From the age of 6, Millen Livis wanted to understand how the world worked. She studied physics but discovered it didn’t provide the answers she was looking for. A shift was about to happen.

I was on top of the world living the American dream. We came to this country with no money but ended up with a job on Wall Street and a great salary.

Millen Livis

What she calls “a divine crisis” brought Millen to her knees. A divorce. She experienced failure, guilt, and shame. Millen put aside her potential.

I was experiencing the darkest night of my soul. I was dying inside. I wasn’t sleeping or eating. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I avoided people, but I intuitively started praying and meditating.”

Millen Livis

Millen had not been raised in a religious home and unexpectedly found metaphysics provided the answers about life she’d been seeking.

It felt right. Intelligent love gave me what I needed. I was narrow minded before, and it took this painful experience to open my heart and my soul. It had to be an earth-shaking experience to shift my model of the world

Millen Livis

Millen admits before this crisis, ego had kept her resistant to the Source.

We don’t like to embrace the unknown, but that’s exactly how things work for our benefit in the quantum field. The shifts in my external life started happening when I changed inside, and I changed big time!”

Millen Livis

Today, Millen is a financial independence mentor, best-selling author, investor, and entrepreneur. She combines her traditional and holistic education to help professional and entrepreneurial women become financially independent and retire early, so that they enjoy more choices and more freedom, without having to worry about money!

FREEDOM, Millen discovered is her core value. She wants to be free to enjoy life on her terms without obligations, guilt, or owing something to someone.

I adjusted my choices which became aligned with the vision I now had of myself. Despite being strong and smart, I still needed support. I thought only weak people asked for help, but life taught me an important lesson.

Millen Livis

Millen explains life is like a boomerang. It’s about what YOU emit to the world. THAT’S what you’ll receive. When we live in integrity with values and words we use (which are frequency based), things will change for us. We will make better choices when we have clarity on what we WANT.

Clarity about what you want is important. We have ability to create the experiences we want. Everything is perception.”

Millen Livis

We (including myself) have strange perceptions of money. Millen explains many people feel money is something to chase and is hard to get. We might even feel money is not something we’re meant to have.

Millen has a different view of money.

I choose to see money as a friend who has my back. You don’t need to chase a friend.”

Millen Livis

Millen explains we are not linear beings, but multi-dimensional. Simply learning to invest is not enough for everyone. We can create success from the inside out and attract money through our frequency.

Mediations are part of Millen’s practice. Dr. Joe Dispenza is a mentor of hers and she endorses his meditation resources.

Millen also offers you a complimentary consultation, so you never have to worry about money again. She will help you map your path to financial independence.

Make your appointment at SpeakWithMillen.Com

You can learn more about Millen at

I deeply believe everyone has the capacity to be financially independent, have a clear vision, and get what they want.

Millen Livis

Todd and Jackie were recent guests on Millen’s Dare to Change Life podcast. Watch it HERE

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