Real Power Foods, Cooking Healthy Lessons

Bo Rinaldi talks about the Course that is sold the worldwide to Individuals at Spas, Restaurants, and Retreats. Do Pierce Brosnan, Cher, Alicia Silverstone and Woody Harrelson indorse this? YES! Bo talks with our hosts about how to access this program and the incredible restaurants he and Mark Reinfeld have The Blossoming Lotus. A vegan ‘s paradise. Listen in to learn Cooking Healthy Lessons. “Reclaim your health and renew your confidence!”

God and Rockets?

Listen in as Rick Tumlinson explains how spiritually connected we are with God and space travel. We are here for a purpose,to push ourselves to the limits, even those beyond earth. We are challenged with the curiosity of growing into space travelers and expanding our thinking as well as where we choose to live. 10 am PT, 12 pm CT Please join our fan page while you are visiting our site. Thank you so much!!

Treat me not my age, Self Actualization and more

We had a great show today on HLS –

We spoke with Dr, Mark Lachs about his book Treat me not my age on how the age barrier in the health care system can impact the level of care we and our loved ones receive.

Did you know that the older you get the trickier the Health care system gets to navigate?

Dr. Lachs also shared tips on making simple modifications to your home that can keep you healthy and not feeling old.

On the same lines as self awareness and education on how we care for ourselves, we were joined by Mark Meyerdirk who shared about self actualization and why it is important to our lives.

Listen to the replay of the full show  –

Bill Gates is Self Actualized!

Some of the GREATEST Entrepreneurs in the world like Bill Gates have deliberately designed their business and personal lives to MAXIMIZE their human potential. These people have EVOLVED by moving towards becoming what the great psychologist Abraham Maslow called a “Self-Actualized” person. Maslow came to UNDERSTAND this phenomenon after he studied the life of Albert Einstein and many other great historical figures like Thomas Je…fferson, and Eleanor Roosevelt. These people realized more of their full potential and enjoyed what he called “PEAK EXPERIENCES” in their lives.

If you are an Entrepreneur and you’re trying to balance your business dream, your personal life, money and a higher purpose you want to serve, then this webinar may provide you some new ideas. Mark has a studied the lives of many current day business entrepreneurs and has compared their lives to the principles that Maslow identified. He has broken this all down into some SIMPLE steps any of us can use to apply into our own lives.

Date and time: Tuesday, March 1, 2011 at: 6:00 pm PST.
To register go to:

You may know Mark Meyerdirk as business partner of some of the Greatest Thought Leaders such as Mary Morrissey, Paul Martinelli, John Assaraf and Bob Proctor. He is a successful entrepreneur, attorney and consultant and has studied the classics of personal growth for over 20 years. He is offering a special FREE webinar for you to learn about the idea of “Self-Actualization” and how it could enrich your business and your life.

Date and time: Tuesday, March 1, 2011 at: 6:00 pm PST.
To register go to:

This will be a great lesson and we know it will be helpful knowledge for you in the development of your own business and your life.

I am attending – Join me on a remarkable call with a remarkable teacher.
Yours Truly, Tina Marie

How to transform thoughts that do not serve you

I am reminded today by a share that my friend and mentor, Mary Morrissey sent to her subscription list of how very important it is to let go and put down those thoughts that no longer serve us. I have pasted in her share below for you to experience as well, but first, I invite you to dwell in the possibility that all around you, all that plagues your mind with worry or frustration today, originated first in thoughts that came into your perception.

Then consider that you have all the power to give or deny focus to any thought, any of them.

I had a client once tell me, but you do not know the power of the thoughts in my mind. “You do not know the worry that I have every day to feed my children, to keep the bills paid, to work harder that anyone so I do not lose my job. You do not know the level of pain I live with in this tired body. How can you say that all of this is but thoughts in my mind and that if I shift them, then it will not seem bad, but instead good?”

And I say to that, and the doubt, and the fear, and the not knowing in us that rises up and wants answers and immediate action “or else _____”, I say, “Do I know? YES, I Know.”

My very life, an experiment of grand proportions in pain, hurt, loss, betrayal, fear and agony, I know that when applied, the teachings of the power of thought, transform even the most close to death person, the full of despair and regret person, the person on the edge of taking their own life. I have seen it, I have lived it, I am now teaching it.

