Julie Krull, author of Fractured Grace: How to Create Beauty, Peace and Healing for Yourself and the World was our delightful guest on Life Mastery Radio last Tuesday. Her book is a prescription for individual and collective healing and wholeness in our escalating state of chaos, separation, and fear.

My mystic Self opened up when I was a young girl. I had a near-death experience at about the age of 5.”

Julie Krull

Julie had chronic tonsillitis. Surgeries to remove her tonsils were constantly rescheduled because consistent infection made surgery risky. One day Julie became septic – an infection of the blood, which spread quickly into every organ of her body causing a serious condition.

I was laying on mother’s bed napping. I heard her yelling at me to wake up. I could see her as if my eyes were open. I could not respond or speak, and the urgency in my mother’s voice became stronger.

This isn’t funny. Stop pretending. It is time to get up’.”

Julie explained she was consciously present outside of her dying body watching the reaction of her family and doctors deal with her physical unconsciousness.

She recovered from the physical infection and found herself infused with lasting effects of that mystical experience.

Julie learned to walk and navigate in the mystic world. She did not talk about it with other people because it felt strange, and many times there was no one to share it with anyway.

Julie continued to commune with God for many years, living actively in both worlds of reality and mystical realms. Whenever she heard news reports of tragedies, Julie would be deeply affected with heart-felt pain. At home, she experienced divorce and chemical dependency by family members.

In her conversations with God Julie would say, “I don’t get these humans. Why don’t they GET IT? Why don’t they understand the truth of who we are?”

At the age of eleven, the powers were really turned on. One day she was sitting on the grass in her yard asking God these questions and feeling unhappy with the way people treated each other.

At that moment I began leaving my body. There was a host with me – an amazing man with long gray hair and beard. We ascended and I was out of my body. I could see myself in our yard, I could see the neighborhood, and the whole community.
We went out into space. The man and I were holding the earth, hovered, in our cupped hands. I saw what was to happen on the planet now, as we begin to consciously heal.

Julie Krull

Julie saw hope for our world. Light was encircling the planet and landing on it, lighting it up. Everything came into balance.

I saw who I would be in my 50’s and what sort of work I’d be doing.”

Julie Krull

We normally see ourselves as separate individuals. Separate from one another, separate from the earth, from the planet, the cosmos, and separate from God. It has been in that consciousness which we have created all we have created, and it’s worked for a long time. We have mastered it.

We are learning now that the great spiritual wisdom of millenniums has been showing us a different way. We have an independent, inter-connected field of consciousness. We do not HAVE consciousness. We ARE consciousness.

Everything is breaking down. Those old systems no longer sustain us. We are now able to rebuild. Although this awakening is not widely being reported, it is happening right now.

We’re all in this place of expansion

Julie’s book is filled with wonderful stories and prescriptions to help you be part of the healing of our planet, and the souls of those who live on it.

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