A Man Evolving with Bernardo Moya

Bernardo Moya Jan 17 2023
Author, Creator of The Best You brand, The Best You Expo, The Best You TV, The Best You Magazine
Bernardo Moya is an editor, author, publisher, TV producer, editor-in-chief of The Best You magazine, and CEO of NLP Life Training (the world’s largest Neuro-Linguistic Programming organization).
Bernardo Moya has been an entrepreneur for over thirty-five years, author, speaker, publisher, TV producer, and seminar promoter.
Bernardo is the author of a new book titled A Man Evolving and architect behind the UK’s biggest annual personal and professional development event – The Best You Expo – held in London and California and now virtually all over the world.
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Emerge Triumphant Through Adversity with Eliana Gilad

Eliana Gilad October 18, 2022
Eliana Gilad is a two-time TEDx presenter, motivational speaker, healing voice mentor, therapeutic singing trainer, composer, performer, and founder of Voices of Eden Ancient Wisdom and Healing Music Institute
Eliana has dedicated her life to reviving the conscious use of voice and rhythm as natural healing instruments, as they were used in ancient matriarchal times.
This wordless healing sound modality helps people find their authentic voices and connect to their inner calm in the midst of change. Through her Institute, Eliana researches and teaches the principles of thriving through uncertainty via online trainings and live retreats.
Her new international bestseller, Emerge Triumphant: Thrive through Uncertainty helps readers understand that when they give their inner voice the ability and power to shine, limiting barriers can be broken and people can open themselves up to a world of new possibilities.
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Get unStuck and Grow Through Past Experiences with Julie Little

Julie Little June 7, 2022
What Julie Little has learned over time is that her father is not her home, her mother is not her home, even her spouse is not her home.
Our home is within us.
In Light on the Pond Scum: A Memoir, Julie Little invites the reader on her journey of self-discovery, growth, and healing. Readers will travel with her from Colombia to China to Texas and beyond, meeting eccentric family members, love interests, and even spiritual guides along the way.
In Light on the Pond Scum, Julie confronts questions such as: Who am I, and how do I fit in after a difficult upbringing? How do I outgrow my family dynamics to become the person I want to be? What is family, and how do families create strong identities in young people?
Though Julie grew up in a world of change, chaos, and loss, she took it upon herself to overcome the pain in her past. If you’re ready to get unstuck and grow through past experiences, you might allow Julie’s story to inspire your own.  Meet Julie Little

Love, Peace, and Vegetables with Marcela Benson

Marcela Benson May 3, 2022
Trying to categorize Marcela Benson’s Love, Peace and Vegetables is nigh unto impossible…you could think of it as a beautiful coffee-table book filled with imaginative uplifting and eye-popping art. It’s even reminiscent of the botanical treatises of the 19th century with loving graphic renderings of plants and vegetables. You might consider it a spiritual meditation and inspirational guide. Maybe it’s a poetry book with its many lovely verses. Perhaps you might see it as a manifesto for the live food lifestyle and eating completely clean of all disempowering influences, with all the instructions on food preparation that implies. But mostly, there are the scrumptious, mouthwatering, astonishing recipes for filling your table with simple, but gourmet live food cuisine.
Marcela Benson’s amazing Love, Peace and Vegetables: Recipes for Conscious Living is all of those things!
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The Best You with Bernardo Moya

Bernardo Moya Jan 11, 2022
Bernardo Moya has an unwavering belief in social, personal, professional, and global responsibility for helping others through his books and platforms.
Bernardo is the founder of The Best You brand in 2016 and is the architect behind The Best You Expo.
The Best You is in the business of helping people achieve their dreams. They provide customers with skills, tools, knowledge, wisdom, and experts to enhance and improve their lives. They help people discover their true purpose.  Learn More He is the Executive Producer and President of The Best You TV network and author of the best-selling book, The Question: Find Your True Purpose.
His book brings together the best of what is thought and known from the world of self-help. The author shows readers what can build a path toward greater well-being and believes that the quality of your life depends on the quality of the questions you ask yourself.
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Living Through the Heart with Johnathan Goldman

