July 20th
Tatiana Flow is a spiritual mentor who employs a
combination of energy techniques to connect
people to the Source within to live an abundant
material life–abundant in health, wealth, love, and
freedom — to create and recreate one’s life.
She believes that there is infinite abundance in the
Universe and you just need to feel it to remember
and then ground it, to live it in daily life. From the
right energy state you create your thoughts and
your reality free of suffering and full of love and
abundance. In Tatiana’s sessions, clients live
through this state. They feel it, so they can then
you can apply it.
Tatiana’s path to become an abundance was set
from the beginning. As a youngster, she read
books on the various religions, philosophy and the
esoterics. Later in life, she explored psychology,
NLP, quantum physics and more.

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