Terri Brinston Feb 8th 2024
Terri Brinston, RN, educator, motivational speaker, coach, consultant, and author, is dedicated to guiding individuals toward the realization of their life goals. Her extensive professional journey has been marked by resilience, exemplified notably in her triumphant recovery from COVID-19, an experience that profoundly deepened her appreciation for life.
In her impactful book, Grateful for the Journey, Surviving Covid-19, Terri imparts valuable life lessons drawn from her personal odyssey. Her narrative serves as a powerful motivator, urging readers to embrace life’s teachings, and maintain hope and faith amid adversity.
Terri is deeply committed to shaping the future, with a particular focus on the holistic development of children. My School Nurse Consulting Services is her business which supports her mission to do so.
Meet Terri Brinston

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