“Be the observer of your life (a watchdog). Be in wonder of your life. See it differently; feel it differently; experience it differently.”

Ani Anderson, (MS, OT, LMT, CEMP, SBMC) has many degrees behind her name. Probably because she teaches by degrees how to find our soul’s agenda in her book titled Find Your Soul’s Agenda.

Conversing with Ani on Life Mastery Radio’s most recent show was sensational! Literally. Ani encouraged our audience to:

“Pay attention to the raw data of your nervous system. Rather than name emotions, describe the sensations in your body, and listen to the thoughts in your mind.”

A personal discovery in reading her book is “the ONE word”, which is different for each of us, and which grants us permission to feel the way we want/don’t want to feel. The Law of Polarity.

Read Ani’s story of Walnut Sprinkles

At one time, Ani began a search for unconditional love. Prayer was suggested, which Ani was not practiced in. Ani recalled praying for unconditional love, when she happened upon a lost dog running on the side of the road.

Not liking dogs, but feeling this might be an answer to prayer, Ani decided she’d test the answer.

“If I open the car door, and the dog jumps in, it will be a sign.”

The dog jumped in. An unsuccessful search for the dog’s owner, led to an adoption of the dog whose name became Walnut Sprinkles. Puppies were soon added, since Walnut Sprinkles was pregnant.

A cute, deliciously named, multiplied answer to prayer.

A Sensation-Based Mindset Coaching Workshop is open for registration now. Ani will host this event in Burlington, VT this May. “Science of Influence”

Take a listen to the recorded podcast of her interview on Life Mastery Radio

Wonderment, watchdogs, and Walnut Sprinkles are just the beginning of the journey to find your soul’s agenda.

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