Our recent guests, Tahnee Woolf and Allen David Reed have spent many years researching, developing, and creating a model representing our individual journey of consciousness. They call it the Ten Terrains of Consciousness.


I found our discussion with them fascinating. They have been brought together by spirit to do this work.

Tahnee Woolf and Allen David Reed

The Ten Terrains model was developed out of their common lives, and the discovery of fields which opened between them any time they were together. Tahnee wanted to understand people and have clarity for the reasons we are all so different.

What is underneath the differences between people?”

Tahnee Woolf

Allen had a different mission: to understand why human perspective is most often opposite from the truth. He grew up in the woods of Washington state without connection to family. The trees, earth and animals were his connection, causing Allen to ask: Who are we, and why are we doing what we are doing? He took on a study of sciences and religions.

We are living in a universe that is conscious. Every particle is aware of itself.”

Allen David Reed

Allen and Tahnee have designed a map of consciousness that illustrates to what degree we have separated ourselves from our own consciousness. The symbols tell a story. As it emerged, the clearer the model became.

You have Anthropology on one end and infinite consciousness on the other end. It is like we are all living in a parallel universe to each other.”

Tahnee Woolf

Allen explained consciousness using a rubber band and his index finger.

We are electrical bundles of energy. We are at a certain terrain based on the charge we have. Our charge holds us in judgement. Through healing, learning, and understanding, our charge can be released causing us to come into our true beinghood. We come to neutrality. “

Allen David Reed

Infinite perfection of everything.

During the research of the Ten Terrains model, people were reporting greater understanding of themselves and family members through a 10-minute quiz. The same quiz is available to you. Taking it will likely offer a new perspective of who you are since aspects of your culture, family, and community may be feeling uncomfortable or nonconforming to your beliefs. It is likely caused because you are living in a parallel universe to others.

The word Terrain was carefully selected. A Terrain is the condition upon which something manifests. Deserts, jungles, forests, plains, mountains, are all different types of terrain. There are also terrains in the psyche which give way to our cultures, beliefs, and behaviors.

Understanding the different lenses that we as individuals and others see through gives us all a better understanding.”

Allen David Reed

Tahnee clarified the Ten Terrains model does not define our personality. Many different personality types will live at the same Terrain. Allen and Tahnee’s model illustrates WHERE you are rather than WHO you are.

You may express your personality differently based on the Terrain you are at, but your personality, character, and astrological sign stays the same.”

Tahnee Woolf

Like riding in a hot-air balloon, as we rise higher and higher, nothing changes but our perspective. We are not suddenly any smarter, wealthier, or worthier. We simply have a grander perspective the higher and higher we rise.

No one Terrain is better than another Terrain just as being the age of 12 is no better than being the age of 50. Our experiences and perspectives are different, and each experience brings more enlightenment.

Tahnee Woolf

Ego only sees what is going on now. When you are an infinite being, you have awareness of the journey and you allow it to take as long as is necessary. Wherever you are, (whatever Terrain you find yourself) you have chosen to be there because of the lesson you are to learn. Do the spiritual work and be centered where you are. You are where you are for a reason.”

Allen David Reed

Todd and I took the quiz. He is at Circle, and I am at Square. We simply answered questions based on what felt true for each of us through a series of choices. A report has been provided to us which explains the meaning of our place at that Terrain. The report also clarifies challenges we are likely facing in our journey and the gift we are here to give. Like I said: fascinating!

Some people may make a Terrain shift, while others do not. There is no goal to reach a certain terrain. We all have a different purpose, and some people may need to stay at their current Terrain to fulfill their purpose – like Abe Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln had to live at SQUARE his whole life to end slavery.”

Tahnee Woolf

Your journey is different than mine. You may or may not have an awakening. When a shift does happen, it can create conflicts in relationships. During a shift we might find ourselves reading different books than before, seeking out new friendships with people we hadn’t been interested in before, or simply feel uncomfortable with our current situation as if we are dying to break free from something.

Allen would likely tell us to relax, trust the process, and patiently wait.

We all have amazing potential. We constrain ourselves, and often undermine our own progress.”

Allen David Reed

Go to TenTerrains.com find their book, and take the quiz!

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