Rev. Karen Herrick PhD. Mar 28, 2023
Rev. Karen E. Herrick, PhD is the Director of the Center for Children of Alcoholics, Inc. in Red Bank, New Jersey. After her Master’s Degree in social work, she began to educate families on the disease concept of alcoholism.
Dr. Herrick developed a successful private practice and wrote her book You’re Not Finished Yet which encapsulates her private practice work.
She had a Holy Spirit experience during Holotropic Breathwork training and encouraged some clients to visit with mediums as an aide in grief and loss. Reverend Herrick was ordained at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and uses her Interfaith ministry to be actively involved in the Spiritual Psychology of William James, Carl Jung and Abraham Maslow.
Seventy five percent of the 133 mental health professionals she researched for her thesis believed further education of spiritual, near-death (NDEs) and/or after-life experiences would be beneficial to them personally and professionally. 
Meet Rev. Karen Herrick Ph.D

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