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Listening to Our Spirit Guide with Linda Deir

February 3, 2015 - Linda Deir is an author, speaker, life coach, and intuitive who teaches others how to overcome fear-based living, how to be inspired by new experiences, and how to believe in themselves. Working with Linda, clients discover that they have purpose, that they have value, and that they are being guided through their lives. Growing up in horrific circumstances of physical and … [Read More...]

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Family Karma with Sara Wiseman

January 27, 2015 - Sara Wiseman is a spiritual  counselor who helps others to travel the path of spiritual growth. After a near-death experience in 2000, she says her life shifted completely and everything changed - her own spiritual journey began; she “woke up” and, ever since, has been … [Read More...]


A Creative Approach to Entrepreneurism with Jennifer Lee

January 20th, 2015. Jennifer Lee, CPCC, PCC, MA is a creative entrepreneur whose unusual, colorful approach to business empowers creative entrepreneurs around the world to launch their businesses in a way that makes their hearts sing. For 10 years, she worked as a corporate consultant for fortune … [Read More...]


The Journey to Document Shamanic Healing Practices with Marie-Rose Phan-Le

January 13, 2015. Writer and filmmaker, Marie-Rose Phan-Le, has taken the heroine's journey to a new level during an 11 year journey to document the shamanic healing arts from Asian cultures. Her documentary film, Talking Story: One Woman’s Quest to Preserve Ancient Spiritual and Healing … [Read More...]


E-Cubed Merriment is Your Full-time Gig with Pam Grout

January 6th, 2015 Guest: Pam Grout is a world traveler, a loving mother, and a best-selling author who has just published her newest book, E-Cubed: 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig. This is a sequel to her previous book E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy … [Read More...]


Meaning Making and Life Purpose with Dr. Eric Maisel

  Dr. Eric Maisel is a natural psychologist, spearheading new developments in his field and is the author of over 40 books. Natural psychology is the new psychology of meaning that articulates the paradigm shift from seeking meaning to making meaning. Life Purpose Boot Camp, his latest book … [Read More...]

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Saying Yes to Your Intention

  Guest Blog Post by Coach Debby First, let’s think about the fact that whenever we are focused on a new intention, we are actually saying “YES” in our mind. We have, to some degree, … [Read More...]

Drama Rama

Guest Post by Coach Debby: A question was raised on Facebook:  What would be an accurate acronym for Drama?  Many people chimed in!  But we might want to explore that there are two very active … [Read More...]

The Law of Harmonic Balance

Every automobile has an engine and every engine has a part called a harmonic balancer. This little part counteracts the negative feedback created by all of the moving parts working in the engine. … [Read More...]


“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.” ~ Buddha Early in my exploration … [Read More...]


“Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson The word "integrity" stems from the Latin adjective integer, meaning whole or complete. A person that is … [Read More...]

Manifesting Your Reality

"The universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality.” ~ Alan Cohen Metaphysics informs us that The Universe conspires to bring forth the things we desire. Some call it … [Read More...]


The first recorded instructions for meditation called Dhyana , comes from the Hindu traditions of Vedantism around 1500 BCE, but many suggest that the practice extends back into prerecorded history. … [Read More...]

Leggo my EGO

When I began my journey in self exploration, I really resonated with the acronym for EGO, Edging God Out (of my life).  As time progressed, I came to a deeper understanding about EGO.  It’s as … [Read More...]

Personal Inventory

One of the most powerful processes I keep experiencing is self exploration or “taking a personal inventory.” To do that, I ask myself: Why is it that I react to things the way that I do? What are … [Read More...]


“I believe that the man who observes self-control in thought, word and deed, right in the midst of the world, is verily the true ascetic. If things do not bind us and if we are not attached to … [Read More...]

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