Kim Chestney Apr 25th 2024
Returning guest, Kim Chestney is the author of The Illumination Code, Radical Intuition, and The Psychic Workshop. As the founder of IntuitionLab and the CREATE! Festival, her work raises awareness about the importance of insight in the evolution of individual and world consciousness.

Working for nearly 20 years in the tech sector, Kim has led initiatives with some of the top thought leaders, technology companies, and universities in the world.

Her newest book, The Illumination Code: 7 Keys to Unlock Your Quantum Intelligence draws on the latest findings in quantum physics to present a multidimensional exploration of the whole spectrum of intuitive experience.

Join us to learn how to access the universal archive of information containing the psychic imprint of all past and future events, gain meaningful personal insight and guidance, and enter into the deep dimension to explore past lives, parallel realities, and alternate universes.

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