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Create and Grow Your Own Business with Karyn Greenstreet

Karen Greenstreet- May 21, 2019 "There are 21 million solo entrepreneurs in the USA, but only 9% of them make over $100,000 a year. Our mission is to change that 9% to 10%." " Self-employment is the best lifestyle I know. " Karyn Greenstreet is the President of Passion For Business, LLC. Karyn is an internationally-known speaker, author, and self-employment expert who has taught … [Read More...]

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Off the Cuff with Kris Prochaska, MA

Meet Kris Prochaska May 14th 2019 Kris’ 20+ combined years of experience as a therapist and business consultant help her laser right to the root of an issue and provide her clients effective and practical solutions. Maybe it’s because she prefers cowboy boots to heels, but she’s been described as … [Read More...]

Resolve Issues and Heal for Good with Ellie Pechet

Ellie Pechet- May 7, 2019 "Live without the fear and anxiety which have always bothered you" When you enter a session with Ellie Pechet M.Ed, you'll experience 3 outcomes: 1. Your issue will be resolved and healed for good. 2. You're confident you've taken a step toward liberation from … [Read More...]

You Are Never Alone with Linda Deir

Linda Deir- April 30, 2019 "You are never alone, and always being guided" Linda Deir is an author, medium, transition coach, and trainer. She writes spiritual books about her real-life experiences. These books are derived from a lifetime of communication and guidance she received from … [Read More...]

Everyone Deserves A Love That Lasts with Dr. Gary Salyer

Dr. Gary Salyer- April 23, 2019 "Everyone deserves a love that lasts" Author of Safe to Love Again , Gary Salyer, Ph.D. was devastated after two failed marriages, but determined to find a way to succeed at love. Dr. Salyer , dedicated to researching all things love, had deep … [Read More...]

The Forgiveness Solution

Rev. Misty Tyme- April 9, 2019 " The difference between 'lucky' and 'blessed' is how you believe God is working in your life" All major religions and societies agree forgiveness is a good idea. But what they haven’t taught us is how to forgive. Rev. Misty’s Forgiveness … [Read More...]

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It’s Easy to be You, So Why Work So Hard at Being Someone Else?

"It’s easy to be you, so why work hard at being someone else?" Kris Prochaska was our guest this week on Life Mastery Radio. If I had to sum up her energy intelligence from my perspective, I’d use … [Read More...]

Got Hitchhikers? Get Healed!

Just as a hitchhiker thumbs for a ride from a stranger on the side of the road; a hitchhiker is also a spirit who’s gotten stuck after death, and has missed the opportunity to go toward the light … [Read More...]

They Are Always There

"They are always there" ~ Linda Deir Our guest on April 30th was Linda Deir. Since she encouraged this co-host of Life Mastery Radio to begin journaling, this post will be in the form of a … [Read More...]

Settle for Less than Being Truly Loved

"Every child on the planet begins life by asserting their natural self. Rights allow us to express our unique, authentic human experience in the world. When we get negative responses from our … [Read More...]

You Have to Look Back to Move Forward

"You have to look back to move forward" ~ Rev. Misty Tyme This cohost felt a unique kinship to our guest, Rev. Misty Tyme even before the show began on April 9th. She and I have a twin brother … [Read More...]

Being Uniquely Positioned to Choose the Brilliant Path

“The business world is uniquely positioned to help us choose the path of human connection, dignity, and abundance. It doesn’t sacrifice profitability, revenue generation, or innovation.” ~ Claudette … [Read More...]

Wonderment, Watchdogs, and Walnut Sprinkles

Ani Anderson "Be the observer of your life (a watchdog). Be in wonder of your life. See it differently; feel it differently; experience it differently." Ani Anderson, (MS, OT, LMT, CEMP, SBMC) … [Read More...]

Sharing Experiences of Anxiety, Allows you to Keep the Lessons

Eloquently spoken, Corinne Zupko was our Life Mastery Radio guest on March 19th. She is the author of From Anxiety to Love, wherein Corinne shares how A Course in Miracles helped her heal from … [Read More...]

CIA Declassified Documents Prove Psychic Powers are Real

Have you ever thought you might have psychic powers? Precognition; remote viewing; telepathy; life review and near-death experiences are all addressed in Mark Gober’s recent book: An End to … [Read More...]

Unleash the Artist Within

On our recent show, Eric Maisel taught us to “unleash the artist within”. More than a directive, it also happens to be the title of one of his more than 50 books. Creativity is a broad subject, and … [Read More...]

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