I know that as soon as you shift your perception of the situation and begin to ask, “What if?”, once you become curious about where you are, how you got here, what has formed this reality, once you get curious, Life changes. Life takes on the forms that you instill in it, so much so that you can mentally form a mold through which to pour the mix of  a life so wonderful, you overflow with Gratitude.

So today, put down the thoughts that plague you, they will be there tomorrow. Today, exist in a field of wonder, of curiosity. Ask the questions today of “What if?”

What if I loved my job, what would that look like?

What if I absolutely was head over heels in love with my spouse? What would that feel like?

What if I received a check for 5 million dollars today? What would I do with my time?

What if my body radiated with ultimate health and well being? What would I go do with my body to appreciate it?

Ask What if today…. share your thoughts and your experiences with us.

Post from Mary Morrissey

There is an ancient teaching story about two Buddhist monks walking along a river in silence. They have a vow of chastity –which includes many vows, but one of these vows of chastity requires that they never speak to, or ever touch, a woman.

As they walk up the river, they come upon a woman who is desperately trying to get across the river because her child is on the other side. It is a fast-flowing river and she is frightened to cross the river by herself. The one monk  walks over to her and says, “May I help you?” He picks her up and with the strength that he carries in his legs that walk mountains and valleys and streams as part of his work, he carries her across the river, sets her down, returns to join his fellow and they begin again to walk in silence.

About two hours later the second monk says to the first monk, “I can’t believe you carried that woman across the river. I can’t believe you touched her. I can’t believe that you broke your vows.”

The other monk simply looks at his companion and says, “I put her down two hours ago. You are still carrying her.”

It’s such a wonderful story about us simply learning to put something down.

Let’s consider what are we still carrying that really isn’t happening anymore. What are we still hanging onto that isn’t in our present moment?

Let’s put it down…And when we put that down, we now have our hands, our heart and our mind available to what’s here, right now.

Love to you all,

Tina Marie – The Evokateur

This is Real stuff…. How Thoughts Become Things

I appeal to your intuition, not your intellect. Through this article I hope to create a level of curiosity in you that has you research all the links below, or at least bookmark them and plan to visit in the next week.

Our world is on the verge of a major shift in human consciousness and understanding of our amazingly unique gifts… gifts that no other mammal, or life form seems to possess on our planet. Buckle you seat belts for this engaging show replay.

If you did tune in, play it again.

Listen to what is being proposed:

Humans possess energetic and mental faculties that far surpass anything we have ever witnessed or thought was possible.
The Human brain has power equivalent to vast power stations to create merely from focused and intended thought.
You can harness this thought power to create your own reality here and now.

But first you must train your brain and unleash its true potential.

I personally know these points to be very true, I would stake my life on them, and have.
That is why producing this show, the one you are about to replay, was so crucial for my and Todd’s passion.

I want each of us to own this power, learn to direct it, form our visual reality and move into it with reverence and authenticity.

We coach people every day who, upon applying the very teachings we provid access to – experience what they call miracles.

There are two ways to live your life – one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle. – Albert Einstein

This is what you will hear on this show –
Doug Vermeeren, film producer, was featured today on Holistic Living as he shared about his new film coming out called How Thoughts Become Things. Ancient cultures knew this power and used it every day. Why do we not do the same? How can you become an affiliate of his work, and build a business spreading global awakening at a neurological level?

John Assaraf, from the Secret, shares his new Winning the Inner Game of Business program that allows you to systematically remap the very beliefs that no longer serve your greatness and wealth – all at the cellular level. That is right – remap the brain. You do it with your software on your computer – now do it with your own brain!

This is not science fiction, although in the past many movies were of this… now, we see and know how to do it for ourselves, right here and now.

Listen in….

Then visit these links… learn how to harness your mind and reap rewards and benefits for a lifetime.

Yours, Tina Marie, The Evokateur

Get active in Holistic Politics

A government for the people by the people, yet most Americans feel powerless over the very government they have empowered. I have a few questions for you at the end of the post. Please humor me and write back. ; )

I am usually calm, non-judgmental, and accepting of most behaviors, trust me my children have tried it all.  But recently I have found I am more vocal in my opinions around the political scene, and not so much political opinion but opinion on how people are choosing to live based on their perception of politics and their roles in it.

