Everything you thought was true is crumbling before your eyes; Everything you thought you were, you don’t know any more.
I was in a shamanic death and rebirth; a dark night of the soul; a shamanic dismemberment. I was being squeezed through finer and finer sieves until my pulverized parts were primordial goo. I stumbled out of the crucible, and I had perspective

Rev., Dr. Stephanie Red Feather

Rev. Stephanie Red Feather, Ph.D., is the founder and director of Blue Star Temple. She is an ordained shamanic minister, holds a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics and master’s and doctorate degrees in shamanic studies from Venus Rising University. She also calls herself a Divine Feminine change agent and a champion of Empaths.

Stephanie was our guest this past Tuesday where she shared her thirst for learning; her intensity, drive, and energy. She also shared (the quote above) her transformation upon the discovery of her long-lost empathic abilities.

Stephanie is the author of :

She hasn’t always known she was an Empath, because her skills took time to evolve. Stephanie was a very sensitive child, easily sensing the needs of others. Now she helps others to discover and hone their empathic abilities.

You might have the same question I had: What is an Empath?

A quality we possess; something we can access to build a bridge to another person to be able to SEE things in their perspective and walk in their shoes.  Now take that quality and turn up the dial so you FEEL that perspective 24/7 – that’s an Empath.

Rev., Dr. Stephanie Red Feather

Question: Is it learned?

It’s a choice made at a soul level; to show up in your body with a particular energetic physiology and a refined set of sensitivities. It is something that we are. It is how we show up on this planet.
Being Empathic is part of our human blueprint. At birth it’s part of our natural coding and a natural way of interacting with the world. It’s a different way to perceive energy

Rev., Dr. Stephanie Red Feather

Stephanie explained that we likely all have these qualities, and we expressed them as a child. Sadly however, we likely learned to shut them down from others who’d lost their own sensitivity, and therefore didn’t understand our own.

Life experiences will determine if our natural empathic abilities get turned on.”


  1. Ability to merge with and absorb the energy of other beings; people, animals, anything with a life force.
  2. Highly sensitive nervous system. It’s easy to get overwhelmed.
  3. Great sensitivity to energies around us and an ability to perceive or access subtle information stored in the energy field of other sentient beings. May see the dead, apparitions or angels.
  4. Premium placed on peace and harmony.
  5. Big open heart, and desire to serve others. We may tend to deplete ourselves putting others first and ourselves last. Prone to service-oriented professions.

All these qualities exist on a sliding scale. You could peg high in one of these areas, and low on a few others. There is no threshold for which you’re deemed an Empath or not. You are either a conscious Empath, or an unconscious Empath.

Does this resonate with you? Stephanie’s book is a tremendous resource. We are in a cycle of ascension. Time is moving faster, and vibration is rising. Empaths are here because it’s time for them again. They are here to usher in the next phase of consciousness; to heal the heart.

“I am here to support people in their spiritual awakening.”

Rev., Dr. Stephanie Red Feather

YOU are different. There’s a reason for that.

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