OVER 53,000 students worldwide have their"EDGE

August 9th, 2011 Guest: Bobbi DePorter She will be  sharing her Evolutionary learning system that quickly creates results & gifts our children their “Edge” of stepping into their greatness.Super Camp! Quantum learning network & The 8 Keys of Excellence.
Bobbi DePorter is president of Quantum Learning Network, a leading global education
company producing SuperCamp learning and life skills youth programs and Quantum
Learning school programs for teachers, administrators and students. Over the last
thirty years, she has positively impacted 58,000 SuperCamp graduates and over 70,000
teachers reaching eight million young people. Bobbi is the author of over a dozen books
on learning and teaching.
Bobbi also co-founded Learning Forum International, a non-profit organization that
delivers 8 Keys of Excellence character programs to families and schools at no cost and
provides teacher training and SuperCamp scholarships.
Her mission is to build excellence in the lives of 50 million kids by 2015 through the
Excellence Effect Movement.

Fiona Maguire, Energetic, Intuitive Coach

July 26th 2011 segment 4 Guest: Fiona Maguire, visionary, energetic,  intuitive coach, International Speaker shares with us her uncanny ability to cut through the chase and fulfill your life’s Real Energy. She can intuitively listen to your life’s story, feel and guides you through, letting go,gives you tools and how to rapidly achieve your full potential Listen is as her gentle, humble but direct approach assists you to your highest becoming.Visit her website: www.RealEnergy4All.com Click Here for a free gift from Fiona

Jason Apollo Voss

Fear and anxiety can benefit you regarding making sound financial investments? Exercises that walk you through the knowing of your abilities regarding money and much more! Listen in! 12:00 PM CT Tuesday June 28th. Choose to Move past your boundries! Invest in your intuitiveness of the Knowing..

Jim Stovall, The Ultimate Gift, author

“The Ultimate Life” author, motivational speaker & film maker talks about the sequel film and The Ultimate Journey. Also,The Festival of Enlightenment, “The Woodstock of Consciousness Reborn” coming to CO.June 13-19th.

Lynne McTaggart "The Bond"

Want a better life? Can we take the first steps to live in a better world? Listen @ 12 pm CT. Inter-connectedness for all, with wisdom,truth and science whispering to your heart and screaming to your brain to reclaim a better world. We are all one within the universe and expanding through time and space.

Shefali Tsabary, PhD "The Conscious Parent"

Our children are an opportunity for spiritual awakening for all of us. They are our gifts, when we parent well we all thrive. Mind, body and spirit ushered in through us the Parents. Is it possible to find our ourselves through the parent process? YES!

God and Rockets?

Listen in as Rick Tumlinson explains how spiritually connected we are with God and space travel. We are here for a purpose,to push ourselves to the limits, even those beyond earth. We are challenged with the curiosity of growing into space travelers and expanding our thinking as well as where we choose to live. 10 am PT, 12 pm CT Please join our fan page while you are visiting our site. Thank you so much!!

Ghetto Physics-Will Arntz-Metaphysics

Listen in: Guest, Will Arntz, “What the Bleep ” creator, at the launch of his new film, Ghetto Physics-Redefining the game. We are all Pimps and Hos…what kind are you and what does that mean to human evolution? Tues. March 1,12:00 pm CT, 10:00 am PT