My father raised me to stay connected to the community, to be active in my school as I attended many growing up, and to participate in what matters to me. He would say, “You can’t complain if you do not participate.”

We are in control of our own bodies, our own actions, our own thoughts and our own reactions.

I share with you a story to put you in touch with our power to decide. In 2007, I had found myself questioning the banking industry when I and my then husband were wanting a jumbo loan and the whole process seemed a bit shaky. I began to listen to the news more, pay attention to signs of what was happening in business and decided to vote with my money and I pulled out of the market. Not 50%  – I went 100% out. Now I have made more money on the sidelines in private investments than my counterparts who have played the fluctuations in the market. I listened to my intuition, paid attention to the signs and made an informed decision based on my comfort zone and knowledge. The jumbo loan did not take, thank goodness, and I moved on.
I have no resentments because I too action.

In 2008, the State of Texas Education Agency was imposing a new ruling that would have affected home schoolers and the people who choose to educate their children in this manner. It mattered to me, as at the time, my daughter and I were in a home school relationship. I drove up to Austin Texas, our capital, met with the legislators, voiced my concerns and thanked them. I followed up prior to the vote and afterward as well. The bill died in committee with not enough votes to go to the House.
I felt empowered because I participated and ,again, took action.

Politics may seem scary, intimidating, unfamiliar and unwelcoming. Driving to the capital to oppose a bill that would have affected my life, was new to me. But I did it. I learned the lingo. I did so because it mattered. The banking industry may also seem scary but as a great and dear teacher told me recently, “Credit is faith of an institution in you and your abilities. If they did not have faith in you, you would not have the credit card balances to begin with. Invest in their faith and make more money with your skills to prove them right.”

We all make choices day in and day out because we invest our time in things that matter to us.

So what is Holistic Politics?

I made those decisions, to investigate the banking industry and make my own choices from my gut, and opposing a bill that would affect my family not through party lines, not to prove anything, not to join a right side of thought but to follow my heart, engage my mind and move my body toward the goal I sought to achieve.

Politics is not about party lines when we get down to its essence – it is about defending and having a voice in what matters to us. It is using our freedoms, our God given power, our Constitutional rights to form lives that empower us and support a government that was based on that very foundation of thought.

We are a country built on values, truth, justice, freedom and the faith that the people will lead the country to its highest good, its highest power and be a beacon unto the world for each individual has a pursuit of health, happiness and freedoms given to us by God.

How do you participate in our government?
What do you see possible for our country if more people get involved?


Listen in to the show on Tuesday as we share more about Holistic Politics – we need your attention, we need your commitment, we need your passion to fill your life with purpose, and freedom from fear, from worry, from debt, from living an imprisoned life.

The choice is yours. Join us – Tuesday at Noon Central. Link below.

Tune in to hear what Holistic Politics is all about, and why you need to know. How will a holistic approach shape our country and our world?  Tune in – Tuesdays 10 am Pacific, Noon Central on Voice America

Your friend,

Tina Marie, The Evokateur

From ‘If Only…’ to ‘What if?’ – Get your creative self back

In a world where lists of daily problems can seem never ending , getting in touch with creative ways to approach a solution may feel out of reach. Time schedules that tug on our attentions for results demanded now or sooner than we seem to have time to do them in can push us to edges where we feel cranky and start wishing for life to be different.

How many of us have been asked to produce results given another person’s time frame, letting go of what is important to us?

How many times have we put ourselves last on the list of priorities and by the end of the day seem to have nothing left in us?

It is hard for us to stay in a positive, creative, inspired mode of living when the lists are long, time feels short and demands for our attentions seem to not take weekends off.

I want to offer some ways to move your life from the questioning place of
‘If Only I had, If only I could, If only they would …. the energy sapping If Only’s” to a state of mind of – What if?

“What if I could? What if I had? What if life looked like? and see what happens to your mood, your outlook, and your results.

Now I am not asking you to entertain What if questions like my son comically added, “What if I did not have a little sister?” although that does take the mind down interesting thoughts…. I will save for a later post.

This exercise provides a way of being, thinking and doing that, if practiced, will over time deliver to you to a place of your own inner power and clear decision making.