Jonathan Goldman Mar 30, 2021
The great sages for millennia have taught that the answers to healing, spiritual evolution, elevation of consciousness, and living a happy and fulfilled life are inside of us. But where exactly are they and how do you work with them?
Jonathan Goldman can answer those questions for you. In his four decades of working with Energy Medicine, first as an acupuncturist and then as the developer of Transformational Energy Healing, he has mapped the multi-layered Human Energy Vehicle (HEV).
Goldman has uniquely described where and how thought forms, emotions, energetic material, beliefs, and spiritual qualities live and operate in the multiple energy layers that are within and around the human body.
He is the author of The Gift of the Body: A Multi-Dimensional Guide to Energy, Anatomy, Grounded Spirituality and Living Through the Heart
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Youth C.H.A.M.P with Leonard Webb

Leonard Webb Feb 9, 2021
Leonard Webb is a retired law enforcement professional turned life coach/youth advocate. He is an adjunct faculty member teaching Criminal Justice at Potomac State College of West Virginia University. 
Leonard offers a unique perspective about the school-to-prison-pipeline. He has seen young people enter prison and young people with similar demographics enter his college classroom. 
He is the author of Youth C.H.A.M.P. – A Youth Guide to Striving Through your Teens
He provides coaching to young people and consults and trains educators with strategies to help them connect with students, focus on student’s strengths, and provide the support that improves behavior rather than relying on discipline.
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Your Road Map to Success with Rebecca Irey

Rebecca Irey Jan. 19 , 2021
Are you a visionary entrepreneur? Got an idea every minute – a BIG idea? Somehow you never get anything done and none (or very few) of your ideas become reality and even then you struggle?
The worst thing a visionary entrepreneur can do in any given day is NOT make money!
Rebecca Irey of  Blue Skye Business Consulting  is the  Queen of Radical Accountability . She helps clients find their flow and channel their power to revolutionize their life.
With her  Beyond Accountability Movement , Rebecca helps you uncover a forgotten yet incredibly powerful method used by top level entrepreneurs to finally find their flow, ditch shiny object syndrome, and make change stick in 30 Days or less.
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Infinite Perfection of Everything

Our recent guests, Tahnee Woolf and Allen David Reed have spent many years researching, developing, and creating a model representing our individual journey of consciousness. They call it the Ten Terrains of Consciousness.


I found our discussion with them fascinating. They have been brought together by spirit to do this work.

Tahnee Woolf and Allen David Reed

The Ten Terrains model was developed out of their common lives, and the discovery of fields which opened between them any time they were together. Tahnee wanted to understand people and have clarity for the reasons we are all so different.

What is underneath the differences between people?”

Tahnee Woolf

Allen had a different mission: to understand why human perspective is most often opposite from the truth. He grew up in the woods of Washington state without connection to family. The trees, earth and animals were his connection, causing Allen to ask: Who are we, and why are we doing what we are doing? He took on a study of sciences and religions.

We are living in a universe that is conscious. Every particle is aware of itself.”

Allen David Reed

Allen and Tahnee have designed a map of consciousness that illustrates to what degree we have separated ourselves from our own consciousness. The symbols tell a story. As it emerged, the clearer the model became.

You have Anthropology on one end and infinite consciousness on the other end. It is like we are all living in a parallel universe to each other.”

Tahnee Woolf

Allen explained consciousness using a rubber band and his index finger.

We are electrical bundles of energy. We are at a certain terrain based on the charge we have. Our charge holds us in judgement. Through healing, learning, and understanding, our charge can be released causing us to come into our true beinghood. We come to neutrality. “

Allen David Reed

Infinite perfection of everything.

During the research of the Ten Terrains model, people were reporting greater understanding of themselves and family members through a 10-minute quiz. The same quiz is available to you. Taking it will likely offer a new perspective of who you are since aspects of your culture, family, and community may be feeling uncomfortable or nonconforming to your beliefs. It is likely caused because you are living in a parallel universe to others.

The word Terrain was carefully selected. A Terrain is the condition upon which something manifests. Deserts, jungles, forests, plains, mountains, are all different types of terrain. There are also terrains in the psyche which give way to our cultures, beliefs, and behaviors.

Understanding the different lenses that we as individuals and others see through gives us all a better understanding.”

Allen David Reed

Tahnee clarified the Ten Terrains model does not define our personality. Many different personality types will live at the same Terrain. Allen and Tahnee’s model illustrates WHERE you are rather than WHO you are.

You may express your personality differently based on the Terrain you are at, but your personality, character, and astrological sign stays the same.”

