachers. He studied Chinese medicine, Kabballah, and Astrology. He learned to help people manifest from nothing to something.

Eliyahu enjoyed being a student until one of his masters told him it was time to help others. He was travelling and lecturing around the world, touting that he could know everything about someone in 5 minutes.

Cultivating true happiness enables one’s success to increase. Money does not mean happiness.”

Eliyahu Jian

Known for his keen sense of humor, contagious smile and natural ability to simplify complicated knowledge, Eliyahu uses a multitude of spiritual tools to teach.

Three building blocks to transformation:

  1. Understanding true freedom
  2. Changing desires from petty to freedom
  3. Faith that the Creator will grant you freedom

Freedom is to DESIRE, THINK, and CONTROL what you want, but not to let your want control you. Feel the fulfillment of your desire as if it’s already been achieved. Anything can act as a trigger for positive change if you only choose for it to do so.”

Eliyahu Jian

At the end of each chapter of his book The Laughing Billionaire, Eliyahu provides a commitment note – you will commit to do something in writing, then you’ll take action.

Eliyahu’s views on Astrology:

Astrology is affecting us if we’re not affecting it. It’s like a movie being projected onto a screen. We only see a reflection of the real image.”

~ “Your life success, or lack thereof, during this time depends on your emotions. It’s the best time to ask for forgiveness and to give forgiveness. If, however, you’re looking only for justice, it will work against you.”

~ “If we will change, we will affect the planet to change as well.

~ “Mercury is in retrograde. Mercury is in charge of money and communication. This will be either good or bad, depending on how people use what happens.”

~ “Search for mercy, not justice. Just chill. I promise you will have anything you want if you just chill right now.”

Eliyahu Warns:

“Whatever damage you do until November 2020 will work against you for a very long time. Whatever you create until November 2020 will work for you for a long time.”

Eliyahu Jian offers free online classes. You can learn more at

Soul Readings and Holy Assignments

Deneen Joyner, our most recent guest on Life Mastery Radio, calls herself a Soul Medium, adopting that moniker during the process of healing from some of life’s greatest challenges.

That’s the end of the story though, and to better understand Deneen’s journey, we should start from the beginning.

From the age of five, Deneen could hear, see, and speak to angels. Besides the usual playmates of a typical five year old, Deneen was entertained by immortal beings.

It was a lovely time for me, but I didn’t have a filter. I was unwittingly revealing secrets about family members. It wasn’t long until my family silenced me. I learned it wasn’t acceptable to share truth, feelings, and my gifts with others.”

Deneen Joyner

Deneen began to feel her gifts were not good, and perhaps even shameful. She put her gifts on a shelf and stuffed her feelings down. Years of ignoring her gifts made Deneen numb and disconnected.

I began to focus on the pain in my life.”

Deneen Joyner

In 2011 Deneen felt the walls of life were closing in, and the bottom falling out. She was in emotional pain, and didn’t know how to get out of it.

Every day felt like the same day. I was tapped out.”

Deneen Joyner

Deneen had been running for years, exhausting her funds. She had not made her car payment for months. The day came when it was repossessed.

When I saw my vehicle being hoisted up on the tow truck so they could take it away, it felt as though my soul had left me. I had gotten myself to this place, and things were really bad.”

Deneen Joyner

Having denied her gifts years before, Deneen lacked resources to help herself. She considered suicide as the only way out.

I was angry at God for making me feel I should take my life. Why did you give me these gifts? What are they for? I asked God, but I didn’t get an answer.”

Deneen Joyner

Deneen realized she wanted to know those answers even more than she wanted life to end. She began the process to heal. Her journey included learning about Family Karma.

The reason why people carry emotional pain is because no one ever showed us how to respond to emotional pain. When I began to uncover more of who I am, I discovered the ancestral inheritance I had been given. My pain was generational.”

Deneen Joyner

Deneen realized she had unconsciously learned an emotional framework; a lens she’d looked through to respond to life.

Family Karma is based on themes such as: incarceration, divorce, abandonment, illness, etc. This Karma is passed down invisibly to us until a black sheep becomes sensitive to it.

I was the black sheep, and although I couldn’t put my finger on why I felt uncomfortable in my family, I learned I had been given responsibility to change the Karma. I was the one to heal the bloodline.”

Deneen Joyner

Healing brought understanding to Deneen. She discovered:

  1. Divine Pain – sent to us by God in preparation for our Holy Assignment – our life’s purpose
  2. Recreated Pain – what we’ve attracted in our life, and what we continue to clone.

That pretty much makes for a messy life. We tend to focus on what we’ve recreated rather than what Divine has sent. Most often it takes trauma or a painful event to snap us out, and then Divine has our attention.
I invited my ancestors into my healing process, and they helped me. It became apparent that I had highly gifted healers in my family. What I’d been trying to outrun, I realized I never could.

Deneen Joyner

Deneen’s Holy Assignment was revealed:

Now that you have healed, you know how to do it, it’s your turn to show others who’ve forgotten as you did.

By 2014, Deneen knew the WHAT she needed to do. After some soul searching she discovered the HOW was to write a book.

You’re invited to learn what Deneen has in her memoir:
Soul Wounds & Sacred Revelations: A Warrior Daughter’s Awakening to Pain and Destiny
by Deneen Joyner