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Our show with Laura was one of our most popular, she has an amazing message and is making a huge difference in the lives of people, helping them to unlock the secret to healthy weight. I recently read this blog post and asked if I could share it. I think that there is no better investment than an investment in yourself.  You can listen to the show we did by clicking on the player above this post. Make it a great day, its a choice~Todd

It seems, fingers crossed, that economy is on the upswing again. But after four years of iffy, sometimes downright scary economic times, it may not feel like your finances are going to recover any time soon.

We all know intellectually that during scary times like this, we need to take care of ourselves – more than ever!  Yet what we tend to do is seek numbness through unhealthy distractions – more T.V., more comfort junk foods, giving up fitness activities due to cost (things I feel are excuses that move you away from what you really say you may want).

However, investing wisely in yourself is something you can do right now; some healthful steps will even help save you money.  When you practice self-care, you will feel more empowered to handle the rest of the world, no matter what the circumstances may be.

While we all wait for signs of spring and tangible feelings of a better economy, use this time to take courageous steps and focus on your INSIDE life and your body’s health. You can buy the one thing truly worth having – TIME. Better health now will lead to more years down the road.

Here are five tips to THRIVE right now on a tight budget.

  1. Can’t afford to eat out?  Stay at home and eat great, nourishing food.  (When we eat at home we tend to make healthier food and eat less of it.)
  2. Can’t afford the gym? Walk everywhere. (For example, when running errands, park at the farthest end of the lot and speed walk to the store.)
  3. Can’t afford your cleaning lady?  Clean everything yourself – a great workout. (A 150 lb. person will burn over 200 calories per hour!)
  4. Can’t afford gas?  Learn to get the most out of your driving. (Better yet, walk, run, or bike whenever possible.)
  5. Can’t afford new clothes?  Do the above and fit into the old ones! (Be svelte and spendthrift.)

As spring is almost upon us, extra daylight will improve your mood and outdoor activities will become easier. Stand outside and drink in the changing seasons; welcome the new life happening all around you.  This is a period of rebirth.

Stand in this moment and breath.  Invite the universe into you.  Feel its abundance awaken your cells and fill them with life.  Feel your breath fill you with inspiration and faith.  Today I can live a healthy, empowered life.  Today I choose to LIVE fully and to honor my body and soul.

The ups and downs of stocks and accounts may leave you feeling powerless, but remember: you can always take control of taking good care of yourself. Today, what do YOU choose?

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