Tahnee Woolf

Like riding in a hot-air balloon, as we rise higher and higher, nothing changes but our perspective. We are not suddenly any smarter, wealthier, or worthier. We simply have a grander perspective the higher and higher we rise.

No one Terrain is better than another Terrain just as being the age of 12 is no better than being the age of 50. Our experiences and perspectives are different, and each experience brings more enlightenment.

Tahnee Woolf

Ego only sees what is going on now. When you are an infinite being, you have awareness of the journey and you allow it to take as long as is necessary. Wherever you are, (whatever Terrain you find yourself) you have chosen to be there because of the lesson you are to learn. Do the spiritual work and be centered where you are. You are where you are for a reason.”

Allen David Reed

Todd and I took the quiz. He is at Circle, and I am at Square. We simply answered questions based on what felt true for each of us through a series of choices. A report has been provided to us which explains the meaning of our place at that Terrain. The report also clarifies challenges we are likely facing in our journey and the gift we are here to give. Like I said: fascinating!

Some people may make a Terrain shift, while others do not. There is no goal to reach a certain terrain. We all have a different purpose, and some people may need to stay at their current Terrain to fulfill their purpose – like Abe Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln had to live at SQUARE his whole life to end slavery.”

Tahnee Woolf

Your journey is different than mine. You may or may not have an awakening. When a shift does happen, it can create conflicts in relationships. During a shift we might find ourselves reading different books than before, seeking out new friendships with people we hadn’t been interested in before, or simply feel uncomfortable with our current situation as if we are dying to break free from something.

Allen would likely tell us to relax, trust the process, and patiently wait.

We all have amazing potential. We constrain ourselves, and often undermine our own progress.”

Allen David Reed

Go to TenTerrains.com find their book, and take the quiz!

Juice Up Your Life Force

Your life force is your juice. Life force is the vital energy within you responsible for maintaining your life and your health, and it plays a major role in how your physical body, mind, and emotional and energetic systems feel and operate. If your life force wanes too far, you get sick.

Nourishing your life force begins the moment you rise each morning.

The first hour of your day sets the stage for rest of your day. What are you ingesting? What are you doing? What are you allowing into your field? Connect with yourself first.”

Christine Arylo

Christine Arylo is the author of Overwhelmed and Over It – Embrace your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained in a Chaotic World. She is a transformational leadership advisor, three-time bestselling author, and host of the popular Feminine Power Time podcast.

At the age of 30 Christine realized life is more than she ever thought it could be. She began to seek out more wisdom and found it while studying different and varied cultures from her own. Intuition guided her to write her fourth book, and trusting divine timing, the result is a new way of thinking which completely connected with me.

Overwhelmed and Over It has caused me to consider personal change and defy societal rules not in harmony with my natural self. Her book invites the reader to open up to self-awareness. Do any of the following behaviors describe you?

  • I take on other people’s feelings and problems or make it my job to fix them or better things for them.
  • I try to do too much at one time and then feel scattered, fragmented, and overwhelmed.
  • I overstretch my financial resources and then feel like I do not have what I need.
  • I run my inner batteries and body down.

Christine encouraged us to “find your fierce voice and make different choices. You’ll influence others while doing so.”

She describes “imprints” which we might call experiences that shaped our self-descriptions, beliefs, and values. Imprints in our hearts cause fear, shame, and judgment. We then create coping mechanisms which undermine us.

We have the power to create new realities through our choices, which means we have the power to redefine success and the systems that say what it is.”

Christine Arylo

Work/life balance has become like a marker of nirvanic success all of us overwhelmed women strive for yet never seem to reach. It’s not for lack of trying, focus, or diligence that we fail. The truth is, we have been missing that there is a fundamental flaw inherent in work/life balance as a goal for personal and professional success: Work/life balance is the wrong equation.

Christine described work/life balance like a tug of war. I recall in that activity someone always ends up muddy.

Our lives are dynamic, not static. Diverse, not divisible into two parts. Cyclical, not linear. Which is why we need a new constellation — a configuration — for how to think about, organize, interact with, meet, and design the interconnected parts of our lives.”

Christine Arylo

Christine provides this new configuration in her book, and she invites us to make more empowering choices while engaging with it. It includes simple, yet significant steps.

It is time to end my overwhelm. Who is with me?

Check out ChristineArylo.com She is planning a Women’s Wisdom Class the second week of November. Find details at Women’s Wisdom Quest Take a listen to her podcast as well at FeminePowertime.com