Julie Little June 7, 2022
What Julie Little has learned over time is that her father is not her home, her mother is not her home, even her spouse is not her home.
Our home is within us.
In Light on the Pond Scum: A Memoir, Julie Little invites the reader on her journey of self-discovery, growth, and healing. Readers will travel with her from Colombia to China to Texas and beyond, meeting eccentric family members, love interests, and even spiritual guides along the way.
In Light on the Pond Scum, Julie confronts questions such as: Who am I, and how do I fit in after a difficult upbringing? How do I outgrow my family dynamics to become the person I want to be? What is family, and how do families create strong identities in young people?
Though Julie grew up in a world of change, chaos, and loss, she took it upon herself to overcome the pain in her past. If you’re ready to get unstuck and grow through past experiences, you might allow Julie’s story to inspire your own.  Meet Julie Little
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