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Overcoming Barriers with Sharon Blake

July 28, 2015 - Sharon is a mother of three children, "nana" to four grandchildren, and author of the book, Chronicles of Pain. Sharon herself has overcome some major barriers in her life, she has been homeless and is an ex- addict, ex-prostitute and a domestic violence survivor. The person … [Read More...]


Mentoring with Jeff Pennypacker

  July 21, 2015 -   Dad is gone. Checked out physically or perhaps emotionally - now what? Mom is left to raise her boy into an extraordinary man. The problem is, she has one too many roles to play. Jeff Pennypacker gets that, and he wants to help. Jeff's book, Broken Boys - … [Read More...]


Animal Communication with Tim Link

Tim Link's Website   July 14, 2015:   Take the time to build a bond with your animal and trust you're receiving the info you need from them. That's a nugget of wisdom worth applying to all our important relationships, no? Some other nuggets from our interview with Tim … [Read More...]


A Soulful Awakening with Stephanie Banks

Even when you feel alone, there's another realm that's full of love, support, and guidance. Don't believe us? Stephanie Banks will change your mind. So you may have heard that hers is a story about an out of body experience after a terrible mountain bike crash. But it's more about an … [Read More...]


Taming Your Outer Child with Susan Anderson

June 30th, 2015 "There is self-abandonment at the root of self-sabotage." We covered a lot of ground in our interview with psychotherapist and abandonment expert, Susan Anderson, whose latest book addresses the "Outer Child." Or rather, the behavioral part of a person. And that Outer … [Read More...]

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Doomed to Fail by Jeff Pennypacker

Original post here. Whatever the reasonmay be, the majority of single moms I know don’t have great things to say about their ex. I am not going to stick up for the deadbeat men that leave … [Read More...]

The Most Important Feature by Todd Alan

Two blog posts ago, I had a metaphor going comparing a computer crash to “bottoming out” in life and upgrading our operating system to a new way of being. But first, we had to become willing to … [Read More...]

Driven by Perfection

by Coach Debby While working with a young writer, I was reminded of a time in my 20’s when I realized I would never be perfect.  It was a heart-wrenching experience filled with shame.  It was … [Read More...]

Systems Crash

by Todd Alan It’s happened to me more than once – a systems crash on my computer where I’ve lost everything. And every time it’s happened, I discover that nothing I lost is ever really … [Read More...]

Are you afraid to look stupid with men?

by Kavita Patel Today I want to tell you a story about my client Kelsey. Kelsey is a powerful woman who works to raise millions of dollars for nonprofits. If you were to meet her on the street … [Read More...]

Moments Like This by Coach Debby

I love motorcycles. I know they're dangerous, but I love them nonetheless. And I can say Todd earned a few extra points when we were dating, and he said he had a new shiny "bike." They make the … [Read More...]

Presenting Yourself With Strength by Eric Maisel

(Painting by Karen Mathison Schmidt) (Originally published on Dr. Maisel's blog) If it’s become your habit to apologize for your work, to hide from potential buyers, to avoid marketplace … [Read More...]

10 Steps to Contagious Optimism by David Mezzapelle (Excerpt. Full article is published on Imperfect Spirituality)

(Art by Heng Swee Lim)   Ten Steps of Optimism 1). Gratitude.  Gratitude for even the smallest things is important along with savoring every moment. It truly prevents us from sweating the … [Read More...]

Meet the Real You by Derek Rydall

  We have been born under a mistaken identity. And almost everything that we see, hear, and experience – almost everything produced by society – keeps us in the dark about who and what … [Read More...]

Is it Time to Tune Into a New Radio Station? by Pam Grout

At every point in time, there are infinite possibilities and a parallel reality exists for each possibility.” –Daniel Jackson, Stargate Imagine this? A foreign exchange student from a tiny … [Read More...]

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