Your book creates a legacy that lets you live forever.”

Todd Cudaback

It is vital for us to hear each other’s story.”

Coach Debby

Coach Debby is the creator of Story U Talk Radio. Through her show and personal coaching, she encourages people like YOU to write their brands, blogs, and books.

Coach Debby Handrich

Debby always loved stories to read and to tell. She had, and has, only 20% of normal vision. She was sent to special education classes, and her parents were given low expectations regarding Debby’s potential. Despite being bullied all through school, and a lack of friends, Debby had fantastic teachers.

“You’ll be one of them (a teacher),” her mom said.

It took Debby 11 years to get three college degrees and a writing job. It wasn’t easy only being able to read at one-quarter of the speed her contemporaries could. She began helping people write essays, then discovered she could help them write a book.

Writing a book may seem like a monumental task, however Coach Debby says:

It may be a monumental task when you try it on your own. If you have a heck of a good team, it’s doable. Writing a book is about finding out who YOU are. You create the best when you’re interested in YOUR own story. No one is boring. No one is ordinary.”

Debby described ways she was influenced by Rudolph Steiner, the founder of Waldorf Schools; and Joseph Campbell, a mid-1900’s philosopher and George Lucas’ greatest mentor.

The hero’s journey is a pattern we repeat in different phases throughout life. Every 8-9 years we are introduced to a new journey in which we can be heroic.”

Coach Debby
  1. You are a person who sees yourself as plain
  2. You are a person who sees yourself as extraordinary
  3. You are a person who is invited to be something extraordinary
  4. You are a person who fails at being extraordinary
  5. You are a person who doubts “extraordinary”
  6. You are a person who hides from extraordinary
  7. You are a person who says, “I don’t want to die” and not be extraordinary
  8. BAM! You are a person on your heroes journey

Coach Debby helps people rediscover their stories during those phases of life. Choices will help us grow, but the cycles of life are not something we choose. We live these cycles over and over again. Debby helps YOU be a person who discovers your past and present journey so you can shape your future journey in your stories.

All successful movies: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Finding Nemo, The Wizard of OZ follow the cycle of the Heroes Journey.

Coach Debby began a new journey in 2012 when she became the co-host of Life Mastery Radio with Todd Alan. She found bliss means getting to work and doing what you’re called for.

  • Say it
  • Hear it
  • Write it
  • Own it
  • Stand in it
  • Love it

Discover the ways Coach Debby can help YOU write your story, and maybe even YOUR book!

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