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Get REAL with Alan Cohen

December 16, 2014.  Guest, Alan Cohen, joins us to inspire everyone to "get real" about life.  Alan is our friend and mentor, as well as the founder of Holistic Coach (.org) based in Hawaii.  The author of 24 popular inspirational books, including the best-selling The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here … [Read More...]


Becoming Everything You Might Have Been with B.J. Gallagher

December 9, 2014.  Guest, B.J. Gallagher, is a widely published author, speaker, and sociologist from Los Angeles California.  Her books have been featured on the Today Show, CNN, CBS Evening News, and a host of national and Internet radio shows. B.J. conducts seminars and offers keynote … [Read More...]

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Rise to Your Life’s Occasions with Kristen Moeller

December 2, 2014.  Guest, Kristen Moeller, has a story of addiction and loss that turned to awakening and thriving.  Now a coach, speaker, author, and radio show host, she delights in "disrupting the ordinary" and inspiring others to do the same. Kristen first discovered her passion for personal … [Read More...]


Beyond the Psychological and Into the Spiritual with Dicken Bettinger

November 25, 2014.  Guest, Dicken Bettinger from LaConnor Washington joins us to discuss moving from a psychological perspective and into the spiritual.  He received his Master’s degree from Pennsylvania State University and his Doctoral degree in counseling psychology from Boston University.  … [Read More...]


The Creation of Great Films with Brent Marchant

November 18, 2014.  Guest, Brent Marchant, will share his love of film with all of you film and story buffs!  Brent studies and writes about both film and metaphysics, believing that the film medium is an excellent way to  illustrate conscious creation and law of attraction principles. We'll … [Read More...]

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The first recorded instructions for meditation called Dhyana , comes from the Hindu traditions of Vedantism around 1500 BCE, but many suggest that the practice extends back into prerecorded history. … [Read More...]

Leggo my EGO

When I began my journey in self exploration, I really resonated with the acronym for EGO, Edging God Out (of my life).  As time progressed, I came to a deeper understanding about EGO.  It’s as … [Read More...]

Personal Inventory

One of the most powerful processes I keep experiencing is self exploration or “taking a personal inventory.” To do that, I ask myself: Why is it that I react to things the way that I do? What are … [Read More...]


“I believe that the man who observes self-control in thought, word and deed, right in the midst of the world, is verily the true ascetic. If things do not bind us and if we are not attached to … [Read More...]

Law of Attraction: Part 2

Last week I mentioned four steps to experiencing the Law of Attraction, and I thought I would continue on the topic. There are two other conditions worth noting that form the Law of Attraction that … [Read More...]

The Law of Attraction

Remember the book, The Secret? The best selling phenomenon that went viral overnight resulting in over 20 million copies sold? It was about the Law of Attraction, and what’s interesting is there was … [Read More...]

The Promise of Unplugging

By Sara Harvey Yao.  On September 30, 2014, Todd and I had the pleasure of talking to Sara Harvey Yao, a Leadership Consultant in the greater Seattle area, about the notion of getting … [Read More...]

Art in 15-Minutes a Day

In September, prolific writer and highly acclaimed instructor, Eric Maisel, joined us for a wonderful conversation about the writer's life and making meaning.  It turns out that even the busiest … [Read More...]

A New, Old Way “The Gift Economy” ~ Pam Grout

My guest on the show July 9th, 2013 wrote this amazing blog post about "Gift Economy" I so resonated with it, mostly because Life Mastery Radio is all about bringing messages and thoughts to improve … [Read More...]

How ADHD Stimulant Medications Work ~ Laurie Dupar

On the show 6/25/13 with Laurie Dupar we touched on the subject of medication. Laurie gave me permission to repost this about how ADHD medications work. ~ Todd ADHD is a medical condition where the … [Read More...]

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