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REPLAY: The Divine Feminine with Rev. Judith Laxer

July 8, 2014.  Guest, Rev. Judith Laxer, is an ordained Minister who enjoys a successful private practice as a Spiritual Counselor, Psychic, Certified Hypnotherapist, Shamanic Healer, and Teacher of women’s mysteries. A keynote speaker, Judith is also the Founding Priestess of Gaia’s Temple providing monthly Goddess Worship Services where all are welcome--men and women. Her stories and … [Read More...]

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“Do Well By Doing Good” with Cynthia Kersey

August 12, 2014. Guest, Cynthia Kersey, is a leader in the transformational industry and the best-selling author of two books, “Unstoppable” and “Unstoppable Women.”  She’s a speaker, entrepreneur, humanitarian, national columnist and contributing editor to Success Magazine. … [Read More...]


REPLAY: Your Beautiful Life with Cynthia Occelli

August 5, 2014. Guest, Cynthia Occelli, is a women’s empowerment expert and the founder of the Beautiful Life School. Once a teen-welfare mom, with only a 9th grade education, Cynthia reached for a better life. She built a real estate business and went to law school. In 2002, her life was turned … [Read More...]


Decision leads to action which leads to profit with Michele Scism

July 29, 2014.  Guest, Michele Scism, is passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve the success in business that they deserve.  She is the founder of Decisive Minds, LLC, a company dedicated to helping business owners achieve their 6-figure and upward goals.  In Michele's words, "Decision … [Read More...]


Documenting the Human Condition with Speaker/Producer, Greg Bennick

July 22, 2014.  Guest, Greg Bennick, is a keynote speaker, humanitarian activist, film producer, and writer who inspires audiences to use creativity and compassion to improve the human condition.  He is the founder and Executive Director of “One Hundred for Haiti,” a non-profit that supports … [Read More...]


Constructive Wallowing with Tina Gilbertson

July 15, 2014.  Guest, Tina Gilbertson, shares how to beat bad feelings by yourself have them.  In her book, Constructive Wallowing, she highlights the T-R-U-T-H about connecting with feelings and letting the critical gremlin within have a day off while essential and "constructive" healing takes … [Read More...]

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A New, Old Way “The Gift Economy” ~ Pam Grout

My guest on the show July 9th, 2013 wrote this amazing blog post about "Gift Economy" I so resonated with it, mostly because Life Mastery Radio is all about bringing messages and thoughts to improve … [Read More...]

How ADHD Stimulant Medications Work ~ Laurie Dupar

On the show 6/25/13 with Laurie Dupar we touched on the subject of medication. Laurie gave me permission to repost this about how ADHD medications work. ~ Todd ADHD is a medical condition where the … [Read More...]

Conflicting money beliefs, anyone? ~ Mikelann Valterra

If you’ve ever thought about your “money story”, you may have come up against some paradoxes–conflicting messages about money. And when we are confronted with paradoxes, we often react by … [Read More...]

The Law of Distraction by Diane Lapine

I thought this was a very good read, It's something to watch for and to be aware of.........Now you know :) ~ Todd By Diane Lapine First, let me say that for those of you familiar with the … [Read More...]

The Four Control Dramas from the Celestine Prophecy ~ The Relationship Specialists

The sixth insight states that childhood dramas block our ability to fully experience the mystical. All humans, because of their upbringing, tend toward one of the four “control dramas”: … [Read More...]

Creativity – The Great Power ~ Andrea Adler

  What is this great power? We know what it feels like when we are in the midst of it––when we are flying high and feeling indestructible. But how can we bring forth this great power when … [Read More...]

Important 2013 update to Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” ~ Pam Grout

In 1937 when Napoleon Hill wrote his now-classic tome, quantum physics was still in diapers. Einstein, of course, had posited his famous theory of relativity, but quantum physicists didn’t … [Read More...]

Inner Peace Expert ~ Marlise Karlin

In researching one of my guests tomorrow I came across this video and had to share it pass it along, she will be on the show tomorrow.   Titled the “Inner Peace Expert” by SheKnows.com, … [Read More...]

Spring into Action~Mind Movies

I found this post on a site that I check out often I asked for permission to repost it.  Here it is. … [Read More...]


Here is another post from my guest on March 26th, 2013. We talked about this very subject in the second segment of the show. You can listen to the show by clicking the player above. … [Read More...]

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