Judy Weintraub Aug 10, 2021
Judy Weintraub is an entrepreneur, business executive and attorney. In her legal practice, she represents small businesses as a mediator and arbitrator of business disputes.    When Judy wrote her first book, The Essentials of Negotiating Effectively she tried self-publishing. After many revisions, her book looked reasonably decent.   Judy was asked by several colleagues to help with their books, and in doing so, learned easier and quicker ways to get books written and published. 
Judy founded SkillBites, a platform designed to help professionals get their books written and published. She offers a free eBook Write a Book Easily which contains great tips for expediting the writing process.   Judy’s SkillBites Show Podcastprovides tips on book writing, publishing, and marketing.
Meet Judy Weintraub

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