We began to forget when we moved out of the woods.”

Ana Maria Vasquez

Ana Maria Vasquez was our guest this past week. She’s the author of Nature Divine Experiences with Trees, Plants, Stones, and Landscapes.

Nature featuring Ana Maria Vasquez

Negative ions are being released from the earth. Any physical imbalance we have causes  the molecules which make up our bodies to search for those ions. We find them in nature. Being outside for five minutes or more will flood us with negative ions and bring us back to balance.”

Ana Maria Vasquez

Ana Maria never dreamed of being an animal or nature communicator, but through practice has developed an amazing skill.

In her childhood she recalls going into nature when she needed comfort or was feeling sad or alone. She’d always had a special experience in nature and felt better afterward.

As an adult, when Ana Maria was hit by a big life tsunami washing away relationships and possessions, she was confused and lost.

As she began the process to rebuild Ana Maria knew instinctively nature was the place she could find a connection again.

A teacher recommended Ana Maria should talk with a tree for 30 days. She’d always wanted to be skilled at talking to animals, and therefore tree-talking seemed a little silly.

I have a healthy skeptical mind, so I’d give it a shot even if for no other reason than to say I tried it and it didn’t work. I felt silly hugging and talking to a tree and asked it to help me grow my faith.”

Ana Maria Vasquez
Red Pine

After more than 21 days with no response from the tree, it was sometime in the fourth week when something changed.

I asked a question to myself out loud while in the house. Strangely I heard an audible answer come from outside where the tree was. ‘Is that you?’ I asked. The tree replied, ‘yes’.

Ana Maria asked more questions and told the tree she appreciated the connection , but actually wanted to talk with animals.

I don’t know what to do with a tree.

The tree chuckled to Ana Maria and replied “it is all part of the process”.

Within a few weeks Ana Maria began having very clear communications with animals, too. She likened these conversations to Princess Leia talking to R2D2 in star wars – something like a hologram.

During our interview with Ana Maria, I had two summer campers co-hosting with me. Sohum and Aashvi listened while Ana Maria explained a way to experiment with dowsing rods to measure the auric field of a tree.

Her instructions were as follows:

  1. Ask permission. “Tree, would you like to play with me?” If the answer from the tree is yes, you will feel lighter or bend forward. If the answer from the tree is no, you will feel heavy or bend backward. You may even hear an audible answer.
  2. If the answer is yes, go back to the tree and put your back on it. Say, “I want to see your auric field.”
  3. Point the dowsing rods straight ahead at chest level and begin to walk. When the dowsing rods cross, look up. Typically, it will be at the drip line of the tree.
  4. Now go back to the tree and love it up. Show gratitude and compliment it. Say, “I want to see your auric field now.
  5. Point the dowsing rods straight ahead at chest level and begin to walk again. When the dowsing rods cross, look up. Typically, you’ll be about 4-6 feet further out than before. The reason…the tree’s auric field has expanded because you engaged with it.

Sohum was open to the idea of talking to trees, but my student Aashvi was not. However, both tried the experiment, and it was amazing! Sohum, who talked easily to the chosen tree was able to see it’s auric field expand at least 6-8 feet.

Aashvi, who felt a little silly, still saw an expansion of 2-3 feet. Aashvi is now more opened-minded and has set a goal to try talking to a tree for 30 days.

All of us have these abilities, although it seems kind of crazy. There are processes to do to build our intuitive muscles.”

Ana Maria Vasquez

Ana Maria’s book has stories about the experiences of others; and it contains process and practices to increase your own ability.

Her book is a spiritual read, and her interview with us is worth having another listen to.

Even if you’ve moved out of the woods, you can still visualize conversations with the world around you.

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