Let’s begin…

Let’s take a scenario where you are being asked to finish a project in an aggressive timeframe and you do not think the work you will do in that time would be, if you had adequate time, to your liking. Bottom line is your want more time, so you do not sacrifice things on your plate that are important to you.

Do you:

1 – Say YES to the person asking for the result, and know that it will not get done in that time and you will explain it later when the ‘poo’ hits the fan?

2 – Say YES BUT by letting them know you have other things on your plate already getting your attention but you will do your best

3 – Or do you negotiate with the person who is asking for your time, showing the list of your priorities and fitting this one in in a way that honors your intentions first?

Many people I coach move from #1 to #2 and think that is ‘the best solution’, but #2 still has an essence of ‘If Only’ because you walk away thinking, “If only they knew all that is on my plate. If Only I could have more time and ask them for a realistic timeframe to accomplish this task”.

#3 Comes from an energy of ‘What If’ : What if I could show them all that I am committed to given my current time investment and negotiate with them on how to accomplish their task as well.

Now #3 type thinking has a freedom in it that allows creativity from both sides. If there is a feeling of attachment to the outcome, you will be right back at #2.

What do I mean by an attachment to the outcome…
if you fear of losing your job, have fear of not being considered a team player or fear of not being the one chosen to accomplish the task, there is an attachment to the outcome.  Any and all fear imprisons your mind, your creativity and your inspiration. Attachment to any outcome, other than what is in the highest good and service for all involved, leads to feelings of resentment, remorse, and regret.

Have No Fear

Truthful communication, holding yourself as important, honors both you and the other person. This mindset is rich in creativity and connection. Moving into a place where you honor yourself will teach others to honor you as well and show them that you set healthy boundaries.

Approaching communication in a more honest and open manner may take time and practice but it can be done.

Role Play

I do role playing with my clients to help them approach a situation that may have in the past been sticky or not so easy to navigate. This way of working with a situation prior to it unfolds brings confidence and creativity to a situation. Then If Onlys turn easily into What if’s and solutions come easier with honor and respect on both ends.

If you are interested in learning more about What if mentality, write me with your sticky problem and let’s see how to mastermind your ‘What if’ solution.

Explore the boundaries of your prior ways of being by asking yourself serious
What if questions and see what unfolds in your world.

Tina Marie,  Your Evokateur

Hiring a Life Coach – What you need to know, by Tina Marie

One of the largest growing sectors of our economy is self help where an estimated $11 billion is spent every year from people seeking to improve their life conditions. Big name authors, speakers and teachers produce book after book, program after program that promise to hold the Holy Grail of how to transform your life from rags to riches, suffering to joy, and loneliness to love. Blooming up from the massive interest in personal growth is a job description that has had a variety of names over the decades yet delivers, in essence, the same service – listening. What we had spent thousands of dollars on in the 90’s each year in the form of therapy and counseling, has been replaced by people known as Life Coaches. Being a ‘coach’ myself, people ask me, “What qualifies you to be a coach?” and “What should I look for when I am considering hiring a coach?” All great questions. Now you may think I am aiming this toward my programs/books/sessions – it crossed my mind – but instead I have placed myself back in the seat of customer and will share with you what decision process I went through to hire my past and current life coaches.

I hope this helps.  – Tina Marie

What certifies a person to be a Life Coach.

There are organizations and agencies that certify people through non-accredited programs where by meeting the qualifications the applicant is given the ability to call themselves a Certified Life Coach. Another option in being coached to be a Life Coach are programs produced by authors, teachers and retired business owners who have formed their own certification programs which will allow a person to resell an already marketed program, and be able to teach the programs to their own audiences.

In lieu of investing in a certified program that trains and provides guidance in your coaching business, some people will take on the title of Life Coach out of a personal program that they have developed from the amount of experience they have gained over their careers.

All avenues of access to people who are Life Coaches have their purpose and attraction to the audiences they serve. On your journey in choosing who you will work with, if that is the choice you make, use these points that I share here in assisting you in making a decision on what you are looking for in a Life Coach.

In unmasking the success of the self help industry, Steve Salerno, author of Sham: How the Self-Help Movement Made America Helpless, shares that “Whatever they think you’re deficient in, they’re selling the solution.”

Salerno’s beef: If they need another book or tape, the previous one must not have made good on its promise. “This industry is exploitative,” he says. “It takes advantage of people’s weaknesses.”
That’s not how the hundred’s of thousands of people flocking to the self help industry see it, of course. “People keep buying because they like to feel like they’re improving themselves,” says Brian Tracy, head of an eponymous self-help book-and-seminar outfit that grosses between $25 and $30 million, according to Marketdata. “The more you read, the more you grow. [Repeat customers] enjoy the study of self-help.”
Such study involves wrapping your head around theories like “listen to your heart” and “take responsibility for your actions”–part of a curriculum that helped Chopra pull in $1.3 million in 2008 from book sales and speaking engagements. (He now spends most of his time doing nonprofit work.)

What seems evident is that the self help industry is revealing that people are hungry to be heard, valued, supported and reminded that they, in fact, do possess the very answers they seek others to remind them of.

Why is Coaching so popular?

My theories on the throngs of seminar junkies, billions spent on books and audio programs that we fill our spare time with is that we are seeking the very connections and fulfillment that was once received in genuine conversation, a thing of the past in most families, and work places, replaced by text messaging, emails, conference calls and post-it notes.

It has not been uncommon to seek the answers from a mentor, a teacher, an advocate and person who has gone before in an effort to shorten our learning curve, in fact, it is considered among the highly successful, unwise to not find a coach or two to help guide us through our ‘unknowing.’ I share in my book, (UNDER WRAPS) “Left to our own devices, we seduce ourselves with naivety and insecurities. It is the wise who humbly sit at the feet of a teacher to find their way through the darkness.”
Life Coaches and those with titles like them; Success Coaches, and Consultants are filling a need, a need to be heard, a need to remind ourselves to focus on what is important, a reminder to do what fills our hearts instead of our bank accounts, then of course how to fill our bank accounts by doing what fills our hearts.

I experienced humility at a young age of 22 in the start of my first formal business, having found that I did not possess all the answers and that my business degree held few of the actual solutions to real world problems I would face.

I sought out the advice from a person who called himself a ‘serial entrepreneur’ and found I had hired my first Success Coach, Aka: Personal Business Advisor.  Since that time, when I realized that I did not have the answers, when I felt stuck and as though I was swimming through molasses in any area of my life, health, career, relationships, spiritual guidance, I have sought a mentor that would hold the lantern that lit the path for me to follow.

Is Coaching Profitable?

For the ones who ‘get it’, – Yes. For the ones who think fixing people’s problems will make them a happy client – No.
My son put it eloquently recently when he shared with his sister, “If Mom did everything for us, we would never learn on our own. She won’t always be here to do it for us, we need to do it for ourselves.”

The same goes for coaching, when a client learns that you are a ‘teacher’, they learn to take responsibility for their own lives and form their own solutions. Your nudging and prodding keeps them on the path that they defined and reminds them when the dusk settles in the path they are on is one that leads to their own highest becoming.

Those who hold the light up to the doubt, and fear and have  us march through our own hell then pat our backs on the other side, are the true life coaches.

Starting out coaches who gain an understanding of how to run a business, how to market themselves effectively and how to sell their programs and services will thrive in this market. Those who do not have well-rounded business skills need to seek a program out that teaches not only how to be a coach but also how to form your own business as a coach. Of course life is the best teacher but cutting that learning curve in half if not more it what a well designed coaching program can do. The coaching program I recommend, mainly because, I went through it and have profited greatly in less than 10 months is the LifeSoulutions Program build and designed by Mary Morrissey. ( Tell them Tina Marie sent you… I love boasting about how blogs work to generate interest.

Personally I can attest to the ability to make a six figure income being a Life Coach. Now it takes discipline and focus, the same principals that you will teach your own clients are the same principals that you will use on a daily basis. I will willingly share my formula for free to those who seek me out.

We all need a Life Coach

The truth is we all need a partner who is honest enough, detached enough, observant enough and present enough to help us produce our lives. Like a Director who sits beside the camera lens and watches as the scene unfolds, a coach can help you by seeing the whole picture from a different angle. Because as Les Brown, a dear friend of mine, and mentor, told me, “You cannot see the picture when you are in the frame.” We need, from time to time, that strong arm reminding us of our greatness.

Mary Morrissey, my personal coach and mentor, reminded me just recently when I was seducing myself as to the reasons not to take the path I knew in my heart would lead to a resolution because I had judged the action as ‘too harsh’ and ‘not nice’. Mary reminded me that I held the answer to the problem and by ignoring or acquiescing, I prolong my pain when in fact, I am at the doorway to the other side. She did not let me off the hook in following through in a timely manner on a action that needed to be taken and the result of her nudging – freedom, resolution and movement forward.

What does it cost?

I have paid between $125 an hour back in 1991 to $1,500.00 an hour in 2010. And truthfully, you get what you pay for. The consultants who command the high dollar rates, have paying clients, have accessible testimonials for you to call, have a resume that shows their failures as well as their successes and have a company built around them are what you are seeking.

I meet with my coach once a week on the telephone for 15 minutes. In prior coaching relationships, I met for 30 minutes once a week and sometimes split it up to two 15 minute sessions once at the beginning of the week and the second at the end of the week before the weekend. A coaching session is not a ‘how was your weekend’ call. They are very precise and to the point. You are paying by the minute after all.

I told a client once who was having difficulty getting a job and feared his unemployment would lead to the failing of his marriage that “Consider my services the ‘Anti-Divorce Court’ Coach.” He followed my lead, got his dream job, invested in himself and re-won the heart of his lovely bride. And I was much cheaper than divorce court – trust me!

The bottom line is that you would not trust your health with just anyone, at least I would hope not, then to goes to prove you should not trust the very expression of your livelihood into the world with anything less than a coach who has earned a “doctorate in experience”.

Interview your Life Coach

Do not be shy when considering such a working relationship. Hiring a Life Coach needs to take as much time as would bringing in a new business partner for your company. You need to trust them and be able to confide in them with all areas of your life, as all areas of your life are tightly integrated, even if it may not seem so at the outset.  Check the article How to Interview your Life Coach.

Qualities of my best Coaches(Mentors):

They listen
They allow me to trust myself and my answers
They are truthful and are able to communicate the truth without making me wrong
They are willing to let me give it a shot and then critique afterward. 
They do not try to fix me
They hold my feet to the fire to have me do what I said I would do and if I do not, they have me understand why
They have life experience that has put them through what I am in and want to get through myself
They know when they do not hold the answer people who can help and they are open to putting me in contact with those who can help me
They keep their schedules accessible so that my time with them is not interrupted and my needs are given their utmost attention
They let me design what the coaching time will look like
They hold faith in me even when I do not

Happy Coach Hunting.

– Tina Marie

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The Master Your Life Program produced by Seer International


To teach effective decision making skills, communication, and real life application of understanding defining goals and creating vision statements. Curriculum enforces abilities to use the power of our thoughts, beliefs, habits and support mechanisms in our lives to reach our highest core value goals. Fits needs on business curriculum, relationships, health, and spiritual goals.


One of the world’s top coaches, speakers and teachers. Tina Marie will teach you how to play full out in your life with amazing results in a time frame that you could not achieve on your own. Be sure you eat your Wheaties when you hire Tina Marie as your coach. She knows how to make things happen!  Walt Temple, President, WTP Corp.

Dynamic, kind, caring, compassionate, funny and sweet with an ability to truly connect with any audience, this just barely scratches the surface when describing Tina Marie. In a nutshell, she is a gem. She continues to be a delight to work with professionally and I am forever grateful to consider her a friend.- Melissa Schmitz, Network Director, Voice America

I love to meet people like Tina Marie that work hard to find ways to continually improve their lives. I feel very fortunate when I meet people that share their knowledge and enrich my life, and here I am with a wonderful group of ladies guided by a very special person…Tina Marie. – Rosa Amira

“Thank You Tina!
You have an awesome energy to live and experience life at its fullest. In my opinion that is the mark of a great leader who’s passion and knowledge can not help but spill over to all those around them.”  – Gary, The Renegade Dream Builder
Dream Big, Run Fast, Challenge yourself everyday.


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I help people see what they may be overlooking or have thought the put to bed. I help companies create value above and beyond their current image all for little to no additional investment cost. I transform and spark renewal in product lines and services.  I enroll the workforce to design solutions and own the accountability of their own jobs in a way that frees the leaders to be visionaries and the staff to run the ship. I teach how to serve first, sell later and how to have an 85% or better close ratio through proper lead generation.

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