Mali Apple & Joe Dunn Feb 14 2023
Mali Apple and Joe Dunn are the authors of the award-winning book The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships. They coach singles and couples on creating and sustaining relationships that are intensely passionate and profoundly connected.
Their newest book,Wild Monogamy: Cultivating Erotic Intimacy to Keep Passion and Desire Alive.
Like many other couples in a new relationship, Mali and Joe experienced a deeply profound, almost magical feeling of connection when they began dating almost two decades ago. Not wanting this experience to end, they began a conversation about love, intimacy, and sex—and especially the question of how two people could keep their connection passionate, loving, and alive indefinitely.
They decided to put all their ideas, tools, and techniques into a book so more people could have access to them.

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