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Off of Autopilot with Sara Harvey Yao

September 27, 2016 - Sara Harvey Yao is an Executive Leadership Consultant who specializes in helping leaders strengthen their presence and improve their impact. She is the founder of Yao Consulting Group and has personally developed and trained more than 3,500 leaders across the globe. Companies eagerly invest in Sara’s expertise because she has an impeccable track record for helping leaders … [Read More...]

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Abandonment Recovery with Susan Anderson

  September 20, 2016 - Psychotherapist and bestselling author, Susan Anderson, is a returning guest with a new book - The Abandonment Recovery Workbook. The founder of the Outer Child and Abandonment Recovery movements, Susan has devoted the past 30 years of clinical experience and research … [Read More...]

Parental Over-involvement with Jerry Lynch

September 13, 2016 - All parents are seeking ways to be better parents, and no one is out there to teach them. But when it comes to parents' involvement in extracurriculars, sports psychologist and team consultant, Jerry Lynch, has a few pointers. On our September 13th episode, we discussed … [Read More...]

Connecting to Your Higher Self with Maureen St. Germain

September 6, 2016 - Did you know you have a better chance of accessing your Highest Self if you ask? In this episode of Life Mastery Radio, Maureen St. Germain takes us through a daily exercise that can strengthen the connection to our Highest Self. We discuss the questions that never really … [Read More...]

Helping Others Through Music with Peter Sterling

August 30, 2016 - All of our problems seem to stem from our inability to sit in a room alone. This adage is one Peter Sterling has always innately understood, as he possesses a remarkable ability to follow his inner voice. Peter Sterling's story is an example of what our lives could be like, … [Read More...]

Myths About Love with Linda and Charlie Bloom

August 23rd, 2016 - We've all heard this before: Love is all you need. So we wander into relationships with the best intentions to love each other. Only, without realizing our wounds or our partner's wounds and without communication and conflict resolution skills, we often find ourselves in a … [Read More...]

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The Elixir: The Final Concept in Fiction and Real Life

by Coach Debby I have finally created time to write!! Unbelievable. It only took 50 years. And now for the next dilemma; which book shall I write first?  Will I begin with the memoir?  Perhaps a … [Read More...]

Loving Your Spouse to Death by Coach Debby

During my early years at the college, I shared an office with a man older than me who had two grown sons and a wife whom he loved and adored.  Our office was full of pictures of his family vacations, … [Read More...]

Life is what you make of it – a message to millennials by Todd Alan (an excerpt from his book, Life Mastery Keys)

I passionately believe life is what you make of it and it’s been that way for centuries. There’s nothing new about the idea if you want to enjoy a great life it’s up to you to create it. Now … [Read More...]

What does “Being Present” Mean? by Todd Alan (an excerpt from his book, Life Mastery Keys)

Not living in the present has been described as a person who stands looking to the left at the past with the right eye. At the same time they’re also looking right at the future with their left eye. … [Read More...]

Create Your Own Success by Todd Alan (an excerpt from his book, Life Mastery Keys)

Abundance isn’t all about material things. It’s about possessing an attitude of: Everything I want I can have. Everything I want I can create. Or, everything I want I can bring to … [Read More...]

Have The Courage to Communicate by Coach Debby

Sometime we find ourselves in situations where we are feeling tongue-tied, scared, or alone. We know it is important to speak up, but we forget how to do it. We forget that speaking clearly is … [Read More...]

Seeing Spirit in Others

By Todd Alan - and excerpt from his new book, Life Mastery Keys.   The word “Namaste” spoken in the Hindi language across India and the world by Indian people is a common greeting that means, … [Read More...]

Discovering Your Life Purpose by Todd Alan

What’s a good way to discover your purpose as a Millennial? Start by visualizing. Determine what you want to create five years from now. Write a detailed scenario of your life five years from … [Read More...]

Caves of Resentment by Coach Debby

  March 15, 2016 - My little brother was cute, endearing, and kind.  He was also a little tattletale.  He’d tell on me for common pre-teen lying, especially when it came to boys who might stop … [Read More...]

A Dose of Compassion

By Coach Debby and Todd Alan   We’ve all been there, hunkered over a computer, busying our lives with an agenda, rushed to make something happen.  We’ve been in the “separate-self” space … [Read More...]

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