“One night I got up with the dog and saw a giant full moon. I heard her talk to me: You’re missing the point. It’s not about whether you stay here, or go there, it’s about who you want to be.”

Rebecca Thompson
Rebecca Thompson

Rebecca Thompson was a highly regarded engineer who became spiritually awakened through one of life’s trials. She had a successful career, husband, and three children. Life was normal and stereotypical until her husband lost his job and turned to alcohol.

Rebecca was keeping the balls in the air trying to hold her husband, kids, and finances in sync. She started doing volunteer work with her daughter and was invited to a dowsing class.

“We were each given metal dowsing rods, and we calibrated them by saying, ‘show me a yes’ and ‘show me a no’. We played for a few minutes and found it worked! I was just blown away. There was something more than me causing the reactions I was getting”

She was intrigued and wanted to know more. Her curiosity led Rebecca to a Reiki class wherein she had a very spiritual experience. Feeling powerless at the time because of her husband’s alcoholic addiction, these experiences ultimately led Rebecca to know she could have a different life.

I was so focused on what he was doing, trying to control him, and trying to keep him busy so he couldn’t drink, I wasn’t focusing on myself

Rebecca Thompson

Rebecca learned her higher power through a series of interesting conversations with friends, coaches, and the moon.

Rebecca was trying to decide to stay with, or leave, her husband. Many voices in her head were providing conflicting advice. The conversation with the moon provided Rebecca with the most powerful advice:

You’re missing the point

Slow down

You’re addicted to business

Listen to your heart

Don’t go it alone

After the decision to leave her husband, the moon told Rebecca:

Take stock. You need to be above reproach. Take stock of who you are.

During all these challenges, Rebecca had been talking weekly to her friend, Darlene. They had moved away from each other years before, but they talked every Sunday at 8:30 pm.

We’d made a pact that we’d speak every week on the phone and see each other twice a year. And we’ve done it without fail for years.

Rebecca Thompson

Their conversations about life, dreams, visions, and goals became the content for Rebecca and Darlene’s book: Sunday at 8:30: Two Decades of Life Planning.

In an exercise at a writing retreat, Rebecca started writing about her spiritual journey. It became more than an exercise, it became a book titled: Rebecca Rising: How I found courage and self-love through friendship, coaching and conversations with the moon

The two books were published within months of each other. Both are inspirational and motivational.

Rebecca’s greatest lesson: “Love myself

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