Life Passion IS Your Purpose! with Dr. Adam Sheck

Doctor Adam Sheck is a licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in connecting individuals and couples to their PASSION.

Whether in love or work, he connects people to their deepest truth and supports them in removing the blocks to living it fully. Having changed careers in his early 30’s from engineering to psychology, he has walked his talk and is living his life purpose, his mission and supports others in doing the same.

Whether working with someone in a midlife crisis asking, “Is this all there is?” or a sexless couple wanting to restore their intimacy, he gets results. With over 25 years of experience, he is compassionate, yet laser-focused and direct as well.

Let’s Talk Money with Camille Gaines


November 15, 2016 – Camille Gaines, AFC®, bought her first stock at age twenty two and has invested her own money in almost everything since. By her mid-twenties she had made enough from stashing money into stocks to leave dry corporate accounting and become her own boss in commercial real estate. After moving to Bermuda, in her early thirties she began managing family investments based on principles she learned from her father, who significantly changed her parent’s lifestyle in the 1980’s after buying then despised muni bonds at 50 cents on the dollar, paying over 20% interest tax free for the next decade. At midlife, following the scary stock market drops of the early 2000’s, Camille had an epiphany that wealth is not created by long term investments earning 8%, so she began creating income streams from real estate, oil and small business.

Following both her passion and low capital opportunity, in 2007 Camille launched to inspire and share with women what she has learned about investing and income streams. She writes, invests, consults and oversees a small outsourced team to manage three successful online businesses and real estate rentals in between long walks in the woods in the Texas Hill Country with her white lab.

No matter how much you learn, the very first step to wealth creation is having the right mindset to fuel your knowledge. This discovery led to Camille’s Wealth Creation Launcher, a simple process which unlocks the key to allowance and belief so you can live fulfilled. Click here now to get it free for-women

The Fine Print on Abundance


by Todd Alan

Here’s a very simple story that happened to me recently that illustrates how the law of abundance works:

I gave my daughter some money for her swim team. In return, I would get a sweatshirt out of the deal with my name on it.

A couple of days later, I get a text from my other daughter who needs money for a winter coat. For whatever reason, I had a vision of 100 dollars in mind in the form of 10 crisp 10 dollar bills I would give to her.

But then I began thinking about the details.

I had to go to the bank, get the money, drive to her bank, deposit the money, and all of a sudden the details got complicated, as the task involved a lot of running around. How was I going to get this done?

I had to stop overthinking and let it go.

Well, hardly 10 minutes later, someone walked up and handed over some cash for a machine I sold, so no trip to the bank. Thirty minutes later, my daughter on the swim team shows up with my sweatshirt. It just so happens she and her sister bank at the same place.

I handed the money over to her to make the deposit for me, and I never had to leave my shop.

Like I said…simple.

I believe that when we envision as opposed to strategizing, we don’t get attached to an outcome. It’s like surrendering to the idea that we will get some help. This idea helps us to lessen our worry and sense of lack.

Magical things happen when we step into the flow and practice these metaphysical principles.

Okay, so to recap the Law of Abundance (a topic first introduced in the blog post last week): We create the vision, affirm it with positive emotions, and say thank you. With some time, this allows us to step into the flow as illustrated in my story above.

But this begs another question: How much abundance can you handle?

Perhaps you get something you want and then promptly dismiss the miracle. Or you experience guilt that you’ve received too much or fear that you will never receive again. This negativity dams the flow and the flow becomes stagnant.

Ever felt “stuck” in your life?

When things don’t flow the way we feel they should, when we second-guess our gifts, or we feel stuck, we tend to get pretty nasty with ourselves.

If we talked to our best friend the way we talked to ourselves, we wouldn’t have that friend anymore. We have scarcity thoughts; we react to our fears. These habits dam the flow.

So if you’re taking all the right steps – you’re envisioning, you’re associating the vision with positive emotions, you’re grateful, you’re addressing your negativity in a loving way – but you’re still not seeing any variation of your dreams, take heart.

Because there’s something tricky about abundance I haven’t mentioned yet:

When a freight train is headed down the track, it isn’t going to stop when you hit the stop button. It has to roll out. That’s what happens when we start to work with the law of abundance. It takes a little while to change our thinking and get going. It’s a practice.

In the meantime, Spirit has to organize the universe in order to send opportunities your way.

So keep working at it and keep your eyes and heart open – the gift is on its way.

Getting Out of Your Own Way with Mike Robbins



Mike is the author of the new book, Nothing Changes Until You Do: A Guide to Self-Compassion and Getting Out of Your Own Way (Hay House).  He’s a sought-after keynote speaker and media personality.  His previous two books, Focus on the Good Stuff (Wiley) and Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken (Wiley) have been translated into fourteen different languages.

Mike has been a guest on hundreds of TV and radio shows throughout the United States and Canada – ABC News, the Oprah radio network, NPR, and local TV and radio shows in markets such as San Francisco, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Orlando, Kansas City, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Vancouver, San Diego, Detroit, and many more.  He has also been featured in Forbes, US News & World Report, the Washington PostLadies Home JournalSELFFast Company, The Wall Street Journal, and many others.  He’s been a regular contributor to in the past and has blogged for the Huffington Post since 2008.

4 Ways to Boost Your Confidence by Eric Maisel

1Ana-Ramos-illustration-1(originally posted on Dr. Maisel’s blog)

There may be new creative projects that you want to begin or new ways of marketing and promoting yourself that you know would be smart to attempt but something seems to be holding you back. Here are four tips that will lead very naturally to an increase in your confidence.

One. Know what you currently do

Because our lives rush along, providing us with no chance to catch up with ourselves, we often don’t really know what we’ve been attempting or accomplishing. When was the last time you had a conversation with yourself about what sort of art you’re making or what sort of marketing efforts you’re attempting? It’s harder to know what new things to try if you don’t know what current things you’re doing. Settle in and spend some real time discerning your current situation.

Two. Detach from the idea that there is just “one way” to do things

In part because it reduces our experience of anxiety, we often decide to do things one way—paint one sort of painting, market in one particular way—and then refuse to think about or else discount the desirability of other art or other marketing efforts that we might make. Maybe we think that only the gallery scene is for us and that marketing our art online is beneath our dignity. Try to let go of the idea that there is just one way to do things and find the courage to investigate other ways of making art and marketing art, even those that at first glance look completely uncongenial. You might discover that one of these other ways actually ignites some passion in you and instantly increases your confidence level.

Three. Investigate your dislikes

If you dislike realistic painting, why do you dislike it? If you dislike abstract painting, why do you dislike it? If you dislike talking to gallery owners, why do you dislike those interactions? If you dislike studio visits, why do you dislike them? We often make snap judgments about our likes and dislikes and subsequently never investigate those likes and dislikes again, responding instead with a knee-jerk reaction. Take a good, hard look at those things you claim to dislike and see if they really are so unlikeable. Turning some of those dislikes to likes may prove the exact equivalent of rekindling your desire and increasing your confidence.

Four. Investigate your fears

We often hide from ourselves the fact that something is making us scared or anxious. Maybe we have real fears that our drawing skills aren’t up to snuff. So we keep dodging that painful information and paint abstractly not because we genuinely want to paint abstractly but because we know that our realistic paintings wouldn’t measure up. It is very brave work but very valuable work to look your fears and anxieties in the eye. Only then will you understand your true situation. That understanding is bound to open the door to courageous new efforts—and new confidence!

Dream Work and Interpretations with David Dibble

November 5, 2013. Guest, David Dibble’s pioneering work is in the area of DreamWork, CharacterTypes (Inner Astrology), Conscious Systems and DreamWork Coaching.  He has written four books including DreamWork: Dream Interpretation and CharacterTypes–Models for Relating. David is the winner of the prestigious “T” Award for Innovation in Coaching. He is the creator of ConsciousSystems for Coaches, bringing both systems and consciousness to the coaching profession.  He studied for eight years with don Miguel Ruiz and is one of two people worldwide licensed to teach The Four Agreements at Work. He is a highly skilled, yet practical spiritual teacher. His mission, imparted to him in a powerful dream, is to take DreamWork into the world in such a way that it becomes a catalyst for raising human consciousness globally. David’s website is:



Discover Your Inner Child with Asha Hawkesworth

Life Mastery Radio June 4th, 2013 Guest: Asha Hawkesworth and her book “Discovering Your Inner Child”  Transforming Toxic Patterns and Finding Your Joy.

Why do people tend to repeat patterns that make them unhappy? Why do we react the way we do? And why is it so difficult to let go of the past? Your inner child is your core emotional being, the “person” who runs your life when you least expect them to—or want them to. Your inner child should be a blessing, not a tyrant. Discovering Your Inner Child helps you to understand your inner child so that you can begin to make new choices to change your life and find your joy.
Discovering Your Inner Child is now available in a new, revised and expanded edition! It includes a new chapter about inner child archetypes, an expanded chapter about abuse and common toxic behaviors, and a new chapter about learning to love yourself, which can be one of the greatest challenges that people face when working to heal their inner child.

Asha’s website

Building a Business with Fearless Passion our Guest Sue Z. Oliver

October 30, 2012.  Spotlight Guest:  Sue Z. Oliver is a Passion Ambassodor who has learned how to take a new found  vibrancy, and with that energy, create what you love!  She will share how many people have moved forward by finding “passioneers!”  She claims that by surrounding yourself with those who are living their passion, “BAM!,” it all comes together!  Chief Passioneer of The Passions and Possibilities Network and radio show, Sue founded three non-profits, including the Make a Passion Possible organization, and runs Powerleaps LLC Consulting and Coaching for budding Passioneers. She brings over 20 years of experience in launching and coaching global ventures. She also pays it forward through animal rescue, fitness, and lifelong learning. For more information, check out and


Groom Your Inner Beauty with Starr Shephard

August 21, 2012.  Guest:  Starr Shephard, super model, will help you unlock your inner beauty, an essence we all possess.  Some of Starr’s favorite topics include, adding years to your life, communicating in your mate’s value system, discovering your values and creating your life’s mission.  All of these notions ground and and support our beautiful selves.  Trained in the DeMartini method, Starr assures the listeners that, “Attending an hour talk, a half-day workshop, an intimate consultation on personal or professional matters of your life…you will gain the wisdom of loving the life you now are co-creating.”  Now that’s real beauty.   Website:


Rainbeau Mars Lifestyles presents SPRING 2012’s The 3 WEEK CLEANSE

March 18 – April 8
The 3 Week Cleanse with Rainbeau Mars SPRING 2012
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Rainbeau Mars Lifestyles presents SPRING 2012’s The 3 WEEK CLEANSE

We invite you to join world-renowned health, beauty, and fitness expert Rainbeau Mars and a global community for 3 weeks of plant-based whole foods diet to heal and awaken!

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March 18th – April 8th, 2012

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March 18th – Rainbeau Mars
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Rainbeau Mars Lifestyles is an omni-media company serving the planet one home at a time.