Patrick Wanis, PhD is a world-renowned expert on behavioral therapy, specializing in the areas of interpersonal relationships, trauma, and human motivation. He was our guest this past Tuesday, and it was not only eye-opening, but mind opening as well.

Patrick Wanis, PhD

Do you know what your emotions mean? When you do, it shifts the way you view the emotion, and can then change your belief system and the actions you take.

This process is exactly what Patrick Wanis helps his clients to facilitate for themselves.

There is a powerful benefit to understanding emotions.

Patrick Wanis, PhD

Patrick Suggests two things to do when feeling an intense emotion:

Talk to yourself:I notice I’m feeling sad. That’s interesting.” Or, “I’m noticing I’m feeling sad. Why is that?

 When you discover the memory that triggered the emotion you’re feeling, you can distance yourself from the emotion. You become the observer and can choose not to feel the emotion.

Coach yourself. (Following is a coaching session with me and Dr, Wanis on the show)

Patrick:Tell me who Jackie Bailey is – her talents, characteristics and skills. Tell me from third person.”

Jackie:Jackie Bailey is a leader In the community doing good things. She’s trying to make a difference in the world. She has great speaking skills.”

Patrick:What is Jackie’s greatest challenge?

Jackie:She has many challenges. She tends to do thing on her own rather than involve her network.”

Patrick:What does Jackie need to do?

Jackie:She needs to reach out more and connect; to quit worrying about tasks and build relationship instead.”

Patrick:Reach out to people to support her?

Jackie:Yes, let people know about what she’s doing. If people understood the benefits of her programs, they would be more supportive.

Patrick:Do you think Jackie needs to believe in herself more?

Jackie: “Definitely.”

Patrick: “What would you say to her?

Jackie: “You got this. There are ups and downs. Focus on the ups, and the downs will come back up.”

Patrick:What is Jackie’s greatest quality and gift?

Jackie:She is a doer. Jackie’s reliable, and she’ll get things done.

Patrick: “Is her greatest gift that she’s dependable and reliable? What does she bring to the world? What’s her greatest gift?

Jackie:She has empathy for people working through traumatic experiences, and she can help them understand how to get to the other side.

Patrick:How do you feel after this exercise?

Jackie:From third person I can see a different perspective.”

Patrick:What’s your response to the coaching?

Jackie:I need to do it more

Patrick:Coach yourself.

This exercise makes people stronger, and greater insights will be the result.”

Patrick Wanis, PhD

Do you doubt yourself? I certainly do. What causes us to doubt ourselves?

It all stems from childhood. Throughout childhood we learn emotions, beliefs, and self-worth in four ways.

Patrick Wanis, PhD
  1. Watching and copying
  2. Listening and believing
  3. Experiencing and interpreting inaccurately
  4. Observing emotions within the household

All of this forms the identity of a child and forms their belief system. Children also believe they are the cause for everything happening around them.”

Patrick Wanis, PhD

As babies, we could get our mother to smile and laugh; therefore, when mother gets angry, the child understandably believes he/she caused that as well. We’ve all created inaccurate subconscious beliefs about ourselves.

Dr. Wanis is the creator of SRTT Therapy (Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique). He ensures his clients don’t relive any childhood pain while bringing new evidence to their belief system.

We can’t create a new neural pathway when we’re feeling past pain. When we see the emotion from a third-party perspective, we can change the belief system very quickly.”

Patrick Wanis, PhD

A mantra likely created from Patrick’s work with clients may be:

I can see the emotion, therefore I’m not the emotion. I can control my emotion and create a new thought.

Patrick’s work sounds fascinating. He is offering an Audiobook: Neutralize the 7 Emotions That Are Holding You Hostage and a powerful meditation exercise Overcome Fear and Anxiety and Enjoy Peace of Mind, as a gift to our listeners.

Here’s the link:

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