You’re walking down the sidewalk and pass a stranger coming the other way; you’re aware of each other but there’s no connection, no interaction or engagement.
Further down the sidewalk you encounter an old friend; you’re both so happy to connect and there is a mutual exchange of words, emotions, and energy between you two; there’s a wonderful energetic vibe that flows, and you both find yourselves nourished and uplifted by this vibration even as you go your separate ways down the sidewalk

Mary McNerney

Our guest this week, Mary McNerney draws a parallel between our current perspective of earth, and where that relationship needs to go.

Mary is the author of a brand new book: Earth Speaks Up – Dynamic New Perspective on Earth and Your Role Here.

Mary’s book gives amazingly simple exercises to shift into that new relationship and to learn to attune to Earth’s voice and vibration.

Mary grew up on a farm in Ohio. She was always aware of the Earth and our need for it. She went to college and law school, and was busy in her career.

One day she was home on a beautiful day. She asked herself, “what should I do today?

Profoundly and distinctly she heard the words, “Take dictation from the Earth

It was the voice of our planet earth communicating with me.”

Mary McNerney

Mary didn’t know what action to take until 6 months later she heard the same instruction, “Take dictation from the earth.”

After hearing a voice the second time, Mary sat down and began to write what clearly came to her mind. A stream of dictation came quickly, making it hard for her to keep up. A group of angelic beings were also providing wise words in conjunction with the Earth.

It was clear they were dictating a book to me. This dictation from our planet earth and the angelic beings.

Mary McNerney

Mary doesn’t believe she has special powers. She has learned how to “allow” the dictation to come.

We all have this innate ability. We’ve simply gotten away from our intuitive frequency. This book gives us the wisdom, guides and tools to awaken our ability to talk with the Earth.”

Mary McNerney

What does the Earth have to say?

What I really want to convey to you is what I am about now, because that will help you and human consciousness understand more completely what your role is in conjunction with mine. We are a ‘togetherness,’ which is something that humankind has missed to comprehend, failed to understand, for quite some time, for eons. Now in this time, it is the time for humanity, and what the human consciousness represents, to awaken to the ‘togetherness of what we, you and I, truly are. We are one soul. We are one consciousness traveling together.”

Mother Earth

What do angelic beings (WE) have to say?

Now, we will ask you to similarly connect with your own heart, your own inner beingness. There too you will find not only your own rhythms but also your connection to the entire world, the entire life stream around you. This is the divinity that flows to you and through you—the same divinity, which is the current flowing through your Earth. As you link to the divine within you, you simultaneously link to the current and feeling and pulse of your Mother Earth. One is not separated from the other.”


Our interview with Mary was astounding. Her book offers exercises for each of us to practice and become perfected in our ability to communicate with, and draw strength from, our Mother Earth.

Mary provides simple exercises dictated to her from Mother Earth and WE – the angelic hosts.

The purpose of these exercises is to demonstrate for us our connection on a physical, bodily level, connecting first to our body and then to our Earth’s body, one and the same. As simple as the exercise may seem, the importance cannot be lost. As you tune your vibration first to yourself and then to Her, you build and strengthen the vibrational force field vibrating through you, the both that is one.”

Mother Earth and WE
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