A government for the people by the people, yet most Americans feel powerless over the very government they have empowered. I have a few questions for you at the end of the post. Please humor me and write back. ; )

I am usually calm, non-judgmental, and accepting of most behaviors, trust me my children have tried it all.  But recently I have found I am more vocal in my opinions around the political scene, and not so much political opinion but opinion on how people are choosing to live based on their perception of politics and their roles in it.

My father raised me to stay connected to the community, to be active in my school as I attended many growing up, and to participate in what matters to me. He would say, “You can’t complain if you do not participate.”

We are in control of our own bodies, our own actions, our own thoughts and our own reactions.

I share with you a story to put you in touch with our power to decide. In 2007, I had found myself questioning the banking industry when I and my then husband were wanting a jumbo loan and the whole process seemed a bit shaky. I began to listen to the news more, pay attention to signs of what was happening in business and decided to vote with my money and I pulled out of the market. Not 50%  – I went 100% out. Now I have made more money on the sidelines in private investments than my counterparts who have played the fluctuations in the market. I listened to my intuition, paid attention to the signs and made an informed decision based on my comfort zone and knowledge. The jumbo loan did not take, thank goodness, and I moved on.
I have no resentments because I too action.

In 2008, the State of Texas Education Agency was imposing a new ruling that would have affected home schoolers and the people who choose to educate their children in this manner. It mattered to me, as at the time, my daughter and I were in a home school relationship. I drove up to Austin Texas, our capital, met with the legislators, voiced my concerns and thanked them. I followed up prior to the vote and afterward as well. The bill died in committee with not enough votes to go to the House.
I felt empowered because I participated and ,again, took action.

Politics may seem scary, intimidating, unfamiliar and unwelcoming. Driving to the capital to oppose a bill that would have affected my life, was new to me. But I did it. I learned the lingo. I did so because it mattered. The banking industry may also seem scary but as a great and dear teacher told me recently, “Credit is faith of an institution in you and your abilities. If they did not have faith in you, you would not have the credit card balances to begin with. Invest in their faith and make more money with your skills to prove them right.”

We all make choices day in and day out because we invest our time in things that matter to us.

So what is Holistic Politics?

I made those decisions, to investigate the banking industry and make my own choices from my gut, and opposing a bill that would affect my family not through party lines, not to prove anything, not to join a right side of thought but to follow my heart, engage my mind and move my body toward the goal I sought to achieve.

Politics is not about party lines when we get down to its essence – it is about defending and having a voice in what matters to us. It is using our freedoms, our God given power, our Constitutional rights to form lives that empower us and support a government that was based on that very foundation of thought.

We are a country built on values, truth, justice, freedom and the faith that the people will lead the country to its highest good, its highest power and be a beacon unto the world for each individual has a pursuit of health, happiness and freedoms given to us by God.

How do you participate in our government?
What do you see possible for our country if more people get involved?


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Your friend,

Tina Marie, The Evokateur


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