Bobbi DePorter

53,000 kids have received their EDGE by the 8 keys Excellence taught by the Quantum Learning Network, Bobbi DePorter talks about her goal to reach out to over 50 million children by year 2015

OVER 53,000 students worldwide have their"EDGE

August 9th, 2011 Guest: Bobbi DePorter She will be  sharing her Evolutionary learning system that quickly creates results & gifts our children their “Edge” of stepping into their greatness.Super Camp! Quantum learning network & The 8 Keys of Excellence.
Bobbi DePorter is president of Quantum Learning Network, a leading global education
company producing SuperCamp learning and life skills youth programs and Quantum
Learning school programs for teachers, administrators and students. Over the last
thirty years, she has positively impacted 58,000 SuperCamp graduates and over 70,000
teachers reaching eight million young people. Bobbi is the author of over a dozen books
on learning and teaching.
Bobbi also co-founded Learning Forum International, a non-profit organization that
delivers 8 Keys of Excellence character programs to families and schools at no cost and
provides teacher training and SuperCamp scholarships.
Her mission is to build excellence in the lives of 50 million kids by 2015 through the
Excellence Effect Movement.

Deborah King, Shaman

Be YOUR OWN Shaman! Can’t loose weight? Pick up “slime” from others? Crazy busy? Take an hour to listen LIVE with Tina Marie & Todd Alan as Deborah talks about her journey into discovering we are ALL our best healers and how to protect and process our STUFF. 12 PM CT, July 26,

Lynne McTaggart "The Bond"

Want a better life? Can we take the first steps to live in a better world? Listen @ 12 pm CT. Inter-connectedness for all, with wisdom,truth and science whispering to your heart and screaming to your brain to reclaim a better world. We are all one within the universe and expanding through time and space.

Real Power Foods, Cooking Healthy Lessons

Bo Rinaldi talks about the Course that is sold the worldwide to Individuals at Spas, Restaurants, and Retreats. Do Pierce Brosnan, Cher, Alicia Silverstone and Woody Harrelson indorse this? YES! Bo talks with our hosts about how to access this program and the incredible restaurants he and Mark Reinfeld have The Blossoming Lotus. A vegan ‘s paradise. Listen in to learn Cooking Healthy Lessons. “Reclaim your health and renew your confidence!”

Shefali Tsabary, PhD "The Conscious Parent"

Our children are an opportunity for spiritual awakening for all of us. They are our gifts, when we parent well we all thrive. Mind, body and spirit ushered in through us the Parents. Is it possible to find our ourselves through the parent process? YES!

Annie Burnside Soul to Soul Parenting

May 10th,2011 replay Guest Annie Burnside Support your children into becoming conscious global citizens on a daily basis. Want to learn how to communicate more effectively and guide them to be the Evolved people our world needs today? Listen as Annie talks with Tina Marie and Todd Alan about how we can expand our awareness and teach our children the same. Reconnect with your spirit and awaken to your truth.We do have the ability to make our world a better place.