Dr. John Demartini "Book of Wealth"

Wealth Wisdom of the Ages
Sept. 6, 2011
Insights from the ‘Book of Wealth’
Dr. John Demartini shares in this powerful DVD some of the most inspiring & significant principles applied by those individuals from ancient times to modern day who have built vast fortunes of wealth. Wealth Wisdom of the Ages includes insights from The Book of Wealth, Achievements of Civilization written in 1896 by Hubert Howe Bancroft. This program will inspire, expand & assist you in taking your vision of wealth building to new & more powerful level.

YES! Tribe

In two weeks…Aug.30 the YES! Tribe will be unveiled. It’s not a “Secret” as to why this program is changing lives. Stay tuned..Do you want to be a member of the YES! Tribe? Listen in and join our site and when you get a chance find Tina Marie Jones on facebook. YES!

Jason Apollo Voss

Fear and anxiety can benefit you regarding making sound financial investments? Exercises that walk you through the knowing of your abilities regarding money and much more! Listen in! 12:00 PM CT Tuesday June 28th. Choose to Move past your boundries! Invest in your intuitiveness of the Knowing..

Jim Stovall, The Ultimate Gift, author

“The Ultimate Life” author, motivational speaker & film maker talks about the sequel film and The Ultimate Journey. Also,The Festival of Enlightenment, “The Woodstock of Consciousness Reborn” coming to CO.June 13-19th.

Bill Gates is Self Actualized!

Some of the GREATEST Entrepreneurs in the world like Bill Gates have deliberately designed their business and personal lives to MAXIMIZE their human potential. These people have EVOLVED by moving towards becoming what the great psychologist Abraham Maslow called a “Self-Actualized” person. Maslow came to UNDERSTAND this phenomenon after he studied the life of Albert Einstein and many other great historical figures like Thomas Je…fferson, and Eleanor Roosevelt. These people realized more of their full potential and enjoyed what he called “PEAK EXPERIENCES” in their lives.

If you are an Entrepreneur and you’re trying to balance your business dream, your personal life, money and a higher purpose you want to serve, then this webinar may provide you some new ideas. Mark has a studied the lives of many current day business entrepreneurs and has compared their lives to the principles that Maslow identified. He has broken this all down into some SIMPLE steps any of us can use to apply into our own lives.

Date and time: Tuesday, March 1, 2011 at: 6:00 pm PST.
To register go to: http://www.MeyerdirkConsulting.com/Special

You may know Mark Meyerdirk as business partner of some of the Greatest Thought Leaders such as Mary Morrissey, Paul Martinelli, John Assaraf and Bob Proctor. He is a successful entrepreneur, attorney and consultant and has studied the classics of personal growth for over 20 years. He is offering a special FREE webinar for you to learn about the idea of “Self-Actualization” and how it could enrich your business and your life.

Date and time: Tuesday, March 1, 2011 at: 6:00 pm PST.
To register go to: http://www.MeyerdirkConsulting.com/Special

This will be a great lesson and we know it will be helpful knowledge for you in the development of your own business and your life.

I am attending – Join me on a remarkable call with a remarkable teacher.
Yours Truly, Tina Marie

John Demartini & Inspiration

As a young man John Demartini ,still struggling with a learning disability and barely able to read decided to fulfill his then lifelong dream of being a world class surfer, left home with blessings from his parents and began his travels to California. Along the way, one event, one man, changed his life forever. How did one man go from surfer dude to a Doctor of Chiropractic, to a world recognized teacher and philosopher and motivator of millions all over the planet? Listen in to allow The Inspiration of one man lead you to your true destiny. Always..keep $13.00 in your account…is that enough?

Dr. John Demartini/Inspired Destiny Show

From John’s book “Inspired Destiny” as I understand it. The POWER of Fair Exchange. What is your Value to the World? What value does the world have to you? Think about this…equal exchange between you and the universe =Universal Flow and Energy. Standing in gratefulness for the fair exchange of the universe creates abundance for all. It can motivate and elevate all to a higher ground.

Want to increase your income during the next year? Begin thinking out side your box and associate within the circle of our global community. Greater possibilities await you as you reach out of your comfort zone. Be INSPIRED by the Greater Possibility of YOU. Listen in as John Demartini is interview by Tina Marie & Todd Alan. What is your GREATEST wealth? Yourself!!

Holistic Politics- Americans Listen in!

August 24th, 2010 Join the  Dynamic Duo for a discussion about a government for the people by the people, yet most Americans feel powerless over the very government they have empowered. Tune in to hear what Holistic Politics is all about, and why you need to know. How will a holistic approach shape our country and our world?

Blog post on the topic: Holistic Politics

Find out on Holistic Living, Live Tuesdays at Noon Central, 10 am Pacific.

Get active in Holistic Politics

A government for the people by the people, yet most Americans feel powerless over the very government they have empowered. I have a few questions for you at the end of the post. Please humor me and write back. ; )

I am usually calm, non-judgmental, and accepting of most behaviors, trust me my children have tried it all.  But recently I have found I am more vocal in my opinions around the political scene, and not so much political opinion but opinion on how people are choosing to live based on their perception of politics and their roles in it.

My father raised me to stay connected to the community, to be active in my school as I attended many growing up, and to participate in what matters to me. He would say, “You can’t complain if you do not participate.”

We are in control of our own bodies, our own actions, our own thoughts and our own reactions.

I share with you a story to put you in touch with our power to decide. In 2007, I had found myself questioning the banking industry when I and my then husband were wanting a jumbo loan and the whole process seemed a bit shaky. I began to listen to the news more, pay attention to signs of what was happening in business and decided to vote with my money and I pulled out of the market. Not 50%  – I went 100% out. Now I have made more money on the sidelines in private investments than my counterparts who have played the fluctuations in the market. I listened to my intuition, paid attention to the signs and made an informed decision based on my comfort zone and knowledge. The jumbo loan did not take, thank goodness, and I moved on.
I have no resentments because I too action.

In 2008, the State of Texas Education Agency was imposing a new ruling that would have affected home schoolers and the people who choose to educate their children in this manner. It mattered to me, as at the time, my daughter and I were in a home school relationship. I drove up to Austin Texas, our capital, met with the legislators, voiced my concerns and thanked them. I followed up prior to the vote and afterward as well. The bill died in committee with not enough votes to go to the House.
I felt empowered because I participated and ,again, took action.

Politics may seem scary, intimidating, unfamiliar and unwelcoming. Driving to the capital to oppose a bill that would have affected my life, was new to me. But I did it. I learned the lingo. I did so because it mattered. The banking industry may also seem scary but as a great and dear teacher told me recently, “Credit is faith of an institution in you and your abilities. If they did not have faith in you, you would not have the credit card balances to begin with. Invest in their faith and make more money with your skills to prove them right.”

We all make choices day in and day out because we invest our time in things that matter to us.

So what is Holistic Politics?

I made those decisions, to investigate the banking industry and make my own choices from my gut, and opposing a bill that would affect my family not through party lines, not to prove anything, not to join a right side of thought but to follow my heart, engage my mind and move my body toward the goal I sought to achieve.

Politics is not about party lines when we get down to its essence – it is about defending and having a voice in what matters to us. It is using our freedoms, our God given power, our Constitutional rights to form lives that empower us and support a government that was based on that very foundation of thought.

We are a country built on values, truth, justice, freedom and the faith that the people will lead the country to its highest good, its highest power and be a beacon unto the world for each individual has a pursuit of health, happiness and freedoms given to us by God.

How do you participate in our government?
What do you see possible for our country if more people get involved?


Listen in to the show on Tuesday as we share more about Holistic Politics – we need your attention, we need your commitment, we need your passion to fill your life with purpose, and freedom from fear, from worry, from debt, from living an imprisoned life.

The choice is yours. Join us – Tuesday at Noon Central. Link below.

Tune in to hear what Holistic Politics is all about, and why you need to know. How will a holistic approach shape our country and our world?  Tune in – Tuesdays 10 am Pacific, Noon Central on Voice America

Your friend,

Tina Marie, The Evokateur


Pop the Boil already… Fear of second recession rises

America – When are we going to have enough of this doom and gloom mentality?

It seems as soon as things start looking up as they have in the past weeks, as reported by the Citizen Economists, “U.S. Manufacturing Grows 12 Months Straight; Jobs Up in Sector 8 Months in a Row”, the nay sayers pipe up again and decide to mash us right where it hurts. In the Huffington Post today, Robert Reich, Former Secretary of Labor, reported that the rumors of a double dip recession are premature when a good majority of Americans have not experienced the end of the current ‘dip’. He goes on to uplift us (sarcasm injected) with stories of unemployment figures, anemic job growth figures, and rising health care costs. Read full article (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robert-reich/forget-a-double-dip-were_b_682334.html)

Are we getting addicted to stories of ‘how bad it is’, ‘of how sick we are’, of ‘how many people are unemployed’, ‘of how hopeless it all is’?
Enough already!

This is not the America I know. The America I know is proud, finds solutions, is inventive, is resourceful, and kicks butt!

The America I know does not wait for anyone to bail us out, does not expect a free hand out, is determined and takes charge of the situation.

Give me a break – former third world economies are doing better than ours and we are sitting back and watching. Are you really o.k. with this? Have you forgotten this is a government for the people, by the people? Have you lost sight of all the opportunities around you? Where there is a need, their is a job. Where there is a problem, there is a solution.

I think we have let this boil fester long enough. Einstein said that “The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.”

I am not asking people to turn a blind eye or live in some la la land where we ignore the obvious, I am asking you to stop telling the same old stories of how bad things are and look for ways to empower yourself. No one else is going to jump in to make your life happy, to fix your relationships, to feed you healthy food, to get your body to the gym for a workout. No one else is going to manage the voice inside your head telling you to get up and get out there. I know, I would have loved at times to have a drill sergeant visit my room each morning and whip my butt into shape. When it looked really bad, Sgt. Hartman was not available, it was my own doing to get my self up and out of bed, finding work, managing the household budget, being a single mother to my children.

If you are looking at a problem that seems scary, come at it from another angle.
This is a solution method that I write about in my upcoming book, (UNDER WRAPS),
Here is the gist of it…
When you do not know the answer, ask yourself, “If I did know the answer what would that be?”  Listen and watch what opens up for you.

You want a drill sergeant waking you up, try this.

You want a motivational outlook on what is true in the economy and world, get your news here.

You ready to pop the boil of fear, discontent and suffering